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Imam Abu Alhata Jabir bin Zaid al-Azdi

The Ibadi sect and one of the Islamic doctrines based on the Quran and Sunnah, and many Muslims are ignorant of its assets and leaders and scientists, and the huge heritage and struggle for Islam in the land.

As many people crammed Ibadi sect with outsiders either out of ignorance or intolerance caused by tradition, I can write a brief overview of Imam doctrine famous Tabi Jabir bin Zaid al-Azdi Who said: “Encompassed science seventy Bdria, only sea” Means Ibn Abbas, saying Abbas: “How wonderful for the people of Basra ask me, including Abu shaggy, if asked by the people of the earth to Usahm his knowledge”, Said when many of the companions and followers like this. Quoting from Book ” Senior forward Jabir bin Zaid for Alv Yahya bin Mohammed Bekkouche”, Hence Fjder Muslim to scientists familiar with the history of Islam and the mask reveals ample knowledge and great jihad for the sake of this religion, so be a worthy successor to the best predecessor.

Is shaggy Abu Jaber bin Zaid al-Azdi underground optical tribe Omani Alihamd, underground and forgotten to Hollow trail in Basra, did not specify Ktbalserh date of birth, but can be identified between (18- 22E) Migration - the owner prayers and peace- As for sources of his death differ on the date of his death, and more correct or more likely as was reported by some reporters that he had died in the same week where he died Anas bin Malik, the latter died in 93 AH.

The shaggy Abu surname, a name his daughter and her grave still exists and is known to now in the town of teams of Nizwa, Oman. The morals were ethics of scientists who observe follow advances behavior, (In the spirit of meanings )” He asked Ayub Alschtiyanj: Did you see the Jabra. Said: Yes, it was Pippa, Pippa, Pippa” . He said when Sheikh Abu Naim: “It Patriarchs Almthali knowledge alum Call, Almtzla their penis in rugged and Aloosa, Jabir bin Zaid Abu shaggy, was aware of a certain kind, and in worship cornerstone McKenna, and was the right Iba and creatures on the run, one of the ancient followers”.

And described in favor of paint, he said: “WiMax was not in three leases to Mecca, and in the neck bought Ataq, in the sacrifice. Said : Jabir bin Zaid was not Yum X in something closer to God Almighty” . It pious narrated in favor of paint and Malik bin Dinar said: Jaber bin Zaid output Wade took the reed of a wall and started to expel the dogs when he came home, put it in the mosque, then said to his family: Keep this Casbah, said ” If all over this wall took Reed him nothing left” When he became its response.

And Imam Jaber in the right positions remarkable, it says in evidence and proof “Roy pilgrims had written Jaber has lectured, the pen fell from the hands of pilgrims, said Jaber handed me the pen, he said to him Jaber: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him ((May Allah curse the oppressors and their associates and agents of their supporters if the duration of the Registry )).

In the mosque right ((Department of sections )) Came to Jabir bin Zaid asked Hajjaj bin Yusuf said: Abba shaggy Tell me about the first verse of Sura?, He said: Those of the faithful, said: The second?, Said: Those of the unbelievers, he said, and the third?, Said: In you and in your friends.

وقد اشتهر الإمام بالحرص الشديد على طلب العلم، فكان يكثر من الأسفار في سبيل ذلك، وينتهز مواسم الحج للقاء الصحابة والعلماء،ومن ذلك أنه ذهب إلى عائشة أم المؤمنين، فكان يسألها عن كل شيء يتعلق بحياة النبي -صلى الله عليه وسلم- , Has been found in the palm spring several issues, but its position in the consensus is a prominent place so that it can not be invoked unanimously in the issues that have to Jaber dissenting opinion, narrated by Imam Ibn Hazm, he said ” F for each consensus emerges about Ali ibn Abi Talib, and Abdullah bin Masood, and Anas bin Malik, Ibn Abbas, and his companions - God bless them - and then affiliated Baham, and I'm Serene and Jabir bin Zaid”.

Imam Abu Alhata Jabir bin Zaid al-Azdi and movement Ibadi

Returns relationship Jabir bin Zaid movement Ibadi to early youth, after an asylum Merdas bin congenital Tamimi and his companions to Basra in the late fourth decade of the first century, that activity with them was in a range of confidentiality and style do not draw attention to it, it was throughout the state Ziad on Basra : “It's prayer group, followed year”, And reminds historians and incidents will mention one of them,- Of the increase is due to ( Jurisprudence of Imam Jabir bin Zaid ) “Abu Sufyan loved Ben leave: Recalling that the elders of November, Abu Sufyan Qanbar may take Obaidullah ibn Ziyad and his skin to guide him on a Muslim (Node) He did not, Jaber said: I was close to him, and I was waiting only to say: This is inextricably God”.

Among Jaber and Abu Bilal bin Merdas bin congenital solid relationship and friendly, and was this relationship grow and Ttothag quickly, taking Merdas realize how science Jaber and his intelligence, was frequented by the night and parties day; to scoop from his extensive knowledge and knowledge of heavy, and it seems novels that star Jaber taking (Sheikh November in Basra after the Battle of Nahrawan), Even if some accounts reveal that he does not have his work- Any (Abublal)- But after advice from Jaber and accept him.

