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Taraweeh prayer

Taraweeh prayer by Sheikh Mohammed Almkabbala


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6 Comments “Taraweeh prayer”

  1. Majestic says:

    After greeting…
    I hope that Webmaster correct name Sheikh “Abu Abdullah Masoud bin Mohammed Almkabbala” And not “Mohammed Almkabbala”.
    Wishing you luck

  2. Mansouri Alaqrara says:

    Parts A good long as the good of the nation and Islam God accept his supplication

  3. ĚŇÇß AA best dear and willing, in the balance of good deeds and God willing prayer acceptable …

  4. Khalid al-Saidi - Oman says:

    God bless you and make it in the balance of good deeds

  5. Osama says:

    St. is a beautiful thing and as a gesture Taibhra

  6. messaoud says:

    God bless you

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