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The curse of the new moons

Saleh Idrissou

In the name of God the Merciful

Praise be to Allah, Praise be to God the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Almighty says in His Book : “Is the one who made the sun light and moon light, and of houses to know the number of years and account. What God created only right, separate verses to people who know”. Yunus 10/5.
Ramadan Karim, the month of solidarity, the month of mercy and forgiveness. Ramadan when God is the month of forgiveness and tolerance Coalition.

This is what has been approved Islam to be optimal for Ramadan. But the Muslims wanted it otherwise. What is the interface is declared for this month?

Ramadan is approaching obsessed with the poor and needy because it marks Balglae of the inflammation of the prices and basic materials consumed. Ramadan is the solutions declare general mobilization alert to contain ammunition, monopoly and black market activity. Ramadan when Muslims, in a nutshell, is the title of bulimia, so why change our consumption pattern by Ramadan?

Ramadan is the solutions as well as the postponement of the most important appointments, and freeze what works after Ramadan. He immortality title to comfort. And”His departure” Back to normal, as if everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. We بسلوكنا and our actions to assure the world that Ramadan is a key element in the lack of cost-effectiveness, and production.
Why can not cope with Ramadan and melts within our work? .

And Alokhozy all this Ramadan could be a symbol of difference and discord and disharmony between Muslims. It is the heart of our subject.

Whenever Ramadan accept or except Christmas and wondered : Holiday anyway I promised holiday *** Including past or something you renew?

Does it make sense and we welcome Eid or Ramadan and we do not know on the same night do you become Maftran or fasting? . As if nothing had changed since fourteen centuries.

A nation that does not respect the time such as this digital age is worthy of respect, and the nation that does not exist then what it termed programming time have no place in this world, and there is no. Valjdolh, programming and deal seriously with time is a symbol of civilization. We are a thousand and four hundred years do not have the so-called specific and clear outcome to the Hijri calendar.

What of Ramadan or Eid passes only Salt of hardiness pens in question could have been folded in decades thanks to scientific progress astronomer. The dispute was not the result today, and will remain in place unless they should resort to science.

In 2005/1426 For example, coincided with Eid al-Fitr on the second Wednesday of November in Libya and Nigeria; and on the third Thursday of it in 30 Countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and part of the United States; Friday 4 November in 13 A country like Iran, Canada, South Africa and other part of the United States of America; Then it was finally Eid al-Fitr on Saturday 5 November in part of India.

Died four days to mark the same occasion among Muslims in the world, while the maximum difference between these countries is not up to 12 Ten hours. Where is the fault? . So about reinforcing the principle of each House science … And crescent.
If God wanted to destroy villages *** Make their remission advocates rift. (Shawki).

If فالإشكال not limited to the difference Courier or difference in moon sighting, but also is challenged through construing legitimate special issue.
We can reduce this difference in the whole world to just one day or two days at the latest If استنجدنا the astronomical calculations which are eligible to provide a great service for the sake of the unity of Muslims and rehabilitation of abandoned Hijri date that does not work. Where he became the history coupled holidays or religious occasions while when it comes to programming and practical everyday life, no one runs the risk of multiplying the appointments in this turbulent history and everyone agrees and wraps around the Gregorian date.

As for the legal interpretation which we have referred, was the subject of a dispute between the Muslims is limited in understanding and interpreting texts especially prophetic. If Turning to the Holy Quran, we find that confusion does not exist, but the invitation to the diligence. We find a set of general rules and guidelines without addressing how, but at the same time put the foundations for the orthodox approach and the proper mindset.

– “They ask you about the new moons Say is for people and Times pilgrimage”. 2/189.
– “So whoever of you shall fast therein month”.2/185.
– “Is the one who made the sun light and moon light, and of houses to know the number of years and account. What God created only the right, separated by revelations for people who know”.10/5.

The talk, which is problematic فنصه hub : “Fast when you see and stop fasting when you see the cloud upon his Vakedroa”. The Lord multiple isnaads and different formulations. This text is, of course, raises more forms and the introduction of modern explicitly makes the nation in trouble.

First : Do aboard the modern sense is a novel or verbally? .

