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Question Scholar 18 – Much of the night and other questions

Guest Seminar : Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalili

Thread : Much of the night and other questions


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2 Comments “Question Scholar 18 – Much of the night and other questions”

  1. Hussein Star says:

    Peace Alیکm. What Sha God Bsaیکm.'m Professor University Alکachan in the Iran in Quranic lessons. From a remote time I like to learn P interpretation Ibadi and its style. However, because of the told Headwaters useful and original this wishful thinking remains in somewhat wishful thinking. Now Asdd Aکtb message Almastgیr in Multi interpretation toes. We expected Hadaیtکm. Amanullah.

  2. admin2 says:

    Fakhiri esteemed brother

    Sorry publish your comment for what you said about fallacies hope you read the articles even give us your personal opinion, instead of looking for opinions from here and there, knowing that in one of the volumes of the Committee mentioned fatwas not spherical earth, does Stakhadd this bully also.
    With greetings
    Supervisors Center

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