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The scientific value of the datum and Blog

The Musnad Bin Habib Faraaheedi spring and Abi Ghanem blog of the oldest concrete compositions Ibadi we have received, imam died in spring (181E) The opinion of some scientists, and Abu Ghanem concrete without his blog after Imam spring era years for conditions related to the scientific maturity, meaning that both the authors of the writings of the second century AH.

Imam spring schooled by senior scientists from scientists school Ibadi First, the likes of Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi decent Tamimi and accession bin bulk and dad Noah Saleh paint and other pupils Tabi great Imam Jabir bin Zaid, was novel Alhdithip for these, and most came from Using the largest teachers is Tabi Abu Ubaidah ibn Abi Muslim decent Tamimi.

And Abu Ghanem al-Khorasani pupil of the spring and peer spring from the other disciples of Abu Ubaidah Muslim ibn Abi Karima al-Tamimi, has within his blog views and interpretations of these, which make up the outline of the theories of the first of the school Ibadi Basra, which made up some thinkers contemporary to call the school Jabriyah, which can be prepared School .

Scientific value:

The spring Musnad Bin Habib has written in the second century AH, that is one of the first the Hadith تأليفا books, has not been given moment of fame for political and ideological reasons that were classified Ibadi school goers as political opponents of the central authority.

This relative proximity of the era of prophecy makes for great scientific datum position as one of the first books Hadith rated, which of course reveals the methodology School Islamic - كالمدرسة-Ibadi- In the text dealing with the newborn in terms of blogging and examination.

In contrast is the code of humans bin Ghanim al-Khorasani blogs value in the detection of features and parameters of this approach newborn followed the theorists of this school, because it's not just say abstract scientists school Jabriyah Basra, but they also reveal their way of dealing with various المرويات both those that came from .

We do not want to linger on the reader to describe these two Alseverin, but we refer the reader to recent studies draw them, so book (Imam spring stature and Musnad) Sheikh Saeed bin tag Congratulations Alqnobi, and Book (Modern novel when Ibadi) Sheikh Saleh bin Ahmed Al Busaidi, and Book (Imam Abu Obeida and his understanding) Dr. Mubarak bin Abdullah Al-Rashidi.

School Ahl al-Hadeeth:

Characterization of the theory can not deal with the newborn text without stopovers on the production of Ahl al-Hadeeth School - a major Islamic schools -, as it is the school that accounted for most of the efforts in modern notation, curriculum development and theories to deal with it.

We can half this school as a major Islamic schools, which worked the novel since the early The first Albwakir to this school back to some companions Almktherin from the novel, and who have had many students took them.

It seems that a lot of the novel has begun activates with ignition flames of sedition, and open the door wide for both HP and bear Leroy, while the situation days of political stability at the time of الخليفتين Abu Bakr and Umar was the reduction of the novel with no use out of it, and only what they know .

Roy governor in Mustadrak and recaps of Sunan at the age also: Ogulwa talk about the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, and I am your partner.

And Ibn Assaker that bulk bin Yazid said: I heard Omar Abu Huraira says: To Ttercn talk about the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, or, to Olhaknk land Dos.

At the beginning and the end and the end to the son of many from Abu Hurayrah: I have to talk if I have spoken in the time of Omar Chj my head.

The effects of propagation of the novel and the opening of the floodgates that ballooned texts talk big inflation, making it easier for the owners of the bad goals and objectives ride the wave and transmit what they want from ideas.

The irony is that people talk school - which found itself in the same trench with the power at that time- Did not notice since the very beginning to the case of a lot of the novel and their negative consequences, but she continued to insist wondrous track oddity of the wonders novels and exploration, making matters worse, and even odder that this imbalance systematic counting after strenuous efforts to save the Sunnah of loss!.

Faced with this deluge Algarve of المرويات, of School started talking in solving this problem created law to accept the novel and scrutinized, which is known from the after Musleh flag talk.

This approach is innovative unlike the nature of mental relevant considering the partial school people talk, as he neglected altogether after time all axes, only once you consider the attribution in most cases, allowing for many المرويات pass and move and dominate the thought and life of hundreds of Sunnis.

