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Definition doctrine toes

Seeds of thought toes

Ibadi sect is one of the oldest Islamic doctrines It belongs also belongs other Islamic Almzmahb to the Prophet peace be upon him

The emergence of thought toes, back primarily to the religious factor and political Alzve represent the allegiance Abdullah bin Wahab Rasbi by some companions and followers who denied arbitration on Ali bin Abi Taleb and his face and those of the people of Badr and saw his Prophet peace be upon him Paradise Owners Abdullah bin Wahab Rasbi, slogan : Accepted Aldnip not the rule, but to God, and so we see that those who were with Ali in two rows Mtwadein fled him and Arafo so بالخوارج or purchasers when historians generally but the only thing that connects Abadites بالخوارج is refusing Almstrkllthkim, and call in front of a Muslim by freedom Alachtttiar and efficiency of legitimacy for the job.

The emergence of the doctrine toes

Appeared doctrine toes in the first century Hijri in Basra, it is the oldest Islamic schools of thought at all

The label is also famous when doctrine, came by the Umayyad and نسبوه to Abdullah bin Abad, a follower of contemporary Muawiya died in the late days of Abdul Almellk bin Marwan, bug label back to the positions of words and controversial and political reputation by Abdullah bin Abad in that period

Personal Jabir bin Zaid

Due toes doctrine in its inception and its foundation to Jabir bin Zaid al-Azdi Omani, who was born in 22 AH It thus is the oldest sects imams wholes was born four Ammahb holders”Faucet - Shaafa'is - Maliki - Hanbali” After birth, may Allah be pleased with them and the other after his death

A front spokesman Fakie متبحر-in jurisprudence, he spent the rest of his life between Basra and the city is made in connection with the largest Muslim jurists at the time. Was narrated from Ibn Abbas, he said to the people : Ask Jabir bin Zaid If asked by the people of the east and the west to Usahm his knowledge

It has become the greatest jurist in Basra has followed Many Kaabdallah bin Abad and Boumerdes Bin Haider and Abu Obaida Muslim ibn Abi gracious. Has Aktaatmlt image Almzzhb toes at the hands of the latter and him ended the presidency Abadites after the death of Jabir bin Zaid, referring foundations Abadites in both Morocco and Hadramout independent nations and graduated

Do Abadites band of outsiders?

You must first know the meaning of the word outsiders, it has launched some historians, the word Kharijites those who اعتزلوا to the faithful on the generosity of God and his face when he accepted arbitration and satisfaction, because they are in the eyes of those broke the pledge of allegiance in their necks, and they went out for a legitimate front of him . And launched by a team of speakers in the assets of faiths and religions, they mean by getting out of debt based on the words of the Prophet, peace be upon him :”NASA of my nation يمرقون of religion clarifier arrow from the bow ” . The third team :فيطلقها and are intended to Jihad in Sbouapl Allah based on the verse : “It comes out from migrant Petth to Allah and His Messenger, then realize death has occurred fare on God “.Nisa verse 100

If permitted by some historians to themselves they kill this word “Khawarej” To all those who adhere to Imamah Ali al-Masrien as a legitimate right in which he can not be hesitant, and that he is not even entitled to doubt the nation's nationhood, or to tolerate it, or to accept a compromise, and that Mu'awiyah and his followers are a tyrannical class. They must return to the fold of the imamate and the nation either voluntarily or If he acquiesces in the request of the prostitutes and puts the truth in doubt, and waives the duty that the nation has entrusted to him and is committed to him by allegiance, this allegiance will be removed from their necks.,ar .

Kharijites in the eyes of Abadites

In the opinion of the Ibadi, the launching of the word Kharijis on a division of the difference of Islam does not notice the revolutionary political meaning, whether this revolution for legitimate reasons for them or for illegitimate reasons and therefore they did not launch this word to the killers of Osman and Talha and Zubayr and their followers and the Maawiya and his army and the son of Fendin who denied him Imam Wahhab al-Rustami, but all they notice is the religious meaning, which includes the talk of Muharruq and out of Islam is the saying peace be upon him,ar : “NASA of my nation يمرقون of religion clarifier arrow from the bow and look for someone in blade Vlatry the thing, and look at mug do not see something, and تتمارى in benchtop ” . It is not in the nation Muhammad peace be upon him like a thing in this novel than those who reversed the law, Qlboha back-to-belly and changed the names and sentences because the Muslims were at the time of the Prophet disobey and Atjry them the provisions of the infidels, Vibtaloa stoning and flogging if they are not of the nation Muhammad, peace be upon him, in

