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Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi dignified

The Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi dignified Imam II to Ibadhi, has become a reference Ibadi without dispute after Jabir bin Zaid. Born in about 45 AH. The sire of congenital Urwah ibn al-Tamimi (Abu Bilal's brother). And nicknamed Abu Obaida his daughter Obeida, which took the flag from her father's fruit about the effects of the jurisprudence books Ibadi regarding the news of women[2]The father of Abu Obeida, Abu Karima was a contemporary of the Imam Jabir bin Zaid. Abu Obeida lived in Basra And known for piety and asceticism and piety and had a great effort in organizing advocacy and preachers as he was credited the spread Ibaadis in various Alomassar, the most famous scientists Ibadi in that phase of the Ibadi date and which was known secrecy. Dub Bader Shammakhi in biographers says him. Learning science and knowledge, and arranged novels modern and Ahkmha, which is referred to as the fingers among his peers and crowded to hear what knocks the ears of checks and has admitted his sermon Bhoz prized in science and admitted with shortness span with what it is widening.


Abu Obeida studied by Jabir bin Zaid, Sohar Abdi[3] Jaafar bin Sammak[4], Said Abu Sufian more what Abu Obeida Download Jaafar bin Al-Sammak and Sohar[5]. Also realized a lot of companions and took them, and is the Imam Abu Obeida of followers by researchers at the convention of modern science because he knew many of the companions who take them Jabir bin Zaid them : Abu Sa'eed (T. 74 E), And Anas bin Malik (T. 93 E), And Bara bin celibate (D. 72 AH), And Jabir bin Samra (D. 74 AH), And Jabir bin Abdullah (D. 78 AH), And Rafi Ben premature (D. 74 AH), And Sahl bin Sa'd (D. 91 AH), And Abdullah bin Abbas (D. 68 AH), And Abdullah bin Omar (D. 74 AH) And others. Roy he realized from catches Imam Jabir companions He was recounted conversations in the predicate for a group of companions

Took teaching after Imam Jabir, for forty years[8] He took with him the creation of many science, despite what has plagued him from harassing, tighten. The prison with accession teammate Ben bulk and remained in prison until he died pilgrims Year 95 E. Was forced under the pressure of the oppressors that the veiled education, and school hides out of sight. He was known title Alagafav, because he was working making Alagafav, a craft honest, it was يرتزق which is and his disciples blessed with honest solver, after his release from prison took his school in the basement of a hidden long and put on the entrance chains of iron, and if he heard Ssaltha he and his students knew that the stranger wants . Despite these difficult conditions, Have graduated from the basement of a large number of students carry the flag and guidance to various countries, The best known of them:

Of Khorasan:Hilal bin Attiya Khorasani, Abu Issa al-Khorasani, Hatem Abu Mansur ibn Abi Mansour, Abu Ghanem humans bin Ghanem al-Khorasani is the author of small and large Entries[9].

It is Iraq: Abu Ghassan Immortalized bin Alamrd, and Khalaf ibn Ziyad al-Bahrani, and Abdul Malik term, Shoaib bin defined and easy Bin Saleh.

It Yemen and Hadramawt : Salamah ibn Saad al-Hadrami, who went to Morocco calling and a teacher, And Abdullah bin Yahya Canadian which بويع the imam in Yemen later, And Abu-Khattab Almaafra, who moved to Morocco with a flag campaign first to بويع the imam in Libya, as well as Wael Abu Ayyub al-Ben Ayoub Hadrami, who took over the presidency of Ibadi Basra after the departure of Imam spring to Amman. And many others.

It Hijaz : Mohammed Habib civil and Muhammad ibn Salamah civil and Abu Sufian loved bin leave Mecca which is one of science campaign to Amman because he was deported to Amman, where he died in traffic is the author of the book in the history which tells him Aldrgeni of the and Shammakhi functioning early Ibadi.

It Amman: He studied at the hands of Abu Obeida his successor in lead Ibaadis in Basra: Ben Habib spring, as well as Abu Hamza al-Mukhtar bin Auf, and Plug-bin an obstacle الفراهيدي, and الجلندى bin Masood, Abu Obeida small.

The Moroccans: He studied it in the first place Abu Abdullah Mohammed bin Mgtir, Ganaona, and thanks to the efforts of Salamah ibn Saad came four students known science campaign to Morocco, and they: Ismail bin Talal الغدامسي, the, Tribal and Abu Dawood, And Assem Alsdarata,, 'Abd al-Rahman ibn Rustam.

