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Rationing also appeared in the Journal of the provisions of justice

Rationing also appeared in the Journal of the provisions of justice *

Preparation:A. D. Mohammed Hassan Albga **


The blogging and rationing of the things that took care of the early Muslims as well as the capacity of their talents and their knowledge and competence and scientific, with addition of the devout and the integrity and the desire to develop it redress.

The Islamic legislation is rabbinic legislation does not differentiate between human beings, is not likely in justice and equality for granted on the other, not honest and grubby, strong nor weak… It has spread throughout the world in application and custom and tradition, east and west.. ) Not know to create a gentle expert (([1]), Although he denied denied its effect and scent وظله، ولكن عامة القوانين جلّها انبثق عن الفقه الإسلامي.

ولا بد من أن أبيّن أن مراحل التقنين للقوانين المختلفة كانت تمر بأدوار مختلفة ومراحل عديدة. Thus, the Ottoman Empire decided one day at the hands of the Sultan Abdul Aziz codification of Islamic jurisprudence.

But throughout the country is blessed in its various institutions umbrella of Islamic law, but without the text adjusts, it is attributable each judge and all the people of the locality to the uncle of their provisions doctrines different, and perhaps contested issues and judgments and the people in it, so adjust the difference in implementation is important for supplies . وكذلك لابد من عموم تحقق المصالح للبشر بكل أطيافهم ومذاهبهم بل ونِحَلِهم أيضًا.

Here, in this research Browse the magazine Bembagesha and approach and merit and criticism and determination to take advantage of this experience in general, and especially in civil law and evidence, and others.. Which was reviewed by the magazine, but completed the legislative efforts of the Ottoman Empire, including the magazine followed the efforts I will refer.

Pleading with God to help and guide, and God bless our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions.
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.


تمهيــــد: The ruling ordered rationing
The first requirement: Rationing language and idiomatically:

Rationing language: Gannan, and serf: Track news, Aqtnna the: We have taken, and Buy the: Taken, Qinna: Power and small mountain, and everything vertex: Way, its scale, and it: Rationing([2]).

Ibn al-Fares: Gathered Noon Aslan first demonstrates the inherent, and the other on the height and height([3]).

Rationing idiomatically: Is a collection of the provisions of the issues in the door in the form of materials numbered, limited to the same question on the rule of one selected different opinions uttered by scholars where, in order to facilitate the matter to the judges to know the rule chosen and applied only to people without the rest of dissenting views to the opinion of the chosen([4]).

The second requirement: Blogging and rationing

The idea of ​​blogging to have originated in the Islamic state since its birth, when the collection of the Qur'an, and wrote scribes the first issuance of men and maintain and panels and newspapers in the era of the first caliph Prophet Abu Bakr t, then settled this matter and establish when he wrote scribes second in the era of Prophet Osman bin .

During that attempt was made to write a year supervising refused where the caliph Omar t writing year; lest busy people out of the Koran, with some newspapers كصحيفة Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas, the newspaper Hammam bin alarm, to the era of Umar bin Abdul Aziz, and try to syphilis .

Ibn al-came in a letter to the companions Abu Jafar al-Mansur to develop a comprehensive codification and rationing for the whole country.

Has asked Abu Jafar al-Mansur of Imam Malik get people to book Muwatta and doctrine which he refused Imam Malik - this golden opportunity to maximize his doctrine as is the case with many of today- Get people on his mind, saying: «The each predetermined folk and imams, the faithful saw - dearest God's victory- Their decision on their situation, let him do ».

And stayed judges and people return to all jurists wrote their problems and Oqdathm with relying on written opinions.

And continued rationing of the Muslims in this case with the fact that judges and muftis scientists in matters of religion and worldly, that is the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the tenth century, Sheikh Ahmad al-Halabi collect summary wrote texts tap, Fjmaha in the Book Forum Abhar. And so that came Ornek Zeb Sultan Mehmet Bahadir Aalmacair in the eleventh century Hijri - Mughal Empire of the Sultans- Is no apparent novels of the Hanafi school, and opinions and anecdotes, which scientists agreed or receive general acceptance of the scientists, this work called fatwas Indian Almkaria([5]).

And Napoleon Bonaparte has developed its famous law, in which he translated with the deletion of Islamic jurisprudence with regard to the religion of Islam as provided by the French historians, relying mother Shafi book to come to the provisions of the Personal Status format did not know the entire Western.

تتابعت التقنينات appeared legal codes, issued a many laws during the nineteenth century from the penalty and trade laws and Procedure; here emerged the idea of ​​codifying Islamic Jurisprudence. The views were many multiple jurisprudence issued a Bowl will in the Ottoman state to develop a set of legal provisions in civil law, quoting from the Hanafi school… The committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Ahmed Cevdet Pasha headmaster Judicial Court judgments([6]).

But the word of the law, they have been used in the past, was used by al-Ghazali in his book: 'Interpretation of law', and Mawardi in his book »ministry Rules and policies of King, and Ibn Sina in his book
»Famous law, the son of May in his book reward 'jurisprudential laws', and use this term Ibn al-Razi and Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn rejoicing and Ibn Khaldun([7]).

Third requirement: Base is Imam Balambah the binding

Quraafi knew the rule of the ruling and ordered him industrious that matters: «Create a launch or compel in the converging diligence issues in the dispute is located to the interests of the world».

And the establishment of all: Make any thing is permissible and not restricted enrollment of prevention, or the obligation to the words of hard-working in it, in the interests of the world and the Hereafter([8]).

فإذا أمر الحاكم بأمرٍ جائز وجب على المسلمين طاعته وكذلك نهيه. وقد ثبت ذلك بالقرآن الكريم: ) O ye who believe, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those of you (. And Oulu command are rulers.

Year supervisor saying e: Hear and obey, and that is you Abd al-Habashi Magda parties ».

Because the word meeting and not differentiate reunion not only gets the necessity of obedience([9]).

That is if Muslims differed to several statements, he ordered one of them rose Imam difference, due violator for his doctrine of the rule of the Imam, which is the correct view of the doctrines of scientists, says Quraafi([10]); And for the stability of provisions, higher deductibles, and Absence of quarreling and conflict, and the eradication of corruption and stubbornness. As if the builder's ruling binding rule, it is for God informant that provision, but his Paljaúz as set out by the text of God in the incident sentenced, Faiser of his own, and your provider a year, and the year is the other provisions([11]).

And it does not justify the Mufti that Lefty unlike the rule ruler, and one must say the ruling after ruling on the legal situation, so in the disputed Alajthadiat the([12]).

The rule of the ruling Justice and unjust effect of the need for Adla nationals, were fair actions carried out a fortiori; because it does not disintegration of their people, and only spoiled their conditions and disrupted their affairs([13]). The governors were required to act what is best suited for the parish to ward off harm and corruption and bringing benefit and wisdom, but not limited to goodness with the ability of the fittest([14]).

وذهب بعض العلماء إلى أنه لا يقلد غيره، وإنما يعتمد على ظنه المستفاد من الشرع في تطبيق الناس للشرع([15]).

وهو ما قررته المجلة إذ قال علي حيدر في درر الحكام في شرح المادة (1801): “If Sultan judges order Shara other doctrines work in some of the issues it is valid and must be obedient to him; because it is what is not sin, nor an abuse began with certainty, and obedience to the ruler in the like due »([16]).

The first topic:
The emergence of the Ottoman laws and judicial judgments magazine era and the reasons put
The first requirement: The emergence of the Ottoman laws:

The first emergence of the Ottoman laws originated as the Namah Albadeschaha law of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror (1451-1481), And he called the telltale Al Act Osman », wrote last days سلطنته is really what dictates the sultans - Mujahideen and that their title- To author (Altoqiei). The telltale: Petition started([17]).

Divans found depending on the presence of the Serail palace Foundation. It was bureaucracy that combines the functions of the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly, and proceeded (Albadeschah) King of legislative and administrative powers together during divans([18]).

ويتألف الديوان من قضاة العسكر وقاضي السلطنة والوزراء والعاملين (دفتر دار) والمجاهدين القائمين، وقواد الجيش وبيكوات البيكوات -الملاك الكبار-، وأمير العالم، ورئيس الحجاب، وأمير الإسطبل([19]).