Ideological assets when Abadites

Original first : Monotheism

Says Abadites : That God is one in the same qualities that God and his attributes one thing and not something shared by any means and in any way with the approval and the belief that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, : That God is the sole owner of the Creator of the universe and the only mastermind in full all of the events is located and that Muhammad is the messenger of God's prophets and apostles and his right on the worlds with cram apply and follow in this life

Origin II : Divine qualities

Confirms Abadites that recipes perfect God Azouhl the which is essentially the same, but on the other doctrines of words may differ in what divine qualities are they the same?

Vacharia see that the other attributes of God Almighty an old foot This means that science fixed an old recipe exalted qualities but they are not the same essence of any . Vlaigal that disciple will of God and his will itself, either Abadites says : The attributes of God is the same eye and God is able alone any that itself sufficient to influence in all Almekdurat, Vcefat God Almighty is the same because God appointed that the old recipe like him in the foot . If nothing else was there were old friends or more a perception is incompatible with the continued consolidation may not be seen as an updated independent qualities as God becomes needy symptoms and becomes a boat parts and this contrary to the وحدانية of God

Origin III : Faith

Abadites believe that religion and faith and Islam names for one thing which is obedience to God and application of the rules of Islam in practice, so it was said in the union when Abadites : That you have been told : What rules of Islam? : Four, science, work and faith and piety . Islam is for only ايصح this four corners and can not be separation between words and deeds.

Say is :

The acknowledgment of Allah is that there is no God but Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib Al Hashemi Al Qurashi as Abdullah and His Messenger sent him by guidance and religion of truth to show him on all religion, even polytheists and sealed by his prophets and his preference to all his creation, and Otian and Altian all pillars of Islam and avoid all taboos and stand when suspicions, The origins contradict the view of the corollary that sees the work as one thing and that the workers are another. The faith in their claim is only the ratification of the heart, but the Ibadis assert that faith without applying the statutes of Islam is meaningless to him or else becomes a hollow idea,,ar : Came saying, missed work and this man sees a Muslim sinner not guilty Bmushark . As Abadites Fterah disobedient sinner Mouhdaola deviate from the religion of Islam and under the provisions of Islam and Muslims. Has embraced Mu'tazilis and Zaidi Shiites and-ray Abadites this original

Original fourth: Denied Raahallah Almighty

When the Abadis denied the vision of God Almighty. It was right for them to understand the opening of the door of diligence and interpretation, relying on the evidence of mental and mobility to support the Koranic text similar to the linguistic evidence of the language of the Arabs in ignorance. This confirms the high and the level of mind that the Ibadi thought to understand And to recognize the linguistic and the departure from the trend of the stereotype, which believes only what is perceived and perceived and has a counterpart and similar in physical reality,ar . Valabadih see in the book God Almighty Azahrobatna the Stop God Almighty I : “The faces that Day radiant to the Lord headmistress ” This verse of the similarities must be interpreted linguistically and mentally at the same time because the language is thought they carry meanings intellectual, and understand them hope and wait for the mercy of God to enter into paradise after the completion of the account. And mean vision بالابصار then that this verse supported and compatibility verse : ” To Atdrickh the vision He understands vision ” This reasoning and diligence is a theoretical way to prove assurance and standardization of God and Tensiha of everything

The evidence of mental One was as follows : If afford to see God Almighty for the body and biased and is present in place in front of our senses or being in the governance of the interview, as in Aloriy mirror as well as not very proximity to the sighted if stuck surface sight champion perceptible college, after this evidence, the Abadites avers reluctance to see God in the world and the Hereafter

Original V :Destiny

Abadites gave the estimated intrinsic concept is the ability associated Balmekdor earning words, any human being with the ability to act and God Almighty created us the ability and Aahaspena on this capability, but that the focus is on account on the business acquired by rights اكتسابا through his faculties and free will . Kamuslim who fasted Ramadan ate days deliberate, the phenomenon of hunger and thirst is algebraic from God because we can not be a motives fungal As a baptized in eating and not adjust motives strong will and ordered acquired from the man himself So there is no contradiction between the will of the Almighty Allah and his eternal old pre- .