Secondly : When he says the Prophet, peace be upon him for his companions Fast when you see … Are you able to address them in another language? . He says in another interview “We are a nation does not write nor read …”. Do not permit something refute mean? . When the Almighty says “We have honored the sons of Adam and حملناهم on land and sea” (17/70) Or when he says “Is who Asircm in land and sea” (5/22),, They can tell us as well as within the context of harnessing air, even in the framework of metaphysical miracle but opted otherwise. And if Western man locked texts for broke days those clouds Btaúrath and the missiles.
Thirdly : Are they only see with the naked eye, such as what it was stated by the modern habit or is the vision with glasses and a telescope as it is a habit?

IV : Are the clouds alone prevents us from seeing the moon? . Contaminate the ocean or the large number of lights might prevent us as well as to view it. The talk did not refer to such factors, of course, because they were not featured a timely manner. Let us imagine that someone has ascend skyscrapers or the pilot himself- Or accompanied by the owner of those who require good character- Penetrate those clouds and returned to us the outcome prove, how will the reaction be? . Because this mind taking Unfortunately leave open. Where Sharia flexibility that fit in with every age?

V. : If ephemeris no reward from others and may not be introduced, why Nbih for ourselves the date AD action based on scientific calculation? . But Flanalm that all five prayers Times based on astronomical calculations, especially in major cities far from the countryside and deserts. Thus today we fast and Naftrh according to those accounts. Why, for example, does not postpone breakfast when the clouds analogy to talk as you can not show the black thread of white? .

Finally : There are trying to reconcile and combine science and text, drawing on science and the revival of the Year. But what if you oppose the hyperbolic directory with presumptive directory? . The total is frequent conversations on the fingers. While science in such a matter is significant uncertainty and is not the subject of conjecture or speculation, but its results are based on scientific facts. If, what if opposed hyperbolic directory with presumptive directory? . This has happened, unfortunately, many times, such as the years 1997 And 1998 Where unconscious reached its peak and was then all scientific evidence to agree on the impossibility of visions. It is, in short, an affront to science and scientists.

Though we acknowledge presumably that astronomical calculations are not scientific facts uncertain fixed %100 The brook error, the error rate can never be compared by the error when our dependence on the traditional view. I have the researchers as. Meziane and n. Ud published an article years 1999 In the French scientific journal (La Recherche) Demonstrated the scientific and historical substantiated that Algeria and a year ago 1963 Until the year 1994 The margin of error at Crescent substantiated or not, according to estimates and standards, between 50 To 80 Percent. ("The visibility of the crescent and Ramadan", La Recherche, n° 66, Jan. 1999, pp. 66-71) ) This percentage increases as we head toward the east. Where the error rate was in Jordan, for example, about 90 Percent in a similar study conducted by researcher. Back. The article shows that there are more serious cases where the Declaration enter Ramadan or Eid solutions while the conjugations are not already missed or that the moon before sunset.

No one denies those التخبطات that carried out by Saudi Arabia from time to time during the official declarations erroneous date of Eid al-Adha and the subsequent protests and denunciations, especially by astronomers. In the past year, for example, Saudi Arabia made a mistake clear declaration of sighting of the moon on Sunday 9 December / December 2007, and Monday is the first day of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah and the first day of Eid al-Adha is Wednesday the nineteenth of the month, despite the fact that all the scientific facts suggest the impossibility of sighting of the moon that night. The group of astronomers in a statement expressed the hope that the retreat for announcing Kingdom also fell in 1416, as the holiday on Thursday and not on Wednesday. I have denounced the statement signed by the 22 Astronomer, as quoted by newspaper “Fact International” Jordan, continued to ignore the Supreme Judicial Council in Saudi Arabia for scientific facts on the issue of monitoring the beginnings and end of the Hijri months.

The controversy is centered on the mechanism adopted by Saudi Arabia to mark the beginning of the month, and that rely on witnesses confirm the sighting of the moon, while stressing the accounts and scientific facts astronomical impossibility sighting of the crescent. This is not the first time that the astronomical calculations differ with “Witness testimony reverse”. And the continuation of the Supreme Judicial Council in Saudi Arabia to accept certificates is scientifically documented not only demonstrates the total lack of familiarity with the fundamentals of scientific become a Muslim now.

