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Sheikh Ali Yahia Muammar

Historian, writer, and advocate

By d. Mohammed Saleh Nasser

Ould Cheikh Ali Yahia Muammar village (Tkoic)Of Nalut from the mountain region west Tripoli years 1337 Corresponding to 1919. Environment province, and opened his eyes in this mountain Alohm Nafusa Mountains which claimed all the Ichaelmh for glories ancestors in those Rabua, and all trace of his exploits stirred sensation in the depths, up to date on the Islamic civilization ancient authentic, once published Boundaries caused by scientific institutes Anst day radioactive science and faith filled with scholars and righteous.

Was his first meeting with the Arab character through the book of God in school reciter

Sheikh Abdullah bin Masood Baroni Alkbawi, soon after that moved to Public School Elementary where took care of him mentor Isa bin Yahya Baroni, and in this school began talents تتفتق, for discernment, and smarter, and genius led characterized for his colleagues, which drew the attention of his teachers to him, 1925 To teach jurisprudence Ibadhi, and Sheikh Allena students from pole imams Sheikh Tfayyesh, and perhaps found when Sheikha This not find him at the other, causing him to move Year 1927 To the island of Djerba joined to the episode, Nahla of Sciences is able to draws, but soon طوح its ambition to Tunis where the mosque olivine, and where science workshops booming, and it was during his stay in Tunisia attend classes Sheikh Mohammed Thamini which was given by the students of the Mission Almizabah Badaram.

In the meantime also reluctant to take on the island of Djerba, where the fact that with a group of young religious association of enjoining what is good and forbidding what is wrong(Farhat Aldjabera, the cultural dimension, p :86)

But his ambition to pay to broadcast more legitimacy and linguistic sciences at the hands of professors featherbed faith and raise ethics and the growing sense of civilization in the soul .

The echoes of the scientific movement reformist faction and Erodha by Imam Sheikh eggs in (Valley gutter) Southern Algeria up to the young man heard by missions Almizabah which took recognize them since joining in Tunisia, and perhaps they encouraged him to enroll at the Institute youth Balaqrarh to Attelmz by Sheikh eggs.

Thus was his intention to join this school reform inherent in the year 1357 E /1937.

And I have known literary clubs in the sump بقصائده noodles, and Onascidh wonderful timeless, and inclinations literary promising, and actively participated in the assemblies cultural, and its intellectual, leaving visible fingerprints remain even today in the Journal of Youth, which was Youth Institute issued by then, and flourished magazine بمقالاته cash and poems kind, .

This was the reform movement and the accompanying cultural festivals represented in poetry, theater, songs, shaking Fouad Ali Yahya Muammar pay to get involved, and rush Feed, appeared character on the production of which was written in this phase of the old school, and I had the good fortune to live period (1940-1943ملحق بسير *الشماخي) The Second World War was the cause of the student to remain Sheikh along with his teacher draws on knowledge and benefit from the experiences .

Due to the outstanding talents and diverse abilities, particularly in the fields of law and literature assigned to Sheikh eggs of the teaching of certain substances in the Youth Institute, where he remained for seven years, and was from Ahvl years old give and take advantage .

In 1365 E / 1944AD, Lock back to his homeland and his hometown of Nalut to begin a new phase of his age, and moves from the stage to the education and learning theory to application .

It is said that during his return to his homeland stop in Tunis where he studied full two years Astzad on the knowledge and experience of.

And under Sheikh Ali Yahia Muammar Kadha in the field of education, advocacy, and authoring, and met for the trouble and harassment until his death in blood pressure 27 Safar 1400 AH / 15 January 1980.

His approach to authoring :

Knew Sheikh since the beginning of his scientific career with his pen السيال, and production of heavy, best known for his style outstanding, which combines the excitement and simplicity, and combines address the hearts and minds in an attractive manner charming, and it would Adib NHL particular Quran and Arabic literature in the old mothers sources .

