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Historic mosques in the Nafusa Mountains

After the spread of Islam throughout Libya interested parents to build mosques and constructed in various Aalmnatq and towns, including of course the Jebel Nafusa which is not without a village or town of a mosque or more, and the function of the mosque are many and varied, besides being a place of worship and prayer, it represents a place . At the end of the book Shammakhi (Sir)Appendix entitled (Naming mountain scenes) It is stated about 22 A mosque, and in fact mosques mountain historical outweigh that number, he tried a contemporary researchers counted in about 69 Archaeological mosques, some of which may rained stones and became ruins and others are still in good condition and which prayers are held to this day, and through this platform we go to all whom it may concern to the maintenance and restoration of these religious buildings (Nor is wasted God reward of the best pursuant), And in each case I will list the names of those mosques and locations are as follows:ــ

Name and location of the mosque

1. Abu Khalil Wesal mosque Aldrickla. Village دركل (Banditry) A Laurel and where historical writing back to the year 535 AH

2. Mosque of Abu Obeida Abdel Hamid Ganaona. Village Aegnaon (Magic) Not left him only a simple wall.

3. Mosque Abu Othman bin Yunus. Tmazin still in excellent condition.

4. Sheikh Abu-known mosque. City Chros (Banditry) Construction is the only existing ruins of the historic city center.

5. Elias Abu Mansour mosque. Tendmirh still in good condition there are historical in writing.

6. Mosque Amrous Msakni village Amosakn (قطرس) Still in good condition.

7. Mosque Aybanaan. Village Aybanaan (Near the Kpau of) Good condition, although it occurred far from the attention of parents (Tanumeirt).

8. Mosque Amsratn. Gado downtown mosque is to build a modern mosque in its place.

9. Abu Yahya Alherstaúa mosque. Village Hersta (Near the Kpau of) Good condition and still exists.

10. Abu Moneeb Mamed mosque Ben Yanes. Island village (Banditry) This mosque is an underground cave, and its pretty bows.

11. Abu Mohammed Altmusmese mosque. Village Tmsams (Tmazin) Still standing and in good condition.

12. Mosque Abu Musa Trmisa the. Village Trmish (Magic) Good condition which is at the entrance to the village and around the forests of olive trees

13. Abu Zaid Almzgurta mosque. Village Mzgorh (Magic) An underground cave, and the newly built it modern mosque.

14. Grand Mosque. Village المعانيين (Ifrane) Mosque known Amer Shammakhi, excellent condition, and has written historical returns for the year 109 AH

15. Abu Nasr Altmluchyta mosque. City Tmluchyt (Near the Tendmirh of). Mostly loss and remained in part .

16. Mosque Isa bin agriculture. City Tmluchyt . Still exists a point called (Mager).

17. Abu Harun Altmluchyta mosque. City Tmluchyt. Almost good condition.

18. Mosque Ottgam. Village Ottjam (Banditry) This flurried construction mosque villagers migration.

19. Mosque island. Island village (Banditry) Left him only a stone foundation, and it seems that it was a major mosque.

20. Mosque Thart. Tmazin an underground cave.

21. Mosque Crown of St. Mark. Mark village (Banditry) ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ

22. Mosque أبوالحسن Alabdelana. Village Abdelan (Rahibat) Part of it in good condition, and the other part flurried.

23. Mosque Abdelan. = Unknown Name.

24. Mosque Interior Thawwarat. Village Tmzda (Magic) Still in good condition on the basis of the church.

25. Foreign Thawwarat mosque. = =

26. Disciples mosque. Village Hersta (Near the Kpau of) Still in good condition.

27. Abu Zakaria Alerjani mosque. Arjan village

28. Mosque Tgles. Village Hersta good condition.

29. Ali Altmijari Mosque. Village Timijar (New boys Bo Rahibat) His condition is still good parents pray it.

30. Abu Nasr Mosque. Village Tmzda (Magic) Good condition.

31. Magic mosque. City Gado good condition.

32. Mosque Thawwarat. Village Trmish (Magic) Good condition, in the old Trmish.

33. Arjan mosque. Arjan village. ـــــــ

34. Abu Zakaria Mosque. Village providers (Rahibat) Good condition.

35. Top mosque. City Nalout =

36. Spacious mosque. = It is the oldest a Mosque top time.

37.Mosque Tiendrar. = Part was newly Syate, and his condition is still archaeological department.