The state has adopted the Ottoman Hanafi officially since the reign of Sultan Selim I, became Shaykh al-Islam, and the muftis, judges rule according to Lifton and Hanafi([20]).

The promise of a step in the codification of Islamic jurisprudence, has confirmed that the ruling is not a sin is binding, which was confirmed in the magazine article (AD 1801).. “لو صدر أمر سلطاني بالعمل برأي مجتهد في خصوص لما أن رأيه بالناس أرفق، ولمصلحة العصر أوفق، فليس للحاكم أن يعمل برأي مجتهد آخر منافٍ لرأي ذلك المجتهد، وإذا عمل فلا ينفذ حكمه”.

ويؤكد ذلك المادة (16) من المجلة: Diligence does not invalidate the parable.

وقد صدر قانون الأراضي العثماني 1858م، ونظام الطابو 1858م، والقانون المؤقت لانتقال الأموال غير المنقولة 1331هـ وغيرها.

Did not abide by the Ottoman Empire later Hanafi school, but I went out to other sects as the right to family law.

Then I went out of the Ottoman Empire to the laws is derived from Islamic jurisprudence since 1840; It took the French Penal Code in 1840, and the French Commercial Code 1850([21]).

The second requirement: عصر مجلة الأحكام العدلية ومُصْدِرُها

The era of the magazine is the era of judicial sentences abound where strife, wars and intrigues on the Ottoman Empire, with frequent interference in the affairs of other nations and Islamic countries Qdmanm many parts of the body of the state of war and sometimes deception and intrigue sometimes.

It was Sultan Abdul Aziz Bin Mahmoud, born in 1245 AH when he was appointed successor Year 1277 e / 1861; stressing equality and justice, and His Beatitude if everyone's wealth and left, and independence is important for the State of the attic Ottoman Empire, and reform their conditions with Talpe all other states on them, and cut off parts and plunder its resources.

In this age Tazrt the Kingdom of Serbs in Montenegro with Russia, and the facts of war with continuous attic, Western countries intervened in the interest of the enemies of the state in the attic all issues.

And like it was happening in the country Herzegovina, but a ban on Muslims whoever they dwell in a non-Muslim country, which is under the rule of Muslims.

As well as in the states الأفلاق and Albgdan (Romania), Has fought various European countries between their interests, and some of the fear Russia of Angdadha to riches Ottomans فجعلوا of Romania united the two regions of the fact that the people contrary to the Russians, Bulgarians and like it to be against Russia.

The conditions were the same internal bad it was the Grand Vizier Mohammed Amin High Pasha, then sacked Sultan year 1278, and was appointed Fouad Pasha breaststroke, the greatest, and tried his best in the financial reform and the bankruptcy of the state and the large debt.

During that Greece's war of independence broke out, and destroyed the Ottoman fleet forced the state to borrow large benefits 8% Annually to renew its fleet and strengthen their armies, but it soon had wars Sham with Egypt and the attic, and then took the Crimean War with the Russians, and the state increase in borrowing, corruption is rampant, and the headmaster of Finance Mustafa Pasha was isolated to his الإنفاقية that did not agree with the Grand Vizier Fuad Pasha. The owners of the funds do not trust finances the state do not put their money has, replace Fuad Pasha Muhammad Rushdi Pasha in 1866, and almost to settle the affairs of state finance; since the revolution of the island of Crete to skinned for states attic and claim Greece out, was not for them this synergy Asaker Egyptian and Ottoman .

He resigned Mohammed Rushdie in 1867, and replaced him with Mohammed Amin Ali Pasha II to isolate the Sultan Abdul Aziz was appointed Sultan Murad year 1293 e 1876, plot despicable European countries over the killing Abdul Aziz; because he wanted to strengthen the state and get rid of the influence of the Europeans, and strengthen its relationship with the Russians, . It underlines the lack of killing himself his letter to the Sultan day before his death, and where: «بعد اتكالي على الله تعالى وجهت اتكالي عليك فأهنئك بجلوسك على تخت السلطنة، وأبين لك ما بي من الأسف على أني لم أقدر على أن أخدم الأمة حسب مرادها، فأؤمل أنك أنت تبلغ هذا الأرب، وأنك لا تنسى أني تشبثت بالوسائل الفعالة لصيانة المملكة وحفظ شرفها، وأوصيك بأن تتذكر بأن من صيرني إلى هذه الحالة هم العساكر الذين سلحتهم أنا بيدي، وحيث كان من دأبي دائمًا الرفق بالمظلومين وشملهم بالمعروف الذي تقتضيه الإنسانية، أرغب إليك أن تنقذني من هذا المكان الضيق المعنّى الذي صرت إليه، وتعين لي محلاً ملاءمة لي، وأهنئك بأن الملك انتقل إلى ذرية أخي عبد المجيد خان». He then spent the Sultan Abdul Aziz document([22]).

Underscoring this is that it has been said: The officer Jrkisia the follow Ibn Sultan Abdul Aziz has in 23 May Year 1293 After isolating the Sultan Abdul Aziz 6 May kill all who contributed to the isolation of the Sultan Abdul Aziz after the death of Sultan Abdul Aziz([23]).

And that the reforms that took place in the reign of Sultan many, including: Passing a law that permits the judge transmission territory of Foreign Affairs (Princely) Discontinued and beneficial to the heirs of the owner in 1284 AH.

And the laws which it is permissible for foreigners owning property Year 1285.

And: Journal of judicial judgments to do them in the regular courts, which was being repaired, فتقدمت the report of the Committee of the magazine on to the Grand Vizier of what you want to do in the year 1286 AH([24]).

And etc.: «If is the Imam of Muslims to allocate labor Bean of issues industrious designate must work saying.. » ([25]).

Third requirement: Text of the Report of the Commission on Judicial provisions

The Committee put months of this era legislators, introduced the report commissioned by its mission to codify Islamic jurisprudence, and that the text of the report submitted by the Committee to the High Mohammed Amin Pasha, Grand Vizier in surprise Muharram 1286:

«It is no secret to the presence of high-Sadr that the related minimum order from the knowledge of jurisprudence as it divided into Mnakhat and transactions and penalties, as well as the political laws of civilized nations are divided into these three sections, called the Department of transactions: Civil law; but the increased breadth of business transactions in this hurricane touched the need to exclude many of transactions Kambasstgh that call “Money”, And as bankruptcy and other provisions of the original law. And the development of an ad hoc this Almsttnaat law called the Trade Act, and became in effect only in the commercial privacy. The remaining provisions are still bodies under the Civil Code. However Valdaaoy that you see in the courts of trade if it appears something Mtafratha that has no provision in the law, such as trade: Mortgage and guaranty agency, which is due to the original law, and however مسطورا found it being judged on the go with. As well as in normal rights lawsuits arising from crimes being treated in this manner also. وقد وضعت الدولة العلية قديمًا وحديثًا قوانين كثيرة تقابل القانون المدني، وهي وإن لم تكن كافية لبيان جميع المعاملات وفصلها، إِلاَّ أن المسائل المتعلقة بقسم المعاملات من علم الفقه هي كافية وافية للاحتياجات الواقعة في هذا الخصوص، ولقلما يرى بعض مشكلات في تحويل الدعاوى السابق إلى الشرع والقانون؛ غير أن مجالس تميّز الحقوق لما كانت تحت رئاسة حكام الشرع، فكما أن الدعاوى الشرعية تصير رؤيتها وفصلها لديهم كذلك؛ كانت المواد النظامية التي تحال إلى تلك المجالس ترى وتفصل بمعرفتهم أيضًا، وبذلك يجري حل تلك المشكلات، من حيث إن أصل القوانين والنظامات الملكية ومرجعهما هو علم الفقه. Many of the branching characteristics and matters to be considered under the rules of separates and resolved in accordance with doctrinal issues. The fact that members of the boards of discrimination rights do not see them on matters of science of jurisprudence, if the referees ruled Shar-Sharif in these branches under the legal provisions Members thought that they are doing what they want out of the systems and laws in place, and abused them probably Faiser so give rise to gossip.

