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Treatment usurper robbed

Sections rapists :
Not without usurper of these funds can be either a uniform or a polytheist, and unified either violating or Msthla
Usurper violator :
To say that was in violation of the do, is Mtaol in his hero's claim resolved, it is not valid treated with raping the case, nor preserve that it is permissible for a in an article, only that it came so embraced scourges الموبقة, and committed sins of the Holocaust, because it may eat money And orphans, same Fletdark, before solve Rmesh, Fagzlea Balmtab defilements of sin, cautious on the feet and taken Nawasi, as God Almighty says : {O ye who believe, do not eat up your property among yourselves unjustly except it be a trade amongst you do not kill yourselves God is Most Merciful to you (29) Whoever does this aggressively and unjustly Blade will fire and it is easy for Allah (30)} [Women : 29 – 30], And the Almighty said : {Eat not up your property among yourselves unjustly and you make it to the referees to eat a team of people's guilt and you know} [Cow : 188] , And the Almighty said in the warning to eat the wealth of orphans unjustly : {Those who devour the wealth of orphans unjustly, eat fire in their bellies and will soon be} [Women : 10] , Said the Prophet – God bless him and – : «Little people's money is inherited fire, narrated by Imam Hafiz argument spring Bin Habib – God's mercy – Right in his Musnad from Abu Obeida Jabir bin Zaid Ibn Abbas – God bless them – , And bin silent worship said : The Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – : «Responded thread and sewn, and beware الغلول, it is a disgrace to his family on the Day of Resurrection [Narrated by Imam spring, a door in the intimidating and money, (694)] , And Imam bibliography spring Bin Habib – May Allah be pleased with him – Also – Higher in the right Musnad from Abu Obeida Jabir bin Zaid Anas bin Malik – God bless them – The Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – He said : «Whoever seizes the right of Muslim in his right hand God has forbidden him Paradise, and enjoined him Nars, said a man : Though something easy, O Messenger of Allah? – God bless him and – : »Though rod of Arak [Narrated by Imam spring in the book Vows (660)] , Has also narrated by Malik in Muwatta, Ahmad and Women's and Ibn Majah from Umaamah [Narrated by Muslim in the book : Faith, door: The festival has carved out the right of Muslim affidavit whore (351) , And the owner of the Muwatta in a book: Districts, door: ما جاء في الحنث على منبر النبي -صلى الله عليه وسلم – (1417) , And in the book Women : Ethics of judges, the door : The judiciary in a little money or a lot (4534) , And Ibn Majah in a book: Provisions, the door : Whoever swears an oath immoral to cut into money (2324) ] In Musnad Imam Hafiz – May Allah be pleased with him – Also : Abu Obeida Jabir bin Zaid Abu Hurayrah said we went out with the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – Khyber, did Ngenm gold or silver but money and heirlooms, he gave me a man from Bani Alillab – Said Refaa bin Zaid – To the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – Black boy said to him supported, drew the Messenger of Allah – – God bless him and – Valley to villages, even if we were, while supported degrades Rahal Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – It came west hitting him and killed him, his people said Blessed Paradise, said the Prophet – God bless him and – : «And my hand, from Achammlh had taken the spoils on the Khyber and develops no switches to ignite a fire, when people heard that a man came Bashrak or Hrakin, the Messenger of Allah said to him, – God bless him and – «Traps or شراكان of fire» [Narrated by Imam spring in a book: Jihad, the door : Collector invasion in the way of Allah (470)], And Abu Hamid al-Saadi bump «is not permissible for a man to take disobeyed brother without Tayyip yourself» Narrated by al and Ibn ruling in their Saheehs[Narrated by Ahmad (425/5) , And Bayhaqi (100/6) , And Ibn (5978)] , And-Daaraqutni Anas narrated bump «does not solve the capital of a Muslim unless he gladly himself [Narrated Daaraqutni in book : Sales (2862)] These verses and conversations with analogues – We left for fear of elongating – Conclusive prohibiting consuming people's wealth unlawfully permitted by, and conclusive torturing and prohibition came paradise, whether money a little or a lot, there is no difference in this regard between that oppress him by himself or treats of wrongdoing with knowledge of the darkness .
