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Certificates in the right Ibadi

There are some book fair-minded people who contacted Balabadih and read their books and knew their history they realized the fact Ibadi Fathrroa Transliteration of ancient books and expressed the view in Ibadi openly in their books and conversations. These models of their testimonies :

Martyr Sayyid Qutb : An article published in the journal ” Shehab ” Egyptian (Number 15 March 1948) What reads :

” And we have seen that we hope out of it good for the Muslims not to be sectarian dispute cause of the dispute and the difference between their communities, and especially if it did not lead to atone Or fight. Fortunately, in the jurisprudence of Ibadi and assets of what had gone from flexibility allows Baltqaúhm with others on what becomes a Muslim from the assets of Muslim religion and basic rules as far as we know, the adequacy “

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Badawi teacher Comparative Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University :

” This doctrine is not a novel, but it originated on the correct rules supported by clear fixed assets, given and there is no trace in his understanding that contradicts the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet nor the general assets which Muslims agreed “.

Mr. Mohamed Al Marzouki in his book ” Commission plug minimum ” :

” And it seems that the plug has basked in under الإباضيين during three years with some reassurance and a lot of justice and equality, these people were very strict in religion and stick to the right and carry on his victory and asceticism in the world “.

Dr. Awad Khleifat :

” The checker in doctrinal sources Ibadi find that doctrine Ibadhi the owners of more Muslim followers of the Year honorable and imitate them, and paste them are some sources of the charges he is a result of one of two things : Ignorance or intolerance. The Alabadion commendable efforts in spreading Islam in many places, and they have been preferred in this regard in all of the black African and sub-Saharan Africa, and some parts of the Far East ” .

And mentions his mind in Articles wrote in his book “The emergence of the movement Ibadi” :

” The articles and books and bees Vtthdt the boredom is also known for the difference of different Islamic and BJP to use these books very carefully because their owners lacked objectivity and lacking neutrality when talking about the difference contrary to their beliefs . These sources do not provide us with valuable information about the emergence of movement Ibadi. And reported these sources of information that does not has mostly to the Ibadi nothing to do with the . If you compare one of the information received in these books and what is stated in the sources Ibadi, whether historical or books of jurisprudence and doctrines noted that these authors may be attributed to the Ibadi opinions and beliefs of strange not recognized by the followers of this band, as they talked about teams إباضية do not find . ويبدو من المعلومات التي توردها هذه المصادر أن مؤلفيها يجهلون تماما نشأة الحركة وتطورها ، وما أشاروا إليه من آراء منسوبة لهذه الفرقة لا يعتبر ذا أهمية وخاصة إذا تذكرنا أن هذه المعلومات مشوشة و متحيزة وتفتقر إلى الدقة والمعرفة العميقة ، و قد أدت هذه الكتابات إلى ازدياد الفجوة بين الإباضية وأتباع المذاهب الإسلامية الأخرى ، ولا يصح الاعتماد عليها لتكوين فكرة صحيحة عن نشأة الحركة وتطورها وعن فهم آرائها ومبادئها “.

Researcher Alsanegala the Omar Saleh Ba in his book ” Study in Ibadhi thought ” :

” And it seems that the articles were not faithful in what they were saying the right teams and that they had never seen the difference jurisprudence informed enough allows them wading through it ” .

Azzedine Altnokhi, member of the Arab Academy, in his book : ” Abstract means in the order of questions ” :

” And each of the accused Ibadi Balzag and the delusion, it is those who split up their religion and were sects, and oppressors of fools, collecting what God dispersed and atresia what Vtqgua, and tore included agents of the colonists, and God perimeter of the disbelievers ” .

Yahya Howaidy : ” History of Philosophy of Islam in the African continent ” :

” And Ibadi men hit their ideals in piety, righteousness and asceticism “


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