Sheikh Ali Yahia says Muammar: The scientific movement carried out by the Imam Interface Language greatest conceivable that the words in the lines, and it was enough radiation center in Basra. It is hidden in the basement which تصلصل the chains on the door, and piling up faithful Alagafav with the pens and papers, began advocating free and dignified, to preserve the heritage of Mohammed (P) As stated by Muhammad (P) . Reaching this maximum launch the Orient, and maximum Morocco, and the far north and far south, was still since then to today is struggling for your kind this message[10].

The famous pupils of Abu Obeida : Science campaign to Morocco and spring Ben Habib owner predicate.

Abu Obeida was very reservists in religion, especially with regard to purity and worship to the extent that the option of Bin Salem one of his friends said to him one day: If you were a prophet what Ojapk one. You stresses on people, and it was much the same stresses when he heard Hayyan al-Araj[11] It is a radical contemporaries in one of his fatwas said : I Ohqana God in our religion if it says Abu Obeida. Perhaps the first Ibadi scholars built on the principle of doctrine rules reservists committed by the same Abu Obeida.

It is the pious Narrated by Sir owner from Abu Sufian said : خرج أبو عبيدة ذات مرة حاجا مع سابق العطار فبينما هما نازلان إذ وقفت عليهما إعرابية بلبن وسمن وجدي فاشتراها سابق بقرورة خلوق وقلادة فجاء باللبن إلى أبي عبيدة فقال أخر عنا لبنك يا سابق كم ثمن القلادة قال نحو دانق وكذا القارورة ويحك أتما الغبن للعشرة اثنان أو خمسة للعشرة وللدرهم درهم قال وأما مثل هذا فلا فأرسل سابق إلى الإعرابية فقال لها أبو عبيدة كم ثمن اللبن عندكم قالت لا ثمن له قال وثمن الجدي والسمن قالت اربعة دراهم فأخرج سابق أربعة دراهم فدفعها إليها، قال أبو عبيدة هات ألآن لبنك يا سابق (Devout Abu Obeida)

Political role and the lawsuit

Basra, played in the first and second centuries of migration an important role in Islam, was a prominent scientific center, and a forum for knowledge and culture, and to the emergence of various capital Humanities. The total movement Ibaadis in his great amount of proliferation and the accuracy of the organization.

Dr. Awad Khleifat says in the book ” Origination movement Ibadhi '” He speaks from Abu Ubaidah ( Abu Obeida, knowing feat of the top scientists Ibadi and prominent Vgahaúhm as he enjoyed an ingenious political power and a broad horizon, which helped him to al-Ibadi call in secret stage accurate and intelligent. It is no wonder, therefore, that historians attribute the greatest credit for the growth of their movement and spread in many Islamic countries outside Basra.

Abu Obeida began leadership of the people of the call after the death of pilgrims in 95 AH and agreed with the beginning of the rule of Suleiman bin Abdul Malik, who was a close relationship with the leaders Almhalbh Azd who joined Abadites the abundant numbers.

During this period, which lasted until the end of succession Omar bin Abdul Aziz characterized the relationship between the Ibadi and Umayyad kind of calm took advantage of Abu Obeida and sheikhs Ibadi this opportunity to organize their affairs and raising his followers were a group of boards frequented by followers of councils generally to all Muslims and boards of private Balmchaikh and boards of private campaign flag .

God's mercy hated exit said Abu Sufyan Abu Obeida was told that prevents you from going out even exited fails you one, he said, what I like it even if I did what I liked and I do not like that took place between noon and afternoon for fear of provisions. And I realized Abu his servants بفطنته, it can not be that there is no hope in it, has dedicated himself to the education and organization was sending his disciples to the east and the west to undertake advocacy and to identify the conditions of Muslims in places far from the center of government. He sent Salamah ibn Saad to the point of Morocco and sent others to Oman and Yemen, Hadramout and Khorasan suddenness students everywhere are studying him in the basement hidden was prepare them as advocates and was assisted by a group of scientists the good guys, including Abu Noah favor of paint and Hayan lame and accession bin bulk

The visor Abu Moudud Tai God's mercy, has said of him Abu Abbas Aldrgeni was described and a diligence asceticism and piety known, said of him Maleh, one of his contemporaries: What I've seen speaking speaks to exist in the Council before or after.

The visor helped Abu servants the right which is responsible for collecting aid and problem-solving was sent to and including that it sent a patient بالرمد to Hadramout dispute, which occurred in order Abdullah bin Saeed while put him in iron said to them, I came out for you what he saw from Basra easy nor a mountain . O people of Hadramout You Glaptmona the Wael said to him, Ibn Abu Ayyub al-Hadrami God bless you do not get out of your .