ان المؤمن الصالح عليه ان يعتقد بالقدر خيره وشره انه من الله ولن يبلغ حقيقة الايمان حتى يؤمن بذلك مع العمل الدائم وعدم التواكل اعتمادًا على سيرة الرسول واقواله حين قال اعرابي للرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم: Send pornstar and أتوكل God? : But اعقلها and assigned

Originally VI :Justice and the promise and intimidation

The issue of promise and intimidating any reward and punishment is originally from assets beliefs Abadites, they are associated with justice Divine, which gives each his right, nor ascribed to him inequity and injustice Almighty God for it, do not judge the one that is not Welcome him, nor does one unless Welcome . Otherwise, became the orders of God false and contradictory with Quranic texts and fairness absolute God just to Aazlm one will be implemented and feast immortal eternal in the right to unbelievers disobedient and also will be implemented and several immortal eternal in the right true believers, Volabadih refuted the opinion Murji'ah and visceral evidence of mental and Nukaly while claiming that God will succeed feast for the people :” Say O My servants who have transgressed against themselves to Atguentoa of God's mercy that God forgives all sins He is the Forgiving, the Merciful ” . But Accept evidence Nukaly are in the verse :” Those who disobey Allah and His Messenger, and transgresses His limits him into the Fire, to abide therein and has a humiliating torment ” Great truth of God


That Abadites see that the people of the sins of Muslims without repentance were grievous Ovasagan with the understanding of everlasting youth in the fire never always either believers understand the everlasting youth in heaven forever and ever

Main seventh : Intercession

Abadites believe that the intercession of the Prophet, peace be upon him will not be for those who died while Egypt is a major sin, but be for all believers to relieve them on Hashr and accelerate them to enter into paradise or increase the degree of some of the faithful who have died to meet and repentance

Originally the eighth : Create Quran

The Abadiyya emphasizes that the Holy Quran is the word of Allah and that He is the creature of His Exalted Words and its words. Its meaning and meaning are only what the evidence on the feet means only the Cliff of the Majestic and the merciful the Compassionate to describe Him as being a house from him. This idea is linked to pure pure conception of the idea of ​​self-sufficiency for all similar to It is conceivable and its existence of realistic sensual innovations. The Holy Quran is one of the things that exist. It is an update to any creature or not. God is the creator of everything and the proof of that is the verse.,ar :” I made it the Koran Arab ” And says :” We made the night and the day, two verses ” Benevolent this verse in the Quran of creation, then God Almighty between the Quran said Updater :” What a male come to them from their Lord, updated only Astmauh the playing ” Said :” The جئناكم a فصلناه the letter informed ” He said in the Quran of Creation :” And everything فصلناه detailed” Great truth of God

Originally the ninth : To Amenzlh between the middle range

In this case the issue of infidelity and raised in the faith of Islamic Thought : Is a Muslim if he commits a major sin to lose faith recipe?

Says Abadites in Take the case : That it is acknowledged in the oneness of God and the message of Muhammad, peace be upon him, but the grubby religious obligation or committed a major, unified Vtzmah and is not a believer nor Bmushark that the perpetrator is an infidel Kafr big blessing, not an infidel Kafr trap to the verse :” It does not judge by what Allah has revealed Valik are disbelievers ” The words of the Apostle :Not between a person and disbelief, but left prayer

فالكفر when Abadites divided into

Kafr grace and hypocrisy : The Muslim who missed religious obligation or committed sins and their whole

Kafr trap and ingratitude :The man who denies God and His Message Muhammad, peace be upon him Here is out of the religion of Islam

فرأي الاباضية واضح جدًا في شأن المسلمين فهي تعدهم في الملة الاسلامية وتجري عليهم احكام المسلمين ويحرم ان تستحل دماؤهم وأموالهم لقول الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم ( Ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah and establish prayer and pay zakat if they did it prevented me their blood and their money, but right )

They differ from their brothers Abadites the Islamic faith and its social aspects

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