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Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Omar Buckley God's mercy

A brief overview of the life of scholar Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Bakri Omar Buckley aka God's mercy

*Born Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Omar Buckley on Thursday 3 October 1901 M 1319 E town kindness of the oldest cities in the valley gutter mandate of Ghardaia

*Learn the Koran and the principles of consolidation Bmhoudrh ancient mosque compassion, also taking the principles of the French language in the French school memorizing the Quran and Astzarh at a very young age, and entered the ring Erwan (Memorized) In 1921

*Studied the doctrine and jurisprudence and Science tongue on his uncle Sheikh El Hadj Omar Ben Hamo Buckley Bmahdh compassion, and then on Sheikh Yusuf ibn Bakir fierceness of Ali, a graduate of the University of olive, then go to the capital for Further Reading in science, and took about Sheikh born الزريبي Azhari explanation of illiteracy acts

*After the death of his uncle Sheikh El Hadj Omar, go to Tunisia at the end of the year 1922 , And he joined the scientific Almizabah mission was supervised by Sheikh Abu Ibrahim اليقظان - God's mercy- , And studied at the Zitouna Mosque, Sheikh Mohamed Tahar Ben Achour and Sheikh Tayeb Sayyala, and El Sheikh Zguana, and Sheikh Mohammed bin judge, also studied at the Sheikh Sadiq Ennifar. The in school الخلدونية has studied modern science, and from his teachers where Mr. Hassan Hosni Abd Wahab, Professor Osman Alkaaak and Sheikh al-Obeidi

*Throughout its existence was between Tunis 1923 And 1929 A certain Sheikh Abi اليقظان in care of the scientific mission, and along with it was very Contact Btalaúa from the Constitutional Party and in the meantime, formed his political views and national

*And when he finished his studies he returned to Algeria, Tunis, and at the founding of the Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars in years 1931 The meeting was attended constituent, and was appointed a member of the committee drafting the basic law

*And in the month of May of the year 1934 Appointed a member of in Aezzabh loop countersigned

*And compelling circumstances dabble trade for a certain period, but it was always connected to the intellectual life and the cultural and political capital was yes appointed Sheikh Father Abraham اليقظان in jihad journalist, as he was involved in all the activities of the capital Scholars Association

*God's mercy was among the group that founded countersigned first regular school reform in the valley gutter and was run by Sheikh Ahmed bin Haj Yahia Buckley

*And in the years 1939 Moved to Brian after leaving the field of trade permanently, Vtafrg for education and turned her strict management then appointed a preacher and a mentor, and then mufti in the mosque Amer Fadwa in loop Aezzabh then president of the loop

*And in the years 1945 Countersigned reform group participated in the establishment of the Renaissance Society and was appointed honorary president, and then in the year 1946 Founded with his brothers in Brian Open Society to oversee the scientific movement

*And editorial at the outbreak of the revolution and its extension of the desert actively participated in political and organizational work and was arrested years 1957 M and was released after several months and continued to struggle, defying all odds to the day of his death

*And in the years 1966 Appointed member of the Supreme Islamic Council and a member of the Fatwa Committee of this Council

*My uncle took over the Presidency of the Council Saeed (The High Commission for Ibadi mosques in Algeria) After the that Sheikh eggs deficit - God's mercy – To attend meetings at the end of his days and his deputy, Sheikh Yusuf disease bin Bakir fierce Ali - God's mercy –

*In the seventies, after the failure of the health throwing preaching and guidance lessons in the mosque daily, weekly organized a seminar in doctrinal every Wednesday at his home attended by a group of teachers and counselors and is continuing to this day

The effects printed below:

-Book Nile achieved Sheikh Ziauddin Abdul Aziz Thamini in three parts
-It also achieved the rulebook Islam Sheikh Ismail Djitali Alnphusi in two parts
-Collection of fatwas issued in two parts

The effects of non-print mismatch collection of poetry, letters Bakri population, and Jihad reform in a generation and a number of manuscripts in jurisprudence, Arabic literature and history

He graduated on his hand blessed elite valid from the sons of Algeria went to different colleges before and after Algerian independence, and they now يعمرون various centers throughout the country and contribute to the building of Arab-Muslim Algeria

God's mercy died in Bryan on Monday evening 3 May 1406 Corresponding to 13 January 1986 After a mild illness pain, and buried his funeral there on Wednesday morning 15 January 1986 Witnessed umpteen feet from various parts of the country

God's mercy mercy wide and Jazah the Islam and Algeria good penalty, he listens and responds pray


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