To say that the usurper was Msthla of that money will come – God willing – The last thing for the one who robbed the polytheists from an article .
Usurper Polytheist :
Though usurper of the funds from the polytheists In treated robbed of Muslim money famous dispute between the nation's scholars, past and present, and was told that the funds remain masters is not permissible for a treat infidels after being raped, it is the view of Mr. most righteous nation Abu Bakr – May Allah be pleased with him -, which is taken by when Shaafa'is, said by their Imam Shafei and group, and said one of our companions – May God have mercy on them – Jem legions, including the owner Alsaalat and two imams Adlan Alrzian Abdul Wahab and his son returned bin Abdul Wahab Moroccans, and Imam Ibn pond and Abu al-Hasan, and the Lord's prophet pole and Asamadana Sea investigator Khalili, and his son Good tag Aleilm, and we have the largest Noureddine Salmi – May God have mercy on them and bless them – , Has said Alsaalat owner, Abu Hassan – May God have mercy – It is applicable, and when they to the owner that is wiling to pay without the value of the hand rapists delusion, though Agtinmha Muslims infidels had received even shared the proof that she came of it took, and was told : The divided foresaw They Qasmiha and only it is his, which is narrated from the faithful Omar bin al-Khattab – May Allah be pleased with him – , And has a say Amrs Yemen bin Rabia and tender and Laith, Maalik and Ahmad, and quoted by Ibn Abi trigger from his father from jurists seven, and Roy for Hassan and Abu Hanifa only in the runaway, the Abu Hanifa saying Kalru that the owner right to do it at all, and was told : The takeover idolaters on the money transfers the ownership headed to their ownership, Vtsah treatment where and accept them if Hboha is not permissible for masters that Ihtallowa to remove them without value from the hands of Gsabha, is the view of Ali ibn Abi Talib, syphilis and Amr ibn Dinar, a month two versions for Hassan – May God have mercy on them – , Such as Imam Shamsuddin Abu Ya'qub Yusuf bin Ibrahim Allowargelana, and his legend, and his rules, and Bader Abu six – God bless them – , And when the people of Morocco, and classed to investigators pole imams – Allah be pleased with him – In more than one place of Jawabath, wondrous and his works, and was chosen by some of the later scholars Oman .
Protested employers say the first evidence : Saying the Almighty : {God will make the unbelievers on the believers a way} [Women : 141] , And the words of the Prophet – God bless him and -: «Do not sweat the unjust and Thoa wealth of a Muslim» [Narrated by Abu Dawood, in a book : Abscess, door: In revitalizing disused land (3073) By Saeed bin Zaid] , And الثواء Balthae triangular and tide residence, which does not stay for a money Muslim, but he has to return and get rid of it, or Balta Almtnah from above and minors in the sense of doom, and the meaning of modern if not perish money Muslim leaving his hand, but keep his when he can recover recovered in any way – God bless them – That polytheists raided discharged city they went and where Aledaba camel of the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – And a Muslim woman, Frckpt night to hand the city, and I vowed that if God نجاها Tnhrnha, and when he arrived in the city reached he had witnessed to the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – Said : «Vow does not have a son of Adam» [Narrated by Muslim in the book: Vow, door: Not to fulfill a vow in disobedience to God and does not have a (1641)] This indicates that his survival – Peace be upon him - and not consumed take infidels them, which – Peace and blessings be upon – Like in the directory on privacy, including Bukhari by Ibn Umar that he went his horse, took him enemy appeared Muslims at the time of the Messenger of God – God bless him and – Straighten it – Peace and blessings be upon – , And keep him Abdul he joined Ballroom appeared it Muslims straighten it Khalid ibn al-Walid in the reign of Abu Bakr – God bless them – Narrated by Bukhari in the book: Jihad and walk, door If sheep detest money Muslim and Muslim and grandfather (3067، 3069)] , In the filling of the companions of the Messenger of God – Peace be upon him - and did not deny one of them, and what was narrated by Imam Shamsuddin Abu Yacoub – God's mercy – In increasing order from Imam returned bin Abdul Wahab – God bless them – For a book taken from Abu Ghanem humans bin Ghanim al-Khorasani written by my father over Khwarizmi at Sir raise when Abu Lizzie God's mercy Lee Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – : A man from the Ansar found man with a sword to his brother in the market, Frafh Ansari to the Prophet – God bless him and – Vqs man's story, and where his sword became the Prophet said to him – God bless him and – : «Aptg booty in your brother is money» [Seen Musnad spring talk (902) P(250)], And which was also narrated by Shamsuddin – God's mercy – Increase from Khwarizmi that a man found a horse is sold in market Vakl it to his brother, and asks him about would, owner said to him I got my share of Trophy, Frafh to the Prophet – God bless him and – , Said – Peace and blessings be upon – : «Muslims one hand is on each other» [Seen Musnad spring talk (903) P(251)] .
