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History of the novel

Sunnah constitute the second source of legislation supplementing the Koran, it is a statement of what the Holy Book of the canons and instructions Almighty says {Male and sent down to you to show people what was revealed to them and they may reflect} Bees: 44, Has focused on all of the nation and its teams following year and maintain, however, and as a result of varying perceptions of mental theorists each team, and result of Aljbroca role overwhelming power of the ruling nation differed in defining the concept of year وطريقة التعامل معها، فبعد أن كانت السنة في عهد الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم وصحابته الكرام تمثل المنهاج والطريقة العملية التي مارسها الرسول r لشرائع الدين وشعائره، انحرف هذا المفهوم وتوسع وتمدد ليشمل كل ما أثر عن النبي r من قول أو فعل أو تقرير، وهذا المفهوم للسنة يتجاهل العوامل الزمانية والمكانية للحظة النص الأصلية أي اللحظة التي قال فيها النبي r ذلك القول وفعل ذلك الفعل وأقر ذلك التقرير، فهل كان هذا الفعل أو القول أو التقرير:

1. Legally binding judgment of the nation as a whole, as is the case with demonstrate the canons of religion and laws that were outlined in the book Aziz ordered by God Almighty nation to follow them, as in the words of the Almighty {وَمَا آتَاكُمُ الرَّسُولُ فَخُذُوهُ وَمَا نَهَاكُمْ عَنْهُ فَانْتَهُوا} Hashr: 7, With the assurance that what came to us by the Prophet Muhammad, upon him is the revelation {إِنْ هُوَ إِلاَّ وَحْيٌ يُوحَى} Star: 4, And includes the Quran revelation “Male” And year “Statement” As in the Qur'an.

2. Or was diligent of the Prophet r in isolation from the revelation coming down her own merits temporal and spatial may affect the absolute right or does not affect the right which befits Bmqamh as is the case in dealing with the issue of prisoners of Badr confirmed by the verse {What was a prophet to have captives until thickens in the land you want to display this world and God wants the Hereafter, and Allah is Mighty, Wise * Not a book of God already ransom while you take a great punishment } Anfal: 66-67, Which is attached by Muhammad Rashid Rida saying: “That the Prophet himself had mistakes in his diligence, but God shows him that not approved by him, as stated by scientists, he is infallible in reporting God is not in the opinion and diligence. And from the foregoing diligence peace and blessings of God be upon Mecca in symptoms for the poor blind weak Abdullah bin or Maktoum (Trauma) While came to him asking him he calls elders rich idolaters proud to Islam so as not to expose to hear his call, Fatbh God on that by saying {عَبَسَ وَتَوَلَّى أَن جَاءَهُ الأعْمَى} Abs: 1″([1]).

3. Or was it actually is part of the human nature of the Prophet r {Say I am but a man like yourselves revealed to} Cave: 110, As is the case with ارتياده markets dress and wear it for the people of his time, and his ride and means Moaslathm, and use their craft and war machines, and employing Baduathm and their doctors.

ونتيجة لاتساع مفهوم السنة، الذي واكب التغيرات السياسية التي حدثت في الأمة حيث المذاهب الفقهية تتفاصل والفرق الكلامية تتجادل والقوى السياسية تتناحر، بدأ بعض المسلمين بشكل عفوي بتدوين السنة ليتم حفظها من العبث، لكن تأثير تلك الحروب السياسية والكلامية والفقهية ألقى بظلاله على عملية التدوين، حيث كانت كل فرقة تطلب النص الذي يؤيد موقفها ضد الآخر، فتضخمت بذلك نصوص السنة تضخماً رهيباً كان للسلطة فيه الدور الأكبر، وكان وراء عملية التضخيم هذه مجموعة من الرواة العوام الذين لم يتمرسوا الفقه ومبادئه قاموا بجمع الروايات وحشوها في مصنفات ضخمة فعرفوا بالحشوية([2]), And result Afrathm in collection and Takyish of novels dating people named b “Ahl al-Hadeeth”And because the term of the attraction in the hearts of ordinary people and grassroots those able to exploit the objective conditions for the political and intellectual install their curriculum and the consolidation of their thoughts, and considered themselves the sole representative of the Prophetic Sunnah and Mkhalvém the people of heresy and error!.

