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Concepts characterized thought toes

Characterized by the law of Islam being a general to people immortal until the Day of Judgement, but received a few texts, and incidents of people hardly expire. There is a need for diligence to ensure download rulings of Islam on all the facts, do not Tend incident for God's judgment.

The practice of ijtihad, which was characterized by the Nation of Islam, and is unique without all Nations. An honor for minds and scientists, and a physical embodiment of immortality Covered.

Professes son pond that «the incident if there is not devoid of God's judgment, either be prescribed by Bo_khas the names, or be provided for in the sentence with other»[1].

And by reach diligence process to find out the correct judgment and flour on each particular incident. Due to the inclusion of all the facts and legislation developments, it was decided that the diligent work of fundamentalists detector to the judgment of God, does not Builder.

And attention vary depending on the different approaches to adopt some rules fundamentalism, or arrangement, including. It was like companions and hardworking after them, as it was their differences as a result of variation in the adoption of rules visions diligence.

Investigation has been assigned to the independent scholars knew the reasons for the difference. The son blessing to each other, as some attribute to the difference in the extraction of evidence contriver rule it, and people said it was a variation of by analogy and diligence[2].

The difference is located in the same set, he says, people peek, others say in particular. Some believe that it is obligatory, and others see the scar. And baptized at the loss of the text to the reasoning. Vttozaahm undisputed ills, standards vary[3].

This is not the contrast and Walid lust tyrant, or a passing fancy, or topical interest. It was a product of the principles drawn, accurate and authentic approach, based on the provisions and rules of evidence elicitation. Those Esmat Islamic Sharia be manipulated by unbridled passions, or تطوح by human eyes minor. That human thought away from divine guidance will remain depends on limited knowledge look, went derailed compelling environmental pressures. The jurisprudence Faugeh the infallible revelation, and adjust the footsteps interpretation of rules. And leading the whole achievement of the purposes Shara Hakim.

We show in this search for a relationship diligence two important topics, the first contract is in the state of innocence, and the second the political imam and established methods, which are termed in the literature thought toes pathways religion.

Diligence, state and innocence:

In Ibadhi jurisprudence reflected a holistic view of the provisions of Islam, they did not limits Vgahaah of interest on the side of them without another, Voloa the issues of belief and the right to search assets and rooting, and cared next to worship and transactions including worthy of consideration and analysis.

Not indissoluble have issues of jurisprudence on the issues of doctrine, as find great Tmazja between these two areas.

It is rare to find a book in the jurisprudence devoid of uniformity issues, said in his introduction and the first doors, or in the folds of مباحثه.

Among the most prominent issues that characterized Nodal Ibadi, state and issue a patent, an issue that has cast a shadow over a major area of ​​jurisprudence and diligence issues in their books.

Not surprisingly, the mandate and innocence debt score, loyal to religion is characterized by the disobedient and playboys.

It is worth mentioning Dr. developing state that the principle of innocence has followed Ibadi duty contract, rather than a political stance. And its rules and its systems appeared in Ibadhi jurisprudence since the early beginnings, and practiced Ibadi, explaining and embodied in the reality of life. While we do not find this principle in Islamic heritage image which reflected the Ibadi[4].

Muslims admit the general jurisdiction of the Muslims, and general innocence of the unbelievers. It is what is known at the Ibadi state of wholesale, wholesale innocence, but they are characterized in detail the provisions applied to individuals, including اصطلحوا it state persons and the innocence of persons.

The concept of the state and innocence:

Select Mohammed bin liked the concept of the state of innocence that they love God and Loathing in God. «Love God mandate of the people of obedience to God on complete obedience, conservation غيبتهم including keeping God, and help them in righteousness and piety, as God had commanded, the imposition of the duty. And separation of the people of disobedience to God to disobey God, and hostility to them impose duty »[5].

And Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him said: «I love God, and hates God, and أعادي in God, nor undermine the mandate of God, but it. One does not find the taste of faith The abounded prayer and fasting in order to be well »[6].

And evidence of extensive state and innocence in the book and year, sources Astqrotha the Streptococcus Ibadi. And concluded that they impose rule Ain Strait, neither ignorance nor hold on to it for a moment[7].

Understanding Arbtan the imposition of God. The اقترنتا faith, in most of their resources in the Qur'an.

“Then know that there is no god but Allah, and ask forgiveness for your sin and for believing men and women” (Surat Muhammad: Verse 19).

“Not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day other يوادون of sharp Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their fathers or their sons or their brothers, or their clan those books in their hearts faith” (Surat argue: Verse 22).

