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Datum position among modern books spring

Ibadi believes that datum spring bin Habib of the healthiest Hadith books because most bond hadiths narrated by Imam spring sheikh Abu Obeida Jabir bin Zaid a prophet, has been received in the predicate some hadiths narrated by Abu Obaida for other non-Jaber but few.

The modern imams said that the correct modern times vary ,Supreme Valmertbh what some called the men talk, evidence that the healthiest are relegated Tripartite كسند syphilis Salim bin Abdullah bin Omar from his father about the Prophet (God bless him and ), And support Ibra God bless him and from Ibn Masood Prophet (God bless him and ), And support Malik from Nafi from Ibn Umar reported that the Prophet (God bless him and ) Because this isnaads short Sindh and best known men vigorously conservation and control and Kamal honesty.

If we follow the conversations recounted in the first part of spring and the second in the predicate, we find that most of them triple bond and men closer than men and keep them and believe them. Valahedit tripartite datum narrated by Imam spring mostly from Abu Obeida Jaber one of the Companions of the Prophet (God bless him and ). This is Ibadi conversations contained in the first and second parts of the predicate is one of the healthiest conversations contained the Prophet (God bless him and ) They consider the highest score of the conversations told by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim mercy of God.

Although the conversations that datum triple and famous men of confidence, conservation and settings and most irrigated conversations in other books of the year, but we do not find this book a male when more interested in modern science - neither in the old nor in the modern – Indeed, it is interested in modern science have never heard of him.

فجمهور scholars who were interested in tracking the conditions of modern narrators and tracing their footsteps wound, an amendment may be neglected or overlooked spring bin Habib said in the books of the wound and the amendment except for certain Ben Yahia said in his book “History” He said: (Spring Ben Habib tells about Hassan Ibn Sirin, a trust)[4]. And except for some of the mentioned modern imams such as Imam Ahmad Bukhari.

Was asked a professor of contemporary holds a PhD in science to talk about spring pads Ben Habib was his response: I heard him did not see him. Asked last a Chairman of the Department of Interpretation and talk in one of the prestigious universities for the spring and kickstand answered: From spring and datum spring?.

As far as regret when you hear such responses from men dedicated their lives and their study of modern science, but it may seek an excuse for some of them, because he has not facilitated them to see the conditions thought Ibadi. Moreover, the political and historical blackout over more than a thousand a century has had a deep impact in repelling the intellectuals and researchers for viewing on Ibadi generally thought. I must note here that the Ibadi themselves have defaulted in spreading their ideology, and the definition بمذهبهم in ancient and modern, but what we have seen in recent years to print some books Ibadi and carried out by the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture in Oman print some reference books when Ibadi. We aspire to be the deployment of the effects of Ibadi impetus for scientists and thinkers of the Islamic nation to identify the jurisprudence doctrine Ibadi and put it in the right place in order to unify the ranks of Muslims did not Hoshm in the era are in dire where they are to the unit ranks to repel tyranny Almitrbes them at home and abroad.

Despite the existence of these books, but sadly we mention that there are researchers, thinkers and scholars of contemporary knows for Ibadi history and theory and doctrine However trying to – Intentionally or unintentionally – Marginalization thought Ibadhi and the blackout it and respond to it in a non-objective and scientific. We do not know the reason for that in this day and age in which we expect the availability of scientific integrity and balanced scientific debate and intellectual openness and mental.

Nor deny the existence of some of the historical reasons for which they did not knows Imam spring between modernists of the Sunnis and did not know his book within the modern although he wrote one of the first modern books that were classified It is for these reasons:

· Considered Ibadi one of the outsiders teams innovated stray leading to avoid modern novel with him because they stipulated those who take him talk should not be an innovator and calling for بدعته of.

· The isolation imposed by the Imam himself spring to close the door in the faces of students of science of his companions.

· Lack of Ibadi sources have spoken of many of them as a result of intolerance and injustice, envy and burning libraries.

· Injustice governors and rulers who have ruled the Islamic nation in the early times and their unfair chased policy of raising his voice enjoin what is good and forbid evil, and hate those who say it is permissible nation out on the ruling and called him to get out of debt.

· Decline Ibaadis in areas far from the centers of politics.


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