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Pause identifiable for Ibadhi in Tanzania and Zanzibar

1. Historical origins for Ibadhi in Tanzania and Zanzibar:
It was the arrival of Ibadi sect to Zanzibar by Omani Arabs who came to the coast of East Africa and settled eons since, and perhaps their migrations vast ultimate Astotanhm this the Bekaa was strongly during the countries اليعاربة in Amman in the seventeenth century AD, Extended its influence over the coast of East Africa, following the fighting and evacuation of Portuguese colonization, which was occupied this land, where he brought together under the jurisdiction of the country bordering on this coast, including the island of Zanzibar was and Tngeniqa representing the State of Tanzania now.

Then followed this state statehood Busaidiyah at the beginning of the nineteenth century, that left اليعاربة in the judgment of Oman, where suzerainty took Mr. Said bin Sultan in the year 1830 from Zanzibar his capital, and transferred his center from Muscat to Zanzibar.
Zanzibar has seen in the era of the sultans of this state an important development and economic recovery companions enjoy the social life of well-being and safety, that's what made it the capital of East Africa, and brought to attention.

This was a reason to submit to Zanzibar races of the neighboring peoples for the purpose of living in the shadow of the Sultanate and enjoy the fruits and amended. Vmmn feet and settled in this country, Indians, Pakistanis and Persians, and Negroes who were displaced from the interior of Africa especially including Tngeniqa the Mahadah.

For this we can say that the Omani government continued for a long period of time here, and successive migrations of Omani tribes to this الربوع and Astotanha her work on consolidation and the consolidation Ibadi sect. Perhaps the visitor to the most important historical cities ancient, such as the town of HEK and تانقة, and Dar es Salaam Tanzania, and Mmbash Kenyan see clearly the effects of civilization Omani remaining to this day, both left us of the heritage represented in the mosques and buildings, castles and forts, or implantation traditions and morals of social Omani .

This civilization also long made a lot of Omani Arabs prefer to live and work in these cities to this day, with keeping them to link their homeland Oman, in all the cities mentioned above is still the Arab presence remains to this day.

It has also worked strongly rooted doctrine Ibadhi in this الربوع is what he Omani Arabs since the old - throughout their presence - of the many marriages and processes with multiple indigenous people or Africans السواحليين, leave out the blood of each other, that's what it generates [Him]After the passage of time a new generation carries in his veins Sex Arab and Swahili at the same time, bringing this sex carries originality country and originality Ibadi sect. The increased blood mixing more with this new generation of frequent Tzauge with Omani Arabs principals [الأصيلين] Because he carries in his veins Arab sex, and this justification for the completion and acceptance of this kind of marriages.

And thereby constitute in this الربوع - especially in Tanzania – New genus is a combination of Arabs and السواحليين the a Emtemzhb Ibadi doctrine, and is prevalent in most parts of Tanzania country from east to west, and from north to south, as well as in some cities of the neighboring countries especially in the town Mmbash, the Kenya.

ولعل السبب الآخر الذي عمل كذلك على استوطان المذهب الإباضي فيها، هو ما عُرف به العرب العُمانيون من استعمالهم للعبيد في الأزمنة الماضية، حيث كانوا يستقدمون العبيد من الأراضي الداخلية لإفريقيا وهم من السكَّان الأصليين، فيعيشون معهم ليقوموا بمصالحهم المختلفة؛ في أعمالهم التجارية وفي خدمة أراضيهم الزراعية وفي القيام بشؤون منازلهم وما إلى ذلك، حيث عمل هؤلاء العُمانيون على إدخال هؤلاء العبيد في الإسلام وتعليمهم أمور دينهم على مذهبهم الإباضي، فنشؤوا على ذلك. When the era ended slavery in this community in recent years continued to these parents and their offspring on what they keep track of the doctrine Ibadhi.