To emphasize the sanctity of modern people thought between factors nation Tyre these to their followers that the best year of the Koran, because the Koran in their needs for the year, and the year is in need independent of the Koran, he said Albarbharri: “The Quran desperately to from year to year Qur'an”([3]). Although this case Enqdha the mind and transport Vhadjih year as said Imam Shaatibi come in the second division after the Quran([4]), Book lump Bthbute the overall and detailed for bringing them to us as frequently, the nation did not differ all denominations him, while the lump Bthbutea year as a whole, but مظنونة permanence detailed because the most mono novels, and I think permanence Ones([5]). The Authentic year stems mainly from the command of Allah to His Messenger r illustrated provisions of the Quran to the people {Male and sent down to you to show people what was revealed to them and they may reflect} Bees: 44, And can not be a better explanation than annotated, because if no explanation was not affected while if not annotated not annotated to explain the benefit of([6]).

If the year, in essence, is the explanation for the entire Qur'an, in other words, is the molecular process with the provisions outlined in the Book of Allah, the Mighty and the command of the Prophet r بتوضيحها of his mother, and this year the process agreed the nation on many of them, which appeared as frequently as the number of rak'ahs of prayer, and the value of Zakat, and Hajj Kaelloukov . The novels tons unilateral imposed on us by the people talk on the landing as the year authoritative and followers, it can not be accepted except in accordance with a strict system of investigation and audit, stems from a desire to disliked the canon of intruder.

These Alentjah same summarized Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin pool (ت 362هـ) Saying: “And the year on two types: By year had met them, has waived unanimous request of authenticity, and a different year, and did not report all flag, which is a conflict between people in the health. Therefore must be isnaads and search for authenticity then conflict in interpretation if true, move it, if they differed in its judgment was their return to the book”([7]).

The position of the Prophet r companions of unilateral novels:

If all those tons of novels unilateral that كدسها us modern people represent the essence of Islam - as Hoalhal with the Holy Quran and Sunnah process- لجعل لها رسول الله r كتّاباً يدونونها، ووضع لها طريقة مناسبة للجمع كما هو الحال مع عملية تدوين القرآن الكريم وجمعه، ولو كانت كل تلك الروايات الآحادية من بين الأشياء التي يجب عليه تبليغها لاجتهد r في حفظها، ولحدّد لها المنهج المناسب في عملية النقل والتبليغ حتى لا يسمح للروايات الموضوعة والضعيفة بالولوج إليها، وهذه الضوابط التي يفترض بالرسول r أن يفعلها ناتجة من أمر الله تعالى له بتبليغ الأمة أولها وآخرها بالأحكام التفصيلية للدين الإسلامي، فالله تعالى يقول: {O Prophet was sent down to you from your Lord and that did not do what amounted to his} Round 67.
Historical truth, however, emphasizes just the opposite, it has elaborated news on the prevention of the Prophet r write some novels([8]), Came about r, he said: “Do not write me only the Koran and Me books other than the Koran Vlamha”([9]), Came from Abu Sa'eed, he said: “Best Prophet r to authorize the us in the book but he refused”([10]), With him also that he said: “What we write is tashahhud and the Quran”([11]), Said Abu Huraira: “We went out the Messenger of Allah r and we write conversations, he said: What is this that you write? : Talk we hear from you. Said: Book is the book of God!, Do you know. What better before you Nations except as subscribed of books with the Book of Allah”([12]).

This situation continued opposition of the codification of novels and news to the era of prophet, God bless them, it was narrated from Abu Bakr that bring people together, he said: “Youre تحدثون with the Messenger of Allah r differ conversations, and people are after you, the most difference, not talked about the Messenger of Allah something, it سألكم to the Vcoloa: Between us and you book God, Fasthaloua the Halaleh, denied Hramh”([13]). The Omar bin Khattab came that طفق the يستخير God months, and then said: “I you want to write the Sunnah, and I said some people before you wrote books Vokpoa, that it left the Book of Allah, and I am God does not Ohob the Book of Allah never something”([14]), Then wrote in the regions “He had something of novels Vlamha”([15]), And told him that he burned a collection of novels and said: “Mtnah Kmtnah People of the Book”([16]). The severity of the reserves to prevent unilateral write novels come out with his apostles to prospects and walking with them on the way to tell them: “You come to town people Doi Koran Cdoa bees, there Tsteke ahaadeeth from the Messenger of Allah r and I'm your partner”([17]). It has reached the reservists in the prevention talk to the imprisonment of a degree of senior companions Xtharhm the update was Roy that he sent to Abdullah bin Masood and Abu Darda and Abu Massoud Ansari, said to them,: “What is this talk who Tktron for the Messenger of Allah?”, Vhbsam! The city even cited([18]).

