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Sheikh Amrs bin open Alnphusi

Imam Jalil of the imams of Islam, and learned a great flags of Islam, he grew up in a place far distant, infant science since childhood Fbz peers until he became know people of his time testimony scholars of his time, reached fame prospects, leaving many publications, was a knight in the field of science does not Just the rule of the laws of God, was a believer in God right faith and confident right confidence is not afraid in the hand of God to anybody as long …
It is a this Imam knight?
It Sheikh world mark in front of his own time and I know the people of his time Amrous bin open Msakni Alnphusi, nicknamed Abu Hafs, and title Balmsakna to that of the people of ” Housing ” Located Jebel Nefoussa, and title Balnphusi because lineage belongs to the tribe ” Nafusa ” Berber, which rates the mountain west of Tripoli to in Libya .
Some researchers have said that Sheikh Amrous was born in a convoy was heading to the Holy Land to perform Hajj, forcing his mother to return it and not to pursue the road, was born Sheikh Amrous in about the year 190 AH .
Sheikh Amrous grew up in a village ” قطرس ” From the Nafusa Mountains, and it seems that Sheikh Amrous grew up an orphan, so that his mother what was attended by death, she wrote her will and Ohhdt them, and when he was asked who and hired to enforce them, pointed to Sheikh Amrous is in the cradle to enforce them, if his father was alive entrusted with the implementation of the commandment to him instead of the child does not : ” Not implemented – Any commandment – Abu child or his successor if استخلف … ” .
But it seems that Sheikh Amrous father died before Sheikh Amrous up to the age of cognition, and that Sheikh Amrous when he reached the amount of men – To transfer eighteen years – Wanted to carry out the commandment of his mother, and leads her pilgrimage, and did not find anyone knows Beslahaa and witness this, only one woman seen Beslahaa, has led the pilgrimage by the testimony of the woman .
If you do not Abu Sheikh Amrous had died and Sheikh Amrous still a child did not understand, he asked his father for his mother and the characteristics and validity of whether or not, but his father told him about .
It seems that Sheikh Amrous began to receive the flag in his village ” قطرس ” That he grew up in, perhaps some Koranic schools joined in his village, فحفظ Koran, learn literature, some of the rules of grammar and principled jurisprudence, has pointed Sheikh Ali Yahya Muammar- Even remotely – So when he said, : ” Grew up in ” قطرس ” – Amrous intended Sheikh – … Where he studied, and reached this rank-rise of science ” Eh .
Unfortunately the skimp sources in the names of the elderly, who have received their flag in this first phase of his education did not find by sources that are available in the hands of a reference to it, and this is the same problem suffered by scholar Ahmad Chrome, he said : ” This is what I wrote for sources learned as a total without exposure to any detail refers to Mhaúkhh and his companions in the study or science studied by most of the other … ” Eh .
The stages of education that followed the first or primary, some sources have reported that Sheikh Amrous emigrated to Morocco to seek knowledge, interrupted for a period of twenty years in Morocco, a request for information, the researcher has said Ahmad Chrome that Morocco is intended to ” Tehrt ” Capital Rustumiya, reasoned conclusion that the predominant use of the time when Ibadi this word is ” Tehrt ” Capital Rustumiya state, as was the Kaaba students and scholars and speakers sometimes forever, even became known ” Baghdad Morocco ” , As they came in West Mount Nefoussa; But on the other hand, Sheikh Farhat Aldjabera the went to that Morocco is intended to ” Country Juraid ” Now; nor is unlikely to be in Morocco, is intended to ” Tehrt ” , Where Tehrt – As mentioned researcher Ahmed Chrome – The purpose of science students and followers, and to the presence of Imams and senior scientists .
It seems that advised the Tehrt is by Imam Abdul Wahab Bin Abdul Rahman and Imam returned bin Abdul Wahhab and by some Tehrt scientists Kmzor Bin Omran Hawari – Minister of Imam Abdul Wahab – , Textured Hawari – Imam returned judge – , And dad spring Solomon Hawwari, which is one of the senior scientists ” Tehrt ” , Abu Obeida GIMP Altaherty, who was a scientist and speech jurisprudence and documents, grammar and language … And other scholars .
