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Studies in Ibadhism (al-ibadhiyah)

Al-Ibāḍiya, or al-Ibāḍiyah, is one of the earliest Islamic sects, the foundation of which goes back to the first half of the first century H. The school took its name from cAbdallāh b. Ibad, one of its early theologians. The name Ibāḍiyah applies to a Muslim group, which was considered by most writers as a moderate branch of the Kharijite movement. The adherents of this school still form a number of independent communities holding a fast to its teachings. The largest of this lives today in Oman and Muscat in Southeast Arabia. There are other minorities in Zanzibar of the East Coast of Africa, Jabal Nafusah and Zuwarah in Libya, Iceland in Jerba in Tunisia and in Algeria in Wad Mzab.
Dr. Amr Khalifa Ennami




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  1. Abu Yousef says:

    Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings,
    نبارك لكم إخوتنا هذا الجهد المشكور، وهي خطوة نحو إظهار الحق الذي تلفه مخطوطات التراث الإباضي وتزخر به مكتباته العريقة ليخرج إلى العالم الإلكتروني عسى أن يستفيد منه القاصي والداني، فشكر الله سعيكم وسنكون لكم ردءاً ما استطعنا، لإحساسنا بأن هناك الكثيرَ من المخطوطات لا تزال في طي المكتبات أو الخزائن، والأمة أحوج ما تكون إلى الدرر المنثورة فيها، كما أن البحث والتحقيق متيسر لطلبتنا والحمد لله اليوم أكثر من ذي قبل.
    O Allaah Park in efforts and hit a mistake, and showed right on the whole religion, even though the Unbelievers may detest.
    Peace be upon you. **Algeria **

  2. Abu Yousef says:

    Please, can you get a copy of the developing thesis Dr. Amr (Studies in Ibadhism) Either in Arabic or English. And May God reward you with good.

  3. Behind Slimani says:

    Thank you for this blessed effort
    We wish you a payment and always

    The book can not be loaded
    The link does not work

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