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Salem bin Dhakwaan Hilali

By d. Mohammed Nasser

Of the people (Twin) From Amman, (Alborimi), World, reciter, a contemporary of Imam Jabir bin Zaid, was Akatebh, it is one of their followers, and has realized some of his companions, according to some accounts.(Neighborhood: 99E / 717 -101 AH / 719 AD)

Is one of the first theorists to Think Ibadhi as evidenced by his famous (22 Paper), And had close links to top Ibadi scholars such as Abu Ubaidah Muslim, and Jaafar Al-Sammak Abdi, Ali bin hippocampus, and my father Usher bin Moudud Tai, and others.

Despite the prestige of this world, the Omani sources, but Ibadi did not mean telling him, and the details of his life, and did not deal with something of his life, and not for his left to become recognizable elusive.

And indicate his prayers Bgabr and Abu Obeida it was scientists Ibadi movement during its inception in Basra, not to mention that he was part of the six members chosen by Abu Obeida a delegation to the Caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz.

Mot Shammakhi Firm in his memoirs, he says it “And among them Salim bin Dhakwaan, God's mercy, and right because it mentions in Abu Obeida layer, and is one of the famous scientists of the righteous, and was among those who Akatebh Jabir bin Zaid (God's mercy) (Shammakhi, Sir, p 109

And narrated by Ibn island within the acclaimed science readers, and has narrated from Abdullah bin Amer al-Shami (Lexicon flags Ibaadis, c 2/167) And the fact that his (Muslims) Suggest keeping good of the Koran, and voluntarily to cite His signs, and by inference. And had defeated citation and embedding of the Koran on the contents of the biography clearly, as evidenced by the full knowledge of Islamic law and its provisions.


This is a biography of the early blogging when Ibadi, with the exception of books Jabir bin Zaid and Abdullah bin correspondence Abad find this biography takes its place as the first document describes principles Ibaadis, and their approach, and their position. This biography received containing 22 Paper within conduct of scientists Ibadi, and are reserved within walking group Ibadi scholars library, Mr. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Busaidi, Sultanate of Oman, for an unknown author. And there is this group of Sir other copies, but under different titles, and has been published in full some contemporary literature (Advocacy approach when Ibaadis, Mohammed Nasser, Supplement)It also took care to study its contents Dr. Amr developing in his thesis (Studies on Ibadi)

And the importance of this biography and Translator relationship with him, we summarize the contents of the following elements:

We appreciate that the origin of this biography written message, directed by Salim bin Dhakwaan, to the general (Muslims) (Ibadi) As evidenced by the beginning of paragraphs “O people” “Servants of Allah” Repeated again and intended to incite jihad, and stability on the biography of the Prophet e Sahaba and advances. يوضح فيها بالأدلة القاطعة من القرآن و السنة موقف الإسلام الصحيح من الطوائف و الملل و الفرق، مسلمين و غير مسلمين، فبدأ بالمجوس، و المشركين، و المنافقين، و أهل الكتاب، ثم موقف المسلم من الموحدين، فأوضح خطأ الأزارقة و النجدات و المرجئة، و غيرهم ممن يحكمون في المسلمين بأحكام ليست من القرآن، و اتبع في ذلك منهجية تاريخية واضحة من بعثة الرسول e إلى وفاته، ثم سيرة الخلفاء الراشدين من بعده، متوقفا عند الفتنة التي حدثت في عهد عثمان بن عفان مفصلا أسبابها، ثم ما نجم عنها من اختيار المسلمين عليا، و خروج معاوية و أنصاره ضده، و كيف تتابعت الأحداث إلى قضية التحكيم في صفين، و ظهور المحكمة، و ما نتج عن كل ذلك من فتن و حروب إلى ظهور القعدة المعتدلين الذين هم سلف الإباضية، و توقف وقفة تفصيلية موضحا الفروق العقدية و الفكرية بين الأزارقة و النجدات و من تبعهم و بين القعدة، حيث يقول “Blue and combines son and his companions, and the rescue of his companions, and David and his companions, and the gift and his companions, Abu Vedic and his companions, and they know from misguidance violating to finish him, and their work, including disbelieve him, and deceived them with that تحريفهم ” (Advocacy approach, p 371)

And then, it is certain that this biography written after that crystallized the difference mentioned above, ie after 64 e. And as long Biography (22 And large-sized paper) We summarize the most important of which concludes as follows:

1.The importance of this biography lies in being shown a detailed statement of the path of the Islamic religion of revelation to the time of the appearance of the difference and doctrines, comparing what it was like the apostle and his successors adults, and then came after them from kings and governors, the oppressors and the difference extremist deviant.

2.This is the biography of our first historical document important for those who wanted to study the thought Ibadhi in assets of all aspects of history and doctrine and jurisprudence, and can not for the researcher substantive indispensable for preceded and objectivity and presentation and comprehensiveness, and because the author aware of the flags Abadites and مشايخهم.

3.Show this biography conclusive indication does not leave room for doubt on the position of purchasers November )Ibadi ancestors) And distinctiveness of the difference extremist and foreign rule by such Alozariqh, and النجدات, David, and the gift, and Abu Vedic.

4.Evident invite the writer to refer to the Quran and Sunnah, and did not intend to invite to the doctrine of a certain range or specific, he did not attribute the same to any doctrine because it is considered that all leads to the right, which calls him the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger is the doctrine “فأمرنا to the imams of the Muslims followed by the descent of sedition Muslims killed Osman day, and a day sentences, and on denied arbitration men in their religion, and we have seen reviewed followed that day, and تأويلنا Quran today to تأويلهم the that day followed”

5.Biography determine November's political position public in terms of the Umayyad rulers says ” Accept the kings of our people to fear God, and not follow their desires If Khalvha to the right, and is not enacted Agehdoa, and does not insist on the guilt after knowing, and affix charity and shade where God commanded them”

The most important sources
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