وقد اتفق القعدة على أن يتولى جابر أمرهم وتنظيم دعوتهم منذ المراحل الأولى لتطور الدعوة في البصرة؛ إيماناً منهم بذكائه؛ واعتماداً على اطلاعه الواسع وتحصيله العميق في العلوم الدينية، وخاصة ما يتعلق بالتفسير وعلم الحديث، وعلى الرغم من تبوء الإمام جابر لزعامة القعدة منذ ذلك الوقت المبكر فإنه لم يشترك في الأحداث السياسية التي جرت في تلك الفترة من التاريخ الإسلامي، ولم يبد لعامة سكان البصرة أن جابراً كان إماماً وزعيماً للقعدة، أو حتى إنه كان على علاقة بهم؛ لك لأته أخفى انتماءه السياسي، وساعده أصحابه على ذلك؛ لأنهم كانوا يحبون ستره عن عيون السلطة فيؤدي ذلك إلى تصفيته جسدياً أو معنوياً، فتموت دعوتهم في مهدها.

Imam Jabir Expositor

Imam Jabir occupies a prominent place among the Islamic scholars who know the Koran, has protested heard a group of commentators, and praised his views in this area, and these commentators, Suyuti reported in perfection (C 4, p 26) Alusi in the spirit of the meanings and Ben Achour interpreted liberation and enlightenment, and Ibn Hajar in refining civility, and the verse in the Koran, Ibn Taymiyyah.

It was not the Imam Jaber world interpretation, but was also of the owners of the readings, and reviewing books of Tafseer knows that Jaber multiple readings, and is characterized by the trend in the interpretation of Imam Jabir that tends to adage that Ibn Abbas - God bless them - also features dimension for myths and Israeli and tilt .

Imam Jabir updated

Imam Jaber is one of the Sunni imams in Basra, has the confidence of all modern critics and unanimously agreed to adjust and fairness, but is one of the healthiest men relegated despite him of the charge of welding Ibadi,(See translated in refining civility Hafiz Ibn Hajar). Narrated Ibn Hazm newly Division Qatada from Jabir bin Zaid Ibn Abbas said: “This attribution no healthier than” The support of Imam Jabir when Ibadi peak in the upper rank attribution though Ananth lump Batsalha; spring because bin Habib took from Abu Obeida, Abu Ubaidah took Jaber, Jaber taken from Ibn Abbas, and the collection of companions, Imam al-Jaber : Encompassed science than seventy Bdria only means Sea ( Ibn Abbas), And was Jaber means no science in general, and the correspondence with scientists; their opinion in matters before it.

Jaber was Almazan tracks where there are books a year, the move that he said: “انتهيت إلى بني عمرو بن حزم، فطلبت إليهم كتاب رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم- With their father Amr ibn al-out packages to Yemen, Voagafona” , And not too far to have copies of this book.

The Jabir bin Zaid among school owners to talk Iraq, which is characterized by lack of novel and skepticism in the modern novel in general, but it has released the following characteristics:

  • Characterized by their height Sindh is counted among the senior officers and Oaúlhm.
  • That a lot of movement to the Hijaz, and here he was able to tell talk Mecca and Medina and related Balsahabp who did not know Iraq.
  • He trusted everyone, whether in Iraq or the Hijaz.
  • He wrote the modern preserved us a large number of companions who narrated them either directly or through the transmission, and Roy transponders for the creation of many of the companions ( See the book Fiqh forward Jabir bin Zaid Mosque correct spring Bin Habib).li>

Science campaign who narrated from Imam Jabir

Narrated from Imam Jaber, a large number of Sunni men from various countries, and I traced Mazanam in stomachs biographies and Sunnah bringing the number of the order of seventy, and remember them for the shortcut: Ayoub bin Abi amulet the Kisan Alschtiyanj, pilgrims Ben Black, bayonets ibn Ziyad, spring Benhabib, accession bulk bin, Amr ibn Dinar Mecca, Malik bin Dinar, (See the jurisprudence of Imam Jabir).

Imam Jaber and eliminate

Jaber judge not, but offered him the judiciary as the Imams before him and after him, فاحتال repudiation, Amr ibn Dinar said: Said Abu shaggy: “Hakam ibn Ayyub wrote Navarra to eliminate including myself, and then said:” Jaber Flo plagued something it installed Rahalta and fled in the ground”.

Imam Jabir Mufti of Basra and the pilgrimage season

Historical sources talk about Imam Jabir that he call a referendum in Basra and in the pilgrimage season and on other occasions, it has happened Ziad Bin Jubair said: I asked Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari - may Allah be pleased with him- On the issue, he said, and then said ” How Tsaleuena and you, Abu shaggy” , Said Amr ibn Dinar:” I never saw anyone knows of Jabir ibn Zaid”.

As buried Jabir bin Zaid said Qatada: “Today buried Earth Science” , Said Yahya bin Said Al-Qattan, Suleiman al-Tamimi said: “Hassan was invades The Mufti of people here Jabir bin Zaid”.