It was narrated from Abdullah bin Masood, it was burned by some newspaper then said conversations: “I remember God knows when one man, but let me know it, and God, if I know it Badir India attained, this people of the book before you perished while renounced the Book of Allah behind their backs as if they do not know”([19]), And Sid wanted to write recently forbade Zaid ibn Thabit said: “The Messenger of Allah ordered us not to write anything of his speech”([20]).

And give reasons for people to talk that this prohibition is abrogated including رووه of a man of the people of Yemen said: “Just write me, O Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah r: Just write to my father Shah. And I said to Ozai: What he said: Just write me, O Messenger of Allah? : This sermon he heard from the Messenger of Allah r “([21]).

However, this protest ينقضه the context of the novel itself, as is clear from the novel that the Prophet r but allowed the man left his farewell because they represent a set of detailed provisions Shara “Year process”، وقد سمعها عشرات الآلاف من الصحابة، وكتبت في حضور الرسول r وتحت إشرافه، وموضع الخطبة شائع، وحضره جمع غفير فيستحيل تحريف حرف منه، فهي بذلك تجري مجرى السنة المتواترة التي أطبقت عليها الأمة، ومنع الرسول r كان للروايات الآحادية، ونفس هذا التحليل يجري على أحكام الصدقات والديات والفرائض التي كتبت في حديث عمر بن حزم، ولو كان هذا إذناً بكتابة الروايات الآحادية لما ثبت عن الصحابة منع كتابة مثل تلك الروايات، ولما استدل أبى سعيد الخدري بالمنع بعد وفاة الرسول r، ولما منع زيد بن ثابت معاوية من الكتابة.

He said the people of the modern answer for preventing the Prophet r and his companions of the novel by saying that the ban was necessary in the beginning to not mix the modern Koran!, And this Wah protest because the Arabs known بالفصاحة and severity of conservation can not be confused Quran otherwise, especially since the Quran is miraculous in his words and installed, and can not be mixed with other([22]).

والظاهر أن المنع من الرواية كان القصد منه عدم الخلط بين الجانب التشريعي للسنة الذي تواتر عملياً عند الأمة، وبين الجانب البشري أو التشريعي غير الملزم كاجتهادت النبي r في القضايا اليومية ذات الصبغة المحلية المأطرة في حدود الزمان والمكان، خاصة وأنها حوادث لم يشهدها إلا فرد أو أفراد قليلون من الصحابة وهم غير معصومين من الخطأ والنسيان والرواية بالمعنى مع اختلاف ملكاتهم العقلية، بالإضافة إلى أن النبي r أراد الإبقاء على دائرة الإلزام في أضيق الحدود، وأراد الإبقاء على دائرة الإباحة واسعة كما قررها منهج القرآن الكريم، بينما ستحمل الروايات الآحادية مضامين إلزامية مع مرور الزمن لاختلاطها بالتشريع الملزم.

Novelist chaos:

The previous reading of the process of codification first novels and position them draw him to the codification of unilateral novels received a bulwark of the Prophet r and his two companions Abu Bakr and Omar, what happened after that?

During the reign of the third Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan, with the beginning erupted strife between companions and the subsequent assassination of Caliph, Event loose novelist terrible smartest Jzute dazzle companions including narrated heel News and others who climber wrote People of the Book, and the political factors explosive role in fueling the chaos novelist, ([23]).

Unlike Omar ibn al-Khattab, who ban on the heel of the novel inks and modernization, Othman bin Affan was listening to novels heel inks and consulted in matters of the nation, Golden has been cited in the translation of Abu Dhar al-Ghafari “Sir Heraldry” More than emphasize the novel Abu Dhar revolt against views heel inks in the Caliph Uthman, including the fact that Abu Dhar Ali Osman income and has turned to Osman heel to heel, he said: “O Abu Ishaq, what it says those who raise this money, was Itsedk it reaches the uterus? : I hope his. Angry - that Abu Dhar- And raise it stick”([24]).

Roy that Muawiyah heels accused of lying([25]), Not just to have it in the era of Osman because the heels go to Sham, which was rolling Walia([26]), Did not heel to happens Pegraúbh in the days of Omar. Abu Huraira himself confirms the fact that the start of the novel in the era after the Omar bin Khattab, where he says: “If you were in the time of life, such as what to tell you to hit me Bmkhvgueth”([27]), And also says: “I have to talk if you spoke out at the time of Omar Chj my head”([28]).

