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Book Summary Kharijites

Out of a book Kharijites a letter submitted to the Jordanian al-Bayt University to complete requirements for a master's degree, and was entitled: “Conversations contained in the Kharijites graduation and study” Were discussed and approved, On: 26/7/1998ملحق بسير *الشماخي.
This message is printed in the Sultanate of Oman, under the supervision of the library promising generation, which is the legitimate edition,

Part I: The emergence of outsiders, and to identify the most important opinions, and their teams.
Analysis of historical sources and references.
First original sources: A / sources outsiders and Contacts them.
It was under this item answer to a question which: Did Kharijites and participate Contacts them in the transfer of Islam and sedition events special?
Answer: Yes, and evidence the following:
1/ Says coolant(T.: 285E) “Female scholars from zero…” Says: “Troy purchasers…”
2/ And provides Ash'ari(T.:312 Or 324 e) Them some accounts.
3/ And sometimes gives them Tabari (T.:310E) In its history.
4/ Ibn many(T.:774E) Haitham bin Adi as saying” Metastatic Vhaddtna Mohammed bin Hamdani, who saw two rows, and the people of the capital outsiders who do not accuse of lying…”.
Be seen from the above that the Khawarij or attributed to them involved others in the transfer of events, but these novels is rare compared with other novels others What is the reason that you see?
The answer / to the second question: Yes, this is a sign of books classified outsiders or attributed to them, but intellectual blackout, and taking Nsifh media to obscure the truth, and remained fragments need to Enclha.
The answer to the second question: Says Ibn Nadim(T.: E) It is not from outsiders when talking about literature scholars purchasers term used Reeve Kharijites ” These people their books of modest, rarely occur; because Chnahm world, and follow them بالمكاره”!!
This is evidenced by what Ibn al-Nadim says Tabari (T.:310E) After mentioning T. E outsiders or attributed to them ” We do not keep saying, has lied!!” And followed fulfilled in ether (T.:630E).
Said Dr.. Mahmoud Ismail (Contemporary): ” It is natural not to stand on the contemporary novels take the point of view of outsiders, despite the abundance of whale categorized combinations beliefs, and their curricula, and their news, celebrity layers, which was mentioned by Ibn Nadim in Fihrist .[Cit] Has wiped wrote Kharijites, and burned at the hands of their enemies” A. E
But told Ibn Nadim (T.: E) Himself that he saw some of their books, he promised them a book prescribed and Althikim, Abu Bakr Mohammed bin Abdullah Barzaa, he saw(345E), Said Abu al-Qasim al-Hadithi was firm Akaber and Vgahaúhm book their last two title wins in Allah named.
And evidence of the destruction and burning list:
 deed Port-au-Nour people of Oman Ibadi They Mnsopon Kharijites years(280E / 893).
 deed Abu Abdullah Shiite the infallible Ibadhi library also Ptihrt Morocco East, (296AH / 893 AD).
 pilgrims have already done so in the people of Oman Ibadi also in the reign of Abdul Malik Ibn Marwan(T.: …..) Year ( E).
 what he did Khazem bin Khuzaymah Imam of Oman and its people in the reign of Abu assassin(139E).
 but what do Baljuj or attributed to them across the breadth of the Umayyad, Abbasid state!!!
As you can see, dear reader, that this external cause, and there is an internal reason between groups and individuals outsiders themselves, فتفاقم security situation, including the other was a reason for eased light of truth for the eyes, so:
 retire wholesome blue bin, and was followed by the group after a year (64E).
 deed Ghassan Al-Hinai people of Amman home Ibadi, one of her family (145E).
Sheikh says Alsabaa keepers of God “I did not find the difference attributed to outsiders except Ibadi authors on the subject of the message reached something Tassanifam, or which I quote, but Abu Obeida Muammar bin Muthanna linguistic known (T.:211AH / 862 AD)” But was told: That Ebadi, was zero, has been offering Male books.
So under this item analysis sources Ibadi and they Mnsopon to outsiders!! ـ
 book Salem Ben Attia or Alahtaih, scientists from the second half of the first century, one of the oldest books, is missing and is the father said when the curtains (T.: 810E) He was quoted.
 book recipe events Osman, said his curtains (T.:810E): “I saw him, I did not know the author”, And Mini will come to talk about in the BIOS, God willing later
 book or novels Abi Sufyan loved Ben leave Qurashi (T.: The late second century), Which is missing, he was quoted as curtains (T.:810E), And adopted E Shammakhi (T.: 928E), And included some of Abu Yacoub Allowargelana (T.:570E) Musnad spring (T.:175180 e).
Abu Sufyan letters addressed to the people of Oman, and Hadramout on Aaron ibn al-Yaman, and his opinion on the events of wholesome blue bin, and the rescue of Ben Amer, and Ibadi position of them, which is within walking following mentioned :God willing.
 book News rows, and news and killing the people of the river, said his curtains (T.: 810E): “I saw him and I did not know the author”, And likely the sheikh Alsabaa save God that Abdullah bin increases Fazari, was a contemporary students of Imam spring (T.: 175180 e), And the book is missing now, and has seen it Shammakhi (T.:928E), The book is full of news of two rows, and the river as is apparent from its title and knowable keeps track of the books that quoted him .
