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Abu Moudud eyebrow-Tai

By d. Mohammed Nasser

Abu Moudud eyebrow-Tai, sire Bani Hilal, grew up in Basra and lived.(T.: About 145 AH / 768 AD)

The top of the men Ibadi, and Matmayorm in the financial and military organization, and settlement discounts, and the appointment of preachers, counselors and advocates.

Join the Movement Ibadi after the death of Jabir bin Zaid, and became the right hand of a Muslim Abu Obeida, appointed and consulted in the big tasks.

And show news in the BIOS that he was a man of solemn, The beard so long title Balalehyana, and perhaps هابه some counseled more than prestige Abu Obeida himself, although he was less informed and jurisprudence of Abu Obeida, also noted that Abu Sufyan beloved son leave : ” His jurisprudence is not”(Aldrgeni, p 276 layers, and may be said of him compared to Abu Obeida, but what makes Abu Obeida sends in resolving discounts missions, and the resolution of disputes, and to meet Muslims in the pilgrimage season if it was not well.

Because we find Abu Sufyan says in another place “And eyebrow was based Muslims in matters such things is religion and fatwas” P 252

And this explains say Aldrgeni, where he describes by saying “Diligence was described, and a asceticism and pious known, and in his right means and deprived, it is not at the top in the collection of Sciences” Science, p 248

The eyebrow is based such matters for Muslims, it is war, and raise money and aid, and rivalry, Abu Obeida it assigns religion and order issues (Sir Aldrgeni, layers, 242-252)

And it soon became his home in Basra, an important center for elders and boys who join the Ibadi movement, and was a meeting place for secret meetings held away from the eyes of the ruling authority. And was held to pray during Ramadan, and he had sessions for each category: Special sessions of the elders of the movement for political and organizational tasks, which is open only from the documents. And sessions for boys and young people to study and preaching and counseling, and were public until Amuhoa do it from the eyes of authority between Abbas.

And the ability of an eyebrow-Tai in the organization and locomotor activity, assigned to Abu Obeida the task of collecting money, buy weapons, was credited with providing the right student movement in Yemen, and Abu Hamza al Mukhtar movement in the Hijaz between (129-180E) Then the movement Imam الجلندى bin Masood in Amman in 130 AH (Shaksy, students approach, c 1/616)

And may be cited Aldrgeni quoting Abi Sufyan lovable bin leave the way my father Moudud raise money, he says,:

“When he went Imam Abdullah Ben Yahia, and the face of Abu Hamza bin Auf raised eyebrow he gathered a lot of money to help him out, he said, he wrote to every Moser Muslims as much as what he sees, he said, what Declined by one, he said, and called Abu Taher and was an elder virtuous, . Not only affect the night and collect Abu Taher ten thousand dirhams, said they came حاجبا the told him so interpreted, and said that in the rest of the people .... After, he said he bought those funds as a weapon and face, and the face of what remained to Hamza (God's mercy) Aldrgeni, layers, c 2/262

And demonstrating the role of the great eyebrow in this area, and his dedication to raising money that when we died leaving a great amounted to more than two hundred and fifty thousand dirhams, and when he wanted his brothers washed consulted in command of this religion, he said to them credited bin grasshopper, and was “Dinh on without you even helpless about it and do not keep me money” And credited died before lead for Usher, forcing Wife or Salt to sell his house in Basra and other Sohar to settle the debt, which within her when حاجبا of. (Aldrgeni, layers, c 2/250)

And have exceeded the task Dad Moudud administrative and military to include issues Fatwa and reference, and is evidence of his knowledge and his understanding, and wisdom of his mind and foresight, and Muslims were hardly out of his mind if Ahtkmoa him, and it was Abu Obeida respected and (Aldrgeni, c 2/242).

Was invoked by the parties of the people of Hadramout in dispute that occurred between them in order Abdullah bin Saeed while عزلوه, and had acknowledged a man named Hassan, was to Astvetoa father Moudud during the pilgrimage season in Mecca, one who is more deserving to carry out the affairs of Muslims: Imam defender or Imam buyer? : Imam buyer even more deserving. (Aldrgeni, layers, c 2/252)