And son Jaafar explained the words of the Prophet, peace be upon him «from deceives not one of us»[8]. In other words not Polly us, and that is the innocence[9].

Said Omar may Allah be pleased with him : «We saw the good, we thought it good, and we said it good, and Tolenah that, and we saw it we thought it evil evil evil and said it and تبرأنا him»[10].

The state and the people of all «called to Islam and adopted wholesale, word and deed. It did not appear to waste for anything from the ordinances of God, nor ride for anything from God tissues. It violates one of these was in innocence until he repents. It is not known unchanged, picked it up, and who was on the stand, until it is clear his, Vennsabh to one of the two teams »[11].

In this section, many ramifications on the obligations of the state, and obligations of innocence, and how إثباتهما. The difference between the mandate and the apparent innocence, which is based on what appears from a human case, and between the mandate and the innocence of the truth, which no one knows except God . And differences in the patent provisions of the state and the provisions of the border and the provisions of certificates. And the investigation of the state to prove innocence and accurately. Etc. Investigation elaborated Ibadi sources, past and present[12].

Came in a speech to the Imam Abd al-Rahman ibn Rustam «read in the light morning prayer book, it took all Muslims, and discharged from all unbelievers. It read greetings in his prayer, he came upon which standardization. If there was something the subjects needed to insert it Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him in prayer, they are a religion column .... The words: “Peace on us and on the righteous slaves”, This word comes on the mandate that God has enjoined among the faithful of mankind and the jinn and angels. In “Anger nor of him astray” Of the patent which God has enjoined between us and the infidels »[13].

Of the state and the patent applications:

The which mainly concerns us here is the impact of the application of this principle to the field of endeavor and derive rulings. And Ibadi rely scale state and innocence to distinguish between matters that may be disagreement, and which may not be.

It's that reasoning on the permissibility of measurement, diligence and adoption, because companions diligent and measured differed, and did not recover from each other[14].

There is a patent with the dispute and may opinion, but the patent in dispute in matters of religion. «May not be riveted our opinion, not permissible to Altaktih on the dissenting opinion in it, which may be the difference. It is doing so it has been suggested that invalidates a well »[15].

The-making Abu allergen rush to patent matters of opinion, because the difference accommodate everyone[16].

1- In what accommodate ignorance of Male Ganaona provisions that «Sacred widely people ignorance forbidden, like dead meat, blood and pork, drinking alcohol and perjury, usury, adultery and so on. فواسع on people's ignorance of the prohibition of what we have, and what similar, of unless Ioaqauh or take over from the located on Moaqath, or stand by those who disowned him, or يتبرؤوا who disowned him on his innocence him. However, the shop and the Egyptian and reflux for knowledge. It is doing something which we mentioned, it has lost and perished in the words of Muslims »[17].

2- In prayer, Alkdma said two rak'ahs of Fajr before the obligatory rak'ahs Morocco after the obligatory Sunan uncertain, no disagreement between the people therein True. Some have gone to that they impose, and carry on that verse: “وَمِنْ اللَّيْلِ فَسَبِّحْهُ وَأَدْبَارَ السُّجُودِ” (AL BC: Verse 40). And saying: “وَمِن اللَّيْلِ فَسَبِّحْهُ وَإِدْبَارَ النُّجُومِ” (Al-Tur: Verse 49). وذهب آخرون إلى أنَّ هذا في فرض المغرب والفجر.

«Has proven consensus to work with them and they are among the work of Islam, no difference of opinion between the people of the Qibla, it left them disparagingly no excuse for illness or travel or otherwise, addicted to left them, what Ansagt we have the mandate for violating what the consensus of the people of Qibla in word and deed»[18].

3- It also insisted on the necessity of following the year in which نهت after dawn prayer until the sun rises, and after Asr until the sun goes down[19], And confirm this news about the Prophet, peace be upon him the letter do not differ in which one of the Muslims. It violates the Prophet, peace be upon him in it has Hakq Messenger after what he found guidance, and Hakq Allah and His Messenger and Muslims, is not an excuse for him after the argument. And my servant him until he repents. This like Wesal in fasting, and fasting on the Day of Sacrifice and the day of Fitr, and prayers are menstruating or bleeding following childbirth.

These are all Mnhion about it. And their reaction is a sin not to obey, and tow Allah and His Messenger, and to follow is for Muslims[20].

4- And strong, even in the easy command, as passing-virgin women to testify Eid prayer and invite Muslims, then get out the elderly by order of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and not obligatory for them, but it is better for them. If you do not graduate woman timidly them, it does not condemn this [ Any not to go out] Did not leave mandate[21]. Because Religion prohibiting it, contrary to the explicit command of the Prophet, it is positive for patent.

