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Sheikh Saleh bin Yahya student Ahmad

Sheikh Saleh bin Yahya bin Yahya bin Musa bin Ahmad bin Yahya bin tourist Ben Abo student Ahmad, and his brothers are : Jesus and Moses, Qasim and باسعيد .
Boy (God's mercy ) Year 1321 E / 1904 M, in the coming Eiberڤan ( Brian ) , Where he grew up and grew up and spent his first years under the auspices of the righteous parents who raised him along a good Islamic education .

In 1913 His father took him and is at the age of nine to Constantine where the Quran there at the hands of Sheikh Ali al-Makki .
Year 1918 M Jump to Taڤrar a ( Sump ) To continue to learn and memorize the Quran at the hands of al-Haj Ibrahim Ben Casey, and continued to learn at the hands of Sheikh El Hadj Omar Bin Yahya then when Sheikh eggs ( May God have mercy ) .

In 22 February 1922 Married and behind the blessing of family consists of five men and one daughter, and all offspring valid Rabbani on piety and science reform and Love mosque .

He joined Zaytuna Mosque in Tunis years 1930 To complete his information, but circumstances did not help him Fbarhaa in 1931 ملحق بسير *الشماخي .
And immediately after his return from Tunisia blocked it the teaching of in the Department of Prepared Pat Eiberڤan and then traveled to Algeria and Contact as Sheikh Abi اليقظان who was appointed by to teach in the the city of Chlef, as requested by her group so .

Returned years old 1933 To come Eiberڤan for teaching, because Astkdmh involves objects country to يؤازر the the Sheikh Saleh to Besais Alaqrara ( God's mercy ) , The first teacher of Koranic school Open .
Appointed on 16 May 1936 M, the imam of the mosque and a member of the ring Aezzabh, an imam at the mosque remained old Pat Eiberڤan to a year 1979 While incapacitated disease .
ابتلاه God losing his eyesight years 1965 ملحق بسير *الشماخي .
Was appointed director of the School of Quranic Open .

Generosity of God's Holy pilgrimage home and visit the tomb of the Prophet (P) For the first time in years : 1951 , And for the second time year 1970 , And for the third time in years 1974 .

Emptied a year ago 1953 Business religious and social, Kalsohr on the endowments of the mosque builders and Services and repairs related to the mosque and the cemetery, dams and roads …. , To renew the old building of the mosque has become Eiberڤan years 1957 /1960 M, and expand the cemetery Sunni mosque 1953 , Also supervised the construction of Dar science, and warehouses mosque years 1961 , And other works of the venerable God set them in the balance of its attractions .

Passed away his hometown day of Eid al-Adha : 10 November 1401 / 1981 M, and enrolled him majestic funeral procession attended by his hometown audience and Many guests from various quarters, God's mercy and make way to him in affluence Gardens of Delight .


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