Moreover, the law trade الهمايوني is the Constitution of action in the courts of trade in the kingdoms of the attic. The particulars branching for business suits that do not have the rule of law in trade gets the great problems; because if you become a revision in such particulars to the laws of Europe, which is not placed will, Sunni; do not become over the verdict in the attic state courts. If transmit separate these problems to Sharia glue courts legitimacy becomes Majaburh to resume hearing in that case, and then governance on a single issue in two courts each variation of other assets of the trial resulting in course complexity and Mbayna; In such conditions can not be the courts of Trade Review Sharia courts. When it is said to members of the courts to review trade books jurisprudence, it also can not; because these members alike with members of the boards of discrimination rights to see the doctrinal issues.

ولا يخفى أن علم الفقه بحر لا ساحل له، واستنباط درر المسائل اللازمة منه لحل المشكلات يتوقف على مهارة علمية وملكة كلية، وعلى الخصوص مذهب الحنفية؛ لأنه قام فيه مجتهدون كثيرون متفاوتون في الطبقة، ووقع فيه اختلافات كثيرة، ومع ذلك فلم يحصل فيه تنقيح كما حصل في فقه الشافعية؛ بل لم تزل مسائله أشتاتًا متشعبة، فتمييز القول الصحيح من بين تلك المسائل والأوقات المختلفة، وتطبيق الحوادث عليها عسير جدًا، وما عدا ذلك فَإِنَّهُ بتبدل الأعصار تتبدل المسائل التي يلزم بناؤها على العادة والعرف؛ مثلاً: Was when applicants from scholars if he wants a buy Dar merely seeing some homes, and when latecomers must see every house them separately; and this difference is not based on the evidence, it is emerging from different custom and habit in order of construction and construction, so that the habit in ancient . But in this era Where the usual one that Casablanca homes are different in shape and much needed when selling to see all of them on monopoly. In fact فاللازم in this matter and the like get aware enough Balambaa when the buyer; and then the difference is not actually mentioned in such matter to change the base of legitimacy, but a change of government where the climate conditions of time only. And disperse the temporal variation and differences Borhani fact here and Tmiisahma the Mahog to increased scrutiny and careful consideration, not to take offense doctrinal issues and ultimately achieve in its knowledge is very difficult; therefore commissioned a gathering of scholars era and Vdilaúh for lengthy writing books such as: Book opinions Altatarkhanih and Almkaria now-famous b”Indian fatwas”, However they could not account for all the branches jurisprudential and doctrinal differences.

In fact, he wrote fatwas is a container for literature what happened applied images of accidents on the jurisprudence, and أفتيت it fatwas over the decade. There is no doubt that the briefing of all fatwas issued a fatwa by scientists gentlemen tap in past ages indigestion too; For this collection I'm Najim Almighty God's mercy a lot of rules doctrinal issues college underneath underneath branches of jurisprudence, he opened this door easy reach him to take matters, but did not allow time after .

But now it has rarely the presence of Almtbharin in forensic science across the board. In addition, it can not be appointment of members of the regular courts have the ability to review the jurisprudence books need time to resolve problems, it has become difficult also having judges to Islamic courts located in the kingdoms Mahrosa.

بناء على ذلك لم يزل الأمل معلقًا بتأليف كتاب في المعاملات الفقهية يكون مضبوطًا سهل المأخذ، عاريًا من الاختلافات، حاويًا للأقوال المختارة، سهل المطالعة على كل أحد؛ لأنه إذا وجد كتاب على هذا الشكل حصل منه فائدة عظيمة عامة لكلّ من نواب الشرع ومن أعضاء المحاكم النظامية والمأمورين بالإدارة، فيحصل لهم بمطالعته انتساب إلى الشرع ولدى الإيجاب تصير لهم ملكة بحسب الوسع يقتدرون بها على التوفيق ما بين الدعاوى والشرع الشريف، فيصير هذا الكتاب معتبرًا مرعى الإجراء في المحاكم الشرعية، مغنيًا عن وضع قانون لدعاوى الحقوق التي ترى في المحاكم النظامية.

In order to obtain this hoped previously held scientific association in the management of the organizations, and free, then many of the issues, but did not stand out to into action; فصدق the substance as saying: The subject matters for her time, so God willing, the emergence of what in this day and age الهمايوني which became Mgbuta of all typhoon emergence of such effects charitable mission.

In order to get this matter with the other effects of the good of the many that are التوفيقات venerable Bowl memorable into pride in the wilderness, was referred to عهدتنا with our weakness and our inability to complete this project beautiful and impact charitable good, to get him sufficiently in the application of current transactions on the jurisprudence depending on the needs of the times. Under the attic will have gathered in a circle Court judgments, and initiated an arrangement consisting of magazine issues and many things are falling very necessary transaction from the Department of jurisprudence, a collection of sayings gentlemen Tap reliable, and is divided into multiple books and was named to the provisions of justice.

After the conclusion provided and the first book of which was given a copy of them to serve as elders of Islam, and the other copies to whom sufficient skill and knowledge in the science of jurisprudence selves Alfajam. And then conduct the necessary discipline and modification based on some of the reviews of them, edit them a copy and offered on Houdrtkm attic. The initiative now got to this introduction and translation into Arabic book, and still interest expense to also authored other books.

Gotta Mutalatkm this magazine surrounds your information higher that the second article of the introduction is a rules compiled by Ibn Najim and wire its course of jurists mercy of God; rulers Shara unless stand on the express transport do not rule once to rely on one of these rules, but have the benefit . فمن اطلع عليها من المطالعين يضبطون المسائل بأدائها، وسائر المأمورين يرجعون إليها في كل خصوص، وبهذه القواعد يمكن للإنسان تطبيق معاملاته على الشرع الشريف أو في الأقل التقريب؛ وبناء على ذلك لم تكتب هذه القواعد تحت عنوان كتب أو باب، بل أدرجناها في المقدّمة والأكثر في الكتب الفقهية أن تذكر المسائل مخلوطة مع المبادئ، لكن في هذه المجلة حرر في أوّل كل كتاب مقدّمة تشتمل على الاصطلاحات المتعلقة بذلك الكتاب، ثُمَّ نذكر بعدها المسائل الساذجة على الترتيب. And to order to clarify the those issues the basic was included including the many of the issues the extracted from wrote-Fataawa al-on For of representation.

Moreover, the giving and taking this in our time, most of it tied to the conditions, and in the Hanafi that the conditions located in the heart of the contract most spoiler for sale; and then it was the most important detective in book sales season sales requirement, and this is obligatory discussions and debates many of the Society of these helpless, and therefore deemed appropriate :

The sayings of the most hardworking in right to sell the requirement contrary to each other; In Maalikis if the partial duration. In view of the Hanbalis ever be the seller alone to stipulate specific to the same benefit in sales, but customize the seller in this matter without the buyer finds contrary to the opinion and Measurement. The Ibn Abi Layla and son Shubrumah who lived through the Great Imam t extinct and their followers, all of them in this regard saw an opinion contrary to the opinion of the other, Son of Abi Layla believes that if his income selling any condition it was spoiled both sales and condition. When Ibn Shubrumah that the condition and sale جائزان on all. The view of Ibn Abi Layla sees مباينا to talk «Muslims when their conditions», and the doctrine of'm Shubrumah OK to this talk in full agreement; But Almtbaiein perhaps Ichertan any requirement was permissible or not permissible, negotiated procedure or unenforceable; It is delivered when the jurists that the care of the condition but be .

So taken by the average when the tap, so that the condition is divided into three sections: Legal requirement, the requirement spoiler, and the requirement moonshine. This statement: That the condition in which it is not the requirements of the sales contract and which is supported by the benefit of a spoiler contractors, sales by the commentator be corrupt. And the condition in which it does not benefit to a العاقدين moonshine and selling suspense true; because the purpose of buying and selling freehold and acquisitions;: That the seller is the owner of the price, the buyer has the owner of the sale without Muzahim not reluctant. And commentator selling it useful for one of the contractors leading to the dispute; because his parole request receiving benefit, and the other wants to escape from it; was not selling, but since the custom and habit boycotted the to coconut dispute Sell with customary condition at all.

The business transactions are of origin in the event of an Excluded also offers. And more with crafts and trades may know each other on a specific treatment was decided between them, and custom emergency considerable; there remains something that requires research, but some extra conditions on custom and habit require in sporadic in the give and take of transactions, and not for these transactions would necessitates taking care to look for; what sensed the need to facilitate .