After the assassination of Caliph Uthman bin Affan فشا, update in Muawiya group to the extent that Ali ibn Abi Talib, accusing them of corrupting the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah r, has said about them in two rows: “God fought any gang white Sodoa, and any talk of an interview Messenger of Allah r corrupted”([29]).

The fact that the spread of modernization in the party rolling and Shiites confirmed what proved Muawiya that he wanted to write a newly forbade Zaid ibn Thabit said: “The Messenger of Allah ordered us not to write anything of his speech”([30]).

He arrived corrupting the Umayyad to talk to a large extent caused some companions to stop advertising the novel, came from Abdullah bin Abbas - Ali party- He said: “Verily we make a messenger of God as it was not lying to him, and when he rode people hard and Alzlol, let us talk about it”([31]).

We have explained in the introduction to the book the role of the Umayyad dynasty in encouraging conversations novel modeling and deferral. Ibn Abd al-Barr says: “قال عبدالرحمن بن مهدي وقد سئل أي الحديث أصح قال: حديث أهل الحجاز قيل له ثم من؟ قال: حديث أهل البصرة. قيل ثم من؟ قال: حديث أهل الكوفة، قالوا: فالشام؟ قال: فنفض يده”([32]).

Some point out that Abu Huraira is more people a novel about the Prophet r, where Roy (5374) Newly([33]) The of Muawiya Shiites, where he was Marwan ibn al-Hakam Istkhalafh the city([34]). Says Saeed bin Musayyib: “Abu Huraira was if gave Muawiya silent, if grabbed him spoke”([35]).

Abu Huraira and novelist chaos:

Abu Huraira says “What's one of the companions of the Messenger of God more recently than me with him, but what was Abdullah bin Amr, it writes and you do not write”([36]).

However, Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas - the of Muawiya Shiites also- Had told (671) Only recently, which is collected by Ahmad bin Hanbal in his Musnad, and perhaps if we deleted refined them to the lack of the number to a large extent, but it is narrated from the people of the book, and became addicted to look at their books, and took care of it([37]), And hit on the Yarmouk Zamlten of the books of the people of the book, was the happening of them!([38]).

The Abu Huraira has been happening for the heel inks even told him heel “I never saw anyone did not read the Bible know, including Abu Huraira”([39]), And was Abu Huraira frequently from the novel from heel inks to the extent that they confuse the narrators between the heel novels and stories of the Prophet r, has said the secret bin Saeed: “Fear Allah, and beware of talking, I swear I remember when Njals Abu Huraira, which leads to the Messenger of Allah r and tell us about then heel, then hear some of us makes the Messenger of Allah's talk about the heel, heel and makes an interview from the Messenger of Allah r “([40]), While others attributed to fraud and mixing inks heel novels and stories of the Prophet r!, It was narrated that he said Division: “Abu Huraira was يدلس, which tells what he hears from the heel and what he heard from the Messenger of Allah r, does not distinguish this from this”([41]).

Some interpret follow Abu Huraira heel inks that he was impressed by including at the heel of the wonders of the news, Nodar Talmudic legends, and confirms Abu Huraira himself on this diligence in seeking knowledge of the heel where he says inks: “Came out to heel I met phase inks I sat him Vhaddtna about the Torah, and told him about the Messenger of Allah r “([42]).

However, this duo novelist “Heel and Abu Huraira” Was the subject of follow-up and monitoring by many of the companions, so it came of age Ibn El Khattab هددهما, expulsion from the city, said Omar Abu Huraira: “To Ttercn talk about the Messenger of Allah r or to Olhaknk the land Dos! Heel said: Of modern Ttercn, or to Olhaknk the land of monkeys”([43]).

It is impossible to tell Abu Huraira all those stories about the Prophet r alone, and for reasons that be obvious most important: It is the safest in the Khyber late in the seventh year of immigration, which he did not يعاصر Prophet r, but only four years - and perhaps less because it ابتعث to Bahrain- , While the tenth rest of immigrants twenty-three-year-old, as he entered Islam, which is a great age, he was at the age of more than thirty years, and is known that the Queen of conservation at this age have weakened and weakened compared with keeping young people as is the case with Abdullah bin Abbas .