Traffic  manuscript, “Are like the notes of political and ideological” , And collected Sheikh Abu Hassan Ali bin Mohammed Albsewe, scientists from the second half of the fourth century AH, Zaid some other traffic. As is usually the نساخ manuscripts.:
 biography Salem bin Dhakwaan (From the late first century scientists), The oldest and truest document and we have received the views of outsiders because of the proximity under their owner, has Razle Imam Jabir bin Zaid (T.:93E).
 mails Abi Sufyan loved Ben leave Qurashi has been offering reference them.
 enlightening biography Ben Yoke Aldjalana, which advice he sent to Imam Ghassan bin Abdullah اليحمدي (T.:207E), And unique remembrance of Ammar bin Yasir he was killed days after the lifting of the Koran, and his denial of arbitration, and this is contrary to the public accounts Ibadi Almnsopon to outsiders, has been mentioned many(T.: E) Rawya like.
 biography of Hashim bin Gillan, from the late second century scientists, and early third, it said in a statement Nahrawan events, and was the cause of the authoring, in response to a request Imam Abdul Malik bin Humaid (T.: 226E)It is thus best Wordpress theme Nahrawan, and that dialogue Ibn Abbas the  those who refused to accept arbitration provisions Balnehruan.
 influential biography of Abu Salt bin Khamis Kharusi (T.: 278E), And his protest against the lack of legitimacy of the arbitration provisions, and mentioned some names of people Nahrawan, which is printed biography titled “Attributes and events”.
 biography of my father Qahtan Khalid bin Qahtan Alhjari Kharousi ( Scholars of the first half of the fourth century AH), And approved a novel Sheikh Hashem killed Ammar bin Yasir after the lifting of the Koran, and mentioned some of the views of outsiders.
 biography of Abu al-Hasan Ali bin Muhammad Albsewe, a collector Sir, in which he views the difference, Kalnjaddat, and Aloezagh, was the first to mention among the articles and books difference.
 views bin Abbas, may Allah be pleased to people Hrora, and seems authoring dye is long, and it shows a summary of the book on the above-mentioned events Osman.
The mixing occurred in some copies Sir, I have made this debate within the biography Shabib Omani Ben Attia (District 134 e), And his talk about rogue of religion and judgment.
 this walk includes the number of messages, including:
* Message of Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb and his face to the people of Nahrawan, and their answer to him, and his correspondence with Ibn Abbas  .
* Abad message Ibadi spokesman Abdul Malik bin Marwan regarding events of the reign of Uthman, and the position of Ibadi events wholesome blue bin.
 book disclosure statement, Mohammed bin Said Kulhata (Neighborhood: 578E) And his book On the subject of study drawn from the aforementioned Sir.
 book layers sheikhs in Morocco, Abu Abbas Ahmed bin Saeed Aldrgeni (T.: 670E), Which he based on novels Abi Sufyan mentioned above and the entire radiator, where he stated some of the events of the people of the river.
 book selected gems in completing breached book classes, Abu al-Qasim ibn Ibrahim Curtains (T.: 810E), And known as Abu al-Fadl, said news of sedition and events, and transfer for a recipe book events Osman Salim Hilali, a book Nahrawan Abdullah Fazari.
 biographers, Ahmed bin Saeed Shammakhi (T.: 928E), And eating days Muawiya, Wen T. p E repented comprehension I'm Abdalber(T.:463E), And war-book media located in the heart of Islam Yusuf bin Mohammed Biasi (T.: 653E).

B / Sunni and Shiite sources:
Says Dr. Mahmoud Ismail: “If the Sunni and Shiite sources bearing on the Umayyad, and falsifies the news!!!, The crackdown on outlaws most Lanka, they are infidels renegade must Petrhm!!!…”.
Participated الإخباريون in transfer events, and particularly sedition events, and outsiders, including:
# Amer Bin Hrahil Traditional (T.:103105 e), And perhaps the oldest, has gleaned his information from participants in the events themselves.
# Muhammad ibn Muslim ibn Shihab syphilis (T.: 124E), And more Albuladhira (T.: E)Of taking him, and Raoyate marked balanced and realistic.
The collectors history has written a lot, and compromise time on each!!, Including:
 book Kharijites, Mohammed bin Qudaamah essential(T.: 237E), Ibn Hajar mentioned (T.: E) Conquest.
 book News Kharijites, Mohammed bin Qudaamah essential, which is not mentioned above, Ibn Hajar mentioned(T.: E) In injury.
 history book, Awana ibn al-Hakam Kufi (T.:147E), And perhaps the oldest historical source is Kharijites includes news, which is missing .
 book my father Mhanaf Lot Ben Yahia (T.: 157E), A top trend, the author of several books, which followed previous book Awana, keeping Tabari (T.:310E), And Albuladhira (T.:279E)Many of them in Musnvathma.
 book Kharijites, Haitham bin Adi (T.:207E), Has been attributed Haytham to outsiders, and the proof is based on succession, and promise many(T.: E), Which is the best of their class in the subject, though his novels lacked audit.
 book of Abu al-Hasan Ali bin Mohammed المدائني (T.: 225E), And Albuladhira transfer (T.:279E) Much.
The books, and talk on the subject:
 book and signed by two rows, Nasr bin Muzahim Almenkera (T.: 212E)Iraqi tendency loft, and more than apocryphal poems that are not “Only an expression of attitudes anecdotal”.
 book classes, Mohammed bin Saad (T.: 230E), And on the topic a few.
 history book Khalifa tailor Alasfra (T.: 240E), One of the best books on the abbreviated.
 book Imamate and politics, attributed to Abdullah ibn Muslim ibn Qutaybah Aldeanora (T.: 276E), And the Czech Republic in the percentage he needs to achieve more and more, and the novels expanded edition is not mentioned in the history books other.
 lineages supervision, Ahmed Ben Yahia Albuladhira (T.:279E), One of the richest sources, and most cases of outsiders, especially historical, and has assigned a collective in his novels.
 sleepless book news, the Abu Hanifa Ahmad Bin Dawood Aldeanora (T.: 282E), In the general history, and grade to mention the killing of Ammar bin Yasir, may Allah be pleased book said Abdullah bin Wahab to its owners in Basra.
 book full of history and literature, Mohammed bin over the radiator (T.: 286E), Holding for outsiders prose literature and poetry part, did not care about the history of accidents, and the news of the death of Imam Ali Karam Allah and his face and beyond accidents.
