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The difference between the Ibadi Kharijites

In the name of God the Merciful

الحمد لله رب العالمين، والصلاة والسلام على سيدنا محمد وآله وصحبه أجمعين. After:

Has many confused and clowning around Ibadi ratio to outsiders, and shows blatant affectation in making Ibadi task forces Kharijites (And using the word Kharijites Ibadi people of truth and integrity of the immoral propaganda arose from political intolerance sectarian first and then secondly) That there is no correlation linking Ibadi Baljuj (Alozariqh zero and Najdi) And other teams outsiders; but they are exploited by the Umayyad state propaganda to alienate people For those who advocate the illegality of the Umayyad rule, as to make the court (People Nahrawan) – Who are self for إباضية and not advance Ozariqh and zero-Najdi – From outsiders, is of placing Allowadaan, and tendentious facts employers pens, with that outsiders are walking in the opposite line with Ibaadis, evidenced by the principles and foundations of the doctrine of both teams, and to إباضية many positions against outsiders, including:

First: Fighting famous commander Muhallab ibn Abi zero Azdi Omani Kharijites, and Muhallab albeit pro-Umayyad – وهو بالطبع عمل لم يرضه الإباضية – It is historically Al Muhallab family were إباضية, and were in close contact with the Imam Jabir bin Zaid Azadi, God bless him, did not make Muhallab in fighting outsiders and eliminate them, but his knowledge no relationship between them and Ibadi.

Secondly: Imam Abdullah bin Abad strongly about the opinions and ideas advocated by the wholesome blue bin, and was declared nullity quite frankly, people and warn them.

Thirdly: The updated spring argument bin Habib الفراهيدي of, the owner the right predicate recover from outsiders, and he would say them: (Let them even Etjauza say to the act, the remaining saying Fajtahm the laptop they, though Tjaosoh to act judging them by virtue of God).

Fourth: Fighting Imam الجلندى bin Masood external Shiban – It is from zero – When introduced in the army to Amman on the run from killer – Abbasid ruler – The battle took place between the army Imam الجلندى and between Shiban and his companions and the battle resulted in the death Shiban and soldiers.

V.: كان البطل المغوار هلال بن عطية الخراساني رحمه الله الذي صار القائد الأول في جيش الإمام الجلندى بن مسعود، كان على المذهب الصفري ثم اعتنق المذهب الإباضي، ولم يقبل منه الإباضية الانضمام إليهم إلا بعد أن يرجع إلى الذين دعاهم إلى مبادئ الخوارج، ويعلمهم ببطلان تلك المبادئ والآراء التي دعاهم إليها، ثم عاد إلى عمان فكان قائداً ووزيراً للإمام الشهيد الجلندى بن مسعود رضي الله عنه، وهناك العديد من المواقف الصارمة التي وقفها الإباضية ضد الخوارج، تختفي بين ركام الأحداث وتكمن في زوايا التاريخ ويأتي هذا البحث القيِّم الذي كتبه الشيخ العلامة الجليل / Abu Ishaq Ibrahim Tfayyesh may Allah be pleased with him, explaining where different points Ibadi with outsiders and drawing a outline showing greatness of principles and HH consensus which says Ibadi, and took out the theory and application.

Abu Ishaq wrote this research at the request of Sheikh Mohammed Abdul Baqi Al-Azhar scholars, and published in book (Religion and modern science) P 252- 264, Speaking of the Islamic difference, under the title ( About outsiders).

He is the author of religion and modern science by the context of search: (As the time scarce يضن the Ali searching for them – Any Ibaadis and outsiders – And exploration, including contacted him their experience, a sect leader them called Ibaadis, the so-called leader Abu Isaac Abraham Tfayyesh, the Egyptian Book House employee, Vkvani pantry Search).

As published by Sheikh Mohammed Salmi and Naji al-Assaf in their book (Amman speak) P 103 – 114. Published by Sheikh Ali Yahya Muammar God's mercy in his book values (Ibadi Islamic between teams) Pp. 531-541.

ولا ريب فإن جُعِل هذا البحث بين دفتي كتيِّب صغير من شأنه أن يسهِّل إلى حد كبير على الكثير معرفة الفرق بين الإباضية والخوارج ولتعم به الفائدة. والله نسأل أن يوفقنا إلى خير القول وصالح العمل.

Kharijites sects of people at a time follower and continued their followers, their heads wholesome blue bin, and the rescue of Ben Amer, and Abdullah bin al-Saffar and Hayahm.

