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Authoring movement when Omanis in the Hijri centuries the first three

The Omani history is emotional, encompassed a lot of lessons and sermons, and has a lot of weddings and Alotrah, and Omani heritage heritage and broad and diverse needs of researchers, a major effort and painstaking to collect Diaspora and the settlement of his papers .

And has left us imams Oman and scientists a lot of literature and research that need to be young hands of the Islamic nation to uncover them, and shake the dust of time and forget about all those generations great literature left by our ancestors .

It is characterized by the Omani heritage diversity and breadth in authoring, Omanis interested in a lot of Arts science, Aftrkoa the doors and Ojawa squares, Tsnamwa caps, Vibdawa in authoring and added new legacy of their predecessors of scientists .

فإننا لو تأملنا الكثير من فنون العلم سنجد أن اليراع العماني ساهم بشكل فعال في تلك الفنون ، وبشكل متقن ومتمكن ينم عن قوة علمية وملكة عقلية ، فنجد لهم المؤلفات في التفسير والحديث وعلوم القرآن والفقه وأصوله والتوحيد وعلوم اللغة والتاريخ والطب والفلك وعلوم البحار وغيرها من فنون العلم ، فألفوا في هذه العلوم المختصرات والمطولات التي زاد بعضها عن التسعين مجلدا ، وبل وقاموا بنظم بعض العلوم وأقرب مثال لذلك ” Core of the system ” Imam Abdullah bin Humaid Al Salmi ( T. : 1332E / 1914ملحق بسير *الشماخي ) , And Abu Ammar Abdul Kafi” Gold Chains ” Sheikh Mohammed bin Shamis البطاشي, who organized the book explained Nile Imam Mohammed Tfayyesh in 124 A house, and finished in the year 1390 (1) .

And also we will find that the Omani to take into account its own flavor, it is not fake or مقتات what scattering from other tables, but it take into account the examiner hanging critic, useful and takes sick leave after that comment upon يتعقبه .

Let's talk and come to live to cite examples of what we mentioned a little while ago, and I will just mention examples of Omani books appeared in the first three centuries Hijra :

Omanis have cared authorship since the first Hijri centuries, but from the first century AH, imam-founder of the doctrine of Ibadi Imam Abu الشعثاء-Jaber Bin Zaid kadhdhaab ( 18- 93E ) Leave us a valuable scientific encyclopedia known as ” Jaber Bureau ” In seven loads, some researchers have promised first collection of talk in the office, the promise of the early authors in Islam, but this Diwan lost because of strife and wars (2) .

But I stayed in our hands authored a text : ” Prayer Book ” Manuscript is still on the island of Djerba, Tunisia, and perhaps the missing part of his office, was mentioned in Dr. / Amr Khalifa important information in developing his thesis, and achieved a preliminary investigation, it copy manuscript Balbaronih; One of his books have saved us the hand of fate also ” Book of Marriage ” He is also still a manuscript Jerba, and perhaps also a part of his office, has indexed d / developing his thesis; and its effects as well as correspondence, correspondence and answers to his disciples and his companions, including seventeen message addressed to Ibaadis in several citizen; and its effects as well as ” Jurisprudence of Imam Jabir bin Zaid ” The collection and investigation Prof. Yahya Baccouche, has been printed twice, and finally ” From the answers of Imam Jaabir bin Zayd ” Sort Sheikh Saeed bin behind Kharousi was printed in Amman (3) .

It was reported Mr. Baccouche that the thing is certain that the Imam Jabir God's mercy messages sporadic exist today in bookcases, some of which is in the Dar al-Kutub, some of which is in the Ministry of Heritage and Culture in Amman, including what is in Britain, and in the library Albaronah Jerba, perhaps part (4) .

The updated Imam ibn Habib al-Azdi spring ( Born between the years 75- 80 E, and died between 175- 180E ) (5) Who took over leading the Ibadi sect after the death of Sheikha Imam Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi dignified ( T. : 145E ) , As well as leaving us important effects and value Vmma left us : 1- Musnad spring : It Mayor Ibaadis in the modern, and contains about ( 743 ) Recently, The Sindh of the healthiest isnaads the top, where it tells the sheikh Abu Obeida the Imam Jabir bin Zaid from his companions, God bless them, and may come out from this bond in a few rare, 2- Gospel : It has about ( 140 ) Impact, which constitutes the third part of my father Jacob Allowargelana the order ( T. : 570E ) Printed under the name ” Whole right ” 3- روايT.ت الإمام محبوبWhole right ( 150- 200هـ ) Imam spring, which constitute some of Part IV of the ” الجامع الصحيح ” 4- The effects of spring : A book written by his disciple Abu Safra Abdul Malik bin zero ( 150- 200هـ ) Collection of the novels Imam spring accession bulk bin ( 100- 150هـ ) Imam Jabir, 5- His views and jurisprudential answers : A مبثوثة in his students wrote and later as Abu Ghanem concrete ( 220هـ ) Blogger (6) .E ( 150- 200E ) Imam spring, which constitute some of Part IV of the ” Whole right ” 4- The effects of spring : A book written by his disciple Abu Safra Abdul Malik bin zero ( 150- 200E ) Collection of the novels Imam spring accession bulk bin ( 100- 150E ) Imam Jabir, 5- His views and jurisprudential answers : A مبثوثة in his students wrote and later as Abu Ghanem concrete ( 220E ) Blogger (6) .