Perhaps the reason for the latter represented in the working conditions, coexistence and friction, who was among the Omanis and indigenous peoples, as this undoubtedly will work to bring the number of them to follow the Ibadi School and affected the customs and etiquette of Omanis, especially if we know that a lot of Omanis were wealthy and were known to their practice and getting employed trade and expertise where .

It was also noted [To] That a lot of people this new generation-skinned black or close to black, and part of them carrying brown skin quite like the people of Oman skin; they who did not get them mixing Swahili sex or was mixing with their partially.

2. Current إباضية situation in Tanzania and Zanzibar:

Which is known to lot of Ibaadis, particularly Moroccans them, that [Seen] Ibadi in East Africa, mainly confined to the island of Zanzibar without the other, especially in the current time, where limited and they are much the same in Zanzibar, and what they endured years 1964 M from the acts of violence and genocide, was the cause of they consecutive بهجرات and huge numbers Returning to the mother country of Oman. This reduced the Omani Arabs and make their number diminished as noticeable, and accordingly, the Ibadi sect confined on this island so much.

We also note [To] That the rule of the Sultanate Oman in Zanzibar ended after these events, فضمت whereby the island of Zanzibar to Tngeniqa a problem with a federal state Tanzania, while retaining Zanzibar kind of governance and self-management of certain interests of the Interior; since its head of state and has a number of ministries and embassies are independent of Tanzania in the ministries [As well as]Important and strategic.

But the truth is, when human offers to this الربوع, and examines things closely, this information has dissipated and knows the facts were not notified in [On]Guessed than ever before; knows things right on her face.

Valabadih here are spread over the entire provinces of Interior of the State of Tanzania, represented in the capital Dar es Salaam, Cuba, Monza, Tanaga, Hianaga, kidney, and others, and doctrine Ibadhi rooted among parents, and that these mosques and schools ancient function on an equal presence in these places.

Schools are mainly interested in memorizing the Koran, and teach the essentials of the Islamic religion and the principles of the Arabic language, so that the individual can find out his money and ordinances toward Rabbo.

وفي حقيقة الأمر أنَّ الوضعية الاجتماعية والحالة الدينية لا تحمد كثيرًا لدى هؤلاء الإباضية؛ حيث يُعانون من افتقادهم لتعلُّم العلوم الشرعية ومعرفة تاريخ حضارتهم الإسلامية ومذهبهم الإباضي، وشخصيتهم العُمانية السواحلية، كما أنَّهم يجهلون اللغة العربية جهلاً مطبقًا، فقد تركوها تضيع من ألسنتهم لأسباب عديدة ذكرناها آنفًا، أهمُّها التزاوج بالإفريقيات ذوات اللسان السواحلي، وهذا ينطبق على العرب والسواحليين الإباضية في زنجبار وفي تانزانيا [Both]. We find a lot of the provinces of Tanzania's population have different names Omani tribes now in the Amman as Lamki name, Kharousi, Rawahi, Taioana of, and sea, and Hadrami, pink, Mazrui, Badri, Mawaly… But they do not have any knowledge of Arabic but few الناذرة of them who had an opportunity here or there to learn some of the language alphabets.

Perhaps one of the main reasons as well that contributed to the production of this situation is being - especially Ibadi Altnoaon the [As well as] - Living under the state system ruling Christian, Christians make up the largest number of the population, and that their children are studying with the Christians in the same school, and they learn in some grade levels the teachings of Christianity, and they mingled with them in all their transactions, this is what is difficult to maintain them on their personality and their assets Islamic .

As noted here as well [To]That the doctrine of Shafi'i in this الربوع Seen considerable, and Ibadi, Shaafa'is living loving side to side, and in understanding and tolerance great, and the cooperation of peerless, and perhaps the presence of Christianity, between Ojunbhm further strengthen these links and the links between them, there are mating and coexistence between the sects on the entire levels.