38. Mosque Mother Eve. Reed Omada (Ifrane) Still in excellent condition to the attention of parents, has been building a modern mosque beside him.

39. Mosque Tpolalt. Village Alqradean (Ifrane) Unfortunately, this mosque was demolished and built the place a modern mosque.

40. Mosque or yolk. The village of Umm al-Saffar (Banditry) Good condition.

41. Mosque Greggn. Village Greggn (Banditry) Good condition, in the old Greggn.

42. Abu pause mosque. Village Bgtorh (Banditry) Has not left him only the remnants of the walls and the place of the mihrab.

43. The Abu Shaybah darkness mosque. Village DJ (Banditry) Still in good condition despite the migration of parents.

44. Mosque Abu Usman Almzzati the. Village DJ good condition.

45. Mosque Abu Laith. Between the villages of Onumeiran Hills and Aegnaon (Magic) Good condition.

46. Sheikh Younis Mosque. Village Tendbas (Magic) Good condition.

47. Sheikh Younis Mosque. City Gado good condition.

48. Nana mosque Marne. Village جماري (Magic) Almost good condition.

49. Abu Mohammed Alonzerfi mosque. Village and Nzirv (Rahibat) Good condition to the attention of parents.

50. Mosque and Nzirv. = Dilapidated condition and accumulated stones.

51. Abu Yahya Alsdarata mosque. = ـــــ

52. Mosque Sidi Slimane. Village Hersta (Near the Kpau of) A laurel.

53. Abu Memon mosque Djitali. Village Jital (Rahibat) Good condition.

54. Mosque Ismail Djitali,. = ــــــــ

55. Mosque oblivious Alvesataiwi I. Gado is an underground cave.

56. Abu Mohammed Alkbawi mosque. City Kpau a cave, and his condition is good, the day next to the mosque Alqhqashh.

57. Abu foam mosque. The Akraan Valley (Near the Kpau of) Seems to be an ongoing maintenance.

58. Abu Rabi mosque. = Still in good condition.

59. Mosque coming Baron. Village coming Baron (Near the Kpau of) =

60. Mosque need Masuda. City Tmazin good condition.

61. Tuck mosque. Village Tensgt (Banditry) Good condition incidence between rocks Tuck and has written dating back to the nineteenth century Hijri.

62. Mosque Tensgt. = Good condition and is attributed to Sheikh Abu al-Qasim Altensgta.

63. Mosque Tvznzrt. Village Mnzert (Tmluchyt) Part of it flurried.

64. Mosque Almityonah. Village Metyon (Rahibat) Good condition.

65. Mosque Noah Almrsauna the. Village Amrsaun (Rahibat) Excellent condition to the attention of parents.

66. Abu Mohammed Mosque. Village Tnomat (Near the Kpau of) ـــــــــ

67. Abu Suleiman Alkmazina mosque. Village Kmazin (Near the Kpau of) ــــــــ

68. Mosque and Hchal. ككلة ـــــــــ

69. Mosque Tuket. Village Tuket (Magic) Good condition.

Perhaps there are other mosques need to research and documentation, and that most of these mosques and other historic buildings and archaeological sites in our beloved Libya need attention in terms of maintenance and restoration, hope of brotherhood in the interest of the direct effects of the care and attention.

May peace and God's mercy and blessings

Text sources:

1. Book Sir / Abu Abbas Shammakhi Firm.

2. Cultural activity in Libya / Ahmed Mukhtar Omar.

3. Biography of the people Nefoussa / Headquarters bin Mohammed Albgtora,.

4. Scientific life in the Nafusa Mountains / Mahmoud Kurd.

5. Libyan Islamic history / Abdullah Barghouti spectrum.

Note: His text also visited most of those mosques and stop them.


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  1. Arrow right says:

    God bless you

    And a witness to the history role اباضية the Mount Nefoussa in advancing Islam

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    Islam and God's mercy and blessing bless the newborn, as well as this Manar, which illuminates the ignorance of darkness to light, and God bless اعماركم and يمدكم health and happiness.

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    God bless all those who were behind this achievement father explains this topic archaeological areas that people did not know when / thank you

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