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Ibadi companions views

There is no doubt that the ordinary reader Karim surprised this title, but the publicity that Sultha biased people on Abadites, and rumors that they give claiming that Ibadi hate companions or some companions, then the attitude of some extremists from the Ibadi and respond to the challenge and the reaction in the positions of embarrassment which facilitates loose words of them
All this We Iktadhana to introduce this subject the reader to show his true opinion Ibadi where, away from the rumors and extremism.

In a letter to Abu Mahdi Isa bin Ismail Sheikh Aezzabh in a timely manner which is as Azabh built Musab Ali ibn Abi robin Albhlouli, the following:

«We start the issue of companions, God bless them, so you say بلغك you that you Tbgdon some companions, VIA Hallelujah ... how hate companions with Rod texts in their virtues, and praise them books and years, refuses to God that the Muslims, but they are with us in the situation that reminded them of God from : {كُنْتُمْ خَيْرَ أُمَّةٍ اُخْرِجَتْ لِلنَّاسِ تَاْمُرُونَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَتَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنْكَرِ وَتُومِنُونَ اللهَ} (Verse: ) » {مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ اللهِ} (Verse: ) {لـَقَدْ رَضِيَ اللهُ عَنِ الـمُومِنِيَنَ إِذْ يُبَايِعُونَكَ} (Verse: ), In addition to other verses, they are to the situation described by the Messenger of Allah y: If he said: «God has chosen me أصحابا, Making me them Osara and Okhtana, it is insulted, to curse God and the angels and all the people».

He also: Thou shalt not Tadhuna in my friends if any of you spent the earth full of gold what amounted D someone not Nsifh) He also: «I urge you to adhere Caliphs year after me,» said also: «My friends are like STARS Boém Aqtdeetm اهتديتم» and other praise and praise them, Oh God, we have increased their love, Ahherna in Zmrthm, Íaarahm the Merciful!... But them front-arrow, and walked road Aloqsd, and Smoa rational way, and their words of wisdom, and their silence pilgrimage, and Mkhaltthm booty, and Domestication their lives, and emulate their survival, woe to the aberrant way Ragheb released ».

Abu Mahdi adds to this speech the following:

«My father was God's mercy forbids denying what happened to them, but little of them good, may Allah be pleased with him God bless them and have mercy, this belief in the Sahaabah» «» End quote Abu Mahdi Multi companions.

The Abualabas says Aldrgeni in his book the following classes:

«First layer are the owners of the Messenger of Allah y, and their edge months, and the names and benefits showed, does not need to call them, because they are, God bless them get their curricula and their news in the bureaucracy, and their relics preserved in the issuance of Alrawin, what's richest for cost classification, impersonate authorship, and حسبهم what he said : «Not يشقى of saw me and saying y: «Better my horns and then those who follow them and then those who follow them» and many conversations in their virtues, If it is proven that you should note that of the companions who did not يخالفنا in their abuse, they were filled with the remembrance of their virtues sheets, and some of them did not get luckier than equity when the people of the dispute, they are with us in .

Ended its intended.

Spring says Abu Suleiman Alehilaty: «The denial on some companions فكذب and lie to us, and this is how our prayers on Allenbe y: O Allah, bless and peace be upon our master, Muhammad Allenbe illiterate, his family and his companions and his wives mothers of the believers, and his descendants and all his companions, as the original Abraham and the family of Abraham in the worlds you Hameed Majeed, it improved Himth, and blessings of disease envy and hatred, backbiting, and if hopes this phrase : {Say do not ask it paid only affection Alqrbya the} Prayer and affection and mercy, and we thank God and us, including God commanded him, and fools Ranters May God have mercy on us and enough for their evil, and evil ourselves, and evil people unjust »« »

Ended its intended.

And Abu Hafs al-Amr systems bin Isa Altendmerta, a long poem excerpt of verses on the subject of which:

Only that between companions had been the excuse in that the safest

Vzs has mesmerized people with hot forbidding and confused they face right in.

So all the people involved do not band than Aelloukaah received

Each group sees straighten opinion and other slanders stubborn and cursing

Says in the sheikhs Balafc the League and Hydra, the people have spoken.

