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Blogging and rationing read in contemporary jurisprudence experience

Blogging and rationing read in contemporary jurisprudence experience *

Preparation: Meets all the conditions legitimacy. Said Bensaid upper **



Under the logic of talking about contemporary jurisprudential experience given this experience in the wider area, an area Contemporary Arab Islamic Thought, The contemporary jurisprudential experience part of this last thought need Achkalath and its issues characterize that experience Bmisha. If it is due today to the European discovery of the West, after a long isolation and autism, has the latest in contemporary Islamic Arab awareness degree major natural to obtain contemporary Islamic thought idiosyncratic part of it, or is supposed to be the case.

May be necessary to alert the Arab-Islamic elite, between the thirties of the nineteenth century and the thirties of the last century, it was in سوادها the majority of scholars. As we review the most significant names on the Arab and Islamic awakening awareness and crisis together, we often find that it is a feature of Principles. Whether it composition of the scientific elite referred to, or Contact Baharfah that you engage in, or was due to the language in which it was handled (Any words and the most heavily traded in terms of those conversations thinkers), The matter has always been related jurisprudence and scholars (Jabarti, Thtaui, Mohammed Abdou, Qasim Amin, Ali Abdul Razak, Tahar Ben Achour, Allal El Fassi,…). Right that it was not in his power to be otherwise: Given that the major training centers were graduate scientist elites of them are religious institutes and universities spread across the Arab-Muslim world, is almost the only one in the country where there are (Al-Azhar, deprivation الشريفان, the Olive Tree, the villagers…). Given that the conductor configuration it was the fruit of an echo of those institutes and universities, and this is normal, and that the prescribed curriculum and traded texts as well as the relations between the Senate and their students were being restored and re-produced under strict ميكانيزمات the.

I do not want to refer again to the repeated talk about the contemporary Arab-Islamic consciousness and its manifestations and the various kifiyas in which the Western European was brought in. I do not want to talk about the thinkers of the stage that we are modest to call the Renaissance, I have pointed out that jurists belong to the jurisprudence of composition and study; but I would like to stand a pause in the contemporary jurisprudential experiment as it has tried to codify the jurisprudence and history of it on the one hand, and as it has sometimes sought quite a bit of diligence, and commented a little time hoping to say in religion on the face of renewal, Or say,ar: It has made innovation in religion legally required, but also enjoined hope it pertains.

And where shall customization and required by scientific methodology, I ask to consider this experience through contemporary jurisprudence jurist figured it deserves inclusion in the group of the people of innovation and diligence on the truth, and figured out that recipe covered by reformist thinker in many ways. I would like to address the point that identified me the Organizing Committee of this important scientific conference to say the petition in the aspects of the function of the texts jurist Muhammad ibn al-Hasan الحجوي Thaalbi famous by typing ” High in the history of jurisprudence Islamic jurisprudence “.

Arrange the modern experience of contemporary jurisprudence Mohammed bin Hassan الحجوي, as they relate to issues of regulation and innovation in contemporary Islamic jurisprudence (Theme of our meeting this) The following elements:

Mohammed الحجوي and his reform.

Date of jurisprudence, ascension and decline.

For overstepping the case, closing and Maadoh diligence.

Fatwa between followers and creativity.



1. Mohammed bin Hassan الحجوي and his reform

Muhammad is not الحجوي (1956 ـ 1874) Has a comprehensive reform projects and integrated, though certainly has the elements of a strong and clear has. Right that the idea of ​​the reform project (Or theoretical reform, Integrated Staff) Is first and foremost, which claims الحجوي reader of the beholder in his behavior and the phases of his life, a researcher from the interaction and integration between the man and his ideas and his personality components. I have had in the writings of several On several occasions the opportunity to alert the richness personal الحجوي, and the abundance of religious knowledge, and benefit who Ramoa the political history of contemporary Morocco him, as well as all those who have sought to talk about the Contemporary Arab Islamic Thought in Morocco([1]).

