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Abdullah bin Abad Tamimi

Although the Ibadi sect attributed to Abdullah bin Abad but no sources Ibadi, nor in the other what could be considered historical biography for him except some excerpts scattered in some historical books, even Oalibdr Shammakhi biographers write about only a few lines where he said (And whom Abdullah bin Abad Marri Tamimi imam of the people of the investigation and the mayor when riots first differentiate wire companions the pilgrimage of Justice and the difference ways Misguidance and ignorance was God's mercy on the preserved who went to Mecca to prevent God has forbidden a Muslim factor that increases nicknamed Bmserf and was often shown tips to Abdul Malik bin Marwan In Hifzi that issue in his opinion Jabir bin Zaid has debates with outsiders and others)[1].

All that can be said that he belonged to the tribe of Tamim, who lived in Basra, the tribe from which Ahnaf bin Qais famous for his wisdom and good behavior. Does not know his birth date and the date of his death specifically, but realized Muawiyah, a young man and lived to the time of Abdul Malik bin Marwan. And thus have lived in the same historical period that found where Abublal and Jabir bin Zaid and wholesome blue bin has appeared Abdullah bin Abad on the scene after the death of Abu Bilal and it seems that it was his group, but he did not come out with him to the ASCO. Due to his controversial positions with outsiders and active movement in the criticism of the behavior of Umayyad Baptaadehm the Caliphs curriculum leader look back and attributed to him Ibadi by the Umayyad not Ibadi recognizes this label until late after the spread on the tongues of everyone, Vtqubloha the recognition of a fait accompli when others. Therefore, it is considered one of the imams Ibadi where politicians stop the opponent tongue and pen for the behavior of the Umayyads did not declare his sword against them, but in defense of the Kaaba with Abdullah bin Zubair

As for what became famous when historians doctrine Ibadhi the ratio to Abdullah bin Abad, who lived in the time of Abdul Malik bin Marwan is the proportion of cross caused some verbal and political positions known by and characterized Vnspt the Ibadi him by the Umayyad and then attributed to him the doctrine of after. In fact, the Ibadi sect in terms of scientific and legislative attributed to Imam Jabir bin Zaid, and this is a matter clear when Ibaadis not where ambiguity. Unanimously by scholars since their debut, they did not mention one of the of Ibadi scientists do not ancient and modern to Ibadi attributed to Abdullah bin Abad, who reads in Ibadi books will not find is this. Sheikh Nur al-Din said Salmi God's mercy:

We were originally in the branches
On the road to high advances
What Alabadion only note
Successors to the right of us Vaalma
And that the origin boy Abad
Was Mnavha us and the past
Defending our enemies argument
And protector of our brothers with a fork
And attributed it in their own way
Him a reputation for his
, Because he has had to do in the doctrine
Question imagined in the books
Vnakhz right when we see
If he hated us Attah
The offenders may سمونا the
بذاك but we we like it
We ancients did not prescribed for us
Abad's son doctrine leads us
And falsehood we have even yield
Brought him vinegar, which has lined up

Says Dr Awad Khleifat : (The Ibadi gathering sources that I'm Abad was not true imam and founder invited although it was prominent scholars and their men in piety and righteousness)[2]

Being adopt a position of opposition to the Umayyad state attributed to him word Khawarej as attributed to each of the Umayyad state Viewer It is so also attributed Ibaadis to outsiders. And Ibadi beyond what they are all outsiders and not in common with the thought of outsiders, but their denial of arbitration and opposition to the rule of the Umayyad.

Male Curtains ( That the Muslims after the killing of Abu Bilal met Mosque in Basra and were determined to go out and including Abdullah bin Abad, wholesome bin blue and Muslims when he faces Jean night Abdullah heard the sound of readers and muezzins and nostalgia pools, he said to his companions imprecatory these out. He came back and ordered him to mute and disappeared)1. This was in the year 64 E, the date of the paradox Abdullah bin Abad wholesome blue bin, any paradox Ibadi who they called them بالخوارج, the. With the knowledge that outsiders did not Atpartyoa until after this date as that nominated بالخوارج the did not fall until after their extremism.
It was reported Tabari and other historians message wholesome blue bin Abdullah bin Abad and his response when it has intensified some of the abuse and the Umayyad rulers, has sent wholesome blue bin message to Abdullah bin Abad, inviting him to go out and read this : (In the name of God the Merciful . But after God has chosen you to religion not die unless you are Muslims, and God You know that one law and religion and one ففيم primarily between the infidels showed, you can see the injustice of the day and night, may God Ntbekm to jihad, he said: (And fought the polytheists all) Did you make it in Sorry retardation in case. It has responded Abdullah bin Abad the following: (Murderer of God, any opinion sincerity Nafi saw the blue bin if people heathens was the most desirable people's opinion and judgment, suggesting it was his كسيرة Prophet (P) In the infidels, but lied and lied in saying. The people of Kfar blessings and provisions are innocent of polytheism. And the only of their money is haram we).

Despite the clarity of this message and Oroadha in most historical sources and an agreement historians paradox Abdullah bin Abad for wholesome Ben Blue and his outlaws, there is still the word outsiders correlation Ibadi in every time and place, and it seems that the media Umayyad able to convince people that each of the opposed belongs to .

Because Abdullah bin Abad was representing one of the fronts of political rejection of the Umayyad state. Not been given doctrine Ibadhi the fame in the world of goodwill doctrines of the four imams of his attitude toward the Umayyad state and Umayyad position towards him and towards his followers, because the princes Umayyads and Abbasids fought the doctrine and his followers, and prevented between the people and the knowledge of the truth of Islam.
[1] Sir, for شماخي

[2] Awad Khleifat: The emergence of the movement Al-Ibadi. 84

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