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Abu Bilal Boumerdes bin Hder

At a time when outsiders extremists who Bthorathm and movements against the Umayyads and ولاتهم and exposed as a result of the killing, displacement and facing discontent and indignation by the population, there was a group emerged after the Battle of Nahrawan and taken from the city of Basra-based, and opted for peace and not to resort to the sword or violence to impose their views. This group has claimed Abu Bilal Boumerdes bin congenital Tamimi, and this group formed the seed that produced including later known in Islamic history the band Ibadi. The leader of this band – Before you know Balabadih – Is Abu Bilal Boumerdes bin congenital Tamimi.

Is Merdas bin Hder, nicknamed Abu Bilal. Belongs to the Tamim tribe, which was led by Ahnaf bin Qais, has witnessed a battle with two rows of Imam Ali and his brother and departed with loop people of NAHRAWAN after arbitration and was of the few who survived the killings in the battle Alnehruln. Said by Ibn al-Atheer: (Boumerdes was great worshiper diligent pot and he does not condemn the review and deprives women out and say do not fight, but we fought)[1].

And shows that he was not comfortable with what happened out of contention and strife between Muslims and dumbfounded to solve the companions of the killing and displacement at the hands of his Muslim brothers and saw that the fighting between the followers of the Islamic faith is not true, Withdrew with a group of his friends and stayed in Basra under the protection of Ahnaf bin Qais, who was characterized by his wisdom, and repay his mind, and in light of this protection take Abu Bilal publish his views and thoughts moving through discussion and persuasion rather than by war, who traveled by outsiders, he called his followers not deprived weapon does not fight anyone except . Which had helped him to spread his ideas is tolerance Ziad Bin his father and to Iraq at that time with him and his group because they did not يحاربوه as did the Kharijites. He denied outsiders failure Abu Bilal and his revolution against the rulers Umayyad Vlqbohem the – Disdain – Balqadh, The people of Basra were they called them الحرورية,[2], Relative to Hrora,.

Abu Bilal active in Basra to spread his call and his ideas and was held assemblies and debates to convince people of his views, joined him a large number of people and increased the number until they built their own mosque in Basra[3]. The total of the good curriculum that all the teams that came out on the Umayyad state handled, including Alozariqh and النجدات and Shiites and Mu'tazilis, and perhaps due to the fact that all of those teams that was called before the Court is divided.

Abu Bilal was a lieutenant of Imam Jabir bin Zaid was even said that what was endures فراقه the it was of Zhuge him that comes out when Jaber after dinner and come to him before the morning prayer says to him Jaber has شققت-yourself Verde by Abu Bilal : God has long Hemmat myself Balkak the longing you even أتيتك. This shows how relevant intellectual and spiritual which linked Abu Bilal Imam Jabir and Ibadi historians will recall that Abu Bilal was not an order shall be entered into only with the advice of Imam Jabir.

And when he took Obeid-Allah ibn Ziyad Abu Iraq Year 55 Migration follow the new policy is different from the policy of his father towards the November hardened in the request for outsiders and used harsh with all opponents, whether they are from November or from outsiders and refused to intercede in any one of them, and despite all this was Abu Bilal says the right word did not fear in God to anybody as long as.

Says Aldrgeni[4]: (We have proven through true that Abu Bilal mercy, God was in the mosque heard زيادا say on the pulpit: The God for Improved who took you Palmse and present Balgaúb and correct Balsagam the. God's mercy stood up and said: We have heard what I said, and you claim that you are taking Balasi obedient and God so Male says (And Ibrahim In not bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another, and not to man but what he does and that quest will see fuller then Adzah box)[5].

The result was that the prison Abu Bilal prior to kill his brother and then released loop is probably the reason for this fear of provoking Bani Tamim which was then her considerable weight in Basra. But the amnesty did not include his followers continue to chase you and prosecution did not differentiate between men and women, the historians stated that a woman who came from the owners of the name Abu Bilal Albalija (Or Albutjae) Was diligent in worship and remember was forcing son Ziad and ill his Abu Bilal said to her: This is Jabbar may remember You Vtgbe the the. Said: (I'm afraid that cast a distasteful because of me. Ibn Ziad took her and cut off her legs and hands and then throw them in the market)[6].

Ibn Ziad continued to persecute all violators, whether they are veterans or November and was transmitted eyes and spies to track them and pursue them and then imprisoned or killed. In line with this policy had to Abu Bilal and his companions to stealth And they hold their meetings in secret to consider the guardians The Aldrgeni stated that they were coming to the councils Michpehin women sometimes Menthalin the recipe sometimes hawkers.

As a result of persecution practiced by servants of God bin Ziad against Muslims a big impact in the same Abu Bilal decided to leave Basra to another place in the hope that jamon evil son Ziad and to invite the idea somewhere else, he said to his companions: (It is God and what we can and foremost among these oppressors being we have their sentences Mjanpin the to Mvariqan preferred for Justice. God, that patience on this great, The stripping the sword and scare a great way to but we Nntbz the them nor sword نجرد nor fight only fought). Went out of Basra, he says:

I weighed that remains to amend,
What is not still there and what God Atzna
He hopes the survival of not running out of him
Not not lower his love him Hjna
Piety and fear of the fire god take me out
The sale, including myself has no price

And walked with him forty men from his followers even pitched Basque[7], Has announced that he and his companions will not scare anyone or deprived a sword and fight only Bdohm the fight. But I'm Ziad did not Ertd, work from Abu Bilal sent him an army composed of four thousand men led green sunflower son killed them all and that was in the year 61 AH. He used to say before killing:

Why care if our souls out
Why did Bojdzisada and أوصالي
Please Jinan if flew جماجمنا the
Under Ajaj like Balinese Handal
I Imru sold me my Lord schedule
It tumbled hearts of fear Ojala[8]

Was the killing of Abu Bilal echo deep in the hearts of his companions and the effects of severe curse against the son Ziad was his behavior and his work and his martyrdom ideal for his followers Frthah the many poets whom Imran Ibn حطان who said it[9]:

Ya Ein cry of Boumerdes and killed
Lord Merdas make me Kmrdas of
Rambled let me cry because Marzota
Lonesome in the house after Ines
Game denied what you may know
What people Game O Merdas people

He also:

I grew to hate life
And love to get out Abu Bilal
أحاذر to die on my bed
I hope death under the Awali heights
It is Iike energetic minimum I
Her and Allah, the Lord of the Throne said
Had I learned that Anfa
Kanv Abu Bilal did not Ibal

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