They called Kharijites because they came out on the right and on the nation's ruling on perpetrator sin of shirk Fasthaloua the of what God has forbidden blood and funds sin Mtolin the verse: (The Otatamohm You polytheists) Cattle: Verse 121, claiming that the meaning of verse though Otatamohm in eat dead, فأخطأوا the in تأويلهم, and the truth is that the meaning of the verse: The Otatamohm in dead استحلال, and istehlal what God has forbidden trap. When a mistake in the interpretation did not limit themselves to just say but Tjaosoh to act Vgmoa on perpetrator sin of shirk Fasthaloua the the blood of Muslims and money sin فاستعرضوا the women, children and elderly.

The Imam Hafiz argument was spring bin Habib bin Amr Ibadhi visual الفراهيدي, the owner of the right predicate God's mercy when reached him ordered them to say: Let them even transcend say to the act remained on saying Fajtohm the laptop they although Tjaosoh to act judging them by virtue of God.

When appeared بدعتهم the expulsion of our companions from their councils and chased in every direction advertisers innocence them. When he exceeded saying to act declared judgment بكفرهم the – Because disbelief in استحلال the what Allah has forbidden text in the Book of Allah segmental, has burrowed their actions that day Vachtdoa on the people of Tawheed Pftanthm Vsilwa swords on the necks without what God Vazmt revealed their plight. Was a great scourge. Omanis who had proven in Jihad outsiders when Muhallab what outsiders felt his armies see the full file.

He took fight Muhallab the ibn Abi zero Azdi Omani leader was famous Umayyad puts modern alert people to the plight fight Vazmt the double: To fight the Muslims and the spread of Ahadith in their fight until it reached the extent of rendering the evil disaster. Whereas these outsiders from denying arbitration has assumed many of those who belong to the numerous sects integration Ibaadis in these outsiders wrongfully and why so many curriculum.

First: Our companions that Ibadi – يرون المُلك العضوض لا تجب طاعته بل الواجب أن يكون الحكم على منهاج الخلفاء الراشدين لما روي عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم “اقتدوا to those after me, Abu Bakr and Umar” Talk properly Agreed. As Roy Ammar Ibn Yasser in God's mercy “Kill you transgressing category” He cited this modern arbitration deniers did not deny the other team categorically affirmed text was favored by two teams even disagreed construed as the other team to carry on the meaning of is true, but the purpose invited him to carry on as required by the fancy.

Second: The emergence of the owners of the passions in reality NAHRAWAN as they claimed it to come out on Ali, an imam and the fact that the prescriptive where the people NAHRAWAN did not get out for the cat, but when they refuse arbitration and insisted upon the cover of Abu al-Hasan to the panel saw deniers arbitration that the pledge of allegiance were not in their necks, but they – If deniers arbitration in a solution of ordered them they have the right to choose than they liked them, they chose a man imam of the best people that day and noble Companions, a Abdullah bin Wahab Rasbi, kadhdhaab. When Bayaoh sent to their friends that day, including the Imam Ali to enter in their chosen allegiance to those who imam.

He saw Ali bin Abi Talib that allegiance got to أزدي the the not to Qureshi and fought them before they strengthened ordered them and they come out Imamate is Quraish, and this is the only reason for the incident NAHRAWAN.

For this invited them while Nazerhm to the to fight Mu'awiya and his enemy, but it may have taken it rolls rolling of provisions: Amr ibn al-Aas and Abu Musa al-Ash'ari in Jandal became Muslims in a solution of rush, because the allegiance of Abdullah bin Wahab was located only after obtaining the result is the occurrence warned Ulloa Insights deniers arbitration – Arbitration is that the manipulation took large thing call him Shaggy bin Qais, who DDS owners by rolling.

And not if claim by Mahrvo the history and musty confessional and reality NAHRAWAN was due out on because they did not get out allegiance in their necks Vlintbh of the insightful slip in here, the passions pervasive in their owners including no invisibility.

Third : That label outsiders were not unusual in the first place, but spread after spread is Alozariqh as we did not know this label in the owners Ali Denier Arbitration and satisfied him and perhaps the first thing that appeared this term after testing it for rolling and stability while visited Ahnaf bin Qais al-Tamimi, one of the people NAHRAWAN : Why do people love you and you're outsiders? : If the saliva of people drank water.

I mean who did not Artazava the بيعته and engage in his (See the aura of hopes to Abu Ali Alqala the).

You see that Sid describes Ahnaf bin Qais State Department because he was with those who fought on the day NAHRAWAN or because it was not in the pledge of allegiance rolling, even if the description of Muawiya for Ahnf State Department for being of the people of NAHRAWAN would Muawiya and his first this description because it is the cel sword against Ali and his .

