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Learning Prayer

Lecture : Sheikh Hamoud bin Humaid Alsuaa


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9 Comments “Learning Prayer”

  1. May God reward you

    The benefit you Islam and Muslims

  2. Youssef says:

    God bless you I'm from Djerba, Ebadi May Allah reward you for this good work. I hope to see more of the lessons related Baladah and Amazigh Lotta Richha

  3. abderrahmane says:

    Thanks to rewrite “taalim essalat”in doc or pdf copy
    jazakom allah Khayran

  4. Omani says:

    May God reward you with a thousand good

  5. Ibrahim al-Hadrami says:

    I ask God for us and for you the guidance and met and chastity and the rich and success and ask majestic gaze to bring together Muslims and unite their efforts in the right and help them against the enemies of the faith that, so things and answer worthy of the Best of the protagonist Amen

  6. Saad Mawaly says:

    God bless you and reward you with good for this effort

  7. We Abadites right people and integrity and I hope our brothers Wahhabi Sunni and bring them back to the correct doctrine Abadites

  8. Ahmed Naobei says:

    Forward right people and integrity

  9. بارك الله فيكم ووفقكم الله على طريق الحق

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