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Sample Sale

(Jurisprudence, sales)

Sale of sample sales pretexts; any invoked by Elyaharam the; because one Almtbaiein but wants eye which meant borrowing, and has no need in Sales.

Pictures that the man needs to money فيشتري of man-kind for a fixed amount, and then sells those eye at a lower price present, then he will have taken from him the money to return it to increase in order, which is the essence of riba, and that sales

Suri only ploy to Astbaanh the.

Ibadi see the sanctity of this sale, though his companions did not reveal their intent to usury as long as she feels comfortable, he said pole Tfayyesh: «I have it and who does not judge them so that only the Lord appeared they intentionally usury, and called it in the eyes of each tip, and not sell the commodity specialist excuse, but imagine the other offers».

Khalili and goes on to say that the sale is not permitted in that way, although not accompanied by bad faith; custom and because the case is enough evidence to judge him, dam of excuses and strictly legitimate means of making way for the purposes of taboo.

ومن صور بيع العينة أيضا أن يبيع سلعة بعشرة نقدا ثم يقول للمشتري أقلني وأزيدك عشرة أخرى إلى أجل. قال الشمَّاخي: «فإنه متهم في هذا أن يكون أخذ عشرة بعشرين إلى أجل، وإنما أدخلا السلعة والإقالة بينهما توصلا إلى ذلك».

والتوبة من بيع الذريعة تكون بنقض البيع ورد الزيادة.


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