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Studies Center Ibadi

Center a means of studies and scientific research in the field of thought Ibadi, to deepen understanding of doctrine. And try to dive into the issues and problems of the Muslim community and put up for serious scientific research, to see the cash to seek the truth and accept.

Definition (Linguistic origin)

Tad.House.T word Amazigh Arab common sense different root, include in it the Arabic word interchangeably Vtadart Amazigh of the house home life and neighborhood, and the home in the Arab house house housing department we saw that Nzawj between the two words, especially since our ancestors from the Orient, Morocco collaborated on Lifting Such debt .

Our motto: Knowledge and acquaintance and recognition


  1. Pursuit of Islamic unity intellectual and ideological, by embracing differences and the meeting with the other. And constructive and purposeful dialogue, between members of the Muslim communities.
  2. Build awareness among the new generation Ibadi thought and felt, and belonging to him.
  3. Provide solid scientific material to be a reference for all guided by the understanding of their faith and worship and Vqham.
  4. Find solutions to their issues living and emergency incidents on them, to be right and know the truth, and love to follow.
  5. Meet the challenges of contemporary solid understanding of my faith and a solid ideological behavior, makes us live in the present and make the future.
  6. Plying in the development and modernization of our understanding of the various issues in line with the realities of today and look forward to in tomorrow.
  7. Facilitating and promoting research and study in the aspects of Ibadi thought and doctrinal issues.
  8. Contributing to the revitalization of the cultural and intellectual movement.
  9. Linking scientific relations, and cooperation with academic institutions and other centers and institutions of common interest.

(نحن نؤمن إيماناً عميقاً أن كنوز المذهب الإباضي ليست في أمهات الكتب فحسب، بل هي هناك تنتظر من يكتشفها، في أيدي الناس، وفي خزائن المساجد، وفي حوزة المستشرقين، وفي الخزانات الأوروبية)

Ali Yahia Muammar

And methods of work of the Centre

  1. Completion of research, studies and intellectual and academic works.
  2. Preparation, printing and publication of studies and research done by the Center.
  3. Completion of the required studies and research from the center by others.
  4. Translation of some scientific work, and studies of the Arabic language to some foreign languages, and foreign languages ​​into Arabic and published.
  5. Lectures, seminars and forums scientific seminars and conferences.
  6. The organization of workshops and the training sessions and seminars in areas of interest to the center.
  7. Forming units and research groups to carry out the projects and business process needed by the center or the required.
  8. The establishment of public libraries or specialized for the benefit of researchers.
  9. Version of the journal or magazine or more, the definition of the center and follow-up activities, and dissemination of publications and Antajmath.

“ولما كان التعاون واجباً بالضرورة، والاجتماع الكثير طبيعياً في بقاء الواحد – وجب لذلك أن يتمدن الناس، أي يجتمعوا ويتوزعوا الأعمال والمهن ليتم من الجميع هذا الشيء المطلوب، أعني البقاء والحياة على أفضل ما يمكن.”

Abu Hayyan monotheistic / Alhuaml and Ahawaml

I hope our e-mail correspondence: taddart@taddart.org

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  1. the word taddart or tiddart and tameddurt is from the word DDR and can ean city, life, house or even wit, it has absolutly no ralation Arabic word dar sing dyar or dara yadouro and daira – ifassen-ik ddern s aman.and nec edderegh, cek t-ddred,netnin edderen and so on

  2. Mohamed Rabie says:

    You say in paragraph definition so ” Tad. Dar. T. word Amazigh Arab common sense different root, include in it the same Arabic word meaning Vtadart Amazigh of the house home life and the neighborhood, and the Arab house in Dar house housing department” .
    This talk Mjavi mixing fact and has nothing to do with language , Tadart word Amazigh means House and Jderha generating means live , If the relationship Arabic word _ House _ in the topic? ,
    Seems you Mtotron Bkhozablat counterfeiter Fahmi Khoshaim , I have heard with my own ears this interpretation leads him Dr. Fahmi Khoshaim , We hope the patch .

  3. Salem coastal says:

    Tad. Dar. T. word Amazigh Arab common sense different root, include in it the Arabic word interchangeably Vtadart Amazigh of the house home life and neighborhood, and the home in the Arab house house housing department we saw that Nzawj between the two words, especially since our ancestors from the Orient, Morocco collaborated on Lifting .

    Notice dear brother, we said it Mstrkhalmany sense Clahma means house or home and said they Mokhtfatta root root in the sense that in the non-root Tamazight in Arabic Vhon you my brother Karim nothing to do with us Baalik Bhim Gshem
    Thiattina Mr. Mohamed Rabie

  4. Mohamed Rabie says:

    Professor Salim coastal , A sincere tribute to the Libyan
    We must debate in this case is not a dispute or difference , Laser printers friendliness issue , I mean that this particular combination in this word , And Dr. Khoshaim still marketed this concept to emphasize that the Tamazight language is a language of an old Arab , And he was doing CDA _ Ta Dar T. , He says ” If taking away na Tamazight at the beginning and na at the end of the word , We will find that the house is the root and meaning it Arab origin and detailed , And there is nothing wrong with moving words into other languages , And we know that there is a so-called borrowing that occurs between languages ​​and this allowed and is based , If our search in the Spanish language will find more than a thousand and five hundred Arabic word , And are all terms borrowed , In each case, we discuss and have very full truth , I wish you success in Tadart and accept full appreciation and respect .