Read datum and Blog:

After our review of the most important points that I took on a modern school, whether that specializes in blogging or those that specialize Hadith theories have continued to deal with the novel Hadith, we can say: Induction of the reality of macro and trace Musnad spring - which is supported talk when Ibadi- Blog preached bin Ghanim al-Khorasani :

1. The newborn did not swell text in these Alseverin, فمسند Imam spring, for example, contains most Sharia doors and the number of his speeches (742) Newly.

This reduction of the novel about the Prophet, peace be upon him not defective nor demonstrates the weakness of science in any way, it is a curriculum that walked by the Companions of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him days of political stability.

This is to minimize, in my view is due to two things:

-First: The fear of mixing of the application of legislation, especially in the novel process which is made from non-scholars who know the conditions and circumstances of the novel, comes deduction mechanisms, deletions and amputation and the novel sense, to provide for generations to a text that the legislative text, while the text of the application (= Reality if not beyond it, or apply for other legislative texts). Examples include many المرويات that were classified under the heading of prophetic medicine, many of which are not legislation, but is an expression of inter existing knowledge in that era, but came pursuant to the origin of a legislative He should Therapeutics, including saying peace be upon him as narrated from Abu Hurayrah ( What God has sent down any disease but a cure revealed).

This is making a lot of scholars companions deal cautiously with accounts of non-jurists of them, and the reader can extrapolate from treated like Ibn Abbas and Aisha and Omar ibn al-Khattab and others may Allah be pleased with them - with مرويات of the non-Faqih of them, all written in the Asahah and Sunan.

For example, what came from Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: ‏(Banshee in the house and the women and the Persians). But Ms. Aisha objected to it and indicated that Abu Huraira abstract novel about the circumstances in which they have been said, so the novel came contrary to the general fixed assets total extrapolation Total Fixed sound texts.

ففي رواية مكحول عند الطيالسي أنه قيل لعائشة أم المؤمنين أن أبا هريرة يقول قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: (Then Banshee in three women in the house and the Persians), Said Aisha: Abu Huraira not keep because he entered the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him says: (May Allah curse the Jews say: The Schumann in three women in the house and the Persians). Last heard talk has been heard ole).

-Secondly: Fear of Quranic connotations landfill novels are, in fact, deal with time, while the semantics of the Koran on those issues connotations flying across time and space, which is expressed some contemporary feature (Compactness) Any presence of a massive hoarding of the Quranic text provoked friction when the Quranic text to reality, but it was tips Farouk Omar - may Allah be pleased with him – Mission to which it sends to the regions that Agulwa of the novel does not occupy people about the Koran, depending on what it settled Sunan known work, rather than make a مرويات Mojtzih out of context and circumstances.

Roy recaps from Qrzh ibn Ka'b (Sent age Ibn El Khattab Rhta, the Ansar to Kufa, Fbosna the them and started walking with us until he came to the Rubble- Crushed water in through the city- And started to shake the dust off his feet and then said: You come Kufa Vtaton of them folk whiz Holy Faotonkm, they say, made the companions of Muhammad made the companions of Muhammad, Faotonkm Fasaloncm talking, know that bestowed ablution three ثنتان a Tdzean, and then said: You you come Kufa Vtaton of the folk them humming the Koran, they say, made the companions of Muhammad made the companions of Muhammad, Faotonkm Fasaloncm about talk Vogulwa the novel from the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and I .

Said Qrzh,: I you were to sit in the modern Ivkron folk from the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, and I am for those who keep them, if according to the commandment of the age of silent).

2.Features that characterized the Musnad spring Receive all jurists, Most predicate novels that narrated by Imam Bin spring Habib came writ of Next: أبو عبيدة عن جابر بن زيد عن أحد من الصحابة عن رسول الله ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم .

This series jurists تتلمذوا and Tasroa and took from each other, the issue they have is not just a novel and transport, but also consideration and reflection and examination, and this Almlhz led to spare the predicate a lot of المرويات that are contrary to the provisions of book-Aziz, or collide with fixed assets texts correct agreed, or those .

