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Loop system Aezzabh

Aezzabh episode of the most important and the highest and most famous religious and political bodies Bmzab , Constituent and for this episode know among of Almzabeyen as : Aazbn , And one of them is called : Oazab , And they represent scholars and imams and opinion leaders and the advice of the nation , The ring full supervision over the affairs society Almzaba religious, educational, social, political and economic .

The word ” Aezzabh ” Derived from Aezzob , Azab thing , After and missed, cryptic and retired, And the intention here of isolation , Sufism and Outage Worship and serve the public interest , And using Aezzabh , Islamic system based on Shura .

1- Established :
Power was in community Almzaba first matter in the hands of tribal leaders , Then shift the center of power in the village to the religious body , Then moved to cycle Aezzabh that arranged and put the first nucleus Sheikh Abu Abdullah Muhammad Alherstaúa .
And were not for this episode initially no authority over the community , It was not the goal of Sheikh subjecting the toes Almzaba the community to episode .
The systems he and his disciples : Abu spring Suleiman bin succeed and Abu Abdul Salam Mansour discourse Ben Zjohn, , And not only the educational learning , Far from power and politics , The sole purpose of spreading Islam and the call to embrace Ibadi sect , And field Maadih application , And did not have a permanent home , It was not teaching workshops held in mosques in villages , It was held in secret away from the construction, but the system did not stay on Masitrh Imam Abu Abdullah and his disciples, but evolved with time , Was added to it from time to time new powers , These workshops have remained held in secret , And did not use the mosque for this purpose, but in the first half of the sixth century, and after the passage of time loop topped Aezzabh her common sense when Almzabeyen as the supreme authority absolute shrine leading the list secret .

2- Conditions established :
After the fall of Rustumiya state , The Shiite Fatimid State , And realize Almzabion Ibaadis that it is impossible to do or achieve leading the Islamic based on justice and right and Shura , Because Ghalib Fatimid rulers ( At that time ) ضالون , Considered infallible King and Ervonh to divinity degree , And the best proof of that is what the poet Ibn Hani in praise Moez Ledin Allah Fatimid:
What you do not Mashaet predestination فاحكم the one you Irresistible
And as if you Prophet Muhammad and as if أنصارك the Ansar
In these circumstances, the referee thought Almzabion in Aezzabh system as just an internal rule , Separately from the Fatimid rule unjust at the time.

3- Panellists :
For Aezzabh episode right to choose its members without any intervention from other , Where chosen from each clan know, Ora and the fittest of the clan , Provided that they are graduates of the House of pupils ( Youth Association and the guards) Erwan , If there is no , It selects records owners ( Amusordan) .
Aezzabh loop consists of twelve members : Imam , And the muezzin , And three for the memorization of the Koran to boys in the records , And five to wash the dead , And Kellan money mosque .

4- Terms Joined loop :
Must be available in member Aezzabh the following conditions :

– To be an adult Muslim , The virtuous morality and religion and science and jurisprudence fatwa.
– Be memorized the Book of Allah .
– To be married , Because marriage fortifies self.
– To be a business owner or craft , Members of Aezzabh do not receive any remuneration , But their sincere for God's sake , They all depend for their power on CKD right hand.

5- Episode tasks :

A- Religious functions ( Religious authority) :
Holds Aezzabh issuing fatwas , Disengagement and liabilities , And monitoring of the slaughter , And a verdict of innocence , And teaching the Koran , And teaching new prayer for adults , Debt and related activities from afar or nearby , And fact that Aezzabh in public circles Almzabeyen , You know only the religious aspect.
And in Rehab mosques Almzabah, the , Thrive science workshops in various arts , Reverberating voices preaching and Instant zoom and recited verses of Allah evidence from the Quran daily , All this under the full supervision of Aezzabh .