The answer for precious verse inference that it is not a text on the subject, and the people of interpretations claims, and answer the inference speech – Do not sweat the unjust – Faces:
First : That year rule assigns the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – In the role of Mecca and Rballa, has entered the people of Mecca forcibly Fssog them all into their own hands to win or grabbing, was of Muslim immigrants role bucking polytheists after them and raped her Vhnaha them the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – , Did not respond to a house immigrants not wrung out of the hands of rapists, and those role usurped his role – God bless him and – The birth and the role of Abdul Muttalib, they were, however, Akil, and what Osama bin Zaid said to the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – Conquest, and was gone the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – Hand : Where descend tomorrow, O Messenger of Allah? – Peace and blessings be upon: «Will left us Akil from home, drop Balabtah» (١) , And Dar Khadija pair Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – God bless them – In which the birth of Fatima, daughter of the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – – God bless them – , They came to Abu Sufyan, and raped Abu Sufian also the house of Abu Ahmed bin Jahsh Fastady upon the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – Not prepared, he said : O Messenger of God, the house of Abu raped Abu Sufyan? – Peace be upon him, came to his right turned away from him, by the north came and turned away from him, then went on and he says exhibition Abu Sufian :
Dar cousin sold
Denies you a fine
Go go
Cordoned collar dove [Bukhari, Bab: Prophet - peace be upon him- Jews “Converted to Islam, received” , Narrated by Muslim, Bab: Get off to Mecca for the Haj and bequeath their role”]
And Aptiat that house then in expensive role Mecca hundred thousand dinars, bought Aban bin Othman .
– Second face : That proof of funds for the heathens have many winners but it is to take them them with the belief that they have, not just affect them taken, as well as be inferred that there is no right for the race, and that is concerning them and Mnolthm .
– The third face : أن المعروف عند الأمة أن معنى «لا عرق لظالم» لا أجرة للغاصب فيما تعناه في المغصوب ، مثلاً أن يغصب بعيراً فيرعاه حتى ولو سمن ، أو يزيل عنه القرد ، ومثلاً أن يغصب أرضاً فيحفر بها بئراً فإنه لا أجرة له ، ومثلاً أن يغصب جناناً فيسقيه من ماء مخصوص بالجنان أو غيره، فإنه لا أجرة لرعيه أو إزالة القرد أو الحفر أو سقي الجنان ، وليس المعنى أنه لاحظ له في المغصوب ، فضلاً عن أن يستدل بالحديث على أنه ليس للمشركين حظ فيما غنموا، وحديث «لا ثواء على مال امرئ مسلم» مخصوص بما تقدم من إثبات أموال المهاجرين لمن اغتصبها من المشركين ، كما خص بإعطاء اللقطة لمن يستحقها بعد النداء عليها وعدم ظهور ربها ، وكما خص بجواز أخذ اللقطة إن كان مما تسمح به النفس عادة، ولو مع عدم اليقين برضا صاحبها ، هذا مع التسليم بأن المشرك مؤاخذ على إقامته على المغصوب لكونه مخاطباً بفروع الشريعة على الصحيح ، فهو معذب بغصبه ، كما أنه معذب على عناده لربه إن مات على ذلك ، وذلك لا ينافي عندهم بقاءه له حكماً ، وحليته لمن انتقل إليه بهبة أو شراء ، قالوا : If modern cousins ​​remained necessary polytheist is raped in the event of whatever company the safest, and unanimity on succession .
