Ali bin Mohammed Albsewe, Abu Hassan

(In the neighborhood: 363E)

Is Sheikh mark, Ali bin Mohammed bin Ali bin Mohammed bin Hassan Albsewe, the proportion to Leipzig village of Bahla work, said to him Albesaana the.
A senior scientists fourth century AH.
Sheikhs, and his father, as well as Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abu Hassan, who of school Alrstaqah sheikhs, so that Sheikh Ali later became of her most ardent, and received the flag at the hands of Sheikh Abu Ghassan owner-Asalana.
Of his disciples, Sheikh Mohamed Ben Mokhtar Nakhli.
Was Sheikh Reference people in the thorny issues.
Long life, has caught the Imam Rashid Bin Al Waleed, then Imam Hafs bin Rashid (T.: 363E), With the position of the Imams.
From the writings of Sheikh Ali:
Book “Whole” Known as Abu Al-Hassan Mosque, in four volumes (Printed). It has called summary “Abu al-Hasan summary” In one folder. It has a book “Spog graces” And”Biography Albesaana” Which he wrote the issues of his time, and the rule of Imamate, and his political views and jurisprudential.
Revealed sorrow, 487.
Approach the students, 1/623.
Shara statement, 57/237.
'm Outrigger, 24.
Athafe Senators, 1/229-232.
Shines sick, 25.
Believe the curriculum, 52.
Sir, 2/5-7.
Manual flags of Oman, 119.
Khalfan Mundhiri, graduation sayings dad Hassan Albsewe, Master's thesis Cairo (1991-1992ملحق بسير *الشماخي)