In Chapter IV of Part One, as occurred in other chapters had stated in Article VII Hundred and ninety, and article after the eighty-fifth: It is not right to sell zero. The fact is that what it was like roses and Alkhrashwm of flowers, vegetables and fruits that Itlahak emergence محصولاتها true when selling if some محصولاتها afternoon and some of them did not appear; because of what was the emergence of محصولاتها at once is not possible, but showing its members and decreasing something after something; made up of people in the group to . So coconut Imam Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaibani Almighty God's mercy this selling well received, he said: “I make already existing zero depending on him”, Issued a fatwa saying Imam al-Fadhli and Sun Halawani imams and Abu Bakr Bin Fadl may God have mercy on them. As the returns people known for their habit they have is not possible, as the lamb treated as much as possible on the first health attributed to the corruption was selected for weighting said Mohammed God's mercy in this matter, as it is embodied in Article VII after the bicentennial.

In the sale of Sabra each D such and such; at Imam greatest t healthy sales in only one D. The when Imams mercy of God Almighty is true in all Sabra, no matter reached Sabra takes the buyer, and pay for it calculates the tide at what happened in the contract. Since many of the scholars such guidance owner may chose to say Imams in order to facilitate the transactions of people freed this issue in Article XX after the hundredth appropriate saying.

And more choice for the condition when the Imam Almighty God's mercy for three days, and at the Imam be the period as far as contracting the condition of days. As the saying here - also- Claim bankruptcy case and chosen interest, and stated without a period of three days in article three hundred.

This dispute is also under way in the money option, but not to restrict the duration of three days, and the health of more than restrict it is said Mohammed only Almighty God's mercy. And but chosen as saying in this issue also in the interest of the people as stated in article three hundred and thirteenth.

When the Great Imam that Almstsna him back after a decade Istisna'a, and when Imam Abu Yusuf God's mercy that if found to agree made for recipes that showed the time the contract is not a reference. The fact that in this decade has taken many plants manufactured guns and ships (Alfaburat) And the like بالمقاولة; thus became istisna of things are going great, Vtejear المستصنع in the signature of the contract or its dissolution consequent serious prejudice to the interests of. As the istisna dating to the document, and Scaled peace project at odds measurement; based on people knew necessary to choose the view of Abu Yusuf Almighty God's mercy in this respect in the interest of time, as free in the second article and ninety three hundred after this magazine.

If is the Imam of Muslims to allocate labor Bean of issues industrious had to work and must be saying. If this became exhibits المبسوطة the attic Houdrtkm has the presumption of being illustrate the highest correction magazine wrapped in bold-Sharif الهمايوني, and it is the guardian.

– ناظر ديوان الأحكام العدلية – Waqf inspector Alhmioneh

أحمد جودت السيد خليل

– Members of the State Council

– Members of the Court of justice provisions, Chairman of the Board and the Council of legitimacy checks elected rulers:

سيف الدين السيد أحمد خلوصي

– من أعضاء ديوان الأحكام العدلية – Members of the State Council

السيد أحمد حلمي محمد أمين الجندي

– Members of the Assembly

Aladdin Abdin Ben son

Then added to Sayf al-Din and Mr. Khalil Ahmed Cevdet, Ahmed Helmi, Ahmad Khulusi judge succession attic House: Ahmad Khalid, Senior Associate legitimate notifications: Abdul Sattar, endowments inspector adviser: Age Helmisna the 1293 E([26]).

Fourth requirement: The reasons for the development of the magazine and its terms of reference and derived([27])

And Abyan by mentioning summary report submitted to the High Mohammed Amin Pasha, Grand Vizier in surprise Muharram 1286 AH, to approve the magazine.

1) The magazine provisions Mraeih the procedure in the courts and regular courts to apply current transactions on the jurisprudential rules according to the needs of the times, because is the guardian to allocate labor Bean of positive words work.

2) Scarcity Almtbharin in science jurisprudential legitimacy in all sides, and the difficulty of having judges Alokvia to sharia courts in the kingdoms Mahroussa, which requires copyright in transactions jurisprudential book حاو the words chosen, easy reading which would benefit the Congress-Shara and members of the regular courts and المأمورين management, and gets them to Queen enables them to reconcile .

3) Naming the magazine b 'provisions of justice', drafted first in Turkish translated into Arabic and relies.

4) Longer frank transport is the document in sentences without merely to rely on one of the college rules mentioned in the second article of the magazine, with these rules of the great benefits in controlling issues, with redundant evidence on the said provisions and issues.

5) DONE magazine wrote stating the first format of each book: Describes its terms, then the basic accountability of Statistics, with issues extracted from the books fatwas.

6) Out of property laws and the systems due to the knowledge of jurisprudence, and therefore vested rights discrimination councils - which is headed by scholars of Islam Sharif- Chapter in legal proceedings to resolve these problems without going out of the system and the laws set.

7) Distinguish and differentiate between the difference Borhani and temporal variation, which requires them to the books of fatwas, which is a «Publications container Photos what happened applied from accidents on jurisprudence and rules decreed by the Over the decades, which is easy to Ibn Najim.

8) Building provisions that can تبدلها to change typhoon, which need to be built on the custom and habit, such as buying homes in need to see every house them separately when latecomers, and otherwise when applicants.

9) لا تتعلق مجلة الأحكام العدلية ببعض المعاملات (كالسُّفتجة) الحوالة، والإفلاس وإنما تبحث في قانون التجارة.

10) You are looking suits in the courts if it appears that the trade or some of its subsidiaries has nothing to do with courts sponsorship trade Kalrhen and looking at the original law - magazine. وكذلك دعاوى الحقوق العادية الناشئة عن الجرائم تتناول على نفس المنوال. Is not entitled to the courts of commerce and other review Sharia courts, the large number of views and complexity, which makes it difficult to distinguish true to say.

11) Altejer of words Hanafi([28]), And sometimes from other corresponds to the interest and the conditions of the people and that:

1ً- Taking into account the condition as much as possible in the passport requirement accepted it at all, Average of views between the doctrine of Ibn Abi Layla spoiler for the condition and selling, and the son of Shubrumah debugger for each condition is permissible and other possible or not, and the average tap passport requirement that the benefit of one of the contractors, which was by acquaintance. As well as a significant convention emergency, and if felt the need to say I'm Shubrumah to facilitate people's transactions that may.

2ً- Permissible to sell zero contained التبع not originally well received, as he went to Imam Muhammad, a lamb for the treatment of people on health as much as possible to the difficulty of returns people know that The.

3ً- Sabra passport sale, according to say Alsahben in all Sabra calculates the tide at the agreed price, without the view of Abu Hanifa permissible in only one D.

4ً- Option considered for the condition, according to the requirement of contractors taking Bean Alsahben into account without interest Abu Hanifa providing them three days.

5ً- As well as the option of cash got used the words of Imam Muhammad not to restrict the duration of three days taking into account the interests of.

6ً- Unnecessary hold istisna when agreeing to the specifications and conditions mentioned in the contract, taking the words of Abu Yusuf([29]).

12) Review magazine by chiefdom Islam and with sufficient skill and knowledge in the science of Hadith of eligibility with Alfajam selves, and considered Thvebathm and Tadelathm and observations, and it is a book Deluxe.

The second topic:
Doors of the magazine and its chapters, commentaries and merit and amendments thereto([30])
The first requirement: Magazine doors and classrooms

The magazine consists of front and sixteen books, and presented consists of two essays: First the definition of science and jurisprudence divided textured one. The second: In a statement jurisprudence, then remember the details of the rules of jurisprudence books doctrinal particular jurisprudential doors, it is called in the science of doctrinal controls rules.

The second article consists of ninety-nine base, the closest are mostly to the general college rules.

Then remember wrote the magazine, which is:

Sales, and الإجارات, and sponsorship, and transfer, mortgage, and the secretariats, and the gift, and the irregularity and destruction, and stone, coercion and pre-emption, and the types of companies, and the agency, and the peace and discharge, and the recognition of, and the case, and the evidence and Althaliv, and the judiciary; They are sixteen books. It is divided into sixty-four Papa. And more doors and mostly divided into chapters. And a few chapters to Investigation. There is also some suffixes.