Abu Huraira was in fact does not happen all the Prophet r, but was happening from his companions what they had heard from the Prophet r, narrated assigned accounts of events occurring before entering Islam, where narrated that the Prophet r said to his uncle: “Say there is no god but Allah and I bear witness to you on the Day of Resurrection”([44]), And that the Prophet r said to his people, while Allah Almighty upon the verse {وَأَنذِرْ عَشِيرَتَكَ الْأَقْرَبِينَ}Poets: 214 “O Quraish do not sing you something from God”([45]), Without mentioning the medium, who told him to these events, which led to charges of fraud Division([46]), Said Division: “Abu Huraira, individual by the newly Saad, fell between the two words, even shook their doors”([47]).

Says Sarkhasi: “Is best known for some of the companions and later to oppose his novel analogy, Son of Abbas when he heard tells “توضئوا which touched fire”([48]), Said: “What do you think if wudoo preheat the water you're wudoo it? ”… And when he heard tells “Download funeral فليتوضأ”([49])، “Said: “أيلزمنا الوضوء من حمل عيدان يابسة؟Said#8221; … And when I heard Aisha, the mother of believers that Abu Huraira narrates that adultery born evil three. قالت: “How is this God has said {وَلاَ تَزِرُ وَازِرَةٌ وِزْرَ أُخْرَى} Cattle: 164؟ … Narrated that Aisha said her nephew not to admire the multitude of novel this man and the Messenger of Allah r Event interviews if counted learns them returned([50])!, And Ibrahim Nakha'i said: Were taking from Abu Hurayrah and claim”([51]).” … And when I heard Aisha, the mother of believers that Abu Huraira narrates that adultery born evil three. Said: “How is this God has said {وَلاَ تَزِرُ وَازِرَةٌ وِزْرَ أُخْرَى} Cattle: 164؟ … Narrated that Aisha said her nephew not to admire the multitude of novel this man and the Messenger of Allah r Event interviews if counted learns them returned([50])!, And Ibrahim Nakha'i said: Were taking from Abu Hurayrah and claim”([51]).

It is strange to find novels raised to the Prophet r via Abu Huraira that describe everything that he hears it “Liar” Where they came: “Enough lies a man to everything that he hears”([52]), However, see Abu Huraira novels of abundance and abundance so torrential became the rumbling Abu Huraira own admission!, He said replying to a question about the large number of companions novel: “If you were in the time of life, such as what to tell you to hit me Bmkhvgueth”([53]), Based in amazement said people from the large number of novel: “You say: The Abu Huraira is much talk about the Messenger of Allah and say,: What is wrong with immigrants and supporters not happen for the Messenger of Allah r such Abu Huraira? … The Messenger of Allah said in an interview with wrought: “It will not be a robe simplifies even spend my article this then brings him his robe, but the awareness of what I say” فبسطت tiger even if I spent the Messenger of Allah collected his article to my chest, what forgotten article the Messenger of Allah that nothing”([54]), Suggesting that Abu Huraira not Leroux novel modern condemn frequent but attributed to him, or that he does not see that the novel about the Prophet r preventive intervention within the framework of the update of everything, and that he did not realize the dimensions of prohibition of the Prophet r and the caliphs after him for the novel.

We do not question the clarity of the doctrine of Abu Huraira and in the purity of سريرته, but his novels about people of the book was the scourge of the nation, and the Alaudhaaan took Abu Huraira Tkih for canning novels and attributed to the Prophet r, multiplicity novels Abu Huraira especially in ÇáŰŃÇĆČ wonders that transported heel inks .

A chapter of a book controversial novel and know-how when people talk

D. Zakaria المحرمي

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[52] Sahih Muslim 7 8 and 9, and was at the forefront of Sahih Muslim [10] Malik as saying: “I know that a man is not delivered everything that he hears, and never be an imam, which is everything that he hears”.

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[54] Bukhari 2047, Muslim [6397]159-(2492). And annexation of modern dress Abu Huraira novels did not forget any of them is a modern mono does not prove a miracle, and opposers reality, how much of the novel refunded companions because the father Hurayrah not يضبطها, with this novel of sex bizarre tales that استنكرها companions Abu Huraira. Muslim narrated this same novel by Malik bin Anas number [6398] Said: “However, the owner ended his speech at the expiration of the view of Abu Huraira, did not mention in his novel about the Prophet r: (Simplifies the garment) Etc.”!.

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