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Abadites relationship Umayyad state

The system of government in Islam is the one who came basic rules in the Book of Allah and in the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him and layer Caliphs in a practical way. As the succession is the most important state facilities, and the greatest manifestation of the nation, and stronger authority oversees the implementation of the orders of Allah, and the application of the book Aziz, came Islam system imamate in the presidency of the Islamic State, to lead the Muslims in every time and place best sons and most efficient, and Otmanm in piety, integrity and sincerity. Valkhalafah this description can not be subject to the hereditary system, nor be associated with sex, tribe or family or color, but must require that where sufficiently religious, moral and practical, mental, and if equal, these competencies in the number of people possible to make the Hashemite or Qurashiyyah or Arabism of the reasons .
And Imamate is being held in the Islamic state road and not the second one for him, not a choice people Aqd imam or caliph, and the acceptance of the imam or caliph for the job. And this way بويع the Caliphs all. But the Umayyad and Abbasid and came after them did not abide by this originally turned the Islamic caliphate since the reign of Muawiyah to his son over succession to the king Edod, thus fulfilling the words of the Prophet peace be upon him in the modern who رواهما Imam Ahmad in his Musnad.
First modern Narrated by Abu Umaamah, Baahili for Prophet, peace be upon him said: (To Tnqdhan the bonds of Islam buttonhole buttonhole Whenever Antqdt buttonhole تشبت people Balti, followed by the first of the expiration of governance and Akn prayer)[1], Talk second narrated by Hudhaifah ibn Aleman from the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said : (Be a prophet among you what, God willing, then be brought by God if he brought then be the succession of on prophecy Vtkon the platform God wills then be brought if he brought then be king Aada shall be God wills to be and then bump if God willing, that bump [2]).
By keeping track of what happened after the battle of two rows and the killing of Imam Ali Karam Allah face and waiver Hassan bin Ali for the caliphate to Muawiya and what happened after taking Muawiya allegiance to his son Yazid, we find that the first loop of Islam - a rule – قد انتقضت، ومنذ ذلك الحين انتقل الحكم الإسلامي إلى ملك عضوض توارثه بنو أمية ثم بنو العباس ومن جاء بعدهم كما أخبر النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم.
To the extent that emphasizes the modern second that it will be in the last decade succession on a platform of prophecy is gospel to the nation that suffers in this era of King forced or King العاض in several places of the land of Islam, it clearly shows that there will be a deviation from the Platform prophecy immediately after the caliphate. The first deviation Event – As is well known – Is the deviation in the selection of the Caliph or ruler is what the prophet meant (God bless him and ) In the first conversation, which stipulates that the first thing that invalidated the bonds of Islam is the rule. The drift began in power since arbitration provisions after the battle of two rows, which claimed the lives of thousands of companions and followers, and after the inheritance of the children of illiterate Islamic Caliphate. The owner of this deviation in the selection of Khalifa, lack of commitment to fairness in government and funds are not careful Nation.
ففي عهد الخلافة الراشدة كان المسلمون يختارون للخلافة أكفأهم لها، وأقدرهم على سياسة الأمة، لكن الأمر تغير بعد ذلك فقد أجمع المؤرخون والفقهاء وعلماء الأمة على أن أمراء وحكام الأمويين أو العباسيين قد تولوا الحكم عن غير مشورة من المسلمين، وفرضوا أنفسهم على الأمة، عدا عمر بن عبد العزيز رضي الله عنه، كما أن أكثرهم قد عاث فسادا في بيت مال المسلمين، فبدلا من إنفاقه في مصالح المسلمين ووضعه حيث أمر الله، أنفقوه على شهواتهم وأهوائهم, And poets – Who كالوا them praise - and their supporters from the pimp who helped them to stabilize their rule.
Says Abu al-Hasan Nadwi[3] In his book values “What the world lost degradation Muslims” In the second chapter of the book under the title “Decadence in the Islamic way of life” After speaking about the first Islamic community and the era of Caliphs (Unfortunately, It is the misfortune of the human world that he took the job serious men did not prepare him several, Did not receive religious education and profound congenital also received solid ancients and many in their time and their generation, ولم يكن عندهم من روح الجهاد في سبيل الإسلام ومن قوة الاجتهاد في المسائل الدينية والدنيوية ما يجعلهم يضطلعون بأعباء الخلافة الإسلامية وهذا الحكم عام يتمثل في خلفاء بني أمية وبني العباس، حاشا الخليفة الراشد عمر بن عبد العزيز، فظهر في ذلك ثلمات في ردم الإسلام لم تسد حتى الآن، ووقعت تحريفات في الحياة الإسلامية ووقع فصل بين الدين والسياسة عمليا، فإن هؤلاء لم يكونوا من العلم والدين بمكان يستغنون به عن غيرهم من العلماء أهل الدين فاستبدوا بالحكم و السياسة، واستعانوا – If they want to, and necessitated interests – Balvgahae and clergy, Fathrrt politics from the control of religion, And became the men of religion and science shows the succession and outside, And secluded Haúd worked especially himself, And eager critic and breathes a sigh of relief, which sees and hears and does not have a thing, And cooperating with the government for the benefit of religious or personal, And all that nuclei, And then separated religion and politics, and religion became snipped wing idly, The policy became a free hand, Free to act, Floor window, Her commands and prohibitions, It then became the men of science and religion distinct layer, and the men of this world distinct layer, And vast apartment between them, In some cases, their hostility and competition. It was not a lot of men the government until full examples caliphs in religion and ethics, It was a number of them in the veins of the ignorance and trends, Interpreted the spirit and psychology in public life, They became like the people in their morals and their returns, and still control religion and morality, Rose Hesba and lost movement for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice suzerainty, Because it is not based on power and protected by the government but carried out by the volunteers do not have the strength nor punishment, Vtnevst ignorance in a Muslim country and raised her head and went a large number of people to the luxury and bliss, nightclubs, stadiums and indulge in the pleasures and desires, And a look at the songwriters and animal book to protruding Trek what there was a strong desire to play, And panting on amusements and pleasures[4].
Khaled al-Bitar says in his book ” Caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz ” (When devolved succession to Omar bin Abdul Aziz was the situation has reached a case does not satisfy anyone has worsened conditions such as the receipt of Yazid and widened the gap between the caliphs, scholars and men were in a valley, and their rulers in another valley. The conditions worsened receive some governors like pilgrims because of Gent hands injustice and عسف, including caliphs was signed was signed by the governors of the injustice and Gore, And signed as well as in vanity and luxury they became raise money and spend it in the misplaced and give Aloattiyat without the expense or sergeant or law . The poet enters the caliph or governor Fimdha Deme him of money and it takes off from Aloattiyat. Has relied on appearances in Khalavchm, They were taking people the compromise is not respect for one only insofar as their supporters in مخالفاتهم or stop his tongue from them has treated the people of the house and die them irrelevant or supporters worst treatment so it came them to cursing Imam Ali and him on the podium and they are characterized by cruelty in all guardians for those who disagreed . May have made in order to keep the Umayyad caliphate in the house a lot of effort, and gained a lot of hostility and irregularities Akaber the Companions and scholars . All of those things made people in distress, but made them wait caring hand that interest restore the right to redress and return them safety and comfort and return to Islam, his face bright and Muslims to justice and the right[5].
These are some examples of the work of the Umayyad contrary to the provisions of Islam