 Ktarb history, Ahmad ibn Abi Jacob, known as Ibn clear (T.: 284E), A top Shiite tendency, in a brief general history.
 history book apostles and kings, or the history of the nations and kings, Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (T.: 310E), The following book lineages Albuladhira (T.: 279E)N has lung Square Tabari assigned to others as he said and adopted on Abu Mhanaf novels Shiite aforementioned upper.
 book Fotouh, Ahmed bin Oosm Kufi (T. 314 e), Tells the News of the first to the era of conquests Mutasim, and separated in many of them with little unfounded.
C / wrote articles and the difference.
To narrow areas of articles and books difference, Afratha in Male opinions attributed to the difference without health was a little unreliable rarely.
 articles Islamists, and different worshipers, Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Ismail al-Ash'ari (T.: 312 Or 324 e), Has been recognized in this excessiveness when owners articles, though he signed himself in this excessiveness!!!, Was quoted as outsiders whom Aleman outer bin Rabab, and assigns news to others by saying: “Itchy recounted, and told us”
 book the difference between the difference, Abdul omnipotent Bin Taher al-Baghdadi (T.: 429E), And benefited from articles Ash'ari, and others, and he allegedly escaped from the people of Nahrawan nine souls Vtfrkoa in many respects was Kharijites today from those seeds Alinver!!!.
 book boredom and whims and bees, Ali bin Ahmed bin packages Andalusian (T.:456E), Attributed to Ibadi and they Mnsopon to outsiders what they did not say!!, And answered by Sheikh Ali Yahya Muammar in his book Ibadi between Muslim sects.
 book boredom and bees, to Abu Fath Muhammad bin Abdul Karim al-Shahristani (T.: 548E), Who has benefited previous owners of the articles as is their habit, but what is unique from one another be more distant from the truth!!!.
Secondly: References modern:
– Book outsiders, and the Shiites, the Bobus Vlhozn, one of the first attempts to resolve a number of problems raised by historical novels, has given analyzes good relationship opponents arbitration and readers, and between opponents and Sabaean, though he went to the opponents who forced high acceptance stop fighting first.
– Book sedition, by Dr. Hisham Djait, was separated and analyzed period in the life of Caliph Uthman, Muawiya assumed power.
The long self-study every detail, and had gone to not Brawiat introduced Curtains (T.: E) In his relationship Balnehruan money, and rely on others in this aspect!!!!, Has Astsag and preferred novel Curtains (T.: E) From others regarding the debate Ibn Abbas to Hrora !!!
– New reading in the attitudes of outsiders, and their thoughts and their literature, Ahmed Suleiman unknown, which discussed the issue of the death of Ali and the relationship of the people of Nahrawan, and their followers so.
– Book issues in Islamic history, under the title “Tragedy arbitration, and the position of outsiders,” And”Fission in the Left Party”, And the two talked about the idea of ​​forcing opponents of the Supreme Arbitration accept arbitration in two rows, and readers nothing to do with it, and the killing of Imam Ali .
– Kharijites in the Umayyad period, Mahmoud known, a traditional study; prove things has expired under discussion.
– Greater written sedition, Taha Hussein, a book genius Ali, Abbas Egyptian Mahmoud Akkad, has talked about the death of Imam Ali.
– Book Task Alozariqh, Mohammad Reza Dujaili, where he stated some Alozariqh views.
– Message tagged”The emergence of the Kharijites, and the development of extremist movements to end the succession of Abdul Malik bin Marwan”, Deep Saleh Sharif, a long analytical, and concluded that the results are good, although it is believed that outsiders express Badia, and evidence to the contrary.
The researchers found recent studies on the results of repeated to the health of those results, but the reason to return:
A / drove Muslims do not accept the debate have.
B / loss wrote Ibadi They crammed in a bunch Kharijites!!! In the global scientific arena, leading to fill this space of taking from others. Has already stated the reason for that, and the words of the owners of the articles in the Kharijites.

Preface: About historical events by two rows:
It was a sign of loose hold the unity of the Islamic and Anttharh after the death of the beloved prophet  even before his body was buried Sharif!!However, God heal this rift under the word friend Abu Bakr  drove the ship to safety, succeeded after Farouk Omar bin al-Khattab  images justice hit Bjeranha in the his history of the Orient, and his successor after the third Caliph Uthman, .
He came after them carries this responsibility Caliph Ali bin Abi Taleb and his face, however, he found Talha bin Obeid-Allah, and Zubair bin Awam, mother of believers Aisha front Anashidouna blood Osman, and try to address this out on just Imam in a peaceful manner, but that the outbreak :  though two of the believers fall make peace between them, Bgt, one on the other, then fight by non so تفيء is God, incidental, make peace between them with justice and Okstoa Allah loveth  (Closets:9)، فوقعت بينهم معركة الجمل، فأسفرت عن مقتل طلحة، والزبير، ورجعت السيدة عائشة إلى دارها تائبة على خروجها على الإمام العادل، وكادت أن تعود الأمور إلى أحسن مما كانت عليه في النصف الثاني من عهد الخليفة الثالث، إلا أن خروج فئة من الشام بقيادة معاوية بن أبي سفيان زاعماً بمطالبته بدم عثمان، وعدم رضوخه لأمر الإمام علي أدى إلى قيامه بتطبيق كتاب الله تعالى في خروج الفئة الباغية على الإمام العادل، كما طبقه على من كان قبلهم وفيهم السيدة أم المؤمنين عائشة ـ رضي الله عنهاـ إلا أن إقامة الحق واجب على كل قادر مستطيع، حتى ولو تنكر له أصحابه قبل أعدائه.