The answer for reasoning by saying – God bless him and – In an interview Aledaba : «Vow does not have a son of Adam» [Narrated by Muslim in the book: Vow, door: Not to fulfill a vow in disobedience to God and does not have a (1641] That there is no evidence the object :
First : That his money – God bless him and – Not كمالنا matter mushrik grabbing him, it does not move Bgsbh the Queen – God bless him and – To the usurper king Polytheist him, God bless him and Li ownership of defrauded him out of the hands of the polytheist, and that of his privacy – Peace and blessings be upon – Venerating him on us and discrimination of us would, and indicates that this provision of its own – God bless him and – His role of immigrants as those who raped her from the infidels, they do not respond to this legacy – God bless him and – Role for those who raped her, because that only was perfumed himself .
II : That his reign – God bless him and – In Mecca role is explicit, saying: «Vow does not have a son Adams metaphor and waving that Aledaba not intervene in the King woman passenger, and frank submitted on metaphor and waving .
Third : Advanced that Aledaba talk to it in the city, and a modern role late because Mecca after the conquest, and late submitted the applicant for being ناسخا him.
IV : The modern novel frequent role, and modern novel Aledaba mono came from by Ibn Umar .
V : That role Narrated talk Shamsuddin Abu Yaqub Allowargelana – God's mercy – He knows and Islamic jurisprudence, grammar and language who hadeeth Aledaba Umar, from the weights when the conflict was also decided in assets .
VI : That the installer provider precluding when fundamentalists, and a modern role proved the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – Migrants' funds of the heathens, and hadeeth Aledaba it denied money for the rapist, presents installed on precluding .
The answer to infer the hadeeth of Ibn 'Umar in the story of the horse and the servant, that the Persians and contacted Behroppema slave polytheists, so they are Bagaan King Sahbhma, unlike Agtinmh detest them as their caller fugitive him for the snapshot and stray .
The answer inference including Narrated Abu Yazid al-Khwarizmi of the story of the sword that – God bless him and – But his push for being claiming to be injured than his share of the spoils have no proof of his allegations, with being certified to his opponent in his brother's claim that he was
Protested employers say the second speech came from Ibn Abbas brought so detail narrated Daaraqutni [Narrated Daaraqutni in book: Sir Sunan (4155)] , But it was said that the method is very weak .
Employers protested doctrine third Bhjtin, first : Foregoing rule of the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – Mecca conquest in the role of immigrants as those who raped her from the infidels, the second : His – God bless him and – Salman was on Fball debt detest Jews, ordered him – Peace and blessings be upon – That Istketb Fastketb, and answer the first inference : That there is no evidence it is required, because the role was in the hands of the people of Mecca had converted to Islam before the demand response raped, has God said : {Say to those who disbelieved, if they cease forgive them what has already } [Anfal : 38] , Said – God bless him and : »But was told ignorance ignorance foolishness of her family and the weakness of its flag, it is the safest thing in his hand is his«[Bayhaqi narrated in the book: Sir, door : Of the safest on something (113/9)] , Said Omar – May Allah be pleased with him – : لسنا بنازعين شيئاً من يد أحد إذا أسلم عليه وأجمعت الأمة المحمدية على أن المشرك لا يؤاخذ برد ما بيده من المظالم إن أسلم عليه ، وأُجيب عن الاستدلال الثاني بأن سلمان إنما أخذه المشركون قبل أن يظهر الإسلام وهو يومئذٍ نصراني ، ولا يخفى ما في تلك النصرانية من جعل عيسى ولداً وجعل الآلهة ثلاثة والكل شرك ، وأيضاً فاليهودي الذي استكتب منه سلمان لم يغتصب سلمان وإنما اشتراه من غيره ، فما لم تقم بينة أنه مغتصب فهو ملك لليهودي ، ومع وجود هذا الاحتمال لا يتم ذلك الاستدلال ، هذا حاصل ما وجدته في الأثر عن أولي العلم والبصر.