And notes that the magazine contains a corresponding civil law suits and evidence; any means of proof, and talk about the origins of litigation and discounts and organize it all.

While ago, the magazine of the doors is another juristic: Worship, and personal status, and sanctions.

The breakdown of the doors of the magazine and its chapters, is as follows:

Primer: Sales: The article begins (101), And ends article (403). It consists of an introduction and seven sections. ويوجد في المقدمة بيان الاصطلاحات الفقهية المتعلقة بالبيوع من المادة (101) إلى المادة (166).

Door First: في المسائل المتعلقة بعقد البيع وفيه: خمسة فصول هي: ما يتعلق بركن البيع (م167- 176)، وبيان لزوم موافقة القبول للإيجاب (م177 – 180), The right of the Council of sales (AD 181 – 185), The right of sale requirement (AD 186 – 198), And the dismissal of sale (AD 190 – 196).

Door II: In a statement matters relating Balambaa, and the four seasons: Sales in the right conditions and descriptions (M 197 – 204), What may be sold and may not be (AD 205 – 216)، في بيان المسائل المتعلقة بكيفية بيع المبيع (م217 – 229)، في بيان ما يدخل في البيع بدون ذكر صريح وما لا يدخل (م230 – 236).

Door Third: في بيان المسائل المتعلقة بالثمن وفيه فصلان: In a statement of issues arising from the descriptions of the price and conditions (AD 237 – 244)In a statement issues selling بالنسيئة and postponement (AD 245 – 251).

Door IV: In a statement issues relating to the disposition of the price after the contract appraiser, and includes two: في بيان حق تصرف البائع بالثمن (م252 – 253)، في بيان التزييد والتنزيل في الثمن والمبيع بعد العقد (م254 – 261).

Door V: في بيان المسائل المتعلقة بالتسليم والتسلّم وفيه ستة فصول:

في بيان حقيقة التسليم والتسلم وكيفيتها (م262 – 277)، في المواد المتعلقة بحبس المبيع (م278 – 284)، في حق مكان التسليم (م285 – 287)، في مؤنة التسليم ولوازم إتمامه (م288 – 292)، في بيان المواد المترتبة على هلاك المبيع (م293 – 297)، في ما يتعلق بسوم الشراء وسوم النظر (م298 – 299).

Door VI: في بيان الخيارات: It includes seven chapters: In a statement option requirement (AD 300 – 309), Said in a statement option Description (AD 310 – 312), In the right option Cash (AD 313 – 315), Said in a statement the option of appointment (AD 316 – 319), Vision in the right choice (AD 320 – 335), Said in a statement the option of defect (AD 336 – 355), Injustice and discretionary (AD 356 – 360).

Door VII: في بيان أنواع البيع وأحكامه: وينقسم إلى ستَّة فصول: في بيان أنواع البيع (م361 – 368)، في بيان أحكام أنواع البيع (م369 – 379)، في حق السلم (م380 – 387)، في بيان الاستصناع (م388 – 392)، في أحكام بيع المريض (م393 – 395)، في حق بيع الوفاء (م396 – 403). وقد ذيل آخر هذا الكتاب بما يلي: تحريرًا في 2 ذي الحجة سنة 1286هـ وفي 21 شباط سنة 1886م من أعضاء ديوان الأحكام العدلية: أحمد خلوصي؛ من أعضاء شورى الدولة سيف الدين؛ ناظر ديوان أحكام العدلية: أحمد جودت؛ من أعضاء الجمعية: علاء الدين؛ من أعضاء شورى الدولة: محمد أمين؛ من أعضاء ديوان الأحكام العدلية: أحمد حلمي.

The second book: في الإجارات ويشتمل على مقدمة وثمانية أبواب، ويبدأ بالمادة 404 وينتهي بالمادة 611:

Submitted: في الاصطلاحات الفقهية المتعلقة بالإجارة (م404 – 419).

Part I: في بيان الضوابط العمومية (م420 – 432).

Part II: في بيان المسائل المتعلقة بالأجر، ويشتمل على أربعة فصول: في بيان مسائل ركن الإجارة (م433 – 443), In the terms of the lease and force (AD 444 – 447), In terms of the health of Ijara (AD 448 – 457), In Ijara corruption and invalidity (AD 458 – 462).

Door Third: In a statement matters relating to Pay, and the three chapters: Leasing allowance (AD 463 – 465)In a statement issues due to unnecessary maturity and how they fare paid and the fare (AD 466 – 481), In what is true for wage earners that locked the tenant to meet the fare and what is not right (AD 482 – 483).

Door IV: In a statement issues relating to the duration of the lease (AD 484 – 496).

Door V: في الخيارات ويحتوي ثلاثة فصول: In a statement option requirement (م497 – 506)، في خيار الرؤية (م507 – 512)، في خيار العيب (م513 – 521).

Door VI: في بيان أنواع المأجور وأحكامه، ويشتمل على أربعة فصول: في بيان مسائل تتعلق بإجارة العقار (م522 – 533)، في إجارة العُروض (م534 – 537), Ijara in animals (AD 538 – 561), In the human Leasing (AD 562 – 581).

Door VII: In bricks and function tenant and صلاحيتهما after a decade, and includes three chapters: In the delivery of hack (AD 582 – 585), In acted العاقدين in paid after the contract (AD 586 – 590)، في بيان مواد تتعلق برد المأجور وإعادته (م591 – 595).

Door VIII: في بيان الضمانات: ويحتوي ثلاثة فصول: في ضمان المنفعة (م596 – 599)، في ضمان المستأجر (م600 – 606)، في ضمان الأجير (م607 – 611).

Book III: في الكفالة، ويحتوي على مقدمة وثلاثة أبواب (م612 – 672):

Submitted: Jurisprudential conventions relating to bail (م612 – 620).

Door First: In the warranty contract and contains two chapters: At the corner of bail (AD 621 – 627), Said in a statement bail strips (AD 628 – 633).

Door II: In a statement the provisions of bail: It contains three chapters:

In a statement rule bail completed and pending and added (AD 634 – 641)In a statement of self-rule bail (AD 642), Said in a statement the provisions of bail money (AD 643 – 658).

Door Third: In the innocence of Guaranty: ويحتوي ثلاثة فصول: In a statement some public controls (AD 659 – 662), In the innocence of self-sponsorship (AD 663 – 666), In the innocence of the bail money (AD 667 – 672). And etc.: Signed in surprise March 1287.

Book IV: Hawala and contains an introduction and Babin (AD 673 – 700):

Submitted: In a statement jurisprudential conventions relating بالحوالة (AD 673 – 679).

Door First: In a statement hawala contract is divided into two: In a statement hawala Corner (AD 680 – 683), Said in a statement Terms hawala (AD 684 – 689).

Part II: In a statement the provisions of the hawala (AD 690 – 700).

Before the following books: In the name of God the Merciful.

After the image of the line الهمايوني (Royal) Works thereunder:

Book V: In foreclosure, and includes an introduction and four doors (AD 701 – 761):

Submitted: In a statement jurisprudential terminology related to mortgage (AD 701 – 705).

Part I: In a statement matters relating to the holding of a mortgage, and is divided into three chapters:

In matters relating to mortgage Bracken (AD 706 – 707)، في بيان شروط انعقاد الرهن (م708 – 710)، في زوائد الرهن المتصلة وفي تبديل الرهن وزيادته بعد عقد الرهن (م711 – 715).

Part II: في بيان مسائل تتعلق بالراهن والمرتهن (م716 – 721).

Part III: في بيان المسائل التي تتعلق بالمرهون، وينقسم إلى فصلين:

في بيان مؤنة الرهن ومصاريفه (م722 – 725)، في الرهن المستعار (م726 – 728).

Part IV: في بيان أحكام الرهن، وينقسم إلى أربعة فصول: في بيان أحكام الرهن العمومية (م729 – 742)، في تصرف الراهن والمرتهن في الرهن (م743 – 751)، في بيان أحكام الرهن الذي هو في يد العدل (م752 – 755)، في بيع الرهن (م756 – 761).