Chapter I: People Nahrawan.
The first topic: The historical context of the bias to Nahrawan.
What was the position of Muawiya refusal to swear allegiance to the new Imam Imam Ali after attempts to dissuade him from doing led to the outbreak battle their Dharoos in the Wednesday 1/ صفر/ 37هـ في صفين، وما أن كان النصر حليفاً للإمام علي رأى معاوية ـ بمشورة عمرو بن العاص ـ أن يرفع المصاحف على أسنة الرماح، فأدرك الإمام علي أنها مكيدة ، واستمر في قتالهم، ووافقه أكثر قادته وأصحابه، وخيرة أصحابه، غير أن فريقاً آخر من قادته وأصحابه رأوا أن يتوقف القتال، وسار الأشعث بن قيس ـ وهو من قادة الإمام علي ـ ليُنظر ما عندهم، فكان أن يخرجا رجلان يمثلان الفريقين، وحكمها مرضي عند الطرفين بشرط أن يحكما بكتاب الله تعالى، فكان من أصحاب الأمام علي أبو موسى الأشعري، وعمرو بن العاص من فئة معاوية.
He wrote a book control, and separated the parties to be early during Ramadan Bdoma Jandal or Odhirh, taking Shaggy read the book on people and was among those who saw the cessation of hostilities he agreed Urwah Ibn congenital Tamimi, objected creature, and was favored by Imam Ali to accept last two title wins, he agreed this objection !!!
He returned the people of Iraq to Kufa, and their souls to each other is something WAC who ever they for some they Gadon war Muawiya by two rows, and split from the Imam Ali after his insistence on his position before entering Kufa range, and ordered them prince of prayer Abdullah bin Alkuae Alishchri .
Ezz on Imam Ali that Evargah Khairat his companions, he sent them Abdullah bin Abbas, to Anazerhm in ordered, then came out himself, Understanding people Hroire that Imam Ali had returned from its previous position, and they came to Kufa, but it turned them wrong understood, Vachtdt opposition .
Out of this community and Soppem after entering Kufa in their minds and they met at the home of Abdullah bin Wahab Rasbi, and ambush imam them, and they wanted to go to the cities but Zaid bin Fort Tai trades for their destination due to the presence of Saad bin Masood Thaqafi and forward them they departed to .
In this same time is not the time agreed upon met Abu Musa, and Amr of Judges and أصحابهما and here conflicting accounts Enshrine the course of the arbitration, but they all agree that the people dispersed without a satisfactory solution on both sides.
And when he saw the Imam Ali results of the arbitration, and was a surprise for him to take party is to face the people of Syria again, and sent to his brothers who Aatzloh to Nahrawan; to Anadwa all under its banner again, but they refused to consent to it, went out of Imam Ali and his to the people of Syria
In this period I accept priced bin Vdki Tamimi at the top of a range of Basra deny the acceptance of arbitration, and Aavqgua as they walked to the people of Nahrawan Khabab bin Aratt was aiming Imam Ali opinion, killing him priced Tamimi.
When Imam Ali knew doing priced insisted Shaggy that goes to the people of Nahrawan, and leave the people of Syria now, took Imam Ali opinionated waging on the people Nahrawan war Ffenthm but few of them .
The question with different stories on what made people Nahrawan consent to what he has done is priced Tamimi Boukbab bin Aratt and sticky? “We all killers” That was true?
The answer will come his statement, God willing, in the third section of this chapter.

The second topic: Companions of the people of Nahrawan.
Under this section, be the answer to a question is: Are participated prophet, God bless them in the ranks of the people the Nahrawan against Imam Ali?
Unsustainable pay prove the existence of some companions in the ranks of the people of Nahrawan, and history books mention some of them agree, and differ in others.
 Zaid bin fort or fortified Tai promise Abu influential (T.: E), And Curtains (T.: E), And Ibn Hajar (T.: E) In the incidence of the first section of the section and received his companionship, or was mentioned as indicating companionship in any way
 Harqous bin Zuhair al-Saadi, several of the people Nahrawan outsiders as some!!Abu influential (T.: E), And Albuladhira (T.: E) Tabari (T.:310E), And Shammakhi (T.: E)
He opened Ahvaz market, Atsagt him to cover up, and went Ibn Hajar(T.: E) That Hrkosa this is who witnessed the open cover with Ash'ari, but Tabari (T.:310E) Leroy dispute the view of the Ibn Hajar(T.: E), And it is a personal one.
It is ever Iidah, and irrelevant Alkhobarh.
 Abdullah bin Wahab Rasbi buzzing de with a Iivnat, imam of the people of Nahrawan, and Ibn Hajar who promise him aware of the Prophet peace be upon him and his family peace and he did not say, and several golden (T.: E) Who I understand ignorance, and see Ibn Hazm (T.: E) It is not companionship, but is the choice of personnel, that Aldrgeni (T.: E), And Curtains (T.:E) Prepare him or her companions.
 tree bin Uwe peaceful, Badri saw Nahrawan when curtains (T.: E), And the people of Nahrawan when Albuladera (T.: ), And DSi (T.: ).