The statement emphasized that the night that the Saudi Judicial Council announced it was monitoring the crescent of the argument “The moon is in the sky originally”He added: “فمن المعلوم أن تحري الهلال يتم بعد غروب الشمس قريبا من المنطقة التي غربت عندها الشمس، حيث يتواجد الهلال الجديد بالقرب من الشمس دائما، فإن ثبتت رؤيته كان اليوم التالي أول أيام الشهر وإلا كان اليوم التالي هو المتمم ويبدأ الشهر الجديد في اليوم الذي يليه، فأما بالنسبة لوضع القمر يوم الأحد فقد غاب القمر قبل غروب الشمس في جميع مناطق العالم الاسلامي، فعلى سبيل المثال غرب القمر في عمّان والقدس الشريف قبل 29 دقيقة من غروب الشمس، وفي القاهرة والمنامة قبل 27 دقيقة، وفي أبو ظبي والدوحة ومسقط قبل 26 دقيقة، وفي الرباط قبل 25 دقيقة، وفي مكة المكرمة قبل 22 دقيقة، وفي نواكشوط قبل 13 دقيقة، وجميع هذه القيم تعني استحالة رؤية الهلال يوم الأحد من جميع هذه المناطق لعدم وجود القمر في السماء بعد غروب الشمس”.

After this, we wonder why we are obliged to follow Saudi Arabia when the practice of rituals of Eid al-Adha?

To say must be visual to the naked eye vision revival and a victory for the year is not replaced him in such problems that the separation of science certainty. To imagine it - just imagine an innocent- In the list, for example, war between Israel and Hezbollah, what if the latter decided to determine the day of each month to put the heavy weapons and all that has to do with technology weapons Fachehr, instead, arrows, swords, arrows and the revival of the year? .

حال المسلمين يدعو إلى التأسف والتحسر، و أحيانا -بدافع الغضب- To taunt and التندر. I do not know why they insist on their mistakes with their knowledge without acknowledging publicly. We have from God to man and bounty on the animal that gave him reason to distinguish فيتطور thanks to the accumulation of knowledge it is good to better and avoids the mistakes of his predecessors thanks to the experience and expertise.

Call to action and take the scientific facts is not new, as some believe. Had already ancient scientists from Club must respect Astronomy. So like I'm Tarek, Khwārizmī, Battani, al-Tabari, Ibn Yunus and others. Subki Shafi'i went to far as to say “Not a lesson to see if the flag was denied by”. It is also contemporaries find Muhamed in a study by the Year 1939 As well as the newly Mr. M.. Zarqa and Mr. Qaradawi.
One may argue that discretionary matter, it is a mistake the reward, and he may hit troughs. But what the rule is wrong to insist on?
In 1999 You're someone who had to watch the total eclipse of the sun and sophisticated means. This magnificent scene, which was announced a few years ago in minutes and seconds in every inch of land which is witnessing this phenomenon. But what sparked my attention is when astronomers confirmed that this scene will not be repeated in some respects, and that same year before data 2081.

No one disagrees that science in such matters is significant uncertainty, except if there is a defect in the universe, God forbid. It is a universal Iqinaat. Whatever checked considered Perhaps you gag or find a loophole in the universe and prepared a second and third ball “Here's eyesight due Khasia”. I have said days Abraham Ancoln, the saying “I do not understand that man who is seen in the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, how to be an atheist”. Did not create the Almighty in vain. “God created this void”. What announced by astronomers is not speculation.

So why astronomers believe in Eclipse and Eclipse are not used in their vision? “Forecasting” However, when the advent of Ramadan or Eid.

What happened, for example, to modify the appointment pause Arafat in 2005, and the declaration of Eid al-Adha on Thursday instead of Friday, is contempt for Islam and Muslims. Wake up to find that Saudi Arabia has decided to amend the four-day of the month of Dhul Hijjah to become a five-day, so after four days of the month. And Algeria in a statement “Corrective” By the Ministry of Religious Affairs, announces dependency.

It's not a question of timing and the sighting of the crescent and identify holiday and only pause, as one critic said it before that ultimate humiliation of science and the scientific method of thinking, we this confusion announce to the world that Muslims who do not respect the flag nor the time.

We leave things to with pessimistic passions can solve the first day of Eid Friday as some have interpreted the Saudi authorities, which fell يتطير some كبارها and وجهائها coming Friday as the beginning of festival has become. Nevertheless, Saudi Arabia will continue to dictate its decisions and judgments … It will not change our situation Shubra.

This is regardless of whether incurred agencies pilgrimage heavy material losses, as reported by the newspaper the Middle East, due to the shift, which was estimated at 40 SR million which is equivalent to 8.25 Million euros. (Middle East, No. 9546, 16/01/2005).

