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Imam loved Ben leave Qurashi

First: His name and lineage :

Is Shaykh al-Faqih of Imam Jalil Abu Sufyan loved Ben leave bin Amber Hubayrah Qurashi (2 ) Makhzoumi .

Secondly : His nickname : Nicknamed Imam loved Ben to leave his son Sufian where it is called the name of Abu Sufyan, his second son after Muhammad ibn Mahbub .

Thirdly : Birth : I did not find select a date for the birth of Imam loved and it seems that he was born in the first decade of the second century AH and in the reign Imam Abu Ubaidah Muslim bin Abi Krbma, Tamimi .

Fourth : Its inception : Born and raised Imam lovable bin leave in the city of Basra, a city that was a ripple scientists .. It seems that his father died, leaving a still a little boy married mother of Imam spring Ben Habib – God's mercy – Where Imam broke loved and grew up in his house and took more science him .. The when Imam spring returned to his native Oman .. Returned him Imam lovable and lived in the city of Sohar and when Sheikha moved died to Mecca and lived until his death .

V. : His wife : As for the Imam lovable husband Ben to leave, it seems that her name Khadija I do not know a girl from!! And from any tribe is .. He says the author of the book photophobia ( C 8 / 57 ) What follows : (( Hayan claimed that Khadija lovable woman said : The mentioned draw water, and was a maid draw them said : May Oatguenaha day of Girba . Said : He wrote to loved that Oamadaha Valzimha emancipation )) .

Sixthly : Sons : I did not find mention of the sons of Imam lovable bin leave only three of them and they Mohammad Sufian and inker .. The died Imam lovable and had two sons Sufyan inker has not yet informed of

Seventh: Elderly : Student of Imam lovable bin departure at the hands of a large number of imams and scholars, most notably : Imam Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi decent Tamimi and Imam spring bin Habib was more knowledge may be taken from this Imam, where he was a protégé and living in Islamic rule .. As a student on the rest of contemporary scholars of Imam spring Ben Habib .

VIII : Disciples : Student of by lovable Imam Ibn leave a large number of science students, both when he was in Basra, Oman or Mecca .. It is most famous son, Mohammed bin lovable and Shaykh al-Khorasani blogger and many others .

IX : Its scientific : A lovable Imam Bin leave many books and literature and sent a lot of messages to different parties and regions either to the east or west .. But unfortunately, most of these works اعتراها loss, faded and disappeared and did not hear them, but the some fragments RDM in the books of fiqh and Sir translations One of the most important effects of the following :

( 1) : Biographers : It is a book Sir or biography loved Ben leave has thousand Imam lovable this book to talk about the scholars and imams Ibadi early start of Imam Merdas Ben Hder and even scholars of the era in which he lived .. This book is the right of the first book was authored translations to talk about doctrine Ibadhi the flags . Says his Imam succeeded urging the read and commitment to what is in it : ( You study the books of Ahl especially books call Abi Sufyan ) . He says his Aldrgeni Speaking from Imam cuddly : ( And who had previously to perpetuate the functioning of the good guys and advances thousand, which gets him released from the effects and collect it in a single wire between oddity Principles and wonders News ) . Imam says Curtains : ( Abu Sufyan book includes news and speech jurisprudence and doctrines ). The researcher says Dr. Awad Khleifat : ( To Abi Sufyan book in history Ibadi includes news and Principles of speech and beliefs, is one of the most important books Ibadi early so that the imams state Rustumiya, they recommend their followers to read this book and in-depth sense ) . This is a very important book in the field of translations and walk because it stems from a contemporary figure to make even contributed to تبلورها and formulate some stages and claim some of the terms thereof . وللأسف الشديد فإن هذا الكتاب أصبح الآن في عداد الكتب المفقودة على الرغم من وجوده إلى القرن السابع الهجري حيث نجد أن العلامة الدرجيني ينقل منه أغلب مادته العلمية أثناء حديثه عن أئمة الإباضية في القرنين الأول والثاني الهجريين بل أظن أن هذا الكتاب كان موجوداً إلى القرن العاشر الهجري في بلاد المغرب حيث أن الشيخ الشماخي الذي ترجم لعلماء وأئمة المذهب الإباضي كان ينقل بعض التراجم من كتاب الدرجيني ويزيد عليها أحياناً من كتاب آخر فلعله قد أطلع بنفسه على كتاب السير للإمام محبوب ونقل منه . We also find that the books Omani ancient Kalzia and a statement Shara and biography of Ibn outrigger and others were supplied sometimes some novels by Imam lovable non-existent in my walk and classes may be a copy of this book had arrived to Amman when he moved Imam loved it and remained with his grandchildren and we hope from Allah the Exalted