5- In the Zakat, Gaber asked about women who do not go out Zakat حليهن. He replied that «forced them to so good for you. Though كرهن by Altadhaaa Therefore, it is not you, except for the Promotion of Virtue. As you say: How the man holds a woman not indents doomed? [22].

This is a sound understanding and deep, and the distinction clear and precise, between the leave to be heedless and Tafrita, and his denial of symptoms and Asthlala.

6- And zakat on the famous opinion when Ibaadis, not only given to Ni Moves religion, nor given to punk violator of the sanctity of God. Bucking the each فأجاز the GIVEN each poor and needy Muslims[23].

7- The prosecution may not be in the Hajj only for Ni-Ni, not given to the people of the state, even correct him pray and seek forgiveness.

8- At the border proved to be the age of and imams beat on wine, eighty lashes. The novel received the Prophet, peace be upon him leather forty, and Abu Bakr after. And but unanimity in session on eighty, he is a judge on the novel. Had the imam left consensus before him. But still Imamate and وجبت his innocence[24].

9- And anal intercourse with women is haram. It was narrated that the Prophet, peace be upon him, he said: «مَلْعُونٌ مَنْ أَتَى امْرَأَةً فِي دُبُرِهَا»[25]. In some reports said it «has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad»[26].

No one was licensed from Muslims in anal intercourse, it is done deliberately did not repent has suffered his innocence[27].

It is treading in menstruation it يستتاب, but still its mandate, urging him acquittal. Because Muslims differed in menstruation, and did not differ in the back passage, he is the greatest sin most heinous offense.

Some of them went to those who stand treading in menstruation. For the position of suspicion. The kisses and responded permissible its causes. There were never legalization of anal. It is the greatest of adultery[28].

10- In the fatwa door, made of Mufti conditions that be fair jurist known Ballester and righteousness. If the confidence, not of the people of the state, did not imitate in his fatwa, because it is not the people of the Secretariat in religion[29].

Diligence and religion courses:

Islamic legislation is a comprehensive system for all fields of life, and the human being in all its dimensions and relationships.

Scientists have اختزل the field of jurisprudence in Islam axes: Worship and transactions. And with them the rest of the forks of branches.

The The first scholars المجتهدون the a موفورا share of care, and Astnora curriculum endeavor to apply the provisions of Shara on all aspects of individual and collective life of man.

However, there are a few aspects have not been enough research and rooting. It issues of political jurisprudence, as the limited texts Shara, in the Koran verses speak of the Shura. The verse speaks of obedience to the rulers, and verses order to apply the provisions of Islam and its limits, and general care rituals of Islam[30].

Despite the richness of the experience of the first application of these provisions by the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and his successors adults, but they did not invest in the field of endeavor to optimize. And continued to walk tells the story of history repeating.

Distanced Muslims and the practical reality of this approach Prophet, and overshadowed by political despotism since the early dawn on many of the country's Islam, Vahjm the idiosyncratic thought taking this side, but describing or justification for deviations occurred, according to the word Maori Emirate passport seizure[31]. Down under the pressure of the political reality and the deviation which أناخ most Islamic countries, after a succession of good governance. Mawardi said was in recognition of, if necessary, but the path of deviation increased rooted and legitimacy derived from the jurisprudence التبريري. Became the caliphate Faia and the spoils are shared, and money and the legacy inherited. Ruminating Muslims of this deviation scourge of many and still.

It was the political conditions defined by the Ibadi through their history a significant impact on attention to this aspect in اجتهاداتهم jurisprudence. We found a close link between the diligence and political practices in Ibadhi jurisprudence. We also found books about the lengthy ruler and ruled and conditions, and (SEO), and Imam conditions, and specifications of workers. And the relationship of the parish imam in the event of Justice and the state of injustice.

And manifested the issue of state and prominent innocence in these cases also. وكان للمجتهدين في باب الولاية والبراءة وأحداث الأئمة تحليلات دقيقة وثراء فقهي خصب، إذ طبقوا هذه القواعد على كلِّ أئمة المسلمين الذين تولّوا أمانة الإمامة بعد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم.

Perhaps finds learner cruelty in some of those provisions, but loyalty to the principle of compliance with the rules Shara is rule-Faisal in these issues.

And produced us jurisprudence scholars Ibaadis in this important books in the field of Islamic political thought. Meant Tnzira and application. And:

– Biographers and answers, the imams and scholars Oman.

– Integrity in the state of innocence and the Imamate. Abu Sa'eed Alkdma.