And count it and Arshad Astrushdna to do is to say first, for a number of reasons foreshadow to be relying :
– Face first : Safety of the worker Etienne different dissolved, and that too for a person with possible, particularly of the weak Kmthlee, and the more likely the people of piety in religion, has said Omar – May Allah be pleased with him – : We let seventy doors of fear of falling into the no man's land .
– Second face : That work out of respect for the Muslim in his wealth and lack of grief, the treatment of enemy robbed of Halaleh, and work with other reverse this .
– The third face: He claimed to unite the Muslims and insult their enemies unbelievers, where they see their boycott raped him of their brothers together and Mkhasamthm because of that irregularity united, and so lovable, of course, required by the Sharia, has guided the Holy Book in His saying : {The believers are brothers} [Closets : 10] , As guided by the Holy Prophet – God bless him and – Where Muslims as described by others, I said : The equivalents – Peace and blessings be upon – In the role of immigrants as those who raped her from the infidels is your article, as it – Peace and blessings be upon – Legalization of treatment, you need to what it claims to be so insulting to Muslims and enhanced their enemies infidels, I said: Those rapists had converted to Islam so they brothers of Muslims thereby negated forbidden, and became a treatment where it is forbidden, because Islam of Jeb as before, and compliment saying – Peace and blessings be upon – : »Of the safest thing in his hand is his« [Progress discharged] , And irrigated at the age of impact – God bless him – »Not Ibnazein something from the hand of one if the safest, and only carrot in Islam and not to embarrass those who wanted to enter into it of creatures .
I : Hala said in the hadeeth mentioned irrigated and impact that age where origin, did not deliver a lamb for concept approval famous text of his reign – God bless him and – In the role, then deleting them flexor and المعطوف to the presumption of this text, or he only mentioned two Islam alone carrots in it, or because he actually P God bless him and mostly, or only mentioned therein Islam vigilant about who did not deliver, what his hand is taken booty in jihad, whether : Has said that a savvy scientists Almtbharin, but is his article that the concept here is contrary to the text, but agree to him, is no doubt, as the sun in the sky day not cloud it, the rapists of the role they may bow out before they can claim their response, so approved – God bless him and – Them, but needs to interpretations that if the text is contrary to the concept of .
– Face fourth : ظهور برهانه وقوة أركانه ، فإن أدلته أقوى دليلاً وأقوم قيلا، لما تقدم من الإيراد على أدلة من خالفه ، وأما الإيرادات التي وردت على أدلة هذا القول فيمكن الجواب عنها ، ألا ترى أن ما اعترض به على الاستدلال بالآية الشريفة يمكن الجواب عنه بأن كون الآية غير نص في الموضوع لا يمنع من الاستدلال بها ، إذ غالب أدلة الشرع غير ناصة على مستدلاتها ، وإنما يستنتج منها الحكم استنباطاً ، فلذلك تختلف الآراء وتتعدد المذاهب ، وأيضاً فالسبيل في الآية الكريمة نكرة في سياق النفي ، والنكرة في سياق النفي للعموم عند الأصوليين ، فيؤخذ من ذلك نفي أي سبيل للكافرين على المؤمنين ، ومن ذلك عدم انتقال أموالهم إلى من اغتصبها من المشركين ، لا يقال إن عمومها مخصوص بحكم رسول الله – God bless him and – In the role of immigrants who broke from the infidels, I say but rule them out after they became Muslims, but objected to what inference speech «Do not sweat the unjust and Thoa wealth of a Muslim»[Progress discharged] , Could be