3.Practical translation of the assets of the Holy Quran: Who should pay attention to him that the Koran is the curriculum and the Constitution, a book of staff and assets:

(We have sent down to you the male to show people what was revealed to them and perhaps they reflect).

(We have neglected nothing in the book).

(And you went down the book gives an account of everything, and a guidance and mercy and glad tidings for Muslims).

But the burning question: What a year for site to the Koran?!.

The reality of induction overall datum is clear to us, that the novels assigned a practical translation of the assets brought by book-Aziz, did not come something of novels Mptot relevant for the Koran, and the fancy of it but it is in reality when you consider meditation translation of fixed assets by extrapolation the total sum of the texts received .

The loss of the novel of Quranic out whether it was a text or extrapolation and tracking overall look is old school, which was reflected in the Bahaz, the relevant Mptot considers divine revelation coming out of the circle of fixed assets.

What was the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to begin is outside the scope of the revelation that came to him from his Lord, the Almighty:

(What utter passion that is only revelation revealed).

See, for example, what they mentioned in the novels that come a long year for the purposes of the Holy Quran:

-Talk prohibition gold and silk men and Abaanha for women - a datum and other-

And the beholder meditator knows it is a matter did not come to prohibit the text in the book Aziz, except that the total consideration of the verses of the Book Aziz interpretation of the meaning (The male is not كالأنثى) And that (You will not find God for the year any change) Connects into Quranic holistic destination is the need to maintain the privacy of every race, and it is absurd to manipulate the divine obligatory duties established by God Almighty in the universe, and try every race walk in the other line, but the result was (It replaces the grace of God, after it came to him, Allah is severe in punishment) Legislation in the under Quranic circuit which practical translation of the assets brought by writers Aziz.

In this says a school scholars Jabriyah Basra who narrated humans bin Ghanim al-Khorasani in the blog, the son of Abdul Aziz in vol. 1, p 212 Rada who are trying to hash circle revelation: (We have not seen a people followed the novel and destroy the book of God you…).

He does not understand that the denial of the available space of the Prophet peace be upon him for the legislation, God Almighty says: (Obey Allah and obey the Messenger), So what was expressing this region found which proved as frequently Khaiat prayer, pilgrimage and other rites devotional or is Sunan compound them as expressed by the scholar Ibn pool, stoning the married adulterer and the sanctity of breastfeeding as sacred ratios and the prohibition of the combination between women and her aunt and the woman and her aunt, which is expressed : (And all of them difference of opinion, the difference was not in the book nor years, nor the impact upon society, but they differ in opinion)[1].

4.Upholding the Quranic connotations: The Koran first and second and X. Then comes the year after that, ie that the Quran is the one who should be prosecuted him unilateral novels not contrary, Vttmr the Quranic connotations under the impetus of a flood sweeping novel.

This was the result of a natural phenomenon of a lot of novels, an approach which goes by schools archaeological news in various directions, and that turned the equation upside down, becoming the novels is the parent should be directed to the Quranic connotations.

As for to school Jabriyah and فقهائها did not suffer from this problem, due to the reduction of the novel, the text did not swell newborn blogger have to so frightening limit, which in turn created a dogwood prominent حاكموا the presence to المرويات.

At that scholars say school visual Jabriyah who transfer their humans Bin Ghanem Khorasani in his blog vol. 1, p 212 in adulterous marriage issue for those who committed adultery with her: (رضيتم novels men and followers of their views on and its هموا and led them and left the Book of Allah, which stated prohibition to marry the adulterer and the adulteress, and we have not seen some people follow the novel and destroy the book of God you…).

They said in 2, p 76 in the trial of a novel (That Otti Zhan, a weak man ordered the creation بميلة of Athakal said: Ajldvh price…) To the words of God Almighty: (Does not take you by the compassion in the religion of Allah): (Do not take this in their conversations do not believe them in it, even if we know that the Prophet, peace be upon him did so because we…).

[1] See also (Studies on Ibadi) Pp. 128, d / Amr developing: (He said Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz that the conversations that were famous among the companions and followers is that you should adopt, but gay news should not be taken).

Mr. Khalid Al Wahaibi

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