The most important science that could be studied in the course of its existence in ” Tehrt ” , Aware of the explanation may be received by Imam Abdul Wahab and Imam returned, tag textured Hawari, and modern science, perhaps taken from Imam returned – Who was interested in modern science – , And Abu Obeida the lame who took him by Ibn small book ” Mistake reform in a strange talk ” For'm Koutaiba, language, doctrine and dogma and theology, Imam Abdel Wahab, and Imam returned, and may be taken as well as scientists who I mentioned earlier, or others, and God knows best .
If studied in twenty years ” And Argelan ” It will probably be advised where some scientists and Argelan, and I tracked Translations scientists and Argelan all in the dictionary flags Ibadi, and found the closest figures to the era of Sheikh Amrous photographs, famous science in Argelan in the third century AH, a century in which he lived Sheikh Amrous mercy : Abu easy Persian Alnphusi, and Abu Yusuf Jacob bin Celeos, the Terminal Alsdarata .
If after twenty years – Of alienation and nomadic applications for science – Sheikh Amrous finished his studies at the ” Tehrt ” Or ” And Argelan ” , Returned to Mount Nefoussa scientist متضلعا in various arts of science, to become know the people of his time, how he described scholars .
Not only did what he received from the science in Morocco, but continued to seek knowledge in the Nafusa Mountains, and is unlikely to be one of the first science students who are enrolled shaved science, which was built by Imam Abdul Wahab in the Nafusa Mountains when visited, Rui him as well as he was reportedly accompanied by Mehdi ” A Ozdrchill dragon ” The group meets to seek knowledge, including Mufti Abu Nasr Altmusmese .
It chieftains Sheikh Amrous who have proven that getting a flag for them, and encounters their worlds Jalilan from the right scholars and integrity, two brand Abu Ghanem humans Bin Ghanem concrete, famous blogger, brand Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn lovable Ben leave Qurashi .
فالعلامة أبو غانم الخرساني التقى به الشيخ عمروس عند خروج الأول من المشرق إلى المغرب للقاء الإمام عبد الوهاب ، حاملا معه مدونته المشهورة ليهديها للإمام عبد الوهاب ، فمر في طريقه على الشيخ عمروس بجبل نفوسه ، وترك عنده نسخة من المدونة ، وذهب بالأخرى إلى تيهرت ، فقام الشيخ عمروس بمساعدة أخته العالمة بنسخ المدونة ، فكان له الفضل في المحافظة على هذا السفر الثمين ، حيث أن النسخة الثانية احترقت مع ما احترق من المخطوطات العظيمة عندما قام الفاطميون بحرق مكتبة المعصومة عند هجومهم على تيهرت .
The Shaykh Muhammad bin Amrous loved the Sheikh met him when he went to the Orient to perform Hajj, and asks him about a lot of issues, even said I'm lovable : ” This مكنون science does not announce in people who are fools ” And the famous story .
It seems that Sheikh Amrous he taught and dissemination of science and transpires that some texts with ambiguity and not her remark so not here shrine view, and God knows best .
Amrous has worked Sheikh authorship, stating sources and there are some works that are attributed to Sheikh Amrous, it is his writings : Book ” Alamrsa ” , A book ” The net assets of the judgment ” , A book ” ال, A bookمعارف ” , A book ” Flags Millia ” , A book ” Amrous bin open ” , And two books in assets and jurisprudence, and a book in ” Respond to Nakth and Ahmed bin Hussein ” , Has wanted Sheikh Amrous – God's mercy – That is writing a book divided by three aspects : Downloads, Sunnis and opinion, is included with every department that it involves matters, but away raided before completing his .
These are the writings left by Sheikh Amrous, according to local sources, has gone d / developing to say for sure that he did not stay of the heritage of Sheikh Amrous is two letters, two ” Judgment net ” And ” Respond to Nakth and Ahmed bin Hussein ” , And went on Sheikh Farhat Aldjabera the to say for sure with only net judgment, and that he had found his manuscript in Dar pupils in kindness valley gutter, and stated that the book ” Judgment net ” Is the first section of the book manuscript in jurisprudence by which he found in the House of pupils, and the fact that the researcher Ahmed Chrome did not refer to what the Shaykh you Aldjabera said when achieved for judgment, but the owners Flags Ibadi said dictionary and a book ” Respond to Nakth and Ahmed bin Hussein ” , And it is still a manuscript .
