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Almzabion Ibadi sect

After fall Rustumiya state migrated some-Ibadi and Rustamid nationals from Tehrt to Argelan ( Ouargla ) And Sedrata, and a conference was held in the Wadi non Year 421 E, to consider the issues refugee Rustamid, فاقتضى Conference on secondment mark Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr Alherstaúa wanders in the desert of Morocco East hoping to find what may be that can Altvsh it for those refugees and other Ibadi Brig .

Came out, accompanied by his son and mark his servant Fassahawwa was aspects of the South fell selected on Mzab of, but it was Mamora a lot of Mu'tazilis, refer opinion and advice to the non-conference, Vanakd secondly, and it agreed to move to this country and reconstruction, including fit the population lives the Mu'tazila Almzabeyen than science .
Imam reformer is returned, his son and his servant, for the first time and in 422 E reached the town Tgnint, which is the middle globe more than other Palmatzlh, and began to call him to the Ibadi sect .
And were not in response between Musab al-Sheikh Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr to embrace Ibadi sect easy, as it killed his son Ibrahim, and this response was not immediate and collective, has remained a large number of them on his retirement for so .
After that the gel Almassabeyen responded to the doctrine of the call and righteousness, began the migration of some families of people Tehrt ( Amazigh families ) And some of the rest of the ruling family Rustumiya, to Mzab .
After embracing Gel Almzabeyen of the doctrine of Ibadi, Hassan embrace him, and out of them scientists and scholars in the denomination, and became an advocate for, and of the most important people Ibadi in the world, and is considered Almzabion of the few who kept Abadithm Islamic Maghreb with their brothers Jebel Nafusa .
It is worth mentioning that Almzabeyen were able to develop a system maintained Imamate Ibadi they have, and the system is Aezzabh, which is leading the secret Ibadi, and has been for this system, which put its nucleus Imam Muhammad Alherstaúa, the great merit of maintaining keep Noor doctrine beacon to the day Valley Mzab .


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