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Books by Sheikh Ibrahim bin Omar eggs

The breeder reformer Imam Sheikh eggs mark did not leave a lot of writings on paper as far as leaving a lot of inscriptions and reform ideas planted in the minds of men who are making their to carry the torch after him and lead the nation to the validity, and may he always says : Worked authored men for writing books .
And of the literary and intellectual heritage interpretation recorder for more than half of the Koran and the hundreds of tapes valuable lessons for religious occasions, social and political, and opinions on doctrinal questions, scientific, and many of the letters and articles .
The following are some of the effects started .

1- Quran in Rehab :Interpretation of the Koran :
Starting recorded him part of the verse ” We have honored the sons of Adam…” Al-Isra conclusion Quran in 1127 tape, each about a minute tape, without Sheikh Issa Sheikh Belhadj in forty volumes of large size, with a total of 12500 P, and has ensured Heritage Association to print and publish process and published parts :

Interpretation of Al-Isra : Ø 2 Deployment Association heritage, Qararah, Ghardaia, Palm Press, Algeria 1413/1993 .

Interpretation of the Cave: Deployment Association heritage, Qararah, Ghardaia, Palm Press, Algeria 1414 AH / 1994 AD .

Interpretation of Koranic Mariam and Taha: Deployment Association heritage, Qararah, Ghardaia, the Arab press, Ghardaia 1416 AH / 1995 AD .

Interpretation of Koranic prophets and Hajj: Deployment Association heritage, Qararah, the Arab press, Ghardaia 1417 AH / 1996 AD .

2- In Rehab Quran, Al Noor interpretation :
Prepared for printing Sheikh Nasser bin Mohammed Almmermora, the Arab press, Ghardaia, Algeria, i 1 1400 AH, 1980 AD .

3- Imam Sheikh fatwas eggs :
Preparation Sheikh Bakir bin Mohammed Sheikh Belhadj 1st Arab Press, 1408 AH / 1988 AD .
I 2 Dad الشعثاء library, Seeb, Oman 1411/1990 .

4- Answers and opinions :
In association with Sheikh Ibrahim bin Saeed Hebrew, Dar publications call, Nalut, Libya i 1 1971 .

5-Muslim but shave and smokes :
Jointly with his student Sheikh Ali Yahya Muammar, righteousness library, Roy, Oman, i 1, 1400 AH / 1980 AD .

6-My work in the revolution :
By Dr. Mohammed Nasser, publish Heritage Association, print Zaytoonah for Media and Publishing, Batna, i 1, 1410 AH / 1990 AD

7-Interview Sheikh Imam, in response to some of the suspicions and fantasies :
Preparation Professor Mohammed Saeed Kaabac, published Renaissance Society, kindness, the Arab press, Ghardaia, Algeria i 1 1992 .

8-The Almsadjada community :
By Dr. Mohamed Nasser Bouhjam, 1st Arab press .
I 2 Dad الشعثاء library, Seeb, Oman, 1411/1990 .

9 – Crescent proven between the vision optical and astronomical observatories account :
Transferred from the tapes age of internecine castles, reviewed by Dr. Mohammed Nasser, modern colors Press, Sultanate of Oman, i 1 1413/1992 .

10-Entries in Abu Aliqadan newspapers Abraham :
About 30 articles on various subjects see topics in detail, if collected Konti book values, between 1926 And 1938 .

11-Articles and opinions scattered in the Journal of Youth :
Institute of Life magazine, manuscript, Institute of Life Library .

12-Aezzabh loop system Bmizab :
Sheikh Bayoudh Balaqrarh Library .

13-Country gutter ( Search in the history of gutter summary ) :
Sheikh Bayoudh Balaqrarh Library .

14- About the sanctity of mosques and houses of worship in Islam :
Sheikh Bayoudh Balaqrarh Library .

15- The spirit of Islamic law and the realities of today's legislation in the Islamic world :
A lecture at the Seventh Forum of Islamic Thought, Tizi Ouzou, 1393 AH / 1973 AD, published in the second volume of the forum, publications and the original Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Algeria, 1973 .

17- Fad when Ibaadis through views Alcbouk eggs :
Memorandum graduated from the Institute of Life, Department of Islamic law, prepare and achieve student Polruah Ibrahim 1417/1996.

18- Companions their virtue and their satisfaction by the views of Sheikh eggs :
Memorandum graduated from the Institute of Life, Department of Islamic law, prepare and achieve student Bhon Ibrahim, 1417 AH / 1996 AD .

16- Lessons and lectures on various subjects :
And is registered in the bars are in the hundreds, requests from the library of the Institute of life, or Association of the message, Sump .


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  1. Radi Miloud Bouabdellah says:

    I've attached my character Shaykh Ibrahim eggs and began to know about some aspects of his personality and may have added to my book titled – March-

  2. Radi Miloud Bouabdellah says:

    The scientists Ibadi sect served Islam and no one from Algeria denial virtue because of their virtue is denied ungrateful, especially if we talked about the work of Sheikh Ibrahim eggs reformer who devoted his life to the reformist intellectual renaissance in Algeria.

  3. Aref says:

    Please enabling of hard copy or electronic about Sheikh Ibrahim eggs and writings is personal with Thanksgiving .
    I am a Ph.D. researcher Look for moderation in the jurisprudence of contemporary toes and needed to these sources with thanks . Faculty of Arts Sfax- Tunisia

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