I am the most beautiful personal say in the overall الحجوي say: Quote from previous studies and summaries:-

A Mohammed الحجوي reading us in front of the image of a wonderful and exciting, but rare in terms of awareness, that is a jurist image trader which exceeded Salafi ” Enlightened” With adhering to liberal thought “Salafi”.

الحجوي man combines High d'Etat du employee who navigate the dangerous jobs in the reigns of four kings of the upper state at a critical period of the history of Morocco is the period prior to extend French influence over Morocco with extended-eight years to the Declaration of Independence… Functions differed between the embassy and supervision of personnel in a dangerous area, and oversee the reform of the educational system at the University of the villagers, took over the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice… It combines in his person all male, and trade between the engaging within Morocco Ana, and move to Britain at the City of Manchester;, where he was to his father and grandfather before him a share of the trade… And الحجوي, with qualities, Fakih inspectors and teacher at the University of villagers in some scientific centers (Private in Rabat), A prolific author (It is authored by European trips, we have to achieve and deployment of one of them, and a trip Hijazi), A lecturer in scientific clubs and spokesman in social issues and themes and enlightening behind the radio during World War II and a few years later. And three dimensions تتمازج the RFID (High-Faqih merchant employee) To be what we say: It reform project الحجوي the echo.

The first dimension is the doctrine then, but not in a technical sense jurisprudence which is almost confined whereby in jurisprudence branches, it is in the overall meaning of jurisprudence, which means jurisprudence in debt first (, Both together,: Branches jurisprudence and the jurisprudence of assets), And jurisprudence in matters of scientific theory, which related to modern بالمدنية, trade determined from the face of a second, in terms of trade is the science of modern techniques and applying them at the same time and where is the configuration requires theoretical and practical preparation in specialized schools and institutes. The third face (= Third dimension in personal) It is in terms of the policy is the outcome of for double Partyah planning is equal, are not equal; because one of the parties is ” Store ” (Moroccan state =) بحسبانها subject to the protection of the French state in foreign affairs, military and financial management and then, while the second party (“Protection” Or the French colonial power) Have the actual means and real tools in the management and planning together.

RFID three dimensions, different levels of interaction and influence in personal الحجوي, to be reported in routers considered in the formulation of the underlying components of the project when reformist Mohammad الحجوي.

And careful examination of the writings of the owner “Thought High” It was also his lead us to say:

The three issues ran from the man at the forefront and attention: Criticism of the educational system in the villagers and the call to fix an introduction and preparation for the comprehensive reform of jurisprudence. And to advocate the necessity of girls' education a way for social reform and recognize the term significance of innovation in religion introductions. And advocate the existence divert attention to the trade and to encourage its people, and develop methods when the people of Islam, and open sections in schools related to trade and modern education on the grounds that has shown efficacy in the West European.

That, in concentrated feed, are the salient features of the project reformist scholar Muhammad ibn Hassan الحجوي.

2. Date of jurisprudence, ascension and decline:

Exhibits Mohammed الحجوي in ” High thought in the history of Islamic Jurisprudence ” (A book that accompanied its name, there are many who hardly talking about الحجوي know the other compositions) Attitude is not without its novelty and a tendency to renewal to look at the subject of jurisprudence and newly definition of non-Islamic sources guided by Islamic law or approved, as well as to talk about the stages of jurisprudence and its origins and evolution. And if there is no mention of Ibn Khaldun when الحجوي the reader will soon be seen whiff الخلدونية to talk about the four phases of Jurisprudence (Childhood, youth, adulthood, and then the process of aging and the pyramid is close to nowhere); Though the phases and jurisprudence lived as the state be on it as he knew readers submitted. And Ibn Khaldun also talks about the departure of the sons of the Arabs to seek knowledge and its authorship, So we find الحجوي in talking about the young people in the developed jurisprudence on record that in “Follower followers era many pro and rotted and needed language sciences (…) He بتراجم scientists find the gel of them ex-pro or pro pro”.