Fourth: أن الإباضية لم يسلّوا السيف على أحد من أهل التوحيد قط، ولم تقع منهم حرب ضد أحد من المسلمين وحتى عند اشتداد الأزمة من الحجاج بن يوسف الثقفي وزياد بن أبيه فقد اشتدوا في مطاردة المسلمين لمجرد الظنة حتى خرج عليهم التوابون وعلى رأسهم سعيد بن جبير وابراهيم النخعي وهما إمامان وقد قتل الحجاج سعيد بن جبير أحد أئمة التفسير، والعجب كل العجب أن هذه المجموعة الكبرى من العلماء الذين حملوا السيف أمام الجور الذي ظهر بفظاعة من الحجاج لم يطلق عليهم أحد اسم الخوارج بل أطلقوا عليهم اسم التوابين وهم كلهم من حملة لواء العلم وماتوا جميعا في القتال ما عدا ثلاثة فيما يبدو. The mind stands مشدوها the front of this great tragedy, however, pass on peacefully readers.

But who examine the history fairly and science sees the launch of the word outsiders on Ibadi – They are outsiders Bara – The significance of which they saw that the Imamate is not concerned with بقريش but is valid for each of the chosen Muslim policy of their state and Raasthe this is the truth, which is indicated by Kamal insight as it is not wise to make God's people on the other his kind and nations belonging to one tribe, whether done well or ill, and normal situation in “Imams of Quraish” It is arrogance and avoiding the right to claim Alzaamon jurisdiction policy of بقريش Nations did not Ertdah supporters are people of understanding of what sent by Muhammad peace and blessings of God be upon when they said to Abu Bakr: Us prince and you Emir, Abu Bakr, while not a response to supporters saying: Us princes Ministers of you that Arabs condemn this neighborhood. I mean Quraish Fll Bannagaad Arabs rule of Quraish for nothing else than the people allegedly political and sectarian passions. You see United on the other races driven by a man from Quraysh just because he Qureshi? .

Fifth: That Ibadi advocates of justice and publish work book and the year and walk on curriculum policy, which walked out Caliphs whether the matter Qureshi or Habashi, Arabic or Ajami, as stated in conversations sanitation for this consent to the biography Omar bin Abdul Aziz while sent him a delegation from Basra consists of six scientists geniuses: Ja'far ibn al-Sammak and free Abu Ali bin hippocampus amber and debris bin author Hubaab, Ben clip and Abu Sufyan Qanbar visual Salim bin Dhakwaan, – Perhaps they were more of them, but that those who stood on their names are these may God have mercy on them all and where it was stated Marjua our people and those delegations Omar bin Abdul Aziz said as usual innuendo: Email to outsiders delegation. Did not mention what happened between them and the Caliph Omar of talk and accept them all what they wanted him to publish Justice and cleanse the country of cursing platforms Adopted by the Umayyads year, the delegation said to him,: (The Muslims revile platforms must initiate change the evil) Vibdl cursing, saying the Almighty: (God commands justice and charity and giving to relatives and forbids indecency and evil and oppression admonishes You may recall)- سورة النحل، آية 90، لم تسمح نفوس أولئك المؤرخين الذين أعمت بصيرتهم الأهواء أن يُذكروا بتلك المناقب التي ظهرت من الإباضية من نشدان الحق والوقوف في وجه الظلمة بالمساجلة كما فعل الإمام عبدالله بن إباض مع عبد الملك بن مروان ، وأبو بلال مرداس بن حدير مع زياد بن أبيه ولم يسلوا السيف كما فعل الخوارج، بل سلكوا سبيل البيان معرضين عن السنان لأنهم يرون عصمة الدم بالتوحيد لا إله إلا الله وعصمة المال كذلك ولم يكن منهم ما كان من أعمال غيرهم في سبيل تأسيس السلطان أو حمل الناس على اعتناق مذهبهم بالسيف وقطع العذر بل تركوا الناس أحراراً في آرائهم وأعرضوا عن الدنيا إن كانت بغير حلها وتركوا لأرباب المذاهب مذاهبهم في حرية تامة لا إكراه في الدين فالحق مقبول من أي كان والباطل مردود على صاحبه محمول عليه فأهل القبلة عندهم كافة سواسية في الحق والحرية في الإعراب عن آرائهم الفرعية، والحرية كفيلة لكل الناس بعد الاعتراف لله بالوحدانية والحرية هي الأصل في الإنسان حتى أن المكاتب عندهم من أول يوم وما كاتب به فدين عليه يؤديه ولم يقل بهذا غير الإباضية لأنهم أدركوا من الشريعة ما فاقوا به سواهم.