In the name of God the Merciful

After the image of the line الهمايوني (Royal) Works thereunder:

الكتاب السادس: في الأمانات، ويشتمل: مقدمة وثلاثة أبواب (م762 – 832):

Submitted: في بيان الاصطلاحات الفقهية المتعلقة بالأمانات (م762 – 767).

Part I: في بيان أحكام عمومية تتعلق بالأمانات (م768 – 772).

Part II: في الوديعة ويشتمل على فصلين: في بيان المسائل المتعلقة بعقد الإيداع وشروطه (م773 – 776)، في أحكام الوديعة وضمانها (م777 – 803).

Part III: في العارية، ويشتمل على فصلين: في المسائل المتعلقة بعقد الإعارة وشروطها (م804 – 811)، في بيان أحكام العارية وضماناتها (م812 – 832).

And etc.: In 24 ذي الحجة سنة 1288هـ.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم «بعد صورة الخط الهمايوني» الملكي (Works thereunder):

الكتاب السابع: في الهبة، ويشتمل مقدمة وثلاثة أبواب (م833 – 880)، وجعلها علي حيدر شارح المجلة بابين.

Submitted: في بيان الاصطلاحات الفقهية المتعلقة بالهبة (م833 – 836).

Part I: في بيان المسائل المتعلقة بعقد الهبة، ويشتمل فصلين:

في بيان المسائل المتعلقة بركن الهبة وقبضها (م837 – 855)، ولا يوجد سواه؛ بينما جعله علي حيدر شارح المجلة موجودًا، إذ جعل الباب الثاني هو الفصل الثاني، وجعل كتاب الهبة بابين فقط.

Part II: في بيان شرائط الهبة (م856 – 860)، وهو ما جعله علي حيدر الفصل الثاني.

Part III: في بيان أحكام الهبة ويشتمل فصلين: في حق الرجوع عن الهبة (م861 – 876)، في هبة المريض (م877 – 880).

تحريرًا في 29 محرم سنة 1289هـ.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم «بعد صورة الخط الهمايوني» (Works thereunder):

الكتاب الثامن: The irregularity and destruction and includes an introduction and door (AD 881 – 940):

Submitted: In a statement jurisprudential terminology related Balgsb and destruction (AD 881 – 889).

Part I: The irregularity and contains three chapters: In a statement the provisions of the irregularity (AD 890 – 904)In a statement issues relating to real estate Bgsb (AD 905 – 909)، في بيان حكم غاصب الغاصب (م910 – 911).

Part II: في بيان الإتلاف ويحتوي أربعة فصول: في مباشرة الإتلاف (م912 – 921)، في بيان الإتلاف تسببًا (م922 – 925)، في ما يحدث في الطريق العام (م926 – 928)، في جناية الحيوان (م929 – 940). في غرة 23 ربيع الآخر سنة 1289هـ.

In the name of God the Merciful «After Picture line الهمايوني» (Works thereunder):

Book IX: In stone, coercion and pre-emption, and includes an introduction and three doors (AD 941 – 1044).

Submitted: Jurisprudential conventions relating to stone, coercion and pre-emption (AD 941 – 956).

Part I: In a statement quarantine issues, and is divided into four chapters: In a statement forms Amahgoren and judgments (AD 957 – 965), Said in a statement matters relating to Balsgar of crazy and insane (AD 966 – 989)In Fools interdicted (AD 990 – 997), In the debtor interdicted (AD 998 – 1002).

Part II: في بيان المسائل التي تتعلق بالإكراه (م1003 – 1007).

Part III: في بيان الشفعة، وينقسم أربعة فصول: في بيان مراتب الشفعة (م1008 – 1016)، في بيان شرائط الشفعة (م1017 – 1027)، في بيان طلب الشفعة (م1028 – 1035)، في بيان حكم الشفعة (م1036 – 1044).

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم «بعد صورة الخط الهمايوني» (Royal) (Works thereunder):

الكتاب العاشر: في أنواع الشركات، ويشتمل مقدمة وثمانية أبواب (م1045 – 1448).

Submitted: في بيان بعض اصطلاحات فقهية (م1045 – 1059).

Part I: في بيان شركة الملك، ويشتمل ثلاثة فصول: في تعريف شركة الملك وتقسيمها (م1060 – 1068)، في بيان كيفية التصرف في الأعيان المشتركة (م1069 – 1090)، في بيان الديون المشتركة (م1091-1113)، وكانت المادة 1113 معنونة بـ لاحقة.

Part II: في بيان القسمة ويشتمل تسعة فصول: في تعريف القسمة وتقسيمها
(م1114 – 1122)، في بيان شرائط القسمة (م1123 – 1131)، في بيان قسمة الجمع (م1132 – 1138)، في بيان قسمة التفريق (م1139 – 1146), Said in a statement how to divide (AD 1147 – 1152), Said in a statement options (AD 1153 – 1155), Said in a statement the dissolution of division and إقالتها (AD 1156 – 1161), Said in a statement the provisions of division (AD 1162 – 1173)In a statement, usage (AD 1174 – 1191).

Part III: In a statement issues relating to walls, neighbors, and includes four chapters: في بيان بعض قواعد في أحكام الأملاك (م1192 – 1197)، في حق المعاملات الجوارية (م1198 – 1212)، في الطريق (م1213 – 1223)، في بيان حق المرور والمجرى والمسيل (م1224 – 1233).

Part IV: في بيان شركة الإباحة، ويشتمل سبعة فصول: في بيان الأشياء المباحة وغير المباحة (م1234 – 1247)، في بيان كيفية استملاك الأشياء المباحة (م1248 – 1253)، في بيان أحكام الأشياء المباحة العمومية (م1254 – 1261)، في بيان حق الشرب والشَّفة (م1262 – 1269)، في إحياء الموات (م1270 – 1280)، في بيان حريم الآبار المحفورة والمياه المجراة والأشجار المغروسة بالإذن السلطاني في الأراضي الموات (م1281 – 1291)، في بيان المسائل العائدة إلى أحكام الصيد (م1292 – 1307).

Part V: في بيان النفقات المشتركة، ويشتمل فصلين: In a statement Tamerat common funds and expenses newly industrialized (AD 1308 – 1320), In the right Cree river and sewage problems (AD 1321 – 1328).

Part VI: Company said in a statement the contract, and includes six chapters:

In a statement the definition of contract and the company divided (AD 1329 – 1332)، في بيان الشرائط العمومية في شركة العقد (م1333 – 1337)، في بيان الشرائط المخصوصة في شركة الأموال (م1338 – 1344)، في بعض ضوابط تتعلق بشركة العقد (م1345 – 1355)، في بيان شركة المفاوضة (م1356 – 1364)، في حق شركة العنان – Money, Business and faces (AD 1365 – 1403).

Part VII: Against speculation, and includes three chapters: In a statement the definition of speculation and divided (AD 1404 – 1407), Said in a statement Terms of speculation (AD 1408 – 1412), Said in a statement the provisions of speculation (AD 1413 – 1430).

Part VIII: In a statement farmers and Musaqah, the two divided: In a statement sharecropping (AD 1431 – 1440), In a statement Musaqah the (AD 1441 – 1448).

And etcetera judge Dar succession previously attic: Sayf al-Din; Secretary fatwa: Mr. Khalil; headmaster public knowledge: Ahmed Cevdet; checks the legitimacy of Council members: أحمد خالد؛ عن أعضاء ديوان أحكام عدلية: أحمد حلمي؛ مفتي دار الشورى العسكرية: أحمد خلوصي.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم «صورة الخط الهمايوني» (Works thereunder):

الكتاب الحادي عشر: In the agency, and includes an introduction, three doors (AD 1449 – 1530):

Submitted: In a statement some jurisprudential conventions relating to proxy (AD 1449 – 1450).

Part I: In a statement corner and divided Agency (AD 1451 – 1456).

Part II: In terms of the agency (AD 1457 – 1459).