As his submitted noticed his “Thought High” That preoccupation Arab politics led to the predominance of pro in scientific positions “That are really out of political office” He says; concludes in a clear logic Khaldona and dissolution “Arabic only a little nerve progress scientific positions, and that was muezzin Banhlalha in the political positions”([2]).

If the hadeeth of Ibn Khaldun for the emergence of Islamic jurisprudence and evolution of newly short only when accompanied by reference to leave for mothers and chapters about abstracts, annotations, standing at the signals public the الحجوي يستبطن logic that governs presented in the talk about the nations and kingdoms and أطواره to explain its march defined by the jurisprudence in the land of Islam. So that الحجوي mention that the jurisprudence (In the second phase) May “It occurred in phases and the case has changed Pena”, And that it was under the objective factors. Thus, the doctrine, in the process of youth, you may “Recognition after he became a realistic and a lot where disagreement and controversy raged in the task of assets, including: Introduction of philosophy and mind in jurisprudence in terms of being built to bring the interests and prevent harmful effects arising from the difference in the principles and origins as a matter of measurement, and approbation, and interests sent, and the types of inference, and the news of the one and requires the popularity, or lack of offense working people of the city”([3]).

Taking the little الخلدونية outlook owner “Thought High” In the gallery to talk about the advantages of this second phase of jurisprudence that “Safe Arabs wrote many of the books of Greece and the Greek and others walked their ideas to the ideas of scholars of Islam and see the people of Islam to many of the conditions of other nations and their issues and their sentences, Vanslkh Principles for a suit nomadism, which was متحليا it to others, but he was not of the jurisprudence of the owner who cotton in Africa did not “([4]).

Syndication books of philosophy and wisdom when the Greeks and Romans of the first side, and the disparity between the case “Nomadism” (In the manner and in the African Hijaz otherwise) And if “Civilization” In the capital of Abbasid part of a second; explains the validity of the ideas of rationality in the doctrine explains why the Hanafi jurisprudence reasonable rather than transferred, and وجدانه in Baghdad in particular and Iraq in general land is valid, while convenient Maaliki to the presence of socio-cultural less open to the currents of reason and philosophy.

Then الحجوي stand strong when another reason the reasons for the prosperity of jurisprudence in the process of strength and youth this. The era in question was “Vibrant bright Bsadat senior masters of ijtihad (…); Was not unlike each other, leading to contempt or intolerance or intersection and Tdibr but they laud the offending them beautiful commendable (…) He was all scientists diligent, was not among them imitator, not only mimics the common folk, it was not harmful to them, nor dispute walked, but it was an effort to show the truth, and therefore listed jurisprudence in which a young man strong”([5]). Where the respect prevailed and exchange between scientists, and this is a psychological condition as much as the signs of the civilization, and where the scientists themselves diligent and they rise above the rank of tradition, and this scientific requirement and the attribute of the supreme knowledge and ensure reference to the Koran and the Sunna first and basically, Freedom was a normal climate; it was possible for jurisprudence to reach what it reached in the youth of the runways of excellence and the reasons of strength and success,ar.

After the ups and strength come anytime weakness and decline, but taking weakness in the limbs of jurisprudence is rampant since ceased to evolve and ups and ارتكن the first order of vulnerability to stability and stillness, and those developed feature adulthood when the owner “High thought in the history of Islamic Jurisprudence” “Of the third principle per cent to the fourth Muntaha, as it stood in his power did not increase the power, and money to backwards, but he did not speed up the pyramid and arrived to the process of decay; preservation of the original strength even two centuries time”([6]). How he can?

Ounce thanks to the presence of a layer preservation on the part of the first, and the presence of hard-working adults from a second side, and his appearance authored bones in the third part of the jurisprudence. Possible for the state of stability to continue “Time two centuries” He also said. However, the imbalance is emerging due to the process where the tradition has been growing and imitators are increasing their numbers as taking diligence to recede “To the fourth cent as many scientists have become dissatisfied with the plan of tradition, dependent on the jurisprudence of Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafi'i, Ibn Hanbal, who was strike denominations in circulation then there”.