 Shurayh fuller bin or Dad Uwe bin Illah al-Absi, said Albuladhira (T.: ), And DSi (T.: E), Mixing Albaradaa (T.: ) Between him and Abdullah bin peaceful tree Previous mentioned Fjolh of the people of the tree and Nahrawan.
 Thermlh (Bani Handilh), Said Kulhata (T.: E), And Curtains (T.: E) Companions, and who kill Balnehruan, mixing Jeweler (T.:E) Between him and his master wholesome Fjolh is of Iidah.
 Nafie, which has a Iidah known Palmkhaddj, said the people of Nahrawan Abu Dawood (T.: E) T. E-Sunan, Albuladhira (T.: ), And DSi (T.: E), And Ibn Hajar (T.: ), And Shammakhi (T.: E ), And was freed slave former Thermlh, and the name of wholesome many companions can not be known Ayham.
 Amir ibn al-Harith, said curtains (T.: E) In the people of Nahrawan, which Ansari, and I'm the air increased (T.: E) Peaceful.
And likely is mentioned by Ibn Hajar (T.: E) As Omair bin Haritha peaceful, and has a companion saw two rows with the Imam Ali.
 Abu Amr ibn Nawfal, Male Curtains (T.: E) Companions, and the people of Nahrawan.
 pyramid bin Amr Ansari (Of brown standing) Allies Bani Amr bin Auf, several Curtains (T.: ) Nahrawan in the people, and promised Ibn Abdul-Barr (T.:E), And Ibn Hajar(T.:E), And I'm the air(T.: ) Companions, Another Sahabi that name.
 Akherit bin Zashid High survivor, saw with Imam Ali al-Jamal, and two rows, and the refusal to accept arbitration, killing him stronghold ibn Qais Rabahi Messenger Imam Ali to him, a Sahabi translation thereof Ibn Hajar(T.: E) Twice Akherit bin Rashid al-Shami, and High, and Shami High Tsahev, and two personal one as it appears from the translation.

The third topic: The arguments of opponents of arbitration to retire from the Imam Ali.
The viewer in the position of opponents of the arbitration to see how stuck his companions to this principle to the death, until they faced an interpreter Qur'an Ibn Abbas in Hrora, but as a result of dialogue between them?
Counterpart Abdullah bin Abbas, may Allah be pleased for the people of Hroire.
May result differed Alroaaataat in Some remember compel people Nahrawan to Ibn Abbas, and some are the opposite, and all agree on two things:
• Arbitration Imam Ali men in command of Allah Almighty regarding the oppressive category.
• Imam Ali wiped out the name of the emirate for himself while writing and document their last two title wins.
Ibn Abbas's response was the first command: Almighty, saying in arbitration two men passport at the time of discord between the couple:  if you fear a rift between them automatically Fabosoa from his family and a provision that people Lerida reform reconcile God Behma  [Women / 35]In fishing campus on  governing Questions Edit your  [Round / 95].
And the second thing: Follow the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family and him accepting erase the message name him in a document Khudaibiya.
This making some accounts say: Obliging Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with people Hrora, although the category of them returned repentant to Kufa!!!.
But other novels remember the answer to the people of the first command Hrora:
أن ورود حكم الله تعالى في الأمر يلغي اجتهاد البشر، حكمه كحكم جلد الزاني، وقطع يد السارق، فلا يسع تغير ما حده الله تعالى، ويجب تطبيق الحد كاملاً، وإلا عُدَّ اجتهاد مع ورود النص، وكما طبق الحد كاملاً على الفئة الباغية في معركة الجمل فهنا يبطق الحد تاماً، والحد هنا هو قتال الفئة الباغية حتى ترجع إلى عصابة الإمام العادل، لا تحكيم الحكمين، ويكون القتال ـ كما هو معلوم ـ بعد نصح وإرشاد الفئة الباغية، وقد قام الإمام علي بذلك، ولكنهم أبوا إلا تحكيم الحسام.
But their answer on the second (Erase the name of the emirate):
Was included advice Ahnaf bin Qais Ali on two rows”Feared never be up to you; It's not what you to His Messenger, may Allah bless him and his family”; Prompting Ahnaf retire from Imam Ali to Hrora; acceptance erase the name of the emirate.
This express waiver, and inattentive clear intentional in legitimate right Okptse him the nation unanimously, without class oppressive, and did the Prophet and his family and him and his revelation, do not go away to wipe name him other than the emirate Wiczol quit Imam Muslim excuse, or alienating Muslims him for an event (T.: 1332E)
The privacy of the Prophet, peace be upon him and his family and him are also contained in telling Omar bin Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him on Hudaybiyah “I am the Messenger of Allah, will never Bini God” Narrated by Muslim.
There is no evidence that the people it Hroire who insisted on Imam Ali accept arbitration rulings, but the evidence to the contrary, says Dr.. Mahmoud Ismail (Contemporary): “And we draw in the end patent Readers who later became Kharijites responsibility of arbitration from a religious political position at the same time, make them revolt rejection has no desire”
Does not mention the novels are all responses to Ibn Abbas on these answers, and objections, but stating “That he is not able to respond to them”
And remember some of the novels as previously that Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him Hajhm far from the truth and reality in two ways:
• First: Advent of Ali ibn Abi Talib to Mnazerthm after Ibn Abbas.