– Lengthy and doors in a book: Photophobia, for Aotba, Dictionary of Sharia Saadi, the rules Islam for Jatali, the and pave the rules of the faith of the Khalili, and other encyclopedias jurisprudential Oman in particular.

– It wrote Moroccans find: Evidence and proof of Oargelana.

The concept of religion courses:

He was known to the Ibadi Moroccans term religion courses. It is intended stages of the establishment of religion, residence images. Of the highest strength and independence, to the lowest vulnerable and Anhlala the. And the situation of Muslims during these stages.

This tract is: History, defense procurement, wraps.

Appear: Is the normal situation of the Muslim countries, where they have full power and its affairs shall Imam chooses Shura, and evaluates the provisions of God and apply its borders.

And defense: While wars and confront the enemy threat to the structure of the state, they shall be alert to defend the nation and its presence. In this case, could disrupt some of the provisions commensurate with the peculiarities of this stage.

The purchase, is when the predominance of injustice and deviation of the Sultan and not to the possibility of establishing the Imamate fair value, Ventdb the class of people a reminder of the necessity to return to the normal situation for the equitable rule. And Asplon themselves to stand against injustice and deviation. Do not return for their release only if a small number of whom remain realized it is useless to try to change.

Then comes the stage of secrecy, which is seeking to establish a Muslim religious rites, including in the absence of the Imam fair. Vicendon guardians to one of them, and apply at this stage, the minimum provisions of the Imamate. And disrupted the border but some Judicial Sentences. Efforts are concentrated on raising individual and community care and maintenance of the effects of the fair lost power. Because a serious role in the lives of individuals and communities. As stated in the effects “يزع God Sultan not يزع the Koran”[32].

It jurisprudence on the subject of the Imamate.

Imamate rule:

When Ibadi Imamate impose. The meeting of the Luo years ago. And selection of the Imam and his way through the opinion and diligence[33].

This has made age of six Alinver and Shura assigned to them in the establishment of Imam them. In this signify the establishment of the Imam after advice[34].

If as Muslims should pay for themselves imam and Abayaoh on the What's in the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and the impact of the Ancestors, to do justice for the oppressed from the oppressor. Has a synergistic them and listen and obey what obeys Allah and His Messenger. He must forbid what is evil, and raise grievances and establishing boundaries[35].

The deviated from the truth and righteousness, advised him and his Benoit. Although gone in a view عزلوه. And howl imam place. The father killed him no dignity. Following the example by Omar with six Alinver who Astkhalafhm Consultative about who takes it after him.

Said Allowargelana,: «It Tamir opinion of the faithful, and isolate the grubby matters of religion, and kill that abstained from isolation to shame»[36].

It is the duty of the Imam to consult the people of conscience in religion, as appropriate of things his flock, following the example of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, when consulted his companions ordered Allah said, and he was informed them and Erjham opinion, Overhm familiar and best . If met their opinion on something that was the healthiest of his mind alone[37].

Out on the Imam (Purchase):

If the imam just is not permissible to depart from obedience never; because this broken era furrow with the provisions of religion.

The Imam unjust Muslims differed equivalents:

1- The view of the public to stay under his rule and the prohibition of out it and fight. And the necessity of compliance with its provisions.

2- And the doctrine of outsiders and should go out and review each of the remaining under his rule, soldiers and parish; primarily because they have so entangled.

3- Ibadi does not see the necessity of place, and should not get out. But see out passport if استيقنوا achieve be dislodging injustice and revive the Imamate of Justice. If they think it most likely that the exit leads to a greater temptation of Imam injustice, it is not permissible for them so. It does not pay greater damage damage. “And sedition most of murder” (Sura: Verse 191).[38].

Pole Tfayyesh said about the origin of the principle of purchase of the story of the meeting of the Prophet, peace be upon him in the house when Safa with companions and Kamal number forty men with Islam Omar. And then say Omar: Do not worship God in secret after today. And the descent of the verse: “O you Prophet Sufficient follow you and the believers” (Al-Anfal: Verse 64).

If exit may not permissible review and murder. But not only exposed to Jund al-Sultan, and simplifies the oppressed people.

And summarizes Allowargelany of diligence Ibadi in case that «our opinion is right, God willing, and so I say: Is not lawful for us to review one of the travelers and nationals traders, Aharathin and others, but the Kings darkness Jura. And call on them to leave what it strayed. Does not object to the public, but their soldiers. And they and their soldiers serve as one. And exit Odzna them, and the universe with them. We went out them قاتلناهم even a wronged slaves and the country. Although not come up with them and we like them and balcony beneath them. Permissible for us. And live in Knfem of Hrathin acres, until we meet God in bad case »[39].