It is strange coincidence that in the same month of the year, but the same week announce an American band search discovered a planet X. thanks to the astronomical estimates. The researchers estimated the planet's diameter three thousand miles on the latest, but at least it is larger than Pluto. The new planet is discovered the largest object discovered in the solar system since the discovery of the planet Neptune in 1846, and has been seen for the first time in 2003 Was not sure that the entire planet, but in the month of January of the year 2005. It is a new planet from Earth by a space twice the distance separating the Earth from the planet Pluto, at the end of the solar system. And revolves around the sun once every 560 Years.

But between astronomers and scientists of religion seems to be still a vast gap in the curriculum and thinking. When he was the U.S. human to set foot on the lunar surface is still on the surface of the land of the Muslims, who leads the advisory, expiate all those who believe that the earth is spherical and spin it.

Did you know that two planets of the solar system and planets are Neptune and Pluto have been discovered whereabouts determined by astronomical calculations before telescopes?

Did you also know that the most important question in the examinations of the Faculty of Sharia in Damascus – In one of the past – Was about the ruling on a man carrying bladders فساء … And its light invalidated or not? ! And that one of them separated final chapter of college because he raised his hand – During the exam – To ask the observer is in a state of astonishment : ” How could this man be stuffing Girba Balvesa?”

Still some Islamic scholars and their interest is based on debt issues and looked after strange instead of poring over issues updated to keep pace with the times in which they live. And if there is deliberately leaked to fill the minds of the people of all that is trivial like a big issue to breastfeed or other issues that are exploited and تنعشها some forums and satellite TV.

عندما كنت في مرحلة الطلب، سنوات الدراسة الجامعية، تلك السنوات العجاف في العلوم الإسلامية، أتذكر أنني حضرت حصصا لأستاذ وكل موضوعه يتمحور حول حكم الشرع في شرب أبوال الإبل و التداوي بها وهل هي نجسة أم لا ؟ وما هي فوائد ألبان وبول الإبل ؟ فأخذ يصول بنا حصصا ويجول ليقدم لنا عصارة فكره ويعرض لنا أقوال واجتهادات الفقهاء في هذه المسألة الفقهية التي تدل على اهتمام علمائنا و فقهائنا بهذه المسائل المستعصية على المسلمين.

With all that holds these titles Honoris Causa Vmbulg of what we pass it aware of is the usefulness of the camel's urine and the ruling one who holds bladders فساء! It promises them every time b”Kharja” Funny entertains media bereaved, prisoners تؤنس and ease the pain of patients. In addition to this, they are doing a dangerous job again obscuring the important issues and served the public fatwas amazing and exciting Vtaatlagafha satellite channels around and hold seminars and exhibitions between supporters and everyone forgets the most important social and economic issues that await solutions urgency.

Why not strive to revive the law of life by developed to cope with the issues and challenges of the times?

I think, even No more Nsttrd, and as a first step to bring visions, must report material astronomy at schools of all levels and create a specialization in universities. And scholars that Afhawwa the law on the other sciences waging Petrbesat and training courses and”Boukrjat field”.

Then The Crescent to prove not of the tasks of Sharia scholars alone, but must consult the people of competence and respect. We must respect astronomy and do not define the beginnings of Shahurna only on the basis of this science. Then what if lifting the clergy and their hands policy on this issue and left it to the rulers of the people of competence?

And do not forget the issue of cultural influence after on daily Slokatena in respect of the system and the value of time. Class of Muslims in France were seeking and demanding the right to malfunction Islamic religious holidays, while We can not نضبط the Hijri Calendar, even for a year? . Ud specialist in astronomy so far as to propose an AH unified system for all countries in the world, along the lines of Gregorian date. But I personally do not see it a priority and difficult to apply because it collides with the reality and facts such as the difference in moon sighting. وكذلك أظنه لا يجب تعميم القول بتوحيد الرؤية في الدولة الواحدة، فمثل هذه النظرية لا تصلح لدولة مثل روسيا. فيجب مراعاة الأحوال الظرفية والمكانية. This matter needs to be more details perhaps on another occasion.

Finally, you will be our last meeting in the coming year and in the same subject?… Allah is the before and after.

Ramadan Kareem Every year, you … Okay.

Peace be upon you.
Saleh Idrissou

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