• Second: And there was a dispute between the Imam Ali Ibn Abbas; due interpreted Ibn Abbas in the right of the house of money, was taken from him, Imam Ali Farahl to Mecca, and taking Arazle, and was part of what he said to the Imam Ali: “By God because God delivered including in the belly of this land of timely Aakanaa, and Btalaa on her back is dearer to me than cast it has spilled the blood of this nation; I earn so the king and the emirate!!”, In the novel when Kulhata(T.:) Where: “If I was taking the money void was easier than to share in the blood of a believer”
It is well known that Ibn Abbas attended graduate in the Battle of the Camel, and two rows, he emphasizes saying this on the health campaign to fight the Imam Ali for the people of Nahrawan; as Ibn Abbas was not involved in the fight, and went to Mecca and Taif.
D rejected. Hisham Djait accept the novel argument: “Readers outer core doctrine as he put senior ones who have been forced to accept the cessation of hostilities, it was decided that when many researchers, Naimi(Contemporary), And Alhlapa(Contemporary) , And others.
Rather it came in the words of Imam Ali exonerate people Square Hrora they are followers of the river then says in his letter to them: “Has come to what you want, have dispersed judgments on non-government, and recent agreement, turn to you, I want to walk to the Levant” And this novel when Albuladhira(T.:), And novel Tabari(T.:) “Then we are moving to our enemy, and your enemy, and we are the first thing that we were”When Albuladhira(), And DSi () Imam Ali has orator in the people of Kufa, and who insisted upon cessation of hostilities, said”… And Nhaltkm my opinion if short order, but you refuse only what you want, I figured I am, and you also said the brother Houzan:
Ordered warrants Bmnarj Contorting did Istbinwa adulthood only sacrificed tomorrow
The progress that the opinion of Imam Ali to continue fighting.
Since it was not in the interest of the people of Kufa; forced Imam Ali to accept arbitration, and was not the result of their own ” What is more likely narrators therefore Alkovin that carry responsibility enemies Kharijites intended people Hroire and Nahrawan and get rid of them on the one hand, and make a case Kharijites contradict itself, they are the ones who have been forced higher to accept arbitration, and who they become due before accepting their last two title wins”( )
I do not mind that some of those who have accepted the turn from their position, especially because they were satisfied arbitration, and disgruntled him on their way to Kufa challenged some in the position of others, and this is what Sug after a period of time because withdraw idea ” Readers who have been forced Imam 'Ali to accept arbitration, then became Juarja after that) All the people Hrora.
وقد تقدم الإشارة إلى أن أهل حروراء دخلوا الكوفة على الإمام علي، لا لأنهم قبول التحيكم، ولكن فهموا من محاورة الإمام لهم بعد حوارهم مع ابن عباس ـ رضي الله تعالى عنهم ـ وإعلانه التوبة قبوله للتحكيم دخلوا الكوفة، ولكنهم عندما علموا أن الإمام علي مصرٌ على إنفاذ رسوله ـ أبي موسى الأشعري ـ على الاتفاق مع معاوية، أخذو يرددون لا حكم إلا لله ، فانصرفوا عنه، ومن وافقهم إلى النهروان، ونصبوا إمامهم عبدالله بن وهب الراسبي ، ولم ينتظروا إلى ما سيسفر عنه التحكيم ـ بعد علمهم بموقف الإمام علي السابق ـ بل له إماما؛ لأن الإمام علي خلع نفسه من الإمارة بقبوله للتحكيم، ومحو اسم الإمارة عن نفسه، فعندهم قبول التحكيم ونتيجته واحدة؛ فلذا اشترطوا على الإمام علي التوبة بعد أن وصلتهم نتيجة التحكيم، بل أن عباس محمود العقاد يصف حادثة التحكيم “As farce”
And memorize fundamentalist brand Amidi(T.) Imam Ali had erred in accepting the arbitration of saying:
I found a bump not apologize will the Akis then and continue
The whole matter Alstat metastatic
So people Nahrawan description Denier Arbitration “They with Insights”
Remained Imam Ali stick point of view as governor majority owners to the people of Nahrawan, and that he had stipulated in the document that govern Judges Book of Allaah, and sentenced the book of God Almighty will be victory for him, and stuck the people Nahrawan Saying that belonged to them from killing Abdullah bin الخباب bin Aratt, .

The fourth topic: Rate review, and atonement to the people of Nahrawan.
The most serious sublimation range outsiders or attributed to them systematic review, Atonement.
First: Review: Any unlawfully killing legitimate, and the question Is it correct what is attributed to outsiders or attributed to them wire this way?
* The limitation of this methodology in the thought of outsiders or attributed to them is not the right thing with evidence:
1. Ibn Hajar said(T.:) In injury that Muawiyah killed son Aadis, one of the owners of the tree without the guilt, so why not call it outside?!!!.
2. But said Tabari(), And the son of a tailor() What do Muawiya himself he drew Dahhaak bin Qais, and ordered him to pass the bottom and telling, 'and that changed everything over who is in obedience to the express!!He joined Dahhaak”Palmyra” Killing them nineteen men, and of his companions were killed by two men!!.
3. And also stated he did Maaouya bin حديج a party Muawiya Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, killing ,Burning his body.
4. Tabari said(), And I'm the air what he did secret ibn Abi Ertah behest of Mu'awiya to seize the government in the people of Mecca, Yemen, and the murder of Treat her Abdullah bin Abbas and his successor Abdullah bin convicted Harthy and slaughter son Khalifa Group, and was so high his regiment ongoing bin Qudaamah in Alvin, Fassar “Najran” Burning them, and taking NASA Shiites Osman, and fled the mystery, and his companions??!!! Why did not Asamoa such methodology??!!