· Making Umayyads cursed Imam Ali Year on the platforms in mosques since the era of Muawiyah, and as long as this is about sixty years until it came Omar bin Abdul Aziz Better alternative is Bragg words of Almighty God: (God commands justice and charity and giving to relatives and forbids indecency and evil and oppression admonishes You may recall) [6].

· Yazid was wine drinkers hear me sing and playboys orders of God, was among those who took the fishing craft and took the boys and young men and التفكه monkeys and other acts does not befit بالخلفاء in a time when the temptation is greatest.

· In the reign of Yazid killed Hussein bin Ali, may Allah be pleased with him and killed his family and his companions seventy men signed in Karbala, known in his time also in Year 63 Migration out the people of the city over the lack of religion فجهز them Muslim bin obstacle they went out to him the apparent meaning of the city Va_an Medina for three days and the people of the city were killed in an incident free famous companions and followers many of whom Abdullah bin cartoonist famous angels laundering.

· Mention Suyooti in History of the Caliphs some of the news Abdul Malik bin Marwan them say Yahya Ghassani that Abdul Malik bin Marwan was often sitting next to Umm Darda, once said to him, : (بلغني يا أمير المؤمنين أنك شربت الطلاء بعد المنسك والعبادة. Said: أي والله والدماء قد شربتها). وقال العسكري : (كان عبد الملك أول من غدر في الإسلام[7], And the first forbidden to speak in the presence of the caliphs, and the first forbade the Promotion of Virtue). The son of Aisha: It led to Abdul Malik and the Koran in his lap, Votabgah said this last covenant your[8].

