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Suleiman bin Nasser Al Lamki

(T.: 1935ملحق بسير *الشماخي)

The ruler of some areas of East Africa, and in 1340 AH, was appointed a member of the Board of protected, as to make the placeholder for the Arabs, and was appointed a non-official member of the Legislative Council Zanzibar.
Appointed deputy in the ruling Zanzibar what traveled Mr. Khalifa bin Hareb to Britain in 1929, has visited Sheikh Suleiman many European cities, and Asian, has received access to Caesar Germany, and Sultan Abdul Hamid Ottoman Empire, and George V of Britain, has won the medals many in the service .
Juhaynah news, 438.443, 469.

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  1. ام محمد says:

    لا زال احفاد الشيخ سليمان بن ناصر بن راشد اللمكي متواجدين في سلطنه عمان ……وهو شيخصية يفخر بها العمانيون عامة والاباضيه خاصة

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