Fban them outsiders including mentioned Hnaúahm and Kpaúarham, and was not linked to Balabadih even said they Kharijites. We have revealed to the fair of our people, of these differences فأدركوا the right and confessed to him, and return to the right duty and virtue.

Sixth: الإباضية يجيزون المناكحة بينهم وبين سائر الموحدين، والخوارج لا يجيزون التناكح مع غيرهم لأنهم يرون سواهم مشركين كما بينا وأوضحنا وعلى هذا لا يجوز أيضاً التوارث بينهم وبين من يخالفهم بطبيعة الحال لأن الشرك الذي منع المناكحة والمصاهرة يمنع الموارثة؛ فهل تعامى عند هذه الفروق الذين تعفنت نفوسهم وأصيبت أبصارهم بالعشي ذلك ما يشاهده الذي يقلب أطوار التاريخ في مدونات قومنا ولم يعتبروا قوله سبحانه: (Those who annoy believing men and women undeservedly, they احتملوا slander and manifest sin) Surat parties: Verse 58 and verse: (Not hatred of any people seduce but not from justice Be just that is closer to piety) Table: Verse 8.

The Muslim is puzzled those Almottagolin on the people of truth and uprightness- Ibadi-

How Astsagua it for themselves, not for anything except for the hue and lust hidden seek refuge with Allah from the passion and the denial of the right.

First, remember they Salaqon God so fabrication? .

Seventh: الإباضية اتجهوا إلى خدمة الإسلام علماً وعملاً منذ ابتدأت الفتنة فاشتغلوا بالتدوين فكانوا أول من دوَن الحديث ؛ فإمامُنا جابر بن زيد أول من دوّن الحديث وأقوال الصحابة في ديوانه الذي وصفـوه بأنه وقر بعير، ثم تلاميذه من بعده وهم حملة العلم إلى المشرق والمغرب، والخوارج جنحوا إلى إراقة الدماء وإخافة السبل وتعطيل الأحكام ولم يذكر عن أحد من الخوارج ألف كتاباً والذين يذكرون المؤلفات للخوارج إنما يذكرون الإباضية وهم دون شك يريدون بهم التشنيع والتشغيب أما الصفرية والأزارقة والنجدية فلم تذكر لهم رواية ولا تدوين ولو انفرد نجدة بن عامر برواية حديث ونافع بن الأزرق بأسئلة سألها ابن عباس ليس هذا محلها وأريد أنهم جنحوا إلى الحروب لا إلى التأليف ورواية العلم وكل من ذكره قومنا من رجال العلم ونسبوه للخوارج فليسوا إلا من الإباضية. We have brought our companions identify the science Bajb inconceivable and knew the truth, honesty and piety unless the Shawa others resorted some writers of our people to distort the facts propaganda promiscuous and fading while Behrthm those lights flashing and confused Ibadi and outsiders only to blur the truth and righteousness envy of at themselves and wherever those who took . And you see these work to hide what they see as one of our companions of religious perfection and scientific greatness that enable them to remember them in a positive male nothing. And I saw the books recorded in history and literature and branches of some our people requires primarily male companions to them as without the rib not hesitate to ignore reminded them if they were not, so exaggeration and indulging in a blur right and can not find one of our companions something of this method ugly and thankfully the Most High,.

ثامنها: أن قومنا حين جمعوا الحوادث التاريخية واقتضت الحال أن يذكروا أصحابها فشلوا في قيل الصواب فخلطوا بين الإباضية والخوارج فتارة ينسبون الإباضية للخوارج وتارة ينسبون الخوارج إلى الإباضية كما يفعل الكثير من المدونين في الأصول والفروع في إضافة أقوال المعتزلة إلى الإباضية والعكس مما أوجب التخليط والتشويش فيذهب المؤلفون الذين يعتمدون على النقل إلى ما هو أشبه بالتهريج ولا عذر لهم عندي مطلقاً لأن الذي ينشر الحق يطلبه من ينبوعه لا أن ينتحله حسب هواه.

I find it allegedly that Abu Bilal Merdas, Ben Hder from outsiders, and Qatari Bin accidental glance of Ibadi! It is on the contrary, another little that Imam student has the right Abdullah bin Yahya Canadian is Imam Abdullah bin Abad, right otherwise. إذ الإمام عبدالله بن إباض توفي آخر أيام عبد الملك بن مروان، وعبدالله بن يحيى طالب الحق ظهر أيام مروان الحمار سنة130 هـ وهكذا يخلط الكاتبون من قومنا هذه الحقائق الهامة تشويهاً وتشغيباً، وانظر إلى تاريخ الأندلس الذي يوجد بين أيدينا اليوم ولا تجد للإباضية ذكراً، والحال أن الإباضية بلغوا في الأندلس مبلغاً عظيماً من العلم والمال حتى أن جزيرة اليابسة التي هي من الأندلس كانت كلها إباضية إلى القرن السادس بل إلى نكبة الأندلس الكبرى.

