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Abu Ghanem humans bin Ghanim al-Khorasani

The first requirement: Birth rate:

Sheikh Imam world Hafez al-Faqih Abu Ghanem humans bin Ghanim al-Khorasani, the people of Khorasan([1]) As is apparent from the figure it, we just could not stand them on the date of his birth accurate, and it seems that much of the first note did not care biographies and writing about their lives, because they worked Religion, dissemination and seek the application of science and education, and the establishment of God's law in the land, did not pay attention to identify their particular year of birth.

Submitted to Basra to receive science because of Basra at the time was the kiss of science is replete with various arts of science, and in the various Islamic sects, presented to receive science by scientists Ibadi, especially Abu Obeida ([2]) Although it was not aware of his life only slightly, however, be advised about his students and released without his books and the most important of the Code which, without words Abu Obeida pupils and their stories and their differences([3]).

The second requirement: His qualities, his life and his travels in pursuit of knowledge:

When a closer look at the biography of Imam Abu Ghanem and his blog and mention it in the books, we realize what he was possess the Imam of the qualities of Galilee scholars([4]), It has been _ God's mercy _ maintained for science, seeking in its codification, keeping it from being lost, and was characterized by humility, honesty and accuracy in the transport, known for his frequent مسألته to Oheachh, interrogation and investigation in transport and scrutiny of issues and stand at the text, and to give his opinion sometimes, and was familiar with the forty- ([5]) To congratulate him on imam([6]), And suggesting

His eagerness to seek knowledge trips made by, it has gone in the late second century to تاهرت([7]) Mara Mount Nefoussa in Libya([8]), And told him the blog without words Abu Obeida pupils in jurisprudence and their stories and Akhlavathm the([9]), I told him in تاهرت when he was a visiting Imam Abdul Wahab, Amrous Fastodaha the bin open([10]) Fastnsch including a copy stayed in Morocco and was in twelve volumes reprint them volumes([11]).

This person seems researcher qualities that he has spent most of his life in Basra, ask science at the hands of Abu Obeida and his disciples after him, and when squeezed the Ibadhi presence in Basra Abu Ghanem has a scientific trip to Egypt and the Maghreb, and then cited by([12]).

The third requirement: Elders and his disciples:

First: Elderly:

There is no doubt that each student aware of the elderly draws them Sciences, has been the Imam Abu Ghanem, a large number of elders called them in his blog, fourteen senators they: Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi dignified([13]), Spring Bin Habib([14]), Abdullah bin Abdulaziz([15]), Abu Omar allergen, bin Mohammed([16]), Abu Ghassan immortalized bin Alamrd([17]), Wael Abu Ayyub ibn Ayyub([18]), Abu Sufian loved bin leave([19])Hatem Ben Mansour([20]), Migrant Abu Hashim bin al-Muhajir([21]), Accession bulk bin([22]), Abu Noah in favor of paint([23])Shoaib bin unknown([24]), Usher([25])I'm Egyptian slaves([26]).([27])

Second: Disciples:
It was like Imam Abu Ghanem _ God's mercy _ in science and righteousness and Jihad in the application of science must have been schooled on his hand a large number of scholars, but sources do not Tsafna a large number, perhaps the reason for this is the pursuits of other teams, as well as .

Among the most famous of his students: Amrous Abu Hafs bin open Almsakana the Alnphusi([28]), And Imam returned bin Abdul Wahab Alristima,([29]).([30])

Fourth requirement: Effects and death:

First: Effects:

The sources said that Abu Ghanem two books:

1- Blog: It is the subject of research, and I will speak about some of the shortcut.

2- Different fatwas or fatwa: It was not found missing([31]).

Secondly: His death:

Some sources say that his death was the year 200 AH / 815 AD([32])However, Sheikh Saleh Al Busaidi see another view on the date of his death, he says,: “The aforementioned date is not accurate, and that the death of Abu Ghanem was then, and who calls us to this weighting, is that Imam Abu Ghanem has been Amrous'm open and leave him a copy of the Code, and Amrous was killed in the battle (Manu) سنة 283هـ، وتبيّن قصّة مشاركته أنّه كان قوياًّ وصلباً فلو فرضنا أنّ أبا غانم قد لقيه سنة 200هـ مثلاً، وفرضنا أنّ عمروس كان عمره حينئذ عشرين سنةً على الأقلِّ، فيكون سنّ عمروس حين استشهاده مائة وثلاث سنين، ورجل في مثل هذا السّنّ تستبعد مشاركته في الحرب بتلك الصّلابة التّي يوصف بها، ولذا فأنّه يترجّح أنّ لقاء أبي غانم بعمروس كان في أواخر الرّبع الأوّل من القرن الثّالث وليس في مطلعه كما ذكرت المصادر، ومعنى هذا أنّ وفاة أبي غانم ليست قبل هذا التّاريخ([33]).

The researcher believes Sultan Shibani other than what he saw Sheikh Al Busaidi says:

“First: The passage refused Ghanem Bamrs, and left a copy of the Code has been in a time when Imam Wahab bin Abdul Rahman Historians have differed in the death of Imam Abdul Wahab,

He was told: Year 188 E, which is to say I'm virgins Marrakech, and was told: Year 190 E, which is to say who favored Baroni([34]) And followed by Dr. Amr developing([35]), And was told: 208 AH.

On the first two views: Abu Ghanem may be met Bamrs the year 188 AH, or 190 AD, and this is developing which sees Dr. says: “The father Ghanem moved to تاهرت, in the late second century, the say the latter فرحلة the Abu Ghanem could be in the early third century, but does not exceed 280 AH([36]).
Secondly: Sources indicate that Amrous was quoted as saying Blog was young and old as well as to indicate that the age for a long time, and is likely to Sheikh Salmi God's mercy to the that Amrous generator was at the end of the sixth decade of the second century AH.

Based on the foregoing, it is not unlikely to be Imam Abu Ghanem had died in 200 AH.

By Dr Sheikh Muhanna bin Rashid al-Saadi


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Adapted from urges Amrous bin open approach in the judgment net

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