Taking weakness seep into diligence with the beginning of the turn away from direct contact with the Holy Quran and books of the year, and payment books to schools mattresses absolute veneration. Direct reason lies in the weakness of diligence and entering the process of decline and retreat to drift jurists “To take the assets of those doctrines circles each sect confined itself inside do not Taduha, became sayings these imams is like the texts of the Quran and Sunnah do not they consider”. It began Palanhsar within the denomination and palaces for the absolute path of diligence which means rejection of absolute adherence to the doctrine of the creeds, and asked to read the truth all the major doctrines and opposed to each other. Then evolved into direct contact calls upon the book and the year to become the eventual rise to “Dams between the nation and the provisions of the law have undergone something by little that Tnosat of the year, and the dimension of the book signed increasingly delayed language, and became law are jurists texts and their words, not the sayings of the Prophet who sent them”([7]).

Total satisfaction tradition imams subsequent doctrines then they amount away, make Cadi Ayyad Maaliki historian writes in “Grater” That the word Imam descends when the fake is like the words of the street. Tap historian load as servants of God Karkhi a similar view; though the texts become doctrine as says الحجوي is: “Higher sex Original authentic, Governor texts and downloads year, a standard offer him the words of the Lord of the Worlds and the messenger of the Secretary”. It does not even make the fanatical sects go as someone did doctrine stipulating that the “Mahdi but Jesus son of Mary if descended the last decade, they Ikldan the Abu Hanifa not Akhalfanah in anything; become corrupt these ideas, which has controlled the hearts of scientists and princes consideration of the Quran and Sunnah”([8]).

After it enables the tradition of “Scientists and princes” As mentioned, after it became dams exist between scholars and between the texts of the law there was no escape from entering into “The process of aging and the pyramid is close to nowhere”. Valvgah “Reached the ultimate strength in the previous four centuries, and was maturity Fsad the after even burned the same and went, leaving only broth in the fifth century onwards that is now named after impact”([9]).

Yes, I have appeared there are stars shined on the night of medieval Islamic البهيم and long term; was there Ibn Khaldun, and Shaatibi, Ibn Rushd, Ibn Abd al-Barr verse, and peer to them; but it was not in that enabled them to do in the presence dominated by tradition and inertia on the tradition and the greater the apartment . But tradition will become the worst conditions of; since become gradually to a culture of domination abstracts and summaries and explanations margins on annotations; amounts to how far away with the Egyptian Sheikh Khalil in the mid-eighth century AH “A short because Khalil summary of Owner's Manual frequent manual added three times, if breached بالفصاحة, and played most of his term could be a mystery. This idea is based on two مقصدين: Reduce the terms to facilitate on disciple conservation, and collect what is in the books of the doctrine of the branches to be the whole of the issues, each of which is a good destination to not get over-the shortcut that originated damages”([10]). The first is the need for manual damage to folders until it becomes understandable; therefore become a tradition in the study of the villagers - for example, that require manual reading read interpretation الخرشي and this book of six volumes,, read Zarqaani and another author of eight parts, in addition to reading 22 Book. So it was not strange thing is that “Some Oxiakhana” May “Seal read Khalil manual in about forty years”([11]).

I froze the people of jurisprudence on the tradition nearly ten centuries connected so it was not strange thing is that up situation to what we have. So it makes sense to also be early “Renaissance” And a sense of necessity “Vigilance” Rise up, or what we like meanings aware dual delay; overdue first for the eras of prosperity, the true account pm reference يلذ of the nostalgia for him in the event of introspection, the era of direct explicit in the text of the law books and years and anytime diligence on the truth. Second overdue for humanitarian rode developed have been made great strides on the path of innovation and progress with the people of Islam was unable to catch up by what became of inertia, and finished him of laziness, weakness and Khor.

