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Prayers for Sheikh Ahmed al-Khalili

Prayers by Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khalili of lectures

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7 Comments “Prayers for Sheikh Ahmed al-Khalili”

  1. Smaeil says:

    May God reward us all the best and hope you more

  2. Khalid al-Saidi - Oman says:

    God bless you in your quest and make it in the balance of good deeds

  3. In the balance of good deeds and May God reward you with good

  4. Oh, give me aware of His Eminence Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalili

  5. Ahmed Naobei says:

    God bless in Galilee Smahhalalama Sheikh Ahmed al-Khalili

  6. May God accept you Shaykh Ahmad al-Khalili and make it in the balance of good deeds, God beneficial to our nation and made you a reason to be consolidated and disarmament of dissension among its members winning .. Amen

  7. سليمان الطيواني says:


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