5. What do ongoing bin Qudaamah also one of the supporters of Ali, Babdallah bin Amr Ibn al-Hadrami, a commander of Muawiya where burned house is with him, and they that day seventy, and is said to forty!!!., And Al-Bukhaari(8078) Recently reported that the Prophet (pbuh) saying: ” No returned dimensions infidels me”
* The corruption of the curriculum, group and Khtalh download individual error, especially if the group denied the disposal Such is the individual, did ترضاه, has appeared in the advanced ages accidents on the scale of individuals, group did not bear the responsibility of the individual work, but was signed in the era of the Prophet (pbuh):
A / kill Osama bin Zaid man which pronunciation to testify, Vogz him Prophet  to do it, Bukhari (No. 4269, 6872).
B / Tabari said() Khalid bin Walid killed for Malik bin Noweira in captivity, Fatbh Abu Bakr blamed severe, but that student Omar bin Khattab, Abu Bakr, isolating Khalid bin Waleed.
[Summary incident NAHRAWAN]
إن جماعة من أهل البصرة أراد اللحاق بأصحابهم أهل النهروان ـ وكان إمامهم عبدالله بن وهب ـ بعد أن رأوا رأيهم، فاجتمع حول مسعر بن فدكي التميمي خمسمائة رجل أو ثلاثمائة، وفي طريقهم على النهروان وجدوا عبدالله بن خباب بن الأرت، فأسروه هو وزوجه الحبلى، ورأوا في طريقيهم خنزيراً فقتله أحدهم، ثم أرضوا صاحبه، ولم يأكلوا من الرطب الساقط مم نخله ـ لأن ذلك عندهم فساداًـ إلا أنهم بعد ذلك قتلوا عبدالله بن خباب، وزجه قتلة البهائم؟!!
Pause with the incident:
* Killed Abdullah bin Khabbaab on hand is priced bin Vdki Tamimi or a splinter group of the group coming from Basra to the people of NAHRAWAN.
* The story of appeasing the owner of the pig, and التمنع from eating wet fell in the land is not consistency between mind; only be captured Abdullah bin Khabbaab, and his wife, and watched it from them, and came out priced, and some five hundred, or three hundred, and then killed Abdullah and Wife.
And the people NAHRAWAN denied the calorimeter what went Mgailla did “Cut way, يستحل the broiler”, And the transfer of Ash'ari() More “Some outsiders as expressed say: Abdullah bin Wahab was averse to all, as well as his companions”, Narrated by Abu Shaybah () At the fair, and Abu Ali() In his Musnad novel: “And they went up reached the Nahrawan, Vafterguet, of whom فجعلوا band dedicate people were killed, said their friends: Welcome to this high فارقنا”
It turned out that the group that came from Basra were not a whole participated in the killing Abdullah bin Khabbaab and Wife, but it is a reaction calorimeter and approval, and that the people NAHRAWAN and led by their prince Abdullah bin Wahab did not agree on what to do calorimeter, reviews the people went out.
* And that the argument argument:We are all killers as it were proved, they are issued by the dissident sect who split from Basra who came, and consent to act priced; this Priced came after it says Ibn Hazm() “Disguised even entered the Ali ibn Abi Talib, what is left of a verse from the Book of Allah in which tighten only asked him about, he says, his repentance, he said, is priced: Though priced bin Vdki, said Imam Ali: Though priced bin Vdki, said calorimeter: I priced bin Vdki, the ejaculates: Said: You are safe. Ibn Hazm “He was cut way, يستحل the broiler”.
The systematic review its refusal leaders Ibadi they محشورون in the clique outsiders, and it is clear from the position of Abu Bilal bin Boumerdes and was the leader of the إباضية after the death of Imam Abdullah bin Wahab was attended with Imam Ali Jamal, and denied him arbitration فاعتزل to Hroire, where he : “Close proximity No proximity to God, and Im God because I fall from the sky dearer to me than to make what is making, Crawler not let bygones him, I Rkbaha the dark عشواء” , And review it all means.
But Abu Bilal explained his approach when he came to escape Obeid-Allah ibn Ziyad, and his forty men to Ahvaz: In forty men, he said: “That God, we can not place among those oppressors, are we judgments Mjanpin of Justice, Mvariqan the preferred, I'm not out to spoil the land, nor to Nroa anyone, but to escape from the oppressor, not نجرد a sword, and we are not fighting only يقاتلنا, nor, taking shade only Oattiyatna”
Tabari saw(), And the son of a tailor() That Abu Bilal Merdas the Ben Hder does not review, nor owes.
Secondly: Takfir: Atonement is the reason for the review, and the legalization of murder.
Here, raises several questions: When Use Khawarej or attributed to them utter disbelief?
Do you use the word blasphemy others?
What the health of novels that came in. use Khawarej or attributed to them utter disbelief as well as utter against those who shirk disagreed and before arbitration?
Before the answer to those questions I put two important points:
1. The sources agree that wholesome blue bin is who scattering holding the word court after they were gathered on the opinion of Abu Bilal, a year after separation(64E) Nafie output and offenders sentenced to disbelief beyond the pale of Islam, a shirk therefore استباح the honor, and their money.
2. That those who attributed them the issuance of utter disbelief does not mean it beyond the pale of Islam on Mkhalvém and described as expropriate the evidence from the Koran, and Mtklmanm reader of the Koran, including separation and world arrived, they first Age of Muhammad (pbuh) any seniors from his companions, may Allah bless .
The answer to the first question:
By novels : That their use of the term infidelity was early, he cited Albuladhira(), And DSi() They said to the owners when they return from two rows “Astbaktm you, and the people of Syria to infidelity Kvrsa the bet)
It also used it as-you-Tabari() Within Hrora said to Ali: “But so many of us in disbelief has straw to God Almighty him, FTP as straw Nbayek the” And used them in the sender's their answer to the Imam Ali “The saw yourself as infidels….”
