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Sheikh Mohammad Ali Debbouze

Is Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali bin Isa Debbouze, father of the leading founders of the charity in the coming Eiberڤan ( Brian ) Year 1927 (Open Society) .
Born in coming Eiberڤan year 1337 E / 1919 M., a single parent who Ndhirah science is still a fetus .

In 1928 Began the study in Koranic school when it opens (School opening) , And studied under Sheikh Saleh bin Yousef Ibcis ( God's mercy)
In 1934 Went to Taڤrar to continue to study and soon to memorize the Koran .
In 1935 Engaged in Life Ptiڤrar Institute and was the most prominent and fathered his students .
In 1942 Went to Tunisia for Higher Education and studied at the University of olive and Ibn Khaldun Institute (And worked on its offices, especially Library Attarin).
In 1943 Went to Cairo on foot ( Disguised were himself باختراقه risks, one of the greatest fighting fronts in World War II ) In length 29 Days .

In 1948 Returned to Algeria after five years of study, received a great celebration proven in Taڤrar history as one of the top university graduates to study but were not official certificate, blocked teaching at the Institute life Ptiڤrar the teacher material : Arabic literature and Islamic history and Ibadi, philosophy, psychology, and education curricula, and the long in Educational struggle to year 1981 , Played a great role in the development of the institute study programs, and enter the new material to it, and excelled in a special way in teaching .
In 1950 Made a written and issued eleven books in Algerian history and Islamic scientific substance of collection of libraries, and the mouths of scientists in particular, it was doing the rounds via home and abroad for this purpose .

Effects :
Book issued : Join the Maghreb, in three large parts, from the Stone Age to the independent Islamic states in the Maghreb, in which he described the history of Morocco clean of political lies .
Book issued : Renaissance of modern Algeria and blessed revolution, in three large parts .
Book issued : Flags reform in Algeria 1921 To 1974 , In five large parts .

And has several authorship, historical and literary manuscripts and cash and educational them : Join the Ottoman Empire …Etc., and several historical and social plays, and his numerous articles .

God's mercy was an example of the packages and grandfather and activity, by the proverbial in maintaining time and اغتنامه, was from Algeria أفذاذ and orator Msqaa calls for firmness and unity, serenity and manhood and austerity and the preservation of Islamic and personal care to agriculture and Palm …

As long as the struggle until he died in his hometown on the evening 16 Muharram 1402 Corresponding to 13 November 1981, his funeral was attended by a large gathering of sheikhs, professors and his students and friends .
Leave a wealthy rich library of documents and the recorded picture bus mothers books .

And appreciation for him, called his name Mosque Sheikh Debbouze Ptiڤrar .

God's mercy and extensive Ngmayor mercy.


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