Imam Abu Sufian beloved son to leave ( Promise Aldrgeni of the fourth layer : 150- 200E ) (7) Sources Kjawahr the Brady ( In the neighborhood : 810 E ) That his book did not refer to the name of the book or its content (8) , Has been referred to D / developing and did not mention his title, but who gave ” Book Abi Sufyan lovable bin leave ” He noted that it contains views Ibadi outsiders (9) , Said D / Rashidi has a book in Sir tells him Aldrgeni the ( T. : 670E ) And Shammakhi ( T. : 928E ) Sir Ibadi top, but unfortunately the book is missing (10) ; And it seems that the book referred to by Rashidi is the same as that referred to by the developing world, where we find d / developing says, pointing to the adoption of both Aldrgeni and Shammakhi on a book Abi Sufyan For information about early Ibadi said : ” … While Aldrgeni retained in ” Classes ” Information useful for scientists Ibadi top of Abi Sufyan lovable book ” Ah, then suspended in the margin : ” According to the same information about Abi Sufyan in Sir Shammakhi, is that we do not know Does Aldrgeni use only, or that he could get a job Abi Sufyan original ” Eh (11) .

Indeed, we find Aldrgeni in his classes mentioned texts transferred from Abu Sufyan, فيكاد not given up a page from mentioning *, which shows that it transmits that information from the biography of Ibn-liked by the officers and later of the imams Ibadi, has pointed Aldrgeni to this biography, description, description of : ” And their loved Ben leave Abdi God's mercy, a good guys Alonjar, and who had previously to perpetuate progress advances the good guys, and rewinding, which gets him released from effects, and collect it in a single wire between the oddity of jurisprudence, and the wonders of the news, said the virtues of hard-working of the Mujahideen in the way of Allah and his supporters, ” (12) .

We find a Ibrahim Talaa classes investigator pointed out that Aldrgeni intended here biography of Abu Sufyan and that transport them, he says, : ” I mean this biography by officers and later of the imams Ibadi mercy of God, has been adopted by the owner of the layers, and the transfer of a lot about him which is on Abu Sufyan ” (13) .

Will not go away from the Imam loved Ben to leave, the son of Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn beloved son to leave ( He died in : 260E ) (14) Leave a huge wealth of scientific, it is his writings ” Whole book ” Jurisprudence is located in the seventy parts, and ” His life to the people of Morocco ” ( Manuscript ) It is brief (15) He may also book a year and Hadeeth under the title ” Concise doors of the year ” ( Manuscript ) , Has been referred to by Dr. / Mostafa in his baju ” Development of the science of assets in the Omani sources ” (16) .

We are still with the family of Al leave, Vmmn the excelled from the scientific community Shaykh Bashir bin Mohammed bin beloved son to leave ( Almost died : 273E ) (17) He left us books and author of several books, including ” Book grove ” In assets, ” And Alredv book ” In the union, ” The Book of the provisions of the Quran and Sunnah ” , A book ” Imamate ” , A book ” Treasury ” Located in the seventy parts, and has many other books (18) .

Shaykh Musa ibn Abi Jaber Alazkoa- ( Died : 181E ) (19) , The Sheikh البطاشي noted that he understands of our companions literature that of Sheikh Musa bin Abu Jaber books in jurisprudence but did not reach us (20) .

Some of the scholars who sources said them works Sheikh Moses Ben Ali Alazkoa the ( 177- 231E ) (21) , It is His books ” Whole ” Named Moses Ben Ali Mosque, and it seems that he is missing As Sheikh البطاشي stated (22) .

And Sheikh Fadl ibn Apostle Alazkoa the ( Died : 278E ) (23) , The author of a book ” Whole ” Labeled Mosque of al-Fadl ibn Apostle, has been his edition and Ministry of National Heritage and Culture in the Sultanate of Oman in three parts (24) .

And Sheikh Abu the influential al-Salt bin Khamis Al al Kharousi, of the scholars of of the third century Hijri (25) , The author of a book ” Events and qualities ” , A book ” The statement and proof ” And has a functioning again, and has a poem in the state of innocence (26) .

With the attention of imams and scholars Oman early and modern interpretation of doctrine and dogma, it was also them the longest span in the science of language, the most famous scholars, but of the most famous Muslim scholars in Imam language language and literature Khalil bin Ahmad الفراهيدي lived in the second century AH ( 100E – Between : 160 و 175هـ ) (27) , Has left us many books in which language : Book ” Eye ” , A book ” As ” , A book ” Offers ” , A book ” Controlled ” , A book ” Blobs and shape ” , A book ” Melody ” , A book ” Factors ” And other (28) .

The radiator Abu Abbas Mohammed bin over kadhdhaab lived in the third century AH (29) As well as linguists Omanis الأفذاذ in that period has authored many books, recalled that author of more than forty books, including : Book ” Full ” , A book ” K ” , A book ” Terse ” , A book ” Reply to Sibawayh ” , A book ” Quran ” , A book ” Express Quran ” And other language books (30) .

And including language Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn al-Hasan ibn Duraid Omani kadhdhaab ( Died : 321E ) (31) , Leave us a huge wealth of literature delivers each to twenty-five books including : ” Derivation ” And ” Almlahan ” And” Big Horse ” And” Little Horse ” And” Aura of hopes ” And” Exclusive and elongated ” And” Adversity ” , The most famous book ever ” Population in the language ” And other literature (32) .

And content myself with so much fear of prolongation and boredom, otherwise the talk about the movement of authorship when Omanis a modern Warez not absorbed this quick, and needs to be studies and extensive research, as reported enough representation of what I did not mention the books imams and scholars of Oman, has continued the movement of authorship when Omanis .

Finally say that it is regrettable and shameful that these compositions huge and diverse have not yet attained their luck and the right of care both in terms of preservation of the exhaust time, or in terms of the investigation and explanation, and in terms of printing and publishing, and this is due to many reasons, this is not a place raised, …

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