And it was tough with the people of innovation does not tolerate them in matters of assets, although herewith and flexibility with the people of sin unless Ijahroa, and he ordered his companions to be gentle them and bring them to their councils, but the latest in doctrine is expelled from the Council (Aldrgeni, p 252) And so was Abdul Malik recommends long “If one disadvantage of the Muslims are things between him and God Almighty Vchaora in ordered Azoh, and brought him مجالسكم, and Arvqgua it your best, may be that Allah will accept his repentance. And if a wrong by Muslims in their disagreement in religion and his will to Ischgb them and Evtq including Fatka, Vabdoa the his genitalia, Ahjrōh and not Thoudrōh مجالسكم, and informed the people, to be him to be warned, or turn” (Aldrgeni, c / 2 252-253)

So it was from his debate offenders, as happened when the headmaster of Abu Hamza al-Kufi, the question of the fate of (Abu Sufyan tells what took place between the kufi Hamza and Abu Obeida of fierce debate on the issue of fate, I ended by saying Abu Obeida “O Hamza, on this view, died Gillan” Usher and tried Tai that Istsaleh is Hamza, but he insisted and shadow drawn Women and vulnerable to say that the evil deeds of the subjects, there are people raise an eyebrow to the record of Abu Obeida and his command has the innocence of Hamza” (Aldrgeni, layers, 2/244. Well, Aldjabera, the cultural dimension, p 418)

This text indicates to sedate an eyebrow .... And secret passion for movement and continuity on the one hand, as evidenced by his knowledge, his diligence and capacity horizon, and has in this regard stories quaint حكاها the Aldrgeni quoting Abi Sufyan lovable bin leave (Seen classes, c 2/248-253)

Depending on the story told by each of the Aldrgeni and Shammakhi - The true- The eyebrow Tai be lived to the borders of the year 145 AH the year in which they died Muslim Abu Obeida. Abu Sufyan said: Ghulam signed eyebrow at Abu Ja'far (Mansour), Who had asked him, he said to Usher, and was a scholar, Abu Obeida, it may solve a sad day and saw him, asked him, he said Moulay that you have died, means حاجبا, Abu Jafar returned and said: God bless حاجبا. Then he entered it after that saw him sad, he said to him what I see you sad? : Matt friend to Moulay told him Abu Obeida eyed, and said he had died, he said: Yes, he came back and said,: I went Ibadi (Shammakhi, biographies, c 1/85


We have not found traces of Usher Tai only found within the biography manuscript conduct of scientists Ibadi, and their relationship TranslationTranslator, we stand at the most important elements.

This biography is located in the seven papers of large size, and is more like a commandment, directed by the author to the Muslim community, without specifying their place, and maybe it was addressed to إباضية of Morocco at the beginning of their state configuration there are days my father Khattab Abdul Highest Ibn tolerant Almaafra (140-145E). As stated in Biography “And had said the commander of the Muslims and he writes to an initial credit before you, it is your brothers wish to see the right day takes place where God's justice and ordered him and then appends God” (Biography, 71) And is a phrase uttered by the Islamic preacher handed bin Saad al-Hadrami, and it is the land of Morocco when he said: “I wanted to show this doctrine the land of Morocco one day from Dop to its demise, what oblivious that I hit my neck” (Shammakhi, Sir, p 19)

He says: “Then Know رحمكم the God but Oazmana you these things, and Rddnaha you on the faces in different meanings, what is intended by one thing and is before you can post God Baksth, and تقيموا his religion and their rights” (Biography, paper 69)

Whatever the case may be, the elements that revolved around this biography are the following:

· The most important issues adopted by the streptococcus Ibadi

· The doctrine of faith, words, and deeds

· The perpetrator of the big infidel (Kafr grace) Until he repents

· Which precludes faith: Lies, hypocrisy, doubts and insecurities in the right, power other than what Allah revealed

· Islam is indivisible, and the label does not apply only to the one who has all the rules of Islam

· Do not obey the ruler does not obey God

· The duty of the governor to do something God in religion and rights

· Role of scientists establishment is religion and advice to Muslims

· Precautionary, and leave what يريب to no يريب

· Zakat collection and disbursement in the habitat of the basic functions of the Imam that he must do.

· Imam tasks taking into account the rights of Muslims in blood and money, and broiler

· State and the patent application strictly fair

· Shura strong foundation for leading the

From here we can see that the father of Moudud Usher Tai thinks the idea of ​​the organization, and establishment of the Ibadi movement in its inception in word and deed, theory and application, and this is one of the early founders of the movement. And have exceeded the effects of thought and work to all of Yemen, Hejaz, and Morocco, likened his colleague and Sheikha Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi dignified.

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