the answer to that : بأن ذلك مسلّم أن لو سلم الاستدلال بحديث الدور على جواز المعاملة في المغصوب ، وأما مع ما تقدم من الإيراد عليه فلا نسلم تخصيصه لعموم هذا الحديث من هذه الناحية ، وإنما هو مخصص له فيما إذا أسلم المشرك على مال مسلم بيده ، وأما تخصيصه بإعطاء اللقطة لغير ربها إن جهل ربها بعد النداء عليها ، وتخصيصه بأخذ اللقطة إن كانت مما تسمح به النفس عادة ولو مع عدم اليقين برضى صاحبها ، وبترك المشرك وما بيده إن أسلم عليه فذلك لمخصصات اقتضت ذلك ، ولا يمنع ذلك من الاستدلال بالحديث على ما لم ينله التخصيص، وتسليم المعترض بمؤاخذة المشرك فيما بينه وبين ربه قاض بمنع معاملته فيما اغتصب ، إذ لا يحل لامرئ أن يعامل أحداً فيما يؤاخذ عليه ، لأنه من التعاون على الإثم ، والتعاضد على الظلم ، ومن هنا يظهر الفرق بين معاملة من أسلم فيما اغتصبه في حال شركه ، ومعاملة من بقي على شركه فيما اغتصبه ، فإن من أسلم غير مؤاخذ على غصبه ، بخلاف من بقي على عناده لربه ، وأما ما اعترض به على الاستدلال بحديث ابن عمر في قصة العضباء فيمكن الجواب عنه : PANA not recognize that the lack of transmission king of the seized property from him that Gsbh of its own Polytheist – God bless him and – , But he and his nation in both, as they either remove theirs about Amosob them safest usurper after the company, as evidenced by the left – God bless him and – Role for Aqil, nor recognize that that it was perfumed himself, because context Aibah, and the rest of the faces likely its modern role for an interview Aledaba Muslim that if Ladder of Inference speech role on desired, either with the foregoing of revenue by not, and also the likelihood of a modern role – God's mercy – ، معارض بكون الإمام شمس الدين هو الذي روى حديثي السيف والفرس ، اللذين رواهما أبو يزيد الخوارزمي ، وهما دالان على عكس ما استدل عليه بحديث الدور ، وكون حديث العضباء يقتضي النفي وحديث الدور يقتضي الإثبات ، فيرجح ما اقتضى الإثبات على ما اقتضى النفي ، معارض بأن حديث العضباء مثبت للأصل ، وهو بقاء الأموال لأربابها ، عكس حديث الدور فإنه نافٍ للأصل ، فالأولى إذا الأخذ بما أثبت الأصل ، وأما ما اعترض به على حديث ابن عمر في قصة فرسه وعبده ، فيمكن الجواب عنه بأن القائلين بانتقال أموال المسلمين إلى المشركين بغصبهم لها يقولون إن سبب انتقالها إليهم استيلاؤهم عليها واستحلالهم لها ، وذلك حاصل في قصة الفرس والعبد كما في أموال المهاجرين ، فإذاً لا فرق بين الأمرين إلا كون المغتصبين لأموال المهاجرين أسلموا عليها بخلاف الغاصبين لعبد الله ابن عمر وفرسه ، وليت شعري هل المشركون الذين اتصل بهم العبد والفرس اعتقدوا أنهما بأيديهم ضالة إلى أن يظهر ربهما أم استحلوهما لكونهما ملكاً للمسلمين ؟! As for what objected to infer speech sword which was narrated by Abu Yazid al-Khwarizmi may answer him that a modern context refuse the fact that the Messenger of Allah – God bless him and – Command of his sword to return it to its owner for being claiming to be injured than his share of the spoils and you have no proof to him for that, as saying – Peace and blessings be upon – «Aptg Booty in is money your brother» D. Bmntogah the legalization of booty from the polytheist what were not the property of a Muslim, and D. sense to forbid them if their origin to the Muslims, even moved Balgsb to idolaters, nor a lesson about why pan with pronunciation, and reinforce it as saying in the modern .
– Face V : أن الآيات والأحاديث التي سبق ذكرها في صدر الجواب تضمنت زجراً بالغاً ، ووعيداً شديداً في أكل أموال الناس إلا بوجه مبيح ، وأنت ترى أن هذه الأموال المغتصبة على المسلمين أصلها لملاكها وانتقالها عنهم يحتاج إلى دليل قاطع ، لأن اليقين لا يزيله إلا يقين مثله ، وحجج من قال بانتقالها غير كافية لما سبق من الإيراد عليها ، ولمعارضتها بحجج أقوى منها في نفسها ، وبكونها معتضدة بالأصل ، فالأولى إذاً التمسك بها ، لأن التعارض موجب للرجوع إلى الأصل ، ولا سيما مع رجحانية ما يؤيده.
