Studies Center Ibadi

Center a means of studies and scientific research in the field of thought Ibadi, to deepen understanding of doctrine. And try to dive into the issues and problems of the Muslim community and put up for serious scientific research, to see the cash to seek the truth and accept.

Definition (Linguistic origin)

Tad.House.T word Amazigh Arab common sense different root, include in it the Arabic word interchangeably Vtadart Amazigh of the house home life and neighborhood, and the home in the Arab house house housing department we saw that Nzawj between the two words, especially since our ancestors from the Orient, Morocco collaborated on Lifting Such debt .

Our motto: Knowledge and acquaintance and recognition


  1. Pursuit of Islamic unity intellectual and ideological, by embracing differences and the meeting with the other. And constructive and purposeful dialogue, between members of the Muslim communities.
  2. Build awareness among the new generation Ibadi thought and felt, and belonging to him.
  3. Provide solid scientific material to be a reference for all guided by the understanding of their faith and worship and Vqham.
  4. Find solutions to their issues living and emergency incidents on them, to be right and know the truth, and love to follow.
  5. Meet the challenges of contemporary solid understanding of my faith and a solid ideological behavior, makes us live in the present and make the future.
  6. Plying in the development and modernization of our understanding of the various issues in line with the realities of today and look forward to in tomorrow.
  7. Facilitating and promoting research and study in the aspects of Ibadi thought and doctrinal issues.
  8. Contributing to the revitalization of the cultural and intellectual movement.
  9. Linking scientific relations, and cooperation with academic institutions and other centers and institutions of common interest.

(نحن نؤمن إيماناً عميقاً أن كنوز المذهب الإباضي ليست في أمهات الكتب فحسب، بل هي هناك تنتظر من يكتشفها، في أيدي الناس، وفي خزائن المساجد، وفي حوزة المستشرقين، وفي الخزانات الأوروبية)

Ali Yahia Muammar

And methods of work of the Centre

  1. Completion of research, studies and intellectual and academic works.
  2. Preparation, printing and publication of studies and research done by the Center.
  3. Completion of the required studies and research from the center by others.
  4. Translation of some scientific work, and studies of the Arabic language to some foreign languages, and foreign languages ​​into Arabic and published.
  5. Lectures, seminars and forums scientific seminars and conferences.
  6. The organization of workshops and the training sessions and seminars in areas of interest to the center.
  7. Forming units and research groups to carry out the projects and business process needed by the center or the required.
  8. The establishment of public libraries or specialized for the benefit of researchers.
  9. Version of the journal or magazine or more, the definition of the center and follow-up activities, and dissemination of publications and Antajmath.

“ولما كان التعاون واجباً بالضرورة، والاجتماع الكثير طبيعياً في بقاء الواحد – وجب لذلك أن يتمدن الناس، أي يجتمعوا ويتوزعوا الأعمال والمهن ليتم من الجميع هذا الشيء المطلوب، أعني البقاء والحياة على أفضل ما يمكن.”

Abu Hayyan monotheistic / Alhuaml and Ahawaml

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