And goes on to mention the words to say:

You are an packages and threw the safety of the day when the dominant progress
Beware Never fear, intolerance to reduce a human being to God honors
Do not stand is not learn his knowledge nor Taathor Valtoagaf Aslam
Stop when prohibition Hashemi and commanded nor Tech Control and Thapa opinion
And goes on to assert that meaning to say:

تـرحــم عـلـيـهـــم وارض فـإنـمـــــا حقـوقهـم مـحض الـرضـا والـتـرحــــم
Has received them raised conflicted manifestations The Invisible Some
Of them have been issued Maybe things have the wisdom not understand unknown
And goes on to confirm this sense, arguing the story of Joseph's brothers, peace be upon him and God did not يؤاخذهم the feet to kill their brother Joseph and their father lies on them and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.


He said the best creation of each praising Voém the Atabtamoh اهتديتم
He also said of iniquity falling warning and stop an article to them and you come
وجـاءت روايــات بـأنَّ قـتـيــلـهــــم وقـاتـلـهـــــم فــــي جـنـَّــة يـتـنـعــَّـــم
What customization and bug Description comprehensive بجملتهم and imports circulate
Said Abu Yahya Zakaria bin Younis Alherstaúa the: I was in pilgrimage Vtaft in the house when he completed the man took my hand Vokhrzina of people asked me about Ali, I said,: «Knight Muslims, fought the infidels, and a cousin of the Messenger of the Worlds, has many virtues».

Said Sheikh Mohammed bin Abu al-Qasim Masabi in a letter contained some of the eating Ibaadis in Algeria without right, has introduced Masabi doctrine Ibadi In Yka, the said: «Condemn God Tyaaly of following the book and follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad y and what it Sahaba of immigrants and supporters and followers and follow those who followed them in truth until the Day of Judgment. And belief in the Sahaabah that they are unbreakable and they are guardians of God and his party, not Hezbollah are the successful. That it is our belief and our dependence, God of our Lord and our Prophet Muhammad and the Quran in front of us, and Kaaba kiss, and our ideal companions, and praise God in the book in the subject ».

Then little verses that landed them in general and then the verses that is said to have stayed at some of them, especially then the conversations that received them generally, and the conversations that appeared in some of them, especially then say: «Privately many in Amomanm and _khasosm God bless him God bless them, ask God to make us steadfast in their own way and follow their path As for what took place, including the God of War cleared them in our hands and we purify them tongues as saying y: «If my friends فكفوا mentions».

And Imam Abu Ishaq said Ibrahim Tvic of God's mercy in his response to Mr. Mohammed bin Aqeel upper what looks like the above came in his small (Monetary beautiful Galilee lintel) What follows:

«As for what claimed of cursing people of integrity to Abu al-Hasan Ali and his sons Vmhoud fabrication». He says in the same book: «Friends يتبرأون the patent application judgmental state do not Tshahya, and they apply to everyone no matter how great his status unless infallible nor infallible only Allenbe or the Prophet. The companions they have the advantage of a great advantage companionship and defending the best of creation and the shedding of their blood in order to uphold the word of God chooses to refrain from such incidents ominous ».

He says after the lines: «And also do not dust from stated erroneously fault them without insults and defamation promise of Tibet and identification, but grabbed the pan conversations contained in them, and leave it to God he Mohsen» «» He also says in the same book: «It was not days of his friends insulted or appeal, except from some extremists They أفذاذ not devoid of them center nor the people» «»

Kotb said the imams of the faithful Othman bin Affan: Born after the Messenger of Allah y, in six years, and the title with Nourein, because my daughter married the Messenger of Allah y: Umm Kulthum paper after paper. Messenger of Allah said to him, y: «If I can forty girl for your wife and one after one so as not to keep one of them and was told that cream in ignorance and Islam».

He said the pole in the faithful Abu al-Hasan Ali bin Abi Talib: «It is a month, and does not need to mention the virtues of ratios and asceticism, and science of mind, courage and justice».

After this Dear Reader I want to get back together to the first chapter to discuss some of the preceding paragraphs.

Abu Mahdi was elders Azabh the text has in his letter that he sent after the approved by the Aezzabh Council has said in the preamble, the following: It Azabh to the children of infected may God preserve them and save them, present with his tongue, and absent condition, to Sheikh Venerable facet Qaboos bin Ali bin Sheikh Abu Hassan Ali Albhlouli, you have peace ».

Nor doubt that Aezzabh is the religious body that represents Ibadi. And opinion vs. any case is the official opinion or the opinion adopted when Ibaadis, if we assume that deviated some Nasfajalv in that case.

The message also see the response to the charge to إباضية some some companions, and defend the prophet, God bless them, and the acquittal of to إباضية of those heinous charge. And clarification of their position, and explained that they put all the companions in the high place chosen by God Almighty bless them.