Usurper المستحل :
– هذا وبعض من يقول بجواز معاملة المشرك فيما اغتصبه من المسلم ألحق المستحل بالمشرك في ذلك إذا كان باستحلاله متأولاً على الخطأ لضلاله شيئاً من أدلة الكتاب ، أو سنة الرسول الأواب ، أو إجماع أولي الألباب ، كالصفرية والنجدية والأزارقة ، وسائر فرق الخوارج المارقة، فإنهم يستحلون أموال أهل التوحيد، ويدينون بسفك دمائهم على غير حق لربهم الحميد ، فعلى رأي من ألحقهم بالمشركين تجوز معاملتهم فيما أخذوه على التأويل من أموال المسلمين ، وإن كانوا في ذلك ضالين ، وعن الحق مائلين ، وممن قال بذلك إمامنا شمس الدين الوارجلاني ، وسيدنا إمام المحققين قطب الأئمة ، وإمامنا العلامة الجيطالي – Elaborated upon them Habeb pleasure and Osknhm affluence JENANAH, and Nfna Baalomanm -, but you have learned what is most likely, and the soul to its introduction أجنح .
– I advise you Balthrz interdicted, and stay away from the outlawed, and avoid all that religion leads to forbidden, what is the life of the world is only the enjoyment vanity, فاستعدوا – رحمكم God – ليوم النشور ، فكأني بالدنيا قد مضت ، وبزخاريفها قد انقضت ، واقترب الوعد الحق ، فنفخ في الصور ، وآن النشور ، وأُخذ بالنواصي والأقدام ، وأُبرزت المعاصي والآثام ، وزخرفت الجنان لمن نهى النفس عن الهوى ، وجنبها ما تهوى ، وبرزت النيران لمن أعطى نفسه هواها، وجنبها رضوان مولاها ، فالفوز كل الفوز لمن كان يومئذٍ من الفائزين ، والويل كل الويل لمن كان فيه من الهالكين ، فيا رب عفوك لعبدك الذي كثرت ذنوبه، وعظمت عيوبه وجلت خطوبه .
وهذا ما فتح الله لي من الجواب على هذا البحث المستطاب ، وقد خرج ما فيه الخطاب من حيز الاختصار إلى حيز الإطناب ، وما ذلك إلا لما حل هنالك مما لا يحصى من الظلم ولا يستقصى من أسباب الإثم ، والحمد لله بنعمته تتم الصالحات ، وبمنته تتضح المشكلات ، حمداً نستظهر به العلوم الخفيات ، ونبلغ به منتهى الغايات ، والصلاة والسلام على رسوله المبعوث بأكمل البينات ، وأتم الكمالات ، وعلى آله وصحبه الكرام أفضل صلاة وسلام، ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم .
* The respondent answer to this question at an early stage of production, it has a link to this question among other questions of one of his brothers and his colleagues in Zanzibar on the impact of the confiscation of the communist revolution to the property of the people there, he replied in the month of Rajab 1387 هـ ، لذلك كان أسلوب الجواب تقليدياً مع ما اشتمل عليه من الأمور ، والتي قد تحتاج إلى تمحيص، وقد أراد المجيب عند النشر أن يعدّل الجواب ويتوسع فيه أكثر بضم أدلة أخرى هي أقوى وأثبت تؤيد الرأي الذي اختاره، ولكن أحد أبنائه من طلبة العلم رغب إليه أن يبقيه كما هو على ركة أسلوبه، لأنه يعكس أسلوب بحثه في مرحلة من عمره، لذلك لم يعدل فيه شيئاً ما عدا أنه حذف كلمتين فقط منه لم يرَ داعياً إليهما، وعسى الله أن يمنّ بفرصة لكتابة بحث في موضوعه (Grand Mufti Al-Khalili).


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