This Shaykh Amrous fatwas in various issues مبثوثة in the stomachs of books and literature Ktabqat and others, God's mercy has been a master of theology and correspond Vhla the prey to suppress beliefs owners corrupt Vavhm the arguments Berahenh the bright sources have reported him Debates different Kmenazerth to jet and other .
He assumed Sheikh Amrous eliminate on Mount Nefoussa in the era of Imams of state Rustumiya imams, two Imam Abu اليقظان the Mohammed bin returned, and Imam Abu Hatem Yousef bin Mohammed bin returned, tabbed as Abu Mansur – Governor on Mount Nefoussa – To assume the position of the judiciary, and which affects him, he said to Abu Mansour Elias : ” If I did not authorize the killing of three thigh Khatmk, killing mind right, and the appellant in the religion of God, and indicative of Muslims SINS ” .
In the year 283 AH expose state Rustumiya, to attack by Ibrahim Bin mostly, who was heading to Tehrt to eliminate them, when information to people Nefoussa so Anbroa to defend their country and their possession, fell a fierce battle between the two parties in a place called ” Manu ” , Was attended by Sheikh Amrous in this battle of arrogance has reached reprehensible, as the old was within the ninety-third, assuming that he was born in the year 190 AH .
كان الشيخ عمروس في آخر المعركة يحمي الجيش ، ويذود عنهم ، وكان على فرس سابق ، فلم يقدر عليه الأغالبة ، وأعياهم أمره ، وعندما عجز عنه فرسان الأغالبة ، لجئوا إلى الحيلة ، فنصبوا حبالا في طريقه ، فعثر بها فرسه ، فأخذوه أسيرا ، ومضوا به إلى الظالم إبراهيم بن الأغلب ، مسرورين جذلين بما حققوه من أسر الشيخ عمروس ، ولكنهم أين سيفرون من عذاب الله وشديد انتقامه ، وعندما وصلوا به إلى ابن الأغلب ، أراد عدو الله أن يشمت بالمجاهد المؤمن ، فقال له : ” Slani Amnesty forgive you ” He answered, Sheikh Amrous – God's mercy – Believer in God right answer faith, self-assured confidence and promise right : ” The ages of the hands of God, and those words will never hear from me, but I ask you in this Srouelle, not Tkhfinu him ” .
Try Evtne in religion and faith, he said to him : ” So go back from what you نتركك ” , When it rose Sheikh Amrous uprising Assad Alhsour in captivity, he said – Fill it – : ” Those words do not even say it right in God ” When it when he saw I'm mostly a force of Sheikh Amrous, exhibits began with a course of violence and repression – Which يجيده the ilk of darkness and الجائرين of – , Ordered Bkarzh the بمقاريض iron, فبدءوا as lend his hands when he reached the brachial, having long remained cut off his hands, and his blood flowing, pure spirit overflowed to the maker, yes overflowed heroic spirit, the spirit overflowed Mujahid, to win promise مولاها the ] وَلا تَحْسَبَنَّ الَّذِينَ قُتِلُوا فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ أَمْوَاتاً بَلْ أَحْيَاءٌ عِنْدَ رَبِّهِمْ يُرْزَقُونَ ! فَرِحِينَ بِمَا آتَاهُمُ اللَّهُ مِنْ فَضْلِهِ وَيَسْتَبْشِرُونَ بِالَّذِينَ لَمْ يَلْحَقُوا بِهِمْ مِنْ خَلْفِهِمْ أَلَّا خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلا هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ [ .
Thus folded page of this Imam Galilee, after سطرها great things achievements, he judged his years long, between the application of science and throat, and between the sheets read and تأليفا and correction, and on boards of the debate, Rada misguided groups, and on the battlefield raising the banner of Islam Maba the honor of belief, even .

By Muhanna bin Rashid bin Hamad al-Saadi

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