And you read son Saad layers, for example, do not find male to Ibadi men except Imam Jabir bin Zaid he said, although his nose to his fame that engulfed prospects and so on.

And the right, which is no doubt that men of all the people of their nation and their first date his family first, and I know of others and God says the truth which leadeth the way.

We have necessitated a fad outsiders legitimacy of the provisions, said Muslims should count among the sins so that no rights in the crime Kharijites, Vkabaúr the two sections: Major trap, which is all the great belief Casthlal the evacuated what Allah has forbidden or prohibition of what Allah has made lawful, or to deny what science of religion necessarily, or ingratitude ruled definitively Kalrjm to fold, and major hypocrisy: It is a major disbelief by the grace of God: It is what it is called when people talk Kafr without infidelity; which is a major debauchery when our people – وذلك كارتكاب فاحشة من الزنى والإتيان في الأعجاز أو أكل الحرام أو شهادة الزور أو عقوق الوالدين وما أشبه ذلك من كبائر عملية، وكترك فريضة من فرائض الله غير مستحل كل ذلك يسمى عند أصحابنا بكبائر النفاق وكبائر الكفر بالنعمة، وإذا أطلق أصحابنا الكفر انصرف بالقرينة إلى الحكم فيه هل هو مما يخل بالعقيدة؟ أو هو من الفعل أو الترك؟ فيدرك نوع الكفر أهو كفر نفاق أو كفر شرك؟ على أن أصحابنا لا يكفِّرون تشهياً ولا يكفِّرون أهل القبلة ما دانوا بكلمة الإخلاص والحق أنهم انفردوا بذلك ولو ادعاه أرباب المذاهب، وإذا أدركت هذا علمت أن بين الإباضية والخوارج بوناً بعيداً لا يجمع بينهما جامع إلا إنكار التحكيم وهو الحق الذي يؤيده كتاب الله وسنة رسول الله وسيرة العمرين وإجماع المسلمين. فشد hand on the right and marching God has guided to the Straight Path.

وقد قال بعض أصحابنا وبه قال قومنا أن الخوارج ينكرون الرجم والذي عندي أن هذا القول غير صحيح إلا إذا نظرنا إلى حكمهم بأن مرتكب الكبيرة مشرك حلال الدم؛ فإن الزاني عندهم يقتل ردة لا حداً وهذا متفرع عن حكمهم قطعاً لا يحتاج إلى دعوى نكران الرجم، ولكن الأمر عندي ليس كما يتوهم وإنما زعم من يزعم من قومنا أن الخوارج ينكرون الرجم فيه مغمز، لكنه يعود على الزاعمين بطامة؛ وذلك أن قومنا رووا أنه كان مما يتلى في كتاب الله في سورة الأحزاب الشيخ والشيخة إذا زنيا فارجموهما البتة نكالاً من الله والله عزيز حكيم فأكلته العنزة. فيترتب on this article that the Quran occurred when the lack of, God forbid, this disaster Tlazmanm though they fled alleging that copies of the intonations and remained his rule, but our companions say stoning imposed not from the Qur'an but from talking narrated Hafez argument Imam spring in his Sahih of Imam Jabir bin Zaid: (Istinja, الإختتان and tendon and stoning Sunan due) Cloves God friends الخطل and thankfully God bless our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.

Abu Ishaq Ibrahim Tfayyesh

Ahmed bin Saud Al Siyabi


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2 Comments “The difference between the Ibadi Kharijites”

  1. ابو مهند says:

    اذا كان الا امر كذلك فماهو وجهة الا اختلاف بين الا باضية والشيعة
    وبين الا باضية والسنة
    ان ال اهواء اخطر ماكان وما يكون على البشر
    فهناك من يطعن فى القران وهناك من يسب الصحابة وهناك من يقول بان جبريل عليه السلام خان الرسالة
    اين يقف الا باضية من هذاالهم
    اهدنا لما اختلف فيه انك تهدى من تشاء الى سراط مستقيم

  2. مشكورين على هذا الموقع القيم و أتمنى أن يطور أكثر و أكثر
    و لكم جزيل الشكر في توضيح الحق و خاصة أن المضللين ملؤا الفضاء و الأجواء بالضوضاءالتي لا طائل منها

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