  5. Said Bouhari says:

    Salama Alaikoum, I apologize to have these comments in English . First of all, I want to thank you about this great initiative to promote Ibadism, a non insignificant asset to the honorable religion Islam. My questions to the owner of this website are:
    1- Is it possible to have a brief description why, how and who was at the origin of this initiative, in order to have a better understanding of the circumstances of it’s creation.
    2- Is this an association and if it’s the case who’s the person on charge. I am not comfortable to correspond with no person’s name
    3- This website in located in the USA, wouldn’t be helpful to have it in English and any other foreign language also?
    4- I am the president of the Canadian mozabit association and my interest is to develop comprehensive ibadism resources in French and may be in English as well by translating ibadit references to these languages, this website provide a lot of interesting arabic resources about ibadism, how can we join the efforts to have them in other languages as well?
    Jazakoum allah

  6. Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings

    How ÇÓÚĎäí found on this site

    Thank you and May God reward you and benefit you Islam and Muslims and forward

    God bless you

  7. Balhadj09 says:

    God ăÇÔÇÁ God bless
    My observation on the label Why chosen word ** Tadart ** exactly does the meaning intended to Oaadi site or are just a label or for another reason…I hope the answer…
    Again God help you to Mafany goodness and righteousness to perform useful and proper dissemination of information…
    Because these sites are that will give insight into our culture and our view…

  8. Supervisor says:

    Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings
    Thank you all for your participation and discussion Otriham. I say to my brother Karim: Balhadj09
    When choosing a name trying to be inclusive of several considerations, including:
    -Relationship and significant meaning to the content.
    -Rhythm of the name in the listener's ear and easy conservation.
    -Simplicity in the name components with comprehensive meaning and ease of pronunciation.
    -Home and the home is the place where the rising, are ascribed to him, a Hsnk Center emergence of the family - and parenting - and saved and nurtured, a meeting point and place of exchanging visits and reunification.
    -Out as a Arqam house call. And to meet with supporters and thirsty for knowledge.
    – The meeting place of the other different with you., But part of you.
    Per We hope that our comprehensive these meanings investigator for this vision.

  9. Rashidi says:

    I greet my brothers on this effort in the definition doctrine toes ..

    This is what needs the people them Hmma doctrine above definition of religion and doctrine ..


  10. Abdullah Mohammed al-Shabibi says:

    Hello all, and God's mercy and blessings
    Frankly I flew with joy and gladness after he found this beautiful site on the World Wide Web God Bless in your endeavor and pay off all your fault
    Spent my grandsons Imam Jabir bin Zaid Spread doctrine folks right and righteousness and saved mankind collectively and we greet you and Nazrkm of land Oman beloved and bring you good tidings that our view began to spread in the land of Egypt significantly and I found people in Saudi Arabia are asking about the doctrine in search of truth and guidance
    Hey folks right and righteousness there are many people looking for doctrine in the World Wide Web and, unfortunately, stuff from our view in a few Web
    I applaud your work again
    God grant you success
    Makhlskm Abdullah Mohammed al-Shabibi

  11. safaa says:

    Hello congratulate this remarkable achievement, which we desperately needed
    Please Do other books for the schools Abadites
    And teaching methods

  12. hassan says:

    Peace and mercy of God be upon you God bless Vpkm on this achievement, which we desperately needed and May God all your steps blessed more success, God willing, and claimed everyone that Icomo Declaring the site in order to publish and define doctrine. Accept me full respect and appreciation peace.

  13. Adnan says:

    How is a great joy when we see high-owners of determination Ackron their painstaking efforts in the service of this debt and this particular doctrine, God bless your endeavor and Ovqkm all that is good, Spent and we are your steps are involved

  14. HMKhobzi says:

    I was surprised when I found this site by accident and do God to correct dissemination of science and call him in the best manner

  15. Youssef Said says:

    Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings, God bless you wonderful and useful site
    I looked a lot of what was identified.
    But I ask you - Osalehkm God - more proofreading all that is written I have noticed some errors that can disturb the mood and PAL browser your site excellent which will undoubtedly definition more doctrine Ibadi We help of God Almighty, you what we can inform you by Burktm May Allah

  16. سعيد بن عبدالله الدارودي says:

    Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings . لهذه الدرجة تكرهون الدكتور الراحل علي فهمي خشيم ؟ … اختلفوا معهم فلا أحد ينازعكم حق الاختلاف معه وحق مواجهة فكره وأبحاثهم بفكر وبأبحاث مغايرة، ولكن أن تشتموا الرجل وتطلقوا عليه “عليك بهيم خشيم” ؟ … هل هذه أخلاق البربر ؟ هل هذه أخلاق الإباضية ؟

  17. سالم المعولي - مسقط عمان says:

    بارك الله فيكم ورضي عنكم وأرضاكم
    موقع جميل جدا ما شاء الله عليكم، سلمت أناملكم وسدد الله على الدرب خطاكم وأثابكم عن المسلمين جميعهم كل الخير وبالذات الباحثين عن الحقيقة الناصعة في فهم أصول الفكر الأباضي.
    جمعنا الله وإياكم في الدارين
    دمتم والباريء يحفظكم،،

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