B - legislative functions ,Legislative authority (Council uncle Said) :
Council uncle Said (1) Is the legislative body , Composed members of the country's judges and scholars , And selected Azabh of cities, including , And considered the highest religious authority and social , In Mzab Valley , And boss so-called Sheikh Country , Hold a hearing this Council every three months , And studying the situation in Mzab , This council puts the laws and judicial decisions in the crimes, felonies and transactions within Islamic jurisprudence , And is considered one of the workshops Aezzabh to a component of them , But Aechts the city for other , As it encompasses Mzab all cities , And group laws Entries known agreements the Mzab Valley , The Council also that this is determines Alakial and standards and scales used in markets that can not be dealt with other standards, And violates one of these criteria of Almzabeyen in anywhere, not just in the Valley Mzab , It is exposed to the following acquittal mentioned .

Jhlan عدون- Economic tasks ( Economic power ) :
Episode sponsors economic lives of families , And is responsible for the distribution of Zakat , And do not pay zakat to one unless it has ascertained that it really worthy , And that each performer rituals of prayer and religious purity and fasting , It also oversees the wedding expenses and determine the Colts , And expenses in the warranty and nursery , And providing of Trustees on الأيامى and the orphans , So that it does not find a rich platform for freedoms in dowry Altagala and expenditures on the middle class or the poor in the nation , Restricted Vhariathm , And not the poor who wants to find marriage Thrja in carrying pantry married .
It also oversees the Aezzabh on the public markets in the cities of Mzab , And its members special seats respectable , Climb on to oversee the exotic imports and goods and reception of the parties to the desert convoys (Old) , And price controls , The Prime Aezzabh is declaring the opening of the market by Bellman , After zooming, Basmallah and Praises and prayer be upon the Messenger of Allah (P) , The conflict or altercation occurred in market transactions , The Aezzabh the charge of the season and judgment in order .

Exoneration ( Disciplinary action has Aezzabh )

The most important provisions of that earn Almzabeyen the status of compliance , Acquittal , And which is known among the public of Almzabeyen : ” التَّبْــرِيـــَّتْ ” , And acquittal is a strong weapon upon which Aezzabh ring for strict obedience to orders , And deter outlaws .

1- Defined :
Patent is the practical application of the base of the state and of innocence in Islam , When prove someone committed a sin declares him innocence , And you'll find a detailed definition of it in Page : Our view .
In Mzab , Vaezzabh declare the innocence of the person perpetrator large , In the mosque to the public and does not end until repentance publicly actor .

2- Sentencing conditions :
The judgment of the patent on someone , If it is proven categorically that he violated an order of orders Aezzabh , Or committed a large or a crime such as withholding the right wife or orphan , Or rebellion in the right clan , Or stabbed in the religion of Islam , Or the removal of the veil (Finery ) For women , Or wear a dress showing obscene attractions , Or committing What outside the teachings of weddings Almzabah , Or committing obscene such as drinking wine or smoking , Or drugs , Or leave prayers .

3-Terms of sentencing :
Must prove conclusive indications among Aezzabh that So and so has committed a crime with a Fulani witnesses amended , And signs , Even verdict .
Way to make a judgment of innocence : Announced after the congregational prayer , That the costly in Aezzabh of , And announce to the people that Flana bin flan , Has committed a crime such or such it is in the innocence of Muslims to repent .
What happens to Mnbari him : When announces acquittal of a , It is deprived of his civil rights unless pardoned , There Aaakl , And Aharp not , And يجالس not , And does not speak , And does not participate in the funeral and no joy , And are beyond its significance in the market ( Auction) , And do not sacrifice if a butcher , And remains estranged from his family and evacuated and even members of his family , Finds Nksh completely isolated from the community is forced to repent , To return to its position and can live among Muslims, as one of them, When it announced a pardon in the mosque to the public .

4- Why resorted Aezzabh the system acquittal :
The acquittal of Islamic rule , Existed since the era of the Prophet (P) (As did (P) With the three who left in the Battle of Tabuk ), And it is the only way to Aezzabh , Which can suppress insurgents, criminals and respect for authority among the public .


Margins :
My uncle Said : Is happy Jerbi , Shareholders in the publication of doctrine toes Bmzab the the , Feet from the island of Djerba, Tunisia , And his descendants still exist until now .


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