This has forced Abu Obeida under political pressure and oppression after the death of Omar bin Abdul-Aziz to be his school far from sight and chooses his disciples a good choice and that puts them laws to protect them from mixing with or exposure to power the ruling was expelled anyone who violates or fret opinionated or deviate from the consensus of the Muslims as .

Said Abu Sufyan came kufi Hamza Abu Obeida to Ival in order amount فخرجا to the house of Usher Vtnazera much, and the last thing he heard from Abu Obeida O Hamza died Gillan such then بلغهم after a period he walked to women and vulnerable Vklmanm. And then something Abu Obeida حاجبا the gathered his people said then spoke speakers spoke Usher glorified God and praised him and said that Hamza and the gift we Ahdtha events it آواهم or bring them down or Jalshm is our traitor accused people Vtafrqa and expelled from the Council.

With that in mind Imam Abu Obeida season pilgrimage great attention was not miss, but rarely were pilgrimages to scholars opportunities to benefit for a meeting with scholars of the regions and the rest of the companions and senior officers were also meet Bhaggag Ibadi coming from different Alomassar Vistvetonh and offer him their problems Faihlha them, and if there is what prevents him from , When he came time pilgrimage Email spring alone.

As a result of careful planning Abu Obeida was able to be controlled society community spirit and consciousness dominated by love and brotherhood and giving and giving and dedication in the service of religion has ordered to be rich to help the poor and needy Muslims and Sir books filled with stories of many on this side , فأبو bin hippocampus, a free of Ibadi chieftains in Mecca was rich and had devoted part of his wealth to the poor and needy. Abu Sufyan narrated Isa bin Alqamah, said've realized an old man. Comes to him yields were from Basra to Mecca dividing half of them in poor Muslims and a quarter and expense a يهيئه quarter to those who pass by Muslims. Ben also was credited grasshopper choice Muslims and Vdilaúhm and Y was a generous money and has pledged to pay the debt Usher dad Moudud when he died . Tells Sir owner of Abi Sufyan said :Matt Usher went by Kara Ben Omar and a group of Muslims to Igsloh said Kara what you say about the religion of this man Fabtdr delight in four Vdmnoh was his religion fifty thousand and was told one hundred and fifty thousand فحضر credited told him he is in Mali so helpless it does not keep me money.

The ADD bin Yazid was hires Aloxah in extreme cold and Tunavs gatherer thousand dirhams or more or less and does not have them nothing but trust in God and then Muslims and then differentiate those Aloxah gatherer and Tunavs on the poor and then come out combines the rich Fikd to the people of clothes rights.

He Abu Sufian heard some of the chieftains realized they say” I recall if the income Shaaban was poor Muslims to come upon them loads Balseouk and dates and يصلحهم for the month of Ramadan does not know who sent.

كما لم يغفل أبو عبيدة أتباعه في الأمصار الأخرى فقد ذكر أبو سفيان أنه لما خرج الإمام عبد الله بن يحي وأبو حمزة جمع حاجب لهما أموالا كثيرة يعينهما بها وكتب على كل موسر من المسلمين قدر ما يرى فما امتنع عليه أحد ودعا أبا طاهر وكان شيخا فاضلا وقال له عليك بالنساء وأوساط الناس فإنا نكره أن نكتب عليهم ما لا يحملون فانطلق أبو طاهر فيمن انطلق معه من المسلمين فلم يأتوا امرأة ولا رجلا إلا وجدوه مسارعا فيما سألوه. He was a man of Muslims to Mir that purse owner overthrew them three thousand dirhams said Abu Taher, a brother, his children, God said to them, God, what I've seen ever since I was a face like this was spent where, if found فدعه, and God is not due to them AED, but the covenant of God, do not tell . And they did not affect the night to collect Abu Tahir ten thousand dirhams They told حاجبا they interpreted it said that people in the rest of.

His death

Imam Abu Ubaidah died years 150 E in the era of Abu Jafar al-Mansur, and took the spring Ibn Habib leading the Ibadi after him in Basra. Narrated that Abu Jaafar Al-Mansour said when he heard of the death of Abu Obeida: I went Ibadi. The Omar Abu Obeida lived so long that he saw the effects of his upbringing, which resulted in Amamtin of one and the other in Morocco Mashreq.


For more details about the life of Abu Obeida and advocacy role in the following books can be revised

· Imam Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi dignified and his understanding of Dr. Mubarak Al Rashidi

· Sir Book of Badr Shammakhi Firm

· Layers sheikhs Drgeni the

· The emergence of the movement Ibadi Dr. Awad Khleifat


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