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Who are Ibadi?

By d. Amr Khalifa developing
Introduction to achieve a book answers Khalafon

Says Dr. developing : 9-12:
Due Ibadi sect in its inception and its foundation to the era of personnel; The institution, which laid down the rules of jurisprudence Ibadi and assets is the famous Tabi: Jabir bin Zaid al-Azdi is updated Imam Faqih, particularly pupils Ibn Abbas, who narrated talk about the mother of believers Aisha (God bless them) And a large number of companions who witnessed the battle of Badr, was an imam in the interpretation and talk, and it was a doctrine of its own in the literature, was born in 21 For Migration (IOM), and was more Stability in Basra and died in 93 For Migration. [Not attributed to him doctrine, but attributed to Abdullah bin Abad, a follower also witnessed the rolling and died in the waning days of Abdul Malik bin Marwan is the proportion cross was caused by some of the positions of words and political reputation by'm Abad and characterized, فنسب doctrine Ibadhi him, and did not use the Ibadi in “Muslim community” Or people calling” The first thing that their use of the word appeared Ibadi was in the late third century].
The distribution of science Jabir bin Zaid in many tributaries, Perhaps O_khasbha and enriched by what impact his disciples who spread the doctrine on their hands, Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi Karima al-Tamimi, and accession bulk bin and others. This has been codified jurisprudence in the early period, was Jabir bin Zaid himself who used to write and messaging Bojobth wrote to his disciples and his companions ... [History has saved us something of which to this day ]. And Astketb some of his fellow officers like Sabri sire son Abbas on some issues. And in our hands from early jurisprudence novels: Book accession novels, and young Ben Habib spring, and Book of Marriage Jabir bin Zaid, and his prayer book, and many of the stories about his student Amr Ibn pyramid and Amr ibn Dinar, in addition to his compiled by Ben Habib spring in the right kickstand. Valmzhb Ibadi given the foundation and origin of the oldest Islamic schools of Islamic jurisprudence is the product of a school of Iraq and especially Basra.
On that, although influenced by school Iraq use the scientists opinion and measurement also on the frequency of some of them, especially Jabir bin Zaid, Abu Obeida, but its foundation at the hands of Jabir which updated the effects of making the method prints jurisprudence doctrine and dominated, and limit the impact of school of opinion, that bone danger in .
That the widening circle of Islamic Ibadi sect as an invitation to make general political doctrine does not earn a special character is dominated by a particular school or attributed to city-specific كالبصرة, the researcher often frequented before sending a general provision which connects the doctrine Ibadhi assembly center in Basra, the groups were similar in .
The image of the doctrine has been completed editing his words and opinions finalized in the waning days of Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi Karima, who succeeded Jabir bin Zaid lead doctrine أشياخ in Basra, a center core assembly scientists Ibaadis; until nearly the end of the third century. And his campaign requested it who came from the Maghreb and Mashreq to their home countries, which have become (After) Centers for countries إباضية, played a serious political role, both in the south and east of the island (Yemen, Hadramout and then Oman and North Africa.. Libya, Tunisia, Algeria).
These students have been known as a special label used them wrote Sir and Ibadi classes is the name: “Science campaign”. Campaign and the efforts of science Ibadi state was founded in North Africa, was the imam of the first appearance of this state is: Abu Abdul discourse highest bin tolerant Almaafra the campaign a science, has pledged allegiance companions imam in the area “Hunter” Near the town Zenjor in Tripoli years 140 AH, and played an important role in the policy area in a short period, ruled by days the king of the Abbasids. And then connected to wars between armies of the Abbasid state and Ibadi masses in Morocco, returned another pupil of Abu Obeida students and a “Science campaign” Abdul Rahman bin Rustam Persian in founding of Ibadi Pthard the state, which lasted nearly one hundred and twenty years old (120 Year) And flourished with prosperity, and هيأته the conditions of stability excellent scientific movement in each of the Mountain “Nafusa” And”تاهرت” I left a wealth of scientific and wide of great value, and after the fall of the state Ibadi in تاهرت of the Ibadi communities retained a kind of religious and political independence, enabled them to pursue those scientific renaissance that is based on nurtured scientists councils, known in the terminology of the Ibadi “Aezzabh councils”, Contact the Scientific Production between إباضية Morocco in various Islamic sciences to this day.
It is probably fair to decide important fact here .. Doctrine is that despite the acrimony that artificially created the conditions of the policy in the nation's history between him and the Islamic other doctrines nation.. Represents in reality closer picture to the truth of Islam inherent in beliefs and his understanding and conduct of his followers, and is characterized by its long history this conflict caller to establish a political presence of the Islamic faith, represented in front of him justice in the case of emerging, or in the pursuit of the caller to set up in pathways other debt in phases “Defense” Or “Purchase” Or “Wraps”.
We our desire is to be published effects Ibadi impetus to the nation's scientists for reflection in the jurisprudence of the doctrine Ibadi, and place it in its proper place, which strengthens the community, and unite their ranks, Willem Shaath Muslims in the era are in dire where they are to the unit ranks, and to monitor their power to repel tyranny Juggernaut Almitrbes them at home .

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