So when he went to authorship was ministering pen culture and wide, and the statement of a magician, and extensive knowledge, he left the library Islamic many outstanding research and literature offer good and deep analysis. This except his articles and poems published by some Arab newspapers and others were published in Journal of Youth issued at the Institute of Youth in the forties, and has Msarhatan (Dhi Qar) And(Mohsen ).

Islamic approach to the writing of history :

The Sheikh on Yahya Muammar brightest writers Islamists in modern times call for Islamic unity, including the gift of God from the mind of the yoke, and insight, and the heart of the believer accommodate all believers has been known for its principles, which set the basis for Islamic Thought, which is knowledge and acquaintance and recognition .

The white hand made by Sheikh Ali Muammar appreciation, but will not be able briefed on the great effort made in his works to bridge the gap between the views of Muslims counted some old books contrast sharply and no band after meeting .

The effects of his efforts have emerged in the research that took issued from time to time other pens Academy honest seek the truth in all stripping, Vsahh lot of misconceptions, and towards serious mistakes, and Aban historical facts whiter .

And among his books, which she knew:

· Abadites in parade history, in four episodes, printed several times each from Algeria, Egypt, Oman.

· Islamic Abadites between the teams, printed several times each from Algeria, Egypt, Oman.

· Abadites moderate Islamist doctrine, printed several times in Algeria, Oman.

· Samar Muslim family, printed several times in Algeria, Oman.

· Charter thick, printed.

· Libyan girl and the problems of life, imprinted in Libya, and reprinted بغرداية the (Algeria), Under the title of a Muslim girl and the problems of life, achieving Ahmed Chrome.

· Three Persons, or the gods of the pudding, printed several times in each of Libya, Algeria, Oman

· Islam and human values (Printed)

· Friday prayers (Printed)

· Muslim but shave and smokes (Printed) In both Algeria and Oman, written with Sheikh eggs

· Palestine between immigrants and supporters (Printed)

· The Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Brain)

· Rights in the funds (Brain)

The Sheikh Ali comments and inquiries for some heritage books, among them:

· Comment on fasting book by Abu Zakaria Yahya Ganaota (Printed)

· Comment on the marriage book by Abu Zakaria Yahya Ganaota (Printed)

· To provide for the book functioning sheikhs Nefoussa, and is one of the developing investigation of Dr. Amr (Printed)
And his many articles and research published in journals, among them:

· Journal of Youth to Youth Institute Balaqrarh

· Muslims magazine, published by the Islamic Center in Geneva, Switzerland.

· Azhar magazine issued by Al-Azhar's Islamic Research Academy, Cairo.

· Political week, and the teacher, dailies in Tripoli, Libya.

· Letter, issued by Ahmed Hassan al-Zayat, in Cairo.

And has many correspondence with the Sheikhs: Sheikh Bayoudh, and Sheikh Abu اليقظان, and Sheikh عدون the Sharifi, if collected for the Count of huge volumes, and are longer and important historical documents.

The most important sources:

· D. Mohammed Nasser, Ibadi history and thought (Brain) P 0.162 to 167

· Ali Yahia Muammar, Ibadi study focused, Introduction Dr. Mohamed Nasser Bouhjam, p 9.33, deployment Association heritage, Qararah, 1985

· Ali Yahia Muammar, Ibaadis in the parade of history, episodes: 1-4 Library Aldhamra for publication and distribution, Sultanate of Oman, Second Edition :1993ملحق بسير *الشماخي

· Islamic Ibadi between the teams, the Arab press Ghardaia, 1985

· Samar Muslim family, published Sump Heritage Association, introduction Mohammed Baba uncle 0.1988 m

· Abu اليقظان, Sir extension (Brain)

· Abu اليقظان, أفذاذ scientists Ibadi (Brain)

· Libyan rescue magazine, published in Chicago, GS 37, Ramadan 1404 AH / June 1984 (A special Sheikh Ali and his family and his sons)

· Sheikh Haj Qassem, Sheikh Ali Yahia Muammar and nodal idea, Master, University Kharouba, Algeria, 1421 AH / 2000 AD

· Heritage Association, Glossary flags Ibadi (Department Morocco), Dar Muslim West Beirut, 2000, c 2, p:296-298

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