The use of this term after accepting the Imam arbitration D. that this term has been used; and only needed a longer time, and wider to put it and terminology it, do not imagine the crystallization of this terminology in this period easy, as evidenced by its use will come, God willing, in the answer to question .
The second answer to question:
Use this word Imam Ali owners themselves conveys Tabari()Someone say: “We did not Nawas our community, our friend did not Nnasah Kvrna”
And transmits Curtains() Shaggy bin Qais as saying: “Overturned the custom, and pardoned Lord”, Shaggy and say to Ali as-you-radiator() ـ “That people have talked you see astray government, and residence in disbelief”
But that Imam Ali himself used the term when he said his son Hassan when شخوصه of Basra: “I'm afraid that kill Bamadaah the” Imam Ali said,: “Here's Me, Fu God found only fighting the folk or disbelief in what was revealed to Muhammad (pbuh)”
Which is noted in the novels attributed to outsiders or attributed to them by the launch of unbelief Mkhalvém, and novels that use of Imam Ali, and his companions was intended to sin, not theists, has been offering first offenders sentenced to disbelief in the sense of polytheism (64E).
As outsiders or attributed to them were the first of the Age of the companions of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), and were drawn away evidence from the Koran was using this terminology (Disbelief equal to the sin)And did their evidence, but they walked on the drawings of the Prophet (pbuh), and understanding companions, God bless them, and scientists after them, it was reported that the Prophet (pbuh), he said:
• “Muslim youth market is, and fight Kafr” Narrated by Imam Bukhari (48، 6044، 7076)And Imam Muslim(116، 117) And other.
• “Do not you would like your fathers, it turns away from his father, has disbelieved” Narrated by Imam Bukhari(6768)And Imam Muslim(113) And other.
• “Two in my two Kafr: Challenge the descent, and wailing for the dead” Narrated by Imam Muslim(121), And others.
• “Whatever a man who said to his brother: O infidel; has one epidemic” Narrated by Imam Bukhari(6104)And Imam Muslim(111) And other.
Some scientists and so-called sin “Kafr without Kafr” And others “Disbelief practical” And others “Disbelief younger” Gentlemen Ibadi called on sin Kafr grace.
Hence it is clear that the reason for the confusion was from those who do not differentiate between the use of polytheism and disbelief, Venspoa to the people Nahrawan They منسوبون to, outsiders that they ruled on Imam Ali and his companions shirk, and show that the people of NAHRAWAN used disbelief absolute sense and this disobedience if you will transfer them what!!ـ
The answer to the third question: Health stories attributed to opponents of arbitration uttering the words, disbelief, and they asked Imam Ali to testify on the same disbelief?!!!
See our sheikh Alsabaa God save some doubts in the proven those novels notion that people NAHRAWAN demanded of Imam Ali that testifies to the same disbelief, and quoted by:
1. Said Albuladhira,() More shares Bin Ghalib Alhb, which is one of Researches to outsiders: “It is the first of the so-called people kiss infidels, outsiders were not kiss cut testify in disbelief and faith”.
2. And also quoted that there are some accounts of the request opponents of arbitration recognition and acknowledgment of blasphemy of Imam Ali novel “The decision and only Aatzlnak” When Albuladhira().
3. Expression of accept arbitration guilt, and sin without Aljaw to the term infidelity, when Tabari() Said: “That guilt should repent of it”، “Type of sin”, And when Albuladhira() Imam Abdullah bin Wahab Ali ibn Abi Talib: “But now, repent to God and acknowledged your sin…”
4. As well as the disposal of the narrator or narrators in the story of words, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and like the novel when Tabari(), And Albuladhira(): “It is not between us and you only the sword, but acknowledge infidelity, and repent as straw” Imam Ali said,: “Beyond jihadist with Messenger  and my faith I bear witness to myself disbelief?!!, I've lost if, and I converts”
When Conclave () The: “Go back only to repent, and bear witness to yourself Baldilalh” Imam Ali said,: “Heaven forbid! Can attest to myself Baldilalh, and us guided God Almighty, and Astnqzkm from misguidance”.
When Albuladhira(): “We are not you only have to repent, and bear witness to yourself Baldilalh” When Vrgoi said Ali: “As can attest to myself Baldilalh God forbid that I Artpt since converted to Islam, or misled since guided, but Us May God guide you from misguidance, and Astnqzkm infidelity,, Asmk ignorance”
Thus it is clear there is uncertainty in the fact that the court call utter disbelief on Mkhalvém regardless of the health of all.
وتفسير الرواية التي فيها إطلاق الشرك على الإمام علي من تصرف الرواة الذين لا يفرقون في استعمال الكفر والشرك، ويتضح وجود التناقض في إعلان أن نافع بن الأزرق هو أول من شرّك مخالفيهم، وبين أن الخوارج ـ ومن ينسب إليهم، ومنهم أهل النهروان ـ يطلقون على مخالفيهم الكفر بمعنى الشرك، إلا أن يقال تَدخل العوامل السياسة والحزبية المذهبية، والطائفية فحملت جميع روايات الخوارج ـ أو من ينسب إليهم ـ التي فيها إطلاق الكفر ـ على تسليم ثبوتها عنهم ـ على مبدأ نافع بن الأزرق بعد عام الافتراق(64E) To increase Manufacturing, whether political or partisan, or ignorant as the difference between Allfezan of the narrators, and two of the pan and especially.

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