The project becomes a natural question, when ratified in overstepping the case will decay and deterioration, the way how to re-open the door of ijtihad after it had continued to close full ten centuries; and rescue case that lies in a through diligence absolute?

* * *

3. Overstepping the isolation and re-diligence

Due seclusion which hit the people of jurisprudence, the first due to the educational system is responsible for the preparation of scholars and scientists configuration. And الحجوي score bitterly that the education system in Islam may display has in fact introduced to various aspects of political and social life and economic weakness, and injury, are suffering from chaos; In a famous lecture printed under the title “System in Islam”([12]) Writes الحجوي about who knew him negative transformation of education in Islam, it will be recalled that the people of Islam after he was “Their system who walked him to take the science is built on observation and experience total in saying: “Try and see not knowledgeable noted”, Ended up on to say: “Read the books and decided What were Alosatad saying scientists”. After the Muslims were taking in the education system is based on observation and experiment became what it was “Before them, the people of Europe to the tenth century AD (…). The apparent difference between the two systems: Is the difference between the industrious and snob”([13]).

And score الحجوي in a book manuscript([14]) Extinction of many science from the University of villagers, as the common myth prevent whereby people studied the interpretation of the Koran pretext التطير from it because the resulting “Sultan's death”.

We have seen in the previous section how mourns الحجوي on science elders in the villagers they left Amat book and original references towards the abstract books, footnotes and comments that contribute to the increase of the mysterious mysterious and dedicated to the culture of decadence.

Taking speaking الحجوي of alternative or renewal of jurisprudence to be back to his youth “It decides that “Possible treatment and detects the disease known drug “. And where the disease exists in the summaries and annotations and footnotes, say in treatment becomes when the author “Thought High” Evident: “Let us leave us study with latecomers condensed books deleted the evidence Almstglqh, and نؤلف doctrinal textbooks for primary and secondary education and then terminal, each according to what suits him. نرب the emergence of new Chubb on integrity, honesty and good manners are true breeding religious education of the Ancestors. Nmrnha to take provisions from the Quran and Sunnah directly, and engage in ancient books which he was practicing المجتهدون Kalmuto Bukhari and mother of Shafi. Let us make textbooks jurisprudence also modeled on what Pena in the books of fiqh, and so as Arab and other arts. Let us make of the total education scholars wrote the Koran and Hadith provisions as Ibn al-'Arabi, provisions and son Jassaas, and achieving Maraam for Ibn Hajar and niche Tabrizi and the provisions of Abdul Haq, and located Atanam so; Through this renewed glory of Jurisprudence”([15]).

However, there are other reasons far explain the reasons for the isolation and stagnation on the tradition, when Tbenaha and sought to Mjaozatha the we can prepare is preparing to conduct for diligence. Particularly those reasons when الحجوي the reasons:

The first reason: Illiteracy among commoners; special on in various مراتبها work on fight Islam Alold the enemy illiteracy, disease until it becomes the bulk of their nation to read and write and calculate and expresses his conscience correct words seemed to Arab and attended, as was the Prophet u fighting against his companions after. Will not fit the last of this nation except as Magistrate First”([16]). And الحجوي makes literacy-related knowledge of the Islamic religion to the truth, “No still promotions trendy and artistic discoveries miracle function on the health of religions and sincerity of its founders. Has revealed to us the mystery of the sanctity of alcohol and pork, and the secret of the pot washing seven of and Logue dog, and the secrets of the sanctity of adultery… “([17]).

The second reason: It is what it is women from ignorance, and met the man of exclusion and marginalization, and even lack of regard for the role. And الحجوي singled to talk about women in the self-translated the gravity of the role and the resulting from the evils of the underestimated, “Is indispensable us about Aaanthen in future men who are breeding them over the life of the country, and education of the art education and real home system does not imaginary”([18]).

There is no way to re-diligence only pursuing a comprehensive program, the premise good education and preparation women setup cognitive and psychological, which explains الحجوي, to defend him in his lectures and speeches ” Girls' education” This is on the one hand, and the fight against illiteracy that means Ptahja characters reading and writing painted, but it also means knowledge of false religion on the other hand.