وهذه الإشاعة عن الإبـَاضِـية كانت قد انتشرت في كثير من الجهات ولذلك فقد كان الناس ينبزون بها الإبـَاضِـية فيضطرون للرد عليهم والدفاع عن أنفسهم، وتكذيب من يتهمهم بذلك، وقد كتب في هذا الموضوع عشرات الرسائل والردود منها رسالة أبي مهدي ردًّا على البهلولي ومنها رسائل للقطب ردًّا على محمَّد الطاهر والعقبي ومصطفى بن كامل، وغيرهم ومنها رسالة أبي الربيع الجيلاتي وقد ذكر سعيد التعاريتي السبب في كتابتها نلخصه فيما يلي:

هيج بعض طلاب الغنائم والأموال بعض الأعراب على جربة وأعمالهم إنَّ أهل جربة ــ بما أنـَّهم من الإبـَاضِـية ــ يخالفون المسلمين في أمور تحل بها دماؤهم وأموالهم، ثُمَّ كون منهم حملة هجم بها على الجزيرة الغافلة، ولكن الحملة فشلت وانتصر أهل الجزيرة على المهاجرين، وأخذوا منهم جمعًا من الأسرى، وكان في أولئك الأسرى بعض المتفقهين فسألهم مشائخ جربة عمـَّا حملهم على الاعتداء عليهم ومهاجمتهم وهم إخوة لهم في الدين ولم يسبق لأهل جربة أن اعتدوا على أولئك الأعراب أو أساءوا إليهم. Consistent replied saying: It invited us to محاربتكم the and استحلال of your blood and your wealth Female us that you Tkhalvon the Muslims, then the number of their issues mentioned by them صاحبهم the stated including some matters of theology known كالرؤية and Safat and the creation of the Koran, and then said: The ones you hate some companions.

Spring has reportedly Abu gelato to leave and discussed Mhaúl the science to speak of what is known in the books of uniformity then explained Ibadi opinion in the prophet, God bless them in the picture that we presented to you.

But if I go back to what was written by Abu Abbas Aldrgeni no doubt you'll find all the careful care, that makes all the companions without allocation of what has brought them their representatives in the high-Islam, which upset some of the offenders who are chipping away some of his companions, which is contained on those offenders who had authorized .

The Abu Hafs al-Amr wire bin Isa Altendmerta, this behavior was careful to make it clear that the Muslim if he wants for himself survived to keep away from interfering with does not concern him, and leave the strife that occurred, including God, is Knowing where governance. The duty of the Muslim is Alterda and mercy for them all, and alerts us to what appears to us that it is contrary to the initiated of their business may be the hidden wisdom of God Almighty knows only is it may be God forgave them all while hand-picked to accompany His Prophet, peace be upon him.

And inferred on this story Joseph's brothers on him and his fathers, peace, agreeing to kill him, and dumped in love to get rid of it, and lies on his father and the subsequent not of works الهينة in judgment apparent, but the Almighty God has not, however punished for Joseph's brothers and forgave them what they had done.

وَأَمـَّا كلمات القطب وأبي يحيى فقد وردت في أميري المؤمنين عثمان وعلي ــ خاصة وأكثر الشغب واللغط الذي يوجه إلى الإبـَاضِـية في موضوع الصحابة إنما يدور حول الإمامين العظيمين والصهرين الكريمين ولذلك فإنـَّه مِمَّا يتم به مناقشة هذا الموضوع الهام استعراض كثير من المناقشة القيمة التي جرت على قلم الشيخ سعيد التعاريتي في رده على الشيخ مصطفى بن كامل الطرابلسي فقد ناقش الثعاريتي فيه موضوع الصحابة ــ ولا سيما موضوع الصهرين الكريمين ــ مناقشة رائعة أرجو أن يجد فيها القارئ متعة ومقنعًا.

Said Iiarata in his book (Course Mahmood) Starting Page 18 What follows:

«Surprised at all surprising than full attribution son Ben Mustapha us to ignore injustice, and Bossier شتما, even prolonged Sinan his tongue and said,: Disbelieve Graduate Bzorh and the Bhtanh, with that belief in the Companions, may Allah be pleased with him God bless them they devoutly reverse, justified Osfia, God has chosen from among the creatures, to accompany His Prophet peace be upon him ». After the brief says:

«How Anyone who believes in the neighborhood who does not sleep, to atone smelting Prophet, peace be upon him, who never bow down to idols».