As straighten Jaber for the young received Abdullah bin Omar - may Allah be pleased- Circumambulation said to him,: “O Jabir you from the scholars of Basra, and you Tstfti not Fan only spokesman Baqran or years ago, you did not have perished and decimated” . The Andropause:” I realized Basra and Mufti man from Oman” Jarir ibn Hazim said: I heard Eyas bin Muawiya says: “Basra, and they have realized mufti Evtém Jabir bin Zaid”.

The special referees are consulting Imam Jabir even when inside the prison, but in the pilgrimage season, the books jurisprudence informed us that Jabra was the fatwas, and was responding to Jaber correspondence from some governors asking them about issues related to Baltsier financial, or leases or divorce or transactions.

Imam al-Jaber al-Faqih

يتميز الفقه في العصر الأموي بأنه كان فقهاً حراً، بمعنى أنه نشأ وتطور بفضل اجتهاد العلماء ومحاولاتهم الخاصة داخل الحلقات التي كانوا يمارسون فيها نشاطهم العلمي في المساجد، ولم يكن للخلفاء دخل فيه فالدولة لم تحتضن الفقه ولم توله رعاية خاصة ولا صبغة معينة،فما إن عرفت الدولة الاستقرار في عهد الخليفة عمر بن عبد العزيز حتى ظهرت العناية الكبرى بالفقهاء والمحدثين، وفي ظل هذا الوضع نشأ فقه حر، وظهر فقهاء عظام وضعوا أسس الثقافة الفقهية للأجيال التي أتت من بعدهم، منهم في المدينة، ومنهم في الشام، وكان منهم في البصرة: Hasan al-Basri, and shaggy Abu Jaber bin Zeid, stolen goods and other. Fezhrt of this distribution, under the influence of other factors are two important in the history of Islamic jurisprudence:

  • School of opinion, or as it is called School Iraq.
  • A modern school or school Hijaz.

But the launch of this category does not mean setting limits comma between the two schools Many scholars Hijaz had them share the opinion, and perhaps the emergence of Jabir bin Zaid in Iraq made him a jurist associate to opinion leaders, the transfer of the Imam Ibn Abdullah that Jabra was among those who say the opinion, and it - Abide in his fatwa hard texts of the Qur'aan and Sunnah, has proven year wrote that Imam Abu shaggy devoted years of his life to the neighboring tomb of Sharif - Static prayers and purer and delivery - contact which scientists Hijaz campaign year and irrigated with him teller.

He was also resorted to the measurement does not rule in the book or the year, is also useful review of rulings where he had to find a suspect in the order it initiates to describe liquid hate to wish him. The news tells us that he left a huge Deewana where he was to matters of doctrine and provisions, and this Court has not reached us, and perhaps the ravages of age came in conditions not seen after. But one thing is certain that his sporadic messages exist today in bookcases, some of which is in the Library of Egypt, and some of which is in the Ministry of National Heritage, and some of which is in the United Kingdom (Britain)In library Albaronah in Djerba, and perhaps part or parts of this great court referred to Haji Khalifa in his book (Revealed misgivings) بدون أن يذكر عنه أي تفصيلات، لقد كان الإمام جابر شديد الشغف في طلب العلم، وكان ملحاً في السؤال عن أدق أحوال النبي -صلى الله عليه وسلم- Dismayed and emulate.

Jaber was - may Allah be pleased with him- Special look of Islam and its teachings, and stroll for asylum in his fatwas to legal tricks and see nullity, and wanted Alastzadh may refer to the book Fiqh Imam Jabir bin Zaid, but due to the mothers books Ibadi, not only listening and gossip. We ask God for safety as we ask pardon and being in debt and the world and the Hereafter.

In (Conclusion) Jabir bin Zaid al-Azdi shaggy Abu underground open gym visual Faqih a son imams Abbas and over and Muawiya Ibn 'Umar and Qatada and Amr ibn Dinar and Ayoub and create. Ibn Abbas said : Is one of the scientists. Ahmed said: Matt ninety-three said son Saad year three hundred and saying underground proportion to the Amman area, originally from a town of teams work near Nizwa was of Alihamd born Amr ibn Alihamd. Gone to seek knowledge and housing Basra ratios to. The saying of Ibn Abbas etc. mean it was narrated from Ibn Abbas it is beyond. If you think about novels Missned saw tells about the creation of many of the companions and not to mention, he said: I realized seventy men of the people of Badr Vhoit between backs only meant Ibn Abbas Sea . He realized that a group of owners Messenger of Allah him and I asked them so wipe Messenger of Allah upon him on the hidden, and they said,: No. He said in the fear prayer: حدثني جملة من أصحاب النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم. He said in the door of science: أدركت أناسا من الصحابة أكثر فتياهم حديث النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم. And he entered and Aisha Abu Bilal and asked her about the deep issues in their search to manifest one's religion. If the number of those whom he met people of Badr with few experienced seventy men, what do you think, who received from other companions.

Saud bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Wahaibi

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