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Sheikh Ibrahim bin Omar eggs

Ould Cheikh Ibrahim bin Omar eggs ( God's mercy ) Day 11 Hijjah 1313 E – 21 Avril 1899 M, in Taڤrar ( Sump ) M'zab Valley (Algeria ) , And his father was a reform of the elders in the country, entered the Koranic school at an early age Fastzar Koran year 191 AD and old 12 Years and entered the ring Irwan ( Keep the Koran ) .

Taking the principles of jurisprudence and Arabic Mhaúkhh Haj Ibrahim Braki, Abul Ela Abdullah Ibn Ibrahim, Sheikh El Hadj Omar Ben Yahia, was Haunted Sheikha El Hadj Omar bin Yahya, was served and attend the meetings of the town elders with him and that was the school where the social .

Excelled intelligently and portfolio Vab sheikh Omar Ben Yahia in the teaching of rhetoric and logic, especially in some of his trips to the scientific and Argelan ( And Rڤlh ) , And after the First World War taken by force to compulsory military service, and immediately after his return began

In 1922, after a major epidemic went most of the dignitaries of the country of them, father and Sheikha, behind the sheikh in the presidency and the adoption of the scientific movement and Correctional Renaissance, and in 1922 a member of the income loop Aezzabh and was the youngest member of enters Aezzabh loop ( Social and religious body Bmzab ) , And has been appointed elders for teaching and preaching in the mosque, and then about 1940, was elected Chairman of the Board Aezzabh .

And on the day of 18 November 1343 E – 21 May 1925 AD, founded the Institute of life, and he called the Youth Institute, under the slogan :
” Religion and before the creation of culture, and the interests of the country before the interests of the individual ” , And is a sophisticated Institute aim was to combine religious and traditional science, and modern science .

In the year 1931, he opened a modern lesson from the book : Fath al-Baari, the correct explanation, and Akhtaatmh festive ceremony in 1945 AD and was attended by all the layers in the mosque, and in the surprise Muharram 1353 E – May 1935 M, having completed the interpretation of Amma opened studied interpretation of the Koran of فاتحته, and Akhtaatmh day 25 April 1400 e – 12 February 1980, and has a great festival was held attended by various official and administrative authorities at various levels, was also attended by a large crowd of imams and scholars from all over the country .

In 1931 co-founded the Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars, and the drafting of the basic law, and was elected to the management, Vosndt of the Secretariat on behalf of the Secretary of wealth, and in the year 1937, founded life Ptiڤrar the Association leading scientific renaissance reform .

Was his post effective articles featured in the national press, and of the summary of his ideas : Call for national unity, and adhere to the tenets of personal and general alert for a better future in the framework of the Islamic religion .

As it was to him as well as the interests of the events of the Islamic world and the Arab world, and in 1940 he was sentenced to house arrest Ptiڤrar not leave for four years universe in which generations of men of the nation's existing, and in 1948 was among the four Almamadan the telegrams and letters of support on behalf of the Algerian Palestinian .

Entered political life after his release from house arrest, and after the end of World War II, demanded Deal desert in Algeria alleged anti draft constitution granted by the French authorities to Algeria in 1947, he was elected by an overwhelming majority of the represent Mzab in the Algerian Council on : 20 April 1948, and was re-elected in 1951, and was a strong voice, which has long defended the Islamic institutions in Algeria, especially in the south .

Light of November 1954 إلى مارس 1962م ، كان محور جميع النشاط الثوري بمْـزاب عامة و تيـﭭْـرار خاصة ، يديره مباشرة بنفسه، و بواسطة أبنائه الشباب من تلاميذه بما في ذلك استقبال و إيواء جنود و ضباط جيش التحرير ، و جمع السلاح و التموين ، و إيصال ذلك الى مختلف مراكز الثورة في الجبال الشرقية و الشمالية ، و كان خلال الثورة الجزائرية على اتصال و ثيق بالمراسلات السرية بينه و بين جبهة التحرير الوطني و الحكومة المؤقتة للجمهورية الجزائرية بالمهجر ، و قد أصر على البقاء داخل القطر الجزائري ، رغم التهديد الاستعماري إيمانا منه بأن الكفاح لا يقتصر على رفع السلاح و حده ، و إنما يتكامل ببناء النفوس و إعدادها لتحمل الرسالة في المستقبل ، و يرجع إليه الفضل في إبطال مؤامرة فصل الصحراء عن الشمال .

In 19 March 1962 M, and after the cease-fire between the Algerian Liberation Army and the French army as a result of the Evian negotiations, was appointed a member of the Interim Executive Committee in recognition of his competence, and entrusted with the task of Cultural Affairs to-day delivery of power for the first Algerian government in September 1962 .

And in the years 1963 Elected Chairman of the Board uncle happy until his death .

In the seventies of the twentieth century, which was adopted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in issuing fatwa working astronomical calculations to prove the religious seasons, and in regard Meeqaat pilgrims in the plane as airport which descend Hijaz .

Of heritage literary and intellectual interpretation recorder for more than half of the Koran and the hundreds of tapes of valuable lessons for religious events, social and political, and opinions on the questions doctrinal and scientific and letters and articles, and of the fruits of jihad reformist generations of men and elders and teachers and doctors and .

The pillars of the reform renaissance: Holy Quran and the Sunnah, and the biography of Caliphs, and advances the righteous after them . Platforms spread his message: First Mosque, education institute Secondly, the outside community Third year .

Sealed his good breath, and his bus jihad on the six o'clock on Wednesday evening
8 March 1401 / 14 January 1981, at the age of 83 Years and the funeral of his body in a procession humbled rally was attended by a group of state officials, including five ministers, and on the morning of Friday, 10 March 1401 – 16January 1981, in his hometown, as the son of a great ceremony on Friday 21 May 1401- 27 March 1981 .

God bless Sheikh and submitted to the degrees of the prophets, the martyrs and the righteous and helped his successor to carry the torch of reform .


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