Part III: In a statement the provisions of the Agency and includes six chapters: In a statement the general provisions concerning proxy (AD 1460 – 1467)In a statement the agency procurement (AD 1468 – 1493), In the agency to sell (AD 1494 – 1505)In a statement issues Palmamor (AD 1506 – 1515), In Agency بالخصومة right (AD 1516 – 1520), Said in a statement isolating agent issues (AD 1521 – 1530). تحريرًا في 20 May the year 1291 AH.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم «بعد صورة الخط الهمايوني» الملكي (Works thereunder):

Book XII: Magistrates in the sanitization and includes an introduction and four doors (AD 1531 – 1571):

Submitted: In a statement certain terms jurisprudence relating to conciliation and sanitization (AD 1531 – 1538).

Part I: In a statement concludes peace and sanitization (AD 1539 – 1544).

Part II: In a statement some conditions it interests and interests of him and some of their conditions (AD 1545 – 1547).

Part III: In his interests and includes two chapters: Magistrates in the Senate (AD 1548 – 1551)In a statement about religion any Magistrate demand and other rights (AD 1552 – 1555).

Part IV: In a statement the provisions of the peace and discharge, and includes two: In a statement of issues relating to the terms of the peace (AD 1556 – 1560)In a statement issues relating to the provisions of sanitization (AD 1561 - 1571). In 6 Shawwal 1291 E.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم «بعد صورة الخط الهمايوني» (Works thereunder):

Book XIII: في الإقرار ويشتمل على أربعة أبواب (م1572 – 1612):

Part I: في بعض الاصطلاحات الفقهية (م1572 – 1578).

Part II: في بيان وجوه صحة الإقرار (م1579 – 1586).

Part III: في بيان أحكام الإقرار، ويشتمل ثلاثة فصول: في بيان الأحكام العمومية (م1587 – 1590), In a statement denied the king and Alias (AD 1591 – 1594), Said in a statement the adoption of the patient (AD 1595 – 1605).

Part IV: In a statement acknowledging in writing (AD 1606 – 1612). In 9 May the year 1293 AH.

In the name of God the Merciful «work picture الهمايوني for» (Works thereunder):

Fourteenth book: في الدعوى، ويشتمل مقدمة وبابين (م1613 – 1675):

Submitted: في بيان بعض الاصطلاحات الفقهية المتعلقة بالدعوى (م1613 – 1615).

Part I: في شروط الدعوى وأحكامها ودفعها، ويشتمل أربعة فصول: في بيان شروط صحة الدعوى (م1616 – 1630)، في دفع الدعوى (م1631 – 1633)In a statement from the opponent and not (AD 1634 – 1646), Said in a statement contradiction (AD 1647 – 1659).

Part II: The right of the passage of time (AD 1660 – 1675). In 9 Jumada II Year 1293 AH.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم «بعد صورة الخط الهمايوني» (Works thereunder):

Fifteenth book: In evidence and Althaliv the: It includes an introduction and four doors
(AD 1676 – 1783).

Submitted: In a statement certain terms jurisprudential (AD 1676 – 1683).

Part I: في الشهادة: ويشتمل ثمانية فصول: في بيان تعريف الشهادة ونصابها (م1684 – 1686)، في بيان كيفية أداء الشهادة (م1687 – 1695)، في بيان شروط الشهادة الأساسية (م1696 – 1705)، في بيان موافقة الشهادة للدعوى (م1706 – 1711)، في بيان اختلاف الشهود (م1712 – 1715), In recommending witnesses (AD 1716 – 1727), In the back of witnesses for their testimony (AD 1728 – 1731), In the frequency (AD 1732 – 1735).

Part II: In a statement written arguments and unequivocal context: Is divided into two chapters: In a statement written arguments (M 1736 – 1739), In the context unequivocal statement (AD 1740 – 1741).

Part III: In a statement Althaliv the (AD 1742 – 1752). Later (1753).

Part IV: In a statement conflicts and weighting of evidence, and the four seasons: In a statement conflicts with hands (AD 1754 – 1755), In the weighting of evidence (AD 1756 – 1770), Say those who arbitration case (AD 1771 – 1777), In alliance (AD 1778 – 1783), In 26 Shaaban Year 1293 AH.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم «بعد صورة الخط الهمايوني» (Works thereunder):

Book XVI: In the judiciary, and includes an introduction and four doors (AD 1748 – 1851):

Submitted: In a statement certain terms jurisprudential (AD 1784 – 1791).

Part I: Rulers, and contains four chapters: In a statement the ruling descriptions (AD 1792 – 1794), Said in a statement the ruling etiquette (AD 1795 – 1799), Said in a statement the ruling jobs (AD 1800 – 1814), Relates in trial (AD 1815 – 1828).

Part II: In governance, and includes two chapters: In terms of governance statement (AD 1829 – 1832), Said in a statement judgment (AD 1833 – 1836).

Part III: To see the case after the verdict (AD 1837 – 1840).

Part IV: In a statement on arbitration matters (AD 1841 – 1851).

The second requirement: Models of the magazine choices:

And Abyan in this research some of the issues that the magazine went to another saying is not supported when the tap, but it is the doctrine of the tap, saying some of these issues with material numbers:

1-(AD 119) »Sale is the sale of exploitation money and fulfillment that hires seller«:

The selling vain, but it's true subject, and was told: True selling, said Zayla'i: It fatwa, if a male annulment after the contract and promise, and necessary to fulfill it; so that the stated requirement corrupt after the contract does not invalidate the contract at Alsahben, and coconut to the need of people to him, provided the safety allowances for صاحبهما, and therefore Zayla'i, with that sale, mortgage and loan([31]).

2-(AD 357) »If Gore one other Almtbaiein and verify that in selling obscene Gabbana Vlmobon to terminate the sale then«.

Bucked this article Hanafi say adopted in the face of the novel, I went to the annulment of injustice passport super-friendly to people with the annulment provided having led astray, and this is contrary to the existence of a fatwa so, with the rejection of Abdeen her son, and writing so he called the message: Inking Liberation in invalidate Elimination بالفسخ of the obscene injustice([32]).

3ً- (AD 621) »Bail and is being held only implemented favorably sponsor… «.

The two parties went to unnecessary proposal and acceptance by the sponsor and sponsored him. And Abu Yusuf went to the session in the affirmative only, and is guaranteed to him on one of the two views: Warranty depends on the acceptance, and either implement, and has a more correct response from قوليه. In Albzazih and pearls: The view of Abu Yusuf fatwa, and in the most beneficial and other means, but the fatwa saying.

Thus it is known that the magazine article I went to the view of Abu Yusuf… With the most correct saying([33]).

4-(AD 714) «If mortgage money in an interview debt increase in the debt is valid mortgage also interview.

For example: If subject to a penny in an interview thousand hours for them two thousand, and then also took in an interview that the foreclosure of five hundred creditor may be subject to time in an interview thousand five hundred ».

This is the view of the Abu Youssef, Valrhen in religion كالثمن in sales and religion Kalmthmn, just as permissible increase in the price of and appraiser permissible in debt and mortgage. And the doctrine of the two parties may not be increased debt, because the mortgage is common in religion, If the debt is increased by making some mortgage debt against the first and second, it is not permissible to make something Dineen. It is what it is fatwa, bucked the magazine that([34]).

5-(م777) «الوديعة أمانة في يد الوديع بناء عليه إذا هلكت بلا تَعَدّ من المستودع وبدون صنعه وتقصيره في الحفظ، فلا يلزم الضمان إلا أنه إذا كان الإيداع بأجرة على حفظ الوديعة فهلكت أو ضاعت بسببٍ يمكن التحرز منه لزم المستودَع ضمانها، مثلاً لو وقعت الساعة المودعة من يد الوديع بلا صنعه فانكسرت لا يلزم الضمان، أما لو وُطِئت الساعة بالرِّجل أو وقع من اليد عليها شيء فانكسرت لزم الضمان، كذلك إذا أودع رجل ماله عند آخر وأعطاه أجرة على حفظه فضاع المال بسبب يمكن التحرز منه كالسرقة فيلزم المستودَع الضمان».

He said in Durr al-Mukhtar: And the requirement of the Secretary warranty void, and therefore fatwa. With that said before: It secretariat does not guarantee absolute doom unless they paid the deposit when Zayla'i. He said in Radd: وما جرى عليه العرف من الضمان مع أخذ الأجرة مقابل الحفظ فالفتوى على عدم الضمان([35]).