Not permissible for Muslims to rise up to the Sultan unjust, even if they are in number and strength, even hold their imam is based. Trusted in His goodness and piety, and his understanding, and his mind, and his knowledge of the Qur'aan and Sunnah in governing and divides them. They do not absolutely necessary, they numerator to the people of their disagreement without Imam supports them and pay for themselves[40].

And purchasers such as the provisions of the people of the secret, but they arrive in their home countries traveling, and if they go out of their homelands arrived attended. Vemotun purchaser his sword, and did not come to this effect in the book of God nor in the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him, a personal view and opinion[41].

Secrecy provisions:

If overcome Jura and can establish a lead appearance, did not want to Muslims Manabzh the oppressors, it is permissible for them to stay under his rule, and became in the event wraps. فيولون guardians governor calculated based interests, the fear of God in the same private, and moving them to justice and the right[42].

And decides Allowargelana that out provisions wraps was diligent and compared to the concealment of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, which was before the migration, فجعله the Muslims of religion courses. It is forbidden by mistake, and the rule of the provisions appearing erred[43].

The secrecy provisions different from the provisions of history, as the border and disrupted imam wraps resort to literature and discretionary النكال. Otherwise apostate it palatable to emerge and wraps.

The resort, which killed a contestant on religion and the right blocker and offenders, whip not iron, as a matter of opinion and diligence[44].

They also reject the mandate of the egg – It is the mandate of the Imam and his entourage – And contented themselves with the mandate of the people, there is no real secret Imam. Did not take tribute from the dhimmis, were cut off from disobedience takes. And proved all the provisions of governors my hand, if Sogtha the law did not clash texts. And أجازوا prayer behind if lodged.

Were prevented from taking the bulk of their affairs, compromised in their money and their business. The hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him «May God curse the oppressors and their aides and their helpers agents even stroke of a pen»[45].[46].

The Zakat paid to them, have disagreed: Some Sogha, and some committed owner take it out again, and Irrelevance including payment to the rulers of the darkness[47].

And Sheikh Tfayyesh said: «Muslims reside teach and Orahm in secret, relying to him, and give him her and يبرؤون. Vivrgaha ... which is the most appropriate words may be said in secret what the extent of the provisions appearing »[48].

Hardworking but some went out that if the unjust grabbing Imam Zakat man, that was not rewarding him for their performance. Even performed to the imams of Justice. Or to poor Muslims[49].

Said Allowargelana,: «It is the view of the universe with imams unfair, under the rulings set up the rule of God in you, did not يحكمك on sin, and Todah [Performance] Rights upon them. And taking gifts from their homes, and jihad with them, and with them all the boredom invasion Shirk. And exit them if Garoua and Goa »[50].

So there is a margin of movement between reliable and exit the. And is important to take care of the interests of religion, and strive to change the evil as much as possible. Because silence on the injustice of his biggest Aoun, the most important factor gives dye legitimacy, and ensures him entrenched and stay. This is contrary to the intent of the legislation, because justice extremely Islam, and on the basis of the ordered world and the Hereafter. And T. message came Muhammad, peace be upon him, but to people graduated from Gore religions to the tolerance of Islam, and No. worship of people to freedom of worship the Lord of mankind.


Ibadi shares in the field of asset contribution has a weight between the intellectual heritage of Muslims. And dealt with their efforts all fields of endeavor. And reflected in اجتهاداتهم of care to connect faith jurisprudence, and the emergence of the ethical aspect in many cases, considering both the debt parcel, and that provisions collected by a single bond, is the judgment of God, all of them. And not الاجتزاء each for some. Which is reflected in the state and base applications innocence and visibility in many cases diligence.

Influenced Ibadi jurisprudence and the jurisprudence of scientists political and historical circumstances experienced by the doctrine and his followers, whether in the East or in Morocco. Which is reflected in the attention and provisions of the imam, and the individual's relationship with Sultan at its various justice and injustice, but this area bonds linked to the issue of jurisdiction and innocence is also a strong presence in the writings of scholars of ancient and modern doctrine. During the D and reverse the Ibadhi presence of numerous citizens of the Muslim world.

This research reveals the holistic approach to the issues and diligence employed in all areas of life, and not only on the jurisprudence of worship and transactions on its importance in the life of a Muslim. And the emergence of political jurisprudence care, which is reflected in rooting religion courses, in order to revive the provisions of Islam, no matter how weak Muslims. Has marked the history of this doctrine of seeking caller insist Almtsudaim to establish a political presence of the Islamic faith, represented in the Imamate fair, if appearing or without conditions when you can not, and the predominance of injustice.

D. Mustafa Saleh Pago

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