After that mentions a number of verses that said she revealed Fbalamam or in each house as well as the hadiths, the effects of which received companions says:

«To other verses of evidence, and conversations المرويات, and traditions effects, function on the bounty in general and in particular, how not?

He was eloquent and Tala, and more than saw النجوى, only the prophets and Prophet Mustafa, the owner of the Aqsa Mosque, is paralleled by a which Abu grandsons? .

Then cited, including written Bader Atalata in his book (Picnic writer and Rehana Labee), Then cited verses from the Court of Atalata them:

بنت الرسول زوجها وابـنـهــــــــــــا أهل لبيت قــد فـشى سنــاهــــــــــــــا
God Requests Atalata to the satisfaction to all of them and to whom عناها
Then verses cited by Imam Hadrami them:

Yes, it was in the Umm al-Qura today the purposes of supervision based spells past
A component of net carpenter and sweats position in sub-Ali and Vatm
Then verses cited the Abu Hafs al-Amr bin Isa Altendmerta, including:

وعـلـى الـهـادي صـلاة نـشــرهـــــا عـنـبـر ــ مـا خــب ســاع ورمــــــــل
وسـلام يـتـــولـَّــــى ــ وعــلـــــــــى آلـــه والـصـحـب مـالـغيـث هـطـــــل
Farouk particular friend and the Holy Mosque and the gallant hero
Then, after the transfer of a great chapter in the subject Sheikh Abu six quote him as follows:

«فإذا تقرَّر في ذهنك ما حكيناه، واتضح لك ما استدللناه به ونقلناه، علمت منه أنَّ التعلُّق بما شجر بينهم رضوان الله عليهم أجمعين، تكلف وفضول لمن لا يعلم ذلك، حيث كان مِمَّا يسع جهله، وقد وجد في الاعراض عن ذلك سبيل منقول عن العدول، فلم يبق في حقهم حينئذٍ إِلاَّ الجزم بالعدالة لأصلها فيهم، من كونهم كلّهم أئمة عدولا يقتدى بهم كما نقل ذلك عن الرسول أحسب أنَّ هذا يكفي في توضيح راي الإبـَاضِـية في الصحابة رضوان الله عليهم ولا سيما في امير المؤمنين علي بن أبي طالب وهو كذلك كاف ــ فيما أرى ــ للردّ عمن يتهم الإبـَاضِـية ببغض الصحابة أو بعض الصحابة.

And figured Muslim filled with his heart by faith could find no any person of the prophet way to his heart, There is no doubt that the lowest of those combined status is in order and the greatest and supervised by a declaration status, and Erfna shrine, though not raised by his faith and his faith to the love of the Messenger of Allah y and the love of his friends and family . Not less than that يتأدب with the Messenger of Allah y listen to him in saying: «If you come to my friends فكفوا» and saying, peace be upon him: «I call my friends and if c one of stubbornness Z no less than to follow the example of the owner of the Messenger of Allah y Abdullah ibn Umar, when asked about the faithful Othman and Ali, read out the verse: {That nation hath her what they earned and you what كسبتم do not ask what they were working} Or يتسمع to your faithful Omar bin Abdul Aziz, when asked trees between the wonderful companions and said his speech: «God that the blood cleansed of our hands do not pollute our tongues».

وفي ختام هذا الفصل أحب أن أقول إنَّ موضوع الصحابة رضوان الله عليهم أجل من أن يكون موضوعًا للمهاترات، وحديثا للمشاغبات، ودعوة من دعوات العصبيات، فأصحاب رسول الله y هم أولياء كلّ مؤمن صادق، وهم أعداء كلّ منافق، وكما لا يحل لمؤمن أن يحمل لهم ذرَّة من البغضاء لا يحل له كذلك أن يحارب المسلمين بهم،ويزرع الفتنة بين صفوف المؤمنين بدعوى محبَّتهم والغيرة عليهم، وإذا كان في المسلمين من أي مذهب كان من يحمل لأصحاب رسول الله y أو لأحدهم أي معنى لا يليق بجلال مركزهم وشرف صحبتهم فإن عليه أن يطهر قلبه بالتوبة والاستغفار وأن يغسل دنس البغضاء بمحبَّتهم وولايتهم. It does not Momma more Kfarana and sin of the human touch to his heart thing, regardless of the love of God and His Messenger, three centuries ago.

Book Sheikh Ali Yahia Muammar – Abadites between Islamic difference

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