· Said Abdul Malik bin Marwan in his sermon in the city : (God, no one is telling me to fear God after this moment, but hit his neck), Although it was a worshiper ascetic succession before taking and was معدودا in jurists, but it might change after that. Suyooti said (If it were not of the disadvantages of Abdul Malik only توليته of pilgrims on Muslims and Sahaba يهينهم and يذلهم were killed and beaten شتما and imprisonment for Enough).

· في عهد الوليد بن عبد الملك الذي ورث الخلافة عن أبيه سار سيرة والده حتى أن عمر بن عبد العزيز قال: (امتلأت الأرض – والله – ظلما وجورا). And that when he was newborn Baham and pilgrims in Iraq and Osman bin stones Hijaz, and Kara Ben partner in Egypt.

· Was over bin Abdul Malik Waleed's brother to the same owner and Classic, fond of singing, has famously accompanied to Hababah and safety Amonatin even said that he died due to dismay over the death of Hababah. The Suyuti said that he stayed for forty days walking biographical Omar bin Abdul Aziz and then edit it.

· When Suyooti wrote about Alwaleed bin Yazid bin Abdul Malik described by saying “Caliph reprobate” He said it was an evildoer, mustache vintage, violating the sanctity of God, pilgrimage wanted to drink on the back of Kaaba Vmgueth the people فسقه, and left him, killing. As killed and cut off his head and brought him, looked at him his brother Suleiman ibn Yazid said : A dimension! I certify it was Chroba of vintage Magna evildoer.

· The work of countless pilgrims are Suffice it to mention that the pilgrims sent to Ibn Umar beat him the tip of the shaft poisoned them died, and seal in the neck of Anas Ibn Malik, a seal wants so humiliated.

· Umayyads Sacred House burned and threw him catapult. All this happened in order to eliminate their opponents and install the rule. The Umayyads Ohriq a lot of blood wrongfully. Has been represented in the killing of Abdullah bin Zubair and Al-Hussein Bin Ali Bin stone Uday and his companions and beat them to Mecca catapult and killing of many innocent people, especially in the covenant Obeid-Allah ibn Ziyad, pilgrims. The Umayyads have been able to Advo state legitimize sometimes by force and violence, savvy and resourceful sometimes.

· Umayyads complacency in the work year of the Prophet (God bless him and ), Examples are mentioned by Ibn values ​​in Zaad in talking about reading in prayer, he said: (The pollutants to read short verses he always did Marwan ibn al-Hakam, and this he was denounced Zayd ibn ثابث, said: (Malik read in Morocco Baksar detailed, I have seen the Messenger of Allah (P) يقرأ في المغرب بطولى الطولين، قال: وما طولى الطولين؟ قال : Norms). قال ابن القيم في زاد المعاد: قال شيخنا (يقصد ابن تيمية) And shortening the two pillars which dispose of it Umayyad princes in prayer, and Ahdthoh It also أحدثوا a leave fully magnification, and also introduced the severe delays, and also introduced other things that violates a gift (God bless him and ), Golden says in the course of Heraldry (Output readers are the people of the Koran and righteousness in Iraq on pilgrims to injustice and delayed the prayer and combine in urban areas, and this was a doctrine and Lahiya Umayyad also told the Prophet (God bless him and) : (يكون عليكم أمراء يميتون الصلاة) [9].