The percussion section diligence lifting المغاليق and the seals that Osdth many centuries, it is, as we have seen related to a comprehensive review of education programs and the preparation of scholars, teachers, judges and مفتين. It upon الحجوي regard to what was the secret of all projects renaissance right, east and west: Back to the original texts, and stand at the first Constituent books; those under which it was established based science and the arts renaissance. And the requirement that the whole review of the prevailing mentality, and overall reconsider how education and its contents.

Now it has stood at his “High thought in the history of Islamic Jurisprudence” Among other issues related to jurisprudence lesson and codification; since تبينا theory and methodology in the level of discourse, and thus having stood at what we consider when الحجوي project doctrinal reformer or a legitimate reformer تنويريا be a renewal of religious mediation renewal of Jurisprudence strength we need to take a look at Beleugravea الحجوي .

* * *

4 Fatwa between followers and creativity

Count Mohammed الحجوي in indexed “Summary trustworthy handhold” A number of compositions ranging from the large volume and the number of few papers, and vary between what is published and what was still time editing Catalog (Year 1937) مخطوطا([19]).

The alarm is required to just two: The first: That some of the compositions mentioned is of direct natural jurisprudence include in the folds opinions.. Are either answer the questions put to him on a journey (Just as is the case for example in “European trip”([20]), Or in a historic restriction (Manuscript “Abbreviation smiling” For example), Or in a controversial book (This is the case in “Safaa supplier not to do when you hear the generator” It is available for the parallel Mjaylh Ahmad ibn in the case presented in my book “The assets of the Salafi ideology in Morocco” Islamic World Studies Center, 8992 Malta, Tunisia).

The second Altenbahen: The damage has affected a lot of number scripts الحجوي, after the crisis has ever known and confiscated his personal library Independence Day, and then deposited in the documentation section at the National Library in Rabat. Thus there are texts referred to by the owner without having a physical presence in the library mentioned, or they truncated texts.

When we take Altenbahen the above into consideration be possible taking into Bibliography al Ahadjoah Fiqhiyyah of classification make it in three varieties of literature.

A first class: Jurisprudential opinions related to the jurisprudence of worship

Often these fatwas doctrinal religious character “Ordinary”; Valemtemrs read the texts of fatwas Moroccan Maliki can not find what is actually considered a renewal or a departure from the usual pattern, except to be a protest pursuant to the primary sources was calling to him, or to call for a few historical evidence.

It is important to note that the questions were given on الحجوي as a jurist Naturally, a scientist, but it was responding - also Bhspana the merchant knows the requirements of trade and Xrahadtha. Was يلتجأ to الحجوي as a scientist is available on something that is not owned by world Almenzoa in the corner to teach the villagers and the like.

B Class II: Fatwas in Osolhaely referendum due collectively خوطب the scientists villagers by the Sultan. And fatwas that relate to issues of social, religious people ran in the early twentieth century in particular, such as Zakat should be in stock, and forensic Health News, which decides the fast of Ramadan and Hilal al-Fitr by lightning (= Telegraph), Passport recitation of the Koran in front of the radio, passport translation of the Holy Quran.

Right that he has pursued oriented Mohammed الحجوي in his fatwas related to the topics mentioned reveals on the one hand the will of in overstepping the justifications normal and delinquency to Justification who was ينتقدهم (Owners of annotations and footnotes and footnotes) Between the jurisprudence of the few to seek opinion when the few who was hardworking prepares them of late second hand.

A third category: Fatwas combative or controversial; meaning they due - جمعيها to what was الحجوي considered social habits innovations should be fought. Of those fads what he sees when the senior class of affluent merchants and extravagance in expenditure at funerals, weddings and concerts, in response to his call to regulate economic life of the nation and the development of trade affairs.