2) His reign to the people of Yemen : The owner of the layers that lovable Imam Ben leave this covenant sent to the Imam student has the right(1 ) In Yemen, if you will what Aldrgeni said – Do not see it right – Shall be lovable Imam had been sent to the present Covenant between 129 – 131E . He praised mark Aldrgeni this era where it said : ( .. And that if he did not affect him, but his who collected the sermons and the judgment of Arts and make it beeps and initial memory of brains and minds to it was enough to mean what else ) . This has come down to us of the present Covenant by brand Aldrgeni, who was transferred to the present Covenant fully in his book classes (2) As we have received some of the paragraphs of it by brand Djitali which to transfer some of the phrases in his book Qanater (3)

Little d. مبارك الراشدي في كتابه فقه الإمام أبو عبيدة أن هذا العهد لم يرسله الإمام محبوب إلى الإمام طالب الحق وإنما أرسله إلى أشخاص آخرين ولعل ما ذهب إليه الدكتور هو الصواب لأن الذي يقرأ هذا العهد يستشف منه أن الإمام أرسله إلى قوم اختلفوا فيما بينهم وتبرأت كل مجموعة منهم من الآخرين فأرسل الإمام هذا العهد ليوضح لهم ما استشكل عليهم في قضية البراءة والولاية والدليل الآخر على ذلك أن في عصر الإمام طالب الحق كان يتزعم المذهب الإباضي الإمام أبو عبيدة فلا أتوقع أن يتقدم الإمام محبوب مشائخه ويرسل هذه الرسالة وعمره آنذاك لا يتجاوز العقد الثاني 2) C 2 / 279 ) 3) C 1 / 183 ،

( 3: His message to the people of Oman : Reason for sending this message that Aaron ibn al-Yaman, who was different with the imam liked in some cases sent a letter to Imam Ghassan bin Abdullah ( 192 – 207 E )(1) مبديا رأيه في القضايا التي كانت مثار جدل بينه وبين الإمام محبوب وعندما وصلت هذه الرسالة إلى الإمام غسان بعمان أرسلها إلى الإمام محبوب بمكة المكرمة فأرسل إليه هذه الرسالة ردا على الرسالة التي أرسلها هارون وقد تعقب الإمام محبوب كل الآراء التي طرحها الشيخ هارون وعمل على تفنيدها مستدلا على ذلك بالقرآن الكريم والسنة النبوية وأقوال أئمة المذهب وهذه الرسالة ما زالت موجودة وقد طبعت ضمن كتاب السير والجوابات ( 2 ) . 1) Likely imam of Nur al-Din Salmi in his masterpiece ( C 1 /120 ) That the letter sent forward cuddly forward-Muhanna bin جيفر, of ( 226 – 237 E ) And followed it who came after him as an Oman through history and the owner of the jurisprudence of Imam Abu Obeida and it seems that this statement is far from the health and because some scientists have said explicitly that this dispute occurred in the reign of Imam Ghassan where the transfer of Sheikh Salmi himself said Sheikh Abu Hassan, who is noteworthy that this dispute .

4-His message to the people of Hadramout : Sent Imam lovable son to leave this message as well as to respond to the message Sheikh Haroun and include this message on all the issues and views discussed in his letter to the people of Oman (1)

5- : His letter to Sheikh Mohammed bin Hashim : Send Imam loved this message to mark Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hashim to clarify some of the issues saliva Qadariyyah the to Ibadi refuted their views and explaining guess he was right and there is this message in the curriculum of the students ( C 1 / 434 ) .

This beloved Imam died in the late reign of Imam Ghassan bin Abdullah Between 195 – 205 E (1) He was buried in Mecca (2) He died for his two sons, inker and Sufian not informed of the dream where Abu influential say : ( He told me of the Muslims told me that Mohammed bin lovable wanted to sell their house in Basra and his two brothers was Sufyan and inky wanted to Yuklah sell their share, was inky smaller than the Sufyan reached inky before Sufian فرفعوا it to Abu Safra said Abu Safra : If reached, which is the smallest Jazz judgment on who is the largest if not a dream . A

1) The author of Amman and scientists p 53 , That lovable Imam died years 260 E This is a far cry from Health . 2) Remember some accounts that lovable Imam died in Amman, but the brand Abu Sitta explicitly stated that he died in Mecca, where he says : ( As spring died lovable Ben Habib moved to Mecca and housing until he died God's mercy


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