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Spring bin Habib bin Amr Azdi

Spring is Ben Habib Ben Amr Azdi, nicknamed Abu Amr, the third imams optical science at Ibadi says him Shammakhi in traffic (TAWD doctrine Alohm, and science Sea thicket).

Birth and upbringing

Born in the Batinah region in Oman in the second half of the first century AH Between 75-80 E . Grew up in Amman and spent his childhood and then ... Read more

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Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi dignified

The Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi dignified Imam II to Ibadhi, has become a reference Ibadi without dispute after Jabir bin Zaid. Born in about 45 AH. The sire of congenital Urwah ibn al-Tamimi (Abu Bilal's brother). And nicknamed Abu Obaida his daughter Obeida, which took the flag from her father's fruit about the effects of the jurisprudence books Ibadi regarding the news of women[2]The father of Abu Obeida, Abu Karima was a contemporary of the Imam Jabir bin Zaid. Abu Obeida lived in Basra ... Read more

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Abadites relationship Umayyad state

The system of government in Islam is the one who came basic rules in the Book of Allah and in the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him and layer Caliphs in a practical way. As the succession is the most important state facilities, and the greatest manifestation of the nation, and stronger authority oversees the implementation of the orders of Allah, and the application of the book Aziz, came Islam system imamate in the presidency of the Islamic State, to lead the Muslims in every time and place best sons and most efficient, and Otmanm in piety, integrity and sincerity. ... Read more

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Genesis Abadites

At a time when outsiders extremists who Bthorathm and movements against the Umayyads and ولاتهم and exposed as a result of the killing, displacement and facing discontent and indignation by the population, there was a group emerged after the Battle of Nahrawan and taken from the city of Basra-based, and opted for peace and not to resort to the sword or violence to impose their views. This group has claimed Abu Bilal Boumerdes bin congenital Tamimi, and this group formed the seed that produced ... Read more

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Uncover verse { And forgive Madon who wishes }

Thankfully,, but after ..
The Muslim jealous on religion for chokes Bhsarth He sees the sanctity of God violated and ordered neglect not by atheists ungrateful alone but by the people of Mecca uniform, and not the driver for these to these mazes dark seduction is self and Satan and fancy only.. There are even those who promote this misguided as their straightforward approach and the guidance of the Qur'an and Sunnah and Ancestors, and those affected and ideas that some people are trying to promote ... Read more

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Book Summary Kharijites

Out of a book Kharijites a letter submitted to the Jordanian al-Bayt University to complete requirements for a master's degree, and was entitled: “Conversations contained in the Kharijites graduation and study” Were discussed and approved, On: 26/7/1998ملحق بسير *الشماخي.
This message is printed in the Sultanate of Oman, under the supervision of the library promising generation, which is the legitimate edition,

Part I: The emergence of outsiders, and to identify the most important opinions, and their teams.
Analysis of historical sources and references.
First original sources: A / sources outsiders and Contacts them.
... Read more

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Suspected opponents of Islam in the pilgrimage

Spin on the tongues of the opponents of Islam almost say that in the remnants of pagan pilgrimage of where reverence stones and wandering around and congestion for it, how to respond to such suspicion?
(Answer to Oman's Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khalili )
God forbid, this semi people of ignorance, we found this article uttered from uttered from atheists, and uttered from uttered by Christians from the likes of Zwemer, who tried to criticize Islam because of what was going on between Joinha of hatred against Islam and Muslims and he aspires to evangelize the Arabian Peninsula ... Read more

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