To single out those opinions are those that have reached in size to the level of the average book (Within 90 Page) Published under the title: “Safaa supplier not to do when you hear the generator”. The basic principle in that story reported in my book “Diligence and update ” That: The narrator on the boards of the celebration of the Holy Prophet's birth, with a talk about the moment of birth and the unity of his mother safe in house stands attendance on foot, chanting prayers and the delivery of the Holy Prophet and time is short. And objection الحجوي the responses to a colleague, Officer Sam like is the parallel Ahmed, was defending “Do when you hear the generator”. And the overall opinion in a book published in lithographs titled “The omniscient Tnta argument Denier”([21]).

Out of the three varieties mentioned which is mostly related to the jurisprudence of worship should be noted advisory opinion الحجوي the on Btjoaz of taking insurance on goods. The full text of the fatwa and in a book ” Contemporary Islamic Thought in the Maghreb” Answer the question and responded to al-Faqih trader of تاجرين of entering in exchange relationships with existing commercial centers outside of Morocco in the twenties of the last century. It is natural that “Insurance” The kits that deal, as it is well known that Pan scientists muftis (To tell them) In the Arab-Muslim world they tend to say, the prohibition of insurance, it is they have joining sell ambiguity, a “Risk” Ruled the prohibition in all cases.

It was not advisory opinion الحجوي the insurance Btjoaz only says, claiming that they need had to be banned, but they tend to take a more positive doctrinal base and tighter together is that money have to be a chore, but it is obligatory like him. Whereas trade (On the foundations of modern) Development kits and comprehensive reform of the land of Islam must be judged in one of its requirements and can not afford to clear the confusion or hesitation.

It can be said in a speech University: The advisory opinion Tjoaz the insurance trade is full of what positive model was الحجوي believed that technical idiosyncratic needs to be with him, taking the absolute principle of diligence and hoped to seek renewal of a road in religion, though he himself refers to this effect without taking the style statement.

* *


With busy Mohammed الحجوي issues of reform and renewal, yet has a sharp awareness of the existence of the disparity between the West technologically advanced and scientifically; faith in the ability of taking religion to the truth on the introduction of the reasons for modernity without compromising religion never Evargah. Is in this particular issue no exception to the Salafi-oriented that we know when Muhammad Abduh, and its owner. It was the owner ” Thought High ” May exchange a few effort to talk about “Order” And the necessity of the development of trade when the people of Islam, and in defense of the necessity of women's education, and in evangelization بلزوم learn foreign languages ​​and integrated into the education curricula, as far as his defense of the need to develop a private religious university education, primary, secondary and General.

Then, if the man was at a relatively late stage of the scientific activity has returned to the Salafist case in protest of Islam championing science and reason.. If all this is true;, often in contrast to the method of the Moroccan jurist in the technical provisions of the reform is to consider what is in front of him of cataclysms claims to be broadcast. So it was a little celebration question concerning the ability of Salafist Islam to keep up with the times and harmonization between modernity and Islam.

There is no doubt that the issue was the belief of axioms or primitives, whatever the dimensions of the cataclysms have to say where the opinion is clearly not likely confusion.

The right to a closer look at the effort made by Mohammed الحجوي in blogging and technical councils Together يسلمنا to say: We have a jurisprudential experience that carries many positive elements and it carries us in humility and non-pretense on the outskirts of a renewal of religion with all its potentials and difficulties together, but with its hesitation and recoil at times; but we believe in the seriousness and importance of recourse to it by reflection and review. The product of the Renaissance in a time of great nausea, and allowed himself to say in religion all called and a minor of the proper consideration, and became the mind persecuted chasing and taking the voice of excessive and ignorant rise and shake the work of the album in ruins,ar.

*Rationing and innovation in contemporary Islamic jurisprudence held during the period (28-2) April 1429 / ( 5-8) April 2008 – Lectures Hall Sultan Qaboos Mosque.

**Researcher and academician of the Kingdom of Morocco.

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[21]) You achieve and study the text “European trip” In my book” Europe in reading journey: Image of the other in contemporary Moroccan trip, Nchorat Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Rabat (1995).

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