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Free Abu Ali bin hippocampus Anbari

By d. Mohammed Nasser

Is free Abu Ali bin hippocampus bin Malik bin poppy ibn Harith Anbari Makki. World, preacher, leader. The senior leaders of the movement Ibadi in the Hijaz, and of the top of their imams.(T.: 130AH / 747 AD)

Lived in Mecca early second century, and Rate Aldrgeni in classes within the second layer (100-150E), For this is considered one of the officers, and perhaps some companions realized as you go to some accounts.

His father was the hippocampus of Khalid ibn al-Walid workers on some aspects (Confusion) Fotouh time in succession of Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, and then became a factor for Omar bin Discourse on (Bisan) From the land of Iraq (Kalbi, population ratios, p 257)

Since the sources do not tell us a year of his birth, but the events confirm that maybe was born in the mid-first century AH.

The Abu free of modern narrators, and had heard talk about Omar bin Aziz, and Jabir bin Zaid, from his father, the hippocampus, and narrated from Greg and Abu Obeida, sack them and wound some of them belonging to the Ibadi, cited Bukhari “Ibn al-eyes: I saw Ali bin hippocampus and it was the opinion of outsiders” (Bukhari, great history, c 6/267)

Schooled on Imam people call Jabir bin Zaid, and a contemporary of Imam Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi gracious, and the supporters of Abu Hamza purchaser, his advisers and Oedadeh. It was also the owners of Abdullah bin Yahya demanded the right to, enlightened his opinion and experience. And was between him and my father Moudud Usher Tai correspondence, and Usher known stature missionary movement Ibadi.

Known in the books of biography and history, in turn, great in spreading doctrine Ibadhi in Hijaz and Yemen and to get rid of Gore Umayyads and استبدادهم, the participated in that with his knowledge and his money, and labored himself.

And one of the biggest advocates of God, as it took him to remind council, preaching and guidance daily held every Monday and Thursday of each week. And at any time be called for in the case of the day or night, any day was. And are way advocacy walked them Ibadi after him, have called the community or collection or promised, and are synonymous words for one meaning, and become مصطلحاتهم, and Abu free first arranged this secret councils in Mecca. (Aldrgeni, layers, C 1/5).

And it seems Sir news that the father was successful in free way advocacy, and methodology in education, and has had an impact in persuading offenders to boot for their sins. Has reported his books Biography stories Tarifa in this way, and has resulted in boards that combines a lot of convinced approach people call who later became soldiers and commanders in the army of Abu Hamza buyer. The University of words in this regard as saying “Brothers in religion is stronger than brotherhood in the ratios”

اشتهر أبو الحر بعلمه الغزير، و ورعه و تقواه، و بعد نظره، و حصافة رأيه، و لا أدل على ذلك من رسالته إلى الإمام عبد الله بن يحي طالب الحق عندما تم له النصر في اليمن، يلح له فيها بأن لا يفرحه النصر، و أن يلتزم مسلك السلف الصالح في الثبات على البر و التقوى، و ألا يغتر بالدنيا و يتخذها مبتغى و هدفا، فإن الإغترار بالدنيا أول المزالق و الإنحراف، و يوصيه بالالتزام الصارم بسيرة الرسول محمد e و الصحابة الكرام، و يقتدي بهم حتى تستمر الدعوة في جني ثمارها، و تتوسع في أطراف البلاد، و في مقدمتها مكة و المدينة، حيث يتم الاستعداد حثيثا لاستقبال أبي حمزة الشاري و من معه (The text in the book Aqueduct good things, Djitali, c 1/213-214).

Despite the caution and secrecy that surrounded their movement, and in the time in which it agreed with Abu Hamza buyer to meet with Arafat in 129 AH, threw by the Umayyad arrest authority by order of the Caliph Marwan bin Muhammad, and قيدته University of Iron ( And is a means of preventing prisoners from detention escape) And were driven to Syria.

But the company did not lose sight of صاحبهم of great stature - and no doubt- They have, Isa ibn Umar went out in fourteen men from Muslims (People call) Fajlsou recruited Marwan after that the city جاوزوا about Sham stages (Sir Shammakhi, p 100. Well Aldjabera, Abu Hamza buyer, p 199)

Through this news recognize the role of the father in the free movement of people call in the Hijaz, which was off to meet Abu Hamza when he wanted to go out to the Levant four hundred men aspects of Mecca (This is no small issue). And stature of those chosen among the members of the delegation six who was sent Ibadi to meet Caliph fair Omar bin Aziz, and their views and positions on issues of governance and the affairs of the nation, and asked him to work to correct the situation, and return the nation to approach the Prophet e and his successors adults, and (Muhammad Ali Dboz, history of the Maghreb, c 2/175)

That Ibaahar not advocate science and exhortation alone, but was an example of dedication to the service call his money on, the extension of God upon his livelihood, was spending three-quarters of what is spent on the needs of the nation, so that was come to him yields from Basra to Mecca single click gold (Sir Shammakhi, p 101. Jabari, m. X, y 99)

Not only did the free Abu in his knowledge Jihad and his money, but it has become a pimp Abu Hamza buyer and its leaders after their meeting in Mecca, where he participated in the battle (Valley villages), And Abu Ammar Abdul Kafi (قديد) He was at his side in Mecca and Medina, and done well. And supplying books Biography him news show on the wisdom of his mind, and after consideration of the leadership battles (Siyabi, silver contracts, p 221)

Remained constant in the jihad alongside Abu Hamza buyer until the last breath, as Dara income of the role of Quraish, Vahdq the people of Syria Casablanca Vahrkoha, and when he saw it, threw himself from Dar Vqatlhm, Wasser, killing and with solid Abu Hamza buyer, and still not crucified until (Siyabi, silver contracts, p 222)

And has been named Abi free Ali bin hippocampus in the poem that lamented the student has the right, and where the number of poet Amr Ibn hippocampus amber recipes dad free and stature great when Ibadi, he recalled that he was commanding Virtue, Nahia evil, modest, true to his brothers, wise

And the son of the hippocampus and is a semi-custom I was and النكر the

بسامة not nostalgic ribs with his brothers on immersion

Divorced tongue all court heal bone ever Aelloukr the

Not Anevkk in his stomach boil temperature sadness and rife

Live and UNH reduce it breathing a sigh of relief and Alzfr

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