But what should be recorded in the latter and all the optimism that there is a social movement activity and an emerging new teaching of Islam and sent doctrine Ibadhi in this الربوع, and re-yoke face bright for them, they need a lot of aid, care and guidance.
NB: Sources for this article is:
1. Oral interviews with a number of إباضية Tanzania and Zanzibar.
2. Live Preview for the life of parents Ibaadis in Tanzania and Zanzibar.
3. Said bin Ali Mughairy: Juhaynah news in the history of Zanzibar.
4. Abdullah Bin Saleh Persian: Abusaidion rulers of Zanzibar.

Qasim Ahmad Sheikh Haj Algerian Almizaba


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  1. tawwat47 says:

    Thank you for your subject and benefit which Othreytna the, to re-sent this new doctrine of and respond to the foolish who ينكلون him, especially since such topics incomplete and even fighting is common once the mention of the word “Ibadi” Unfortunately, while it is the first Islamic sects at all, and edit and more experience the other doctrines which believes in it and more open-minded, and corresponded with her in many of the issues, this misinformation is due to two factors: The first is the ignorance of some faith that Iatdqdha Ibadi based on writings that you write them false and unjust to their written by some of the mob who do not have the knowledge to JAL. The second factor is: That these books and topics you write who assumed their equity in their writings and commitment to scientific methodology and historical truth away from fanaticism and committed private and that they have graduate degrees in various disciplines are students researchers or historians or graduates adults who have a long history and great authoring unfortunately. Valababadih not flaunt those terms insults Oalzm or atonement as rumored them and accuse it as much as they want to remedy the situation and correct Almatqat and postings in their works because it is a rumor of vanity and exciting mesmerized especially among the sons of one homeland of his generation, a rookie, and will be held accountable for it before God Almighty and the effect says: “Slip world slip world”. والإباضية ليسوا محتاجين إلى توبة أمثال هؤلاء أو عقابهم أو مقاضاتهم أو قطيعتهم بل العكس فهم يريدون التعايش ويعترفون بالطرف الآخر وينادون بالحوار والعمل بين أبناء الدين الواحد وهو دين الإسلام الذي أكرمنا الله به والحمد لله، وما هذا سوى إحقاق للحق وإبطال للباطل من جهة ومن جهة أخرى لتبرأ ذمة هؤلاء وينجون أمام الله بعد تصحيح كتاباتهم والتوبة عنها، حتى وإن كانوا يؤمنون بالخروج من النار، لأن مجرد الدخول إليها فيُكَبُّ العصاة على وجوههم كما وصفهم الله، يُعَد ذلك بمثابة إهانة كبيرة لشخصهم ولمقامهم في المجتمع ولعلمهم بمنطق العقل حتى وإن سيخرجون منها-حسب عقيدتهم-، وأي إنسان بسيط لا يقبل بهذه الإهانة العظمى، في حين قد يدخل الجنة إنسان بسيط يخاف حدود الله وملتزم وماسح أحذية ربما أو هو عبد لسيده أمثال الذين تحدثت عنهم سابقا.
    The bottom line is that ignorance writings wrong and unjust to her family is no excuse and the intransigence of a fortiori it has been said:”Nothing in Paradise Clueless” So must every reader is simple and insiders or other that does not rule on something Sabhlla just Atalaath Ltd. and trading between tongues, - because Aisha Briha Allah from above the seven heavens after accusing them of the whole city and even the dearest people to it- لذا فيجب على القارئ أو الدارس التحقق والبحث خاصة في مؤلفات من يعنيهم الأمر الذين يتحدثون هم أنفسهم بعقيدتهم وليس استيرادها من مؤلفات لا علاقة لهم بها وكذا مجالسة علمائهم لاستقصاء الحقيقة لأنها بنت البحث كما يقول الحكماء، ونطلب هذا بشدة خاصة طلبة العلم الجدد والباحثين عند كتابة مذكرات تخرجهم ليتحروا الصدق والمنهجية العلمية وكذا الأمانة العلمية التي درسوها في نفس الجامعات التي تخرجوا منها ولا يتركوها بمجرد تَخَطِّيهم عتبتها. God bless the right and He knows best and wisest - Ouamin

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