هذه بعض النماذج من سلوك أمراء الأمويين، وقد يوجد في هذه الأخبار بعض المبالغات من المؤرخين في وصف تصرفات وسلوك بعض الأمراء، لكنها أيضا لا تخلو من حقائق مهمة أجمع عليها المؤرخون وهي أن الخلافة الإسلامية تولاها من ليس أهلا لها، كما أنهم لم يلتزموا بالإسلام في أنفسهم ولا طبقوا العدل في رعيتهم، فكان من نتيجة ذلك أن نقم الناس على سيرتهم وحكمهم خصوصا أن كثيرا منهم كان من بقية الصحابة ومن أبناء المهاجرين والأنصار الذين ذاقوا حلاوة العدل والشورى في ظل الخلافة الراشدة فلم يرتضوا سيرة ولاة الأمويين المخالفة لمبادئ الإسلام، فمنهم من سكت، ومنهم من أنكر عليهم مخالفتهم للدين واستئثارهم بالرئاسة وهي شورى بين المسلمين، ومنهم من رفع السيف وأخذ يقاتلهم. But the Umayyad dynasty was in her youth has settled her it فركزت every effort to hit opponents. It examines the history of the state Umayyad finds that her reign was mostly a period of wars with opponents until it ended at the hands of the Abbasids. Said Thaalbi: (Root is the face of narrators for Abdul Malik bin Amir Laithi said: I've seen here in this palace – He pointed to the Emirate Palace in Kufa – Hussein bin Ali, head between my hands Obeid-Allah ibn Ziyad on the gear, and then I saw the head Obeid-Allah ibn Ziyad in the hands of the chosen between Abu Obeid, then I saw the head of the chosen son of the hands of Musab ibn al-Zubayr, and then I saw the head Musab ibn al-Zubayr in the hands of Abdul Malik, And there were in this ).

For these and many other businesses, which is detailed in the history books as a result of Islamic governance deviation from what it has pervaded resentment on the Umayyad whole Islamic world with the exception of a class of beneficiaries the situation and Almatzen the Paljah and position.

It was agreed companions and Affiliates, scientists and scholars and the general Muslims truthful to the referee after the caliphate has deviated from its course naturally in the Islamic system except succession Omar bin Abdul Aziz, but despite their agreement that the judgment has deviated, it differed in the treatment of this deviation by their closeness and distance from judgment and understanding . Extrapolating historical events we can divide their opinions into three sections:
· Department is satisfied he criticizes and ينقم, but at the same time stands of Umayyad rule stance peaceful, not out loud بالنقمة, and calls for revolution for fear of sedition detrimental to the nation, more than suitable, and the dispersion of more than a pool, and so they see and must undergo is based even changed . This represents a side of modern scholars, who were able to adapt to the status quo and take care of collecting modern and save.

· And another lift and took the sword fighting Umayyad, may overdo some of them even they Asthaloua the blood of Muslims without the right, and those who later called them outsiders Name. , Including Alozariqh and النجدات.

· The third section was critical of the deviation and calls for the implementation of the provisions God and الاستمساك of the Bashriath uninvited lead to sedition unruly, they are standing position frank critic who does not keep silent about evil, not raise a sword.

The Ibadi one of the first teams that denied the Umayyad Astitharhm governing the exclusion of others and their behavior in the house of money Muslims without the right, but they did not raise the sword in the face of the Sun, but the political propaganda in the Umayyad able to bestow the title of Foreign Affairs on each of the opposed by either the sword or tongue .
وانتشرت كلمة الخوارج وتلقفها الناس فنشروها في كتبهم وفي أحاديثهم، وفي المجالس الخاصة والعامة، كما وضعت كثير من الأحاديث في ذم الخوارج. Liars found, Almhnon and exploiters spacious arena for slander and increase Vnscheroa the many untruths about outsiders being circulated people like the facts and taken essayists as a tautology scientific material books without investigation or scrutiny or criticism, becoming like the facts do not go to cash and rises in question Talk[10].

مسند الإمام أحمد بن حنبل، حديث رقم ….[1]

مسند الإمام أحمد، حديث رقم …..[2]

[3]) أبو الحسن الندوي، ماذا خسر العالم بانحطاط المسلمين، الطبعة الثامنة، دار الكتاب العربي، بيروت، ص 132-134.

[4]) أبو الحسن الندوي: ماذا خسر العالم بانحطاط المسلمين ص

[5]) خالد البيطار: عمر بن عبد العزيز

[6]) سورة النحل آية 90

[7]) أخرج العسكري بسنده عن ابن الكلبي قال : كان مروان بن الحكم ولى العهد عمرو بن سعيد بن العاص بعد ابنه عبد الملك، فقتله عبد الملك، وكان قتله أول غدر في الإسلام. نقلا عن تاريخ الخلفاء ص. 216

[8]) Suyooti: تاريخ الخلفاء ص 216

[9]) الحديث أخرجه مسلم والترمذي وأبو داود عن أبي ذر قال: (كيف أنت إذا كانت عليك أمراء يؤخرون الصلاة عن وقتها أو يميتون الصلاة عن وقتها) Said : قلت فما تأمرني؟ قال: (صل الصلاة لوقتها، فإن أدركتها معهم فصل فإنها لك نافلة).

علي يحي معمر ، …..


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