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Almzabion and jihad for Allah

We show you here some pages timeless Date Almzabeyen, participated with their wealth and their lives and all they can in order to make the word of God. And is a drop from the sea, and the tip of the iceberg:

-1 M'zab sons in Djerba in 916 AH / 1510 ملحق بسير *الشماخي :
Oruj Barbarossa ( Ottoman Wali Algeria ) Contact and Sheikh Bahio relationship ibn Musa and his guerrilla band of knights Almoravid Almzabeyen in Algerian coast . And has participated this band of knights in repelling the Spanish raid on the island of Djerba in the south-east of Tunis 1510 M, And which crashed campaign : ” Without Garsaa the de Toledo ” Come .

2 – Sons Mzab in Algiers Year 925 E / 1518 ملحق بسير *الشماخي :
The Khairuddin Barbarossa ( Wali Ottoman Algeria 1518 ) To feel the gravity of the situation after the Spanish occupation of the area ” كدية soap ” (Area near Algiers ) , And the Spanish enemy briefing in Algiers, summoned to his palace Sheikh Bahio the Ben Moses and is Tgnint, and Secretary Almzabeyen in Algeria Bakir bin Haj Mohammed Bakir and is Atmlisht, and other Mujahideen Almzabeyen the يستشيرهم, فأشاروا it to do commando process, may .
After that met Almzabion the particular importance is the place mosque Ibadhi the ancient capital currently, supervised Aminhm, they chose, including seventy فدائيا, and decided to take up arms casket Kjnazh and the walk to the Spanish camp in the neighborhood of Hussein Dey (A suburb of the Algerian capital ) Magnification went widely acclaimed hackers enemy forces along the way, and the enemy was closely watching the mourners, and when he reached the Ritual phantom place due arrived it Aihama the enemy . To implement the guerrilla operation, is head band and the one to blow up the gunpowder warehouse in the camp, went to a person wears the mantle of the type Alch (Manufactured women Almzabah of multicolored wool woven into a number of traditional symbols and Fees ) , And concealed beneath Qrabilh the skill went quickly and at the camp, which is guarded by only a small number of soldiers Spaniards Vnsf the warehouse and cited, Valthmt battle and served Fedayeen fire in military equipment and boats that reach the Spanish fleet by the beach .
When I saw enemy forces stationed Pkdah the the soap that the camp and devoured by fire boats, divided into two halves , Faster section to save the camp and another faces strikes Mujahideen who opened the gates of the city after the commando operation, and barely escapes this a battle of Spaniards, have been a victory on Sunday 23 August 1518 -925 e ,Spanish leader fled without هوقو with what remains of the soldiers, but martyrs Almzabeyen the They buried there in Hussein Dey current .

3-Sons Mzab in Algiers in 1830:
Sheikh Ahmed Tawfik says civil:(And has been Basha Contact other Algerian respects, replied that it was ready to send its men to the war, and Send Almzabion - with Aminhm in the capital- Four thousand men to participate in the defense and the crowd gathered all in Asitawala, while the French soldiers managed day 13 Young 1830 Go down to the mainland in Sidi Fredj peninsula, and barricaded them with little resistance )
Sheikh adds fierceness bin Isa Al-Nouri (The Mujahideen Almzabeyen the ,Astmatwa in defense in the first hours of the attack on the French army, and had dropped them a large number in the field of honor, led by Hero Tfayyesh David Ben Youssef the imams pole brother, and these martyrs cemetery in Asitawala the Square obliterated effects today )
And those who participated in the defense of the capital in this battle very Sheikh Mttiyaz Ibrahim from the mother, Isa ibn Musa Secretary, who was wounded and transferred to Mzab, and killed his brother Mohammed ibn Musa and grandfather Sheikh Mttiyaz of the father as well as .
And we see that the last enemy garrison continued to send fire after the occupation of the capital, is the protector Almzabeyen Mount Sir light .
Maj. Gen. Vivant and French Minister of Colonies :(We French know that Algeria has defended the right of only Almzabion, the last power remained a stampede after the surrender of my parents, surrender, humiliation and young, and the occupation of the capital, and continued to send fire guns is the power Almzabeyen Mount Sir light, and as stated Mzab news of the fall of the capital in ) .

4-Sons Mzab in the plains of Mitidja :
I've cited many Almzabeyen in fierce battles that led against the occupiers of both son Zaamon and Alhaji Yahya bin Mubarak and Ben Mustafa Merzak, and between Wadi El Harrach, Boufarik, Blida, especially in the fierce battle that between Hajut and brown Murad . And Mzabeyen the famous cemetery especially bullish on the road to the law, containing the remains of 35 A martyr killed in those battles .

5-Sons Mzab in the ranks of the Emir Abdelkader :
When he joined Mr. Saadi Emir Abdelkader to continue the struggle joined well as Almzabion of him, were manageable recruited, Vatakzhm in his inner circle, and made them of Trustees Sarah .
Of them skilled doctor Bay Ahmed Baba Issa, taken by Prince his personal physician, writer and secretary Sarah, a coming Mlisht, attended with Prince in the Treaty Altavenh. And Haj Solomon the son of David, was of a broad money and prestige in Tiaret and its environs, and may . Hamou Ben Yahia Leader of camp and dealers notables, a coming Azjn, and Haj David Ben Mohammad Amini, was Treasurer Prince, and had great riches his prints gold coin, as he makes his arms the Mzab Valley at his own expense . And among them Alhaji Yusuf Amini, amino brother David was treasurer in Medea, and Muhammad ibn Saleh Amini was treasurer in Djelfa.

6- Children Mzab on the walls of Constantine:
لقد دافع بنو مزاب عن قسنطينة دفاعا مستميتا ، مما جعل القائد الفرنسي بعد سقوطها يرفع لهم قبعته تحية لبطولتهم ، و قد اشترطوا بعد إيقاف اطلاق النار ألا يسلموا سلاحهم ، و ألا يدخل الجيش الفرنسي القسم الذي كانوا يدافعون عنه لنهب أو سلب أو انتهاك حرمات ، مما جعل عائلات قسنطينة و البيوتات الكبيرة فيها يبعثون بكل نسائهم إلى تلك الأحياء ، فأصبحت رحبة الجمال ملجأ لعائلات وجهاء المدينة و من يرغب بالإحتماء ببني مْزاب مدة أيام الإستباحة الثلاثة .
Moreover, one of the rich families ( Bin Vqon, ) Constantine in his imprisonment on the ground Constantine on Almzabeyen, recognition Bjamilhm in this incident, Vatakdhuha the cemetery for them .

7- Rescue Mzab for Oargelan year 1226 E – 1811 ملحق بسير *الشماخي :
The sons of Gulab feet (Touggourt rulers ) To the Argelan of (City near Mzab, ) , Army units and gone in the way of corruption, looting and murder, Vtlguethm Jmuaha and interviewed interview heroes in defense of their homeland, and they asked for help from Mzab, Fjedua بخيلهم and their men, Vgmoa their swords in the necks of the aggressors, and gave Sheikh Dawud bin Ibrahim cooker in front of the defense, 800 Mzabi waving the banner of a patch of white clothing Kaaba wrote him a verse from the Quran .
And when they came and Argelan joined their brothers and signed harsh battles lasted three days and nights, which resulted in the defeat of the invading army Algelabeyen .
When it reaches the Ibadi Almzabeyen News from attacking an enemy to them, or predicted risk down upon them, they agree on one of them Evalonh to lead them in the battle of defense, called the Imam of the defense, if the fighting ended and returned the enemy and secured the country invalidated Allegiance and the emirate automatically, and it becomes .


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