6-(م845) «للمشتري أن يهب المبيع قبل قبضه من البائع»

وهو قول الإمام محمد، والأصل عدم جوازه إلا في العقار، فيجوز اتفاقًا عند الحنفية (م253)، فيكون أولاً نائبًا من المشتري وثانيًا قابضًا لنفسه([36]).

7-(م1034) «لو أخر الشفيع طلب الخصومة بعد طلب التقرير والإشهاد شهرًا من دون عذر شرعي ككونه في ديار أخرى يسقط حق شفعته».

قال في الدر المختار: «وبتأخيره مطلقًا بعذر وبغيره شهرًا أو أكثر لا تبطل الشفعة حتى يسقطها بلسانه وبه يفتى، وهو ظاهر المذهب. It was: يفتى بقول محمد إن أخره شهرًا بلا عذر بطلت دفعًا للضرر. We: دفعه برفعه للقاضي ليأمره بالأخذ أو الترك».

Ibn al-Abdeen: «وبه ظهر أن أفتاهم بخلاف ظاهر الرواية لتغير الزمان فلا يرجح ظاهر الرواية عليه، وإن كان مصححًا أيضًا»([37]).

وعليه يبين أن المادة رجحت قول محمد على قول ظاهر الرواية مع صحتها وترجيح الحصكفي لها.

8-(م1530) «تبطل الوكالة بجنون الموكل أو الوكيل».

قال في الدر المختار: ينعزل الوكيل بموت أحدهما، وجنونه مطبقًا سَنَة على الصحيح، وهو قول محمد وبه يفتى، ويفتى بانعزاله بجنونه شهرًا وهو قول أبي حنيفة.

ونص المادة دال على بطلان الوكالة بالجنون المطبق مباشرة([38]).

9-(م1670) «إذا ترك المورث الدعوى مدة، وتركها الوارث أيضًا مدة، وبلغ مجموع المدتين حد مرور الزمان فلا تسمع».

وفي الدر: «لو أمر السلطان بعدم سماع الدعوى بعد خمس عشرة سنة فسمعها لم ينفذ».

وفي رد المحتار: You do not hear the case for the isolation of the judge to hear about Banha Sultan; because the judiciary specializes, but Amnavah with the principle of non-forfeiture statute of limitations.

And so that the Sultan himself must hear the case after that time or order to avoid hearing it lost rights.. ثم ساق أوجهًا عدة تدل بمجموعها على سماع الدعوى، وخاصة إذا وجد العذر وانتفى التزوير والشبهة وإلا لم تسمع([39]).

It is noticeable here at the launch of the magazine duration and call it up to the passage of time, and Harhaa recorded fifteen years, and text recorded idiosyncratic Imam does not restrict its sole decade.. وإن كانت أقوال الحنفية المتعددة في ذلك تشير إلى جوازه مطلقًا([40]).

Third requirement: شروح المجلة

1جامع الأدلة على مواد المجلة: نسقها ورتبها: عز تلو نجيب بك هواويني، وكيل دعاوي صاحب شهادة من مكتب الحقوق السلطاني، طبعة لبنان سنة 1305هـ، وهو مجلد واحد عنون بـ المجلة أيضًا. ومزية هذا الشرح أنه شرح المجلة بنصوص المجلة ذاتها من خلال الإحالات لكل كلمة ترد في نص كل قاعدة إلى قاعدة أخرى توضح هذه الكلمة المصطلح؛ من ذلك مثلاً: قول المجلة: (AD 444) يشترط في (انعقاد 104) (Leasing 405) أهلية (العاقدين 162)؛ يعني كونهما (عاقلين مميزين 943 و986).

فإذا رجعنا إلى المادة 104 وجدنا نصها: (م104) الانعقاد تعلق كل من (الإيجاب 101) And(القبول 102) بالآخر على وجه مشروع يظهر أثره في متعلقهما.

وإذا رجعنا إلى (م101) نجد نصها: الإيجاب أول كلام يصدر من أحد المتعاقدين لأجل إنشاء التصرف به يُوجب ويثبت التصرف.

وإذا عدنا إلى المادة (444) وإحالتها إلى المادة (405) فنصها: الإجارة في اللغة بمعنى (الأجرة 404) وقد استعملت في معنى الإيجار أيضًا. وفي اصطلاح الفقهاء بمعنى (Sale 120) المنفعة المعلومة في مقابلة عوض معلوم.

ثم إحالتها إلى المادة (162) فنصها: المتبايعان هما (البائع 160) And(المشتري 161) ويسميان عاقدين أيضًا.

وإذا رجعنا إلى المادة (160) فنصها: البائع هو من (يبيع 120).

وإذا رجعنا إلى المادة (120) فنصها: (البيع 105) باعتبار (المبيع 151) ينقسم إلى أربعة أقسام: The first section: Sale (Money 126) (بالثمن 152). وبما أن هذا القسم أشهر البيوع يسمى بالبيع المطلق. The second section: It (Exchange 121). والقسم الثالث: (بيع المقايضة 122). والقسم الرابع: (السَّلَم 123).

وإذا عدنا مرة أخرى إلى المادة (444) وإحالتها إلى المادة (943) فنصها:

الصغير غير المميز هو الذي لا يفهم (البيع 120) والشراء، أي لا يعلم كون المبيع سالبًا (للملك 125) والشراء جالبًا له، ولا يميز (الغبن الفاحش 165)، مثل أن يغش في العشرة بخمسة من الغبن اليسير، والطفل الذي يميز هذه المذكورات يقال له: صبي مميز.

وكذلك إحالتها إلى المادة (986) ونصها: مبدأ سن البلوغ في الرجل اثنتا عشرة سنة، وفي المرأة تسع سنين، ومنتهاه في كليهما خمس عشرة سنة. وإذا أكمل الرجل اثنتي عشرة سنة ولم يبلغ يقال له: المراهق، وإن أكملت المرأة تسعًا ولم تبلغ يقال لها: المراهقة إلى أن يبلغا.

وبعد كل هذه الإحالات تكون المادة (444) قد وضحت جيدًا.

2- درر الحكام شرح مجلة الأحكام:

The genius of scholars and the pride of judges and scholars Haider Ali Effendi, the magazine in the Faculty of Law in Astana teacher, and the President of the Court of Cassation, and the Secretary of fatwas, and former Minister of Justice in the Ottoman Empire.

He described the book Crossing the lawyer Fahmi al-Husseini work and explain Ali Haider as a singer for a full explanation refer to the other, put subsistence Search Mtolat books saying: «يفتح المغلقات ويجلو الغامضات ويحل المعضلات ويزيل الإبهام وينير الأفهام ويبدد الأوهام»، طبع الكتاب مرارًا.

ثم يقول المحامي الحسيني: «As the printing needs to be a lot of money and great expense and great pantry and heavy burdens we can not afford it do not hand us carry.. CDNA refrain from doing edition for the fact that the Almighty God sent the writer attended by Mr. Rashid al-Fadil al-Haj Ibrahim, and journalist Qadeer Mr. Kamal Abbas, the owner of the newspaper Vazrana truth in the completion of this project… ».

Then he says: «Ali of duty in this regard to acknowledge the efforts by aides virtuous Professor Hazrat Sheikh Abdullah Effendi Kulquili, and the presence of the writer Fawzi Dajani Effendi pillars rights magazine editor who had been the biggest help to do this work… بل يعود عليهما الفضل الأكبر في مشاطرتهما لي في القيام بهذا العبء.. » ([41]).

ويقع كتاب علي حيدر في أربعة مجلدات (Ø – دار الجيل) ضخمة مليئة بالإحالات إلى كتب الحنفية المختلفة وبخط طباعي صغير (قياس 12) Which refers to the size of the book.

In addition to being committed to explaining the exact approach in the search by reference to the written language and definitions idiomatic, with references to journal articles said, citing the words of scholars from the tap sources of jurisprudence and their evidence, with the return to the books of various Fatawa (الخانية الهندية..)، وكذلك كتب القواعد الفقهية المختلفة وشروحها.

3 – شرح المجلة لمفتي حمص محمد خالد الأتاسي: إذ شرح من كتاب البيوع (م101) إلى المادة (1728)، وضاع من شرحه من المادة (388) إلى المادة (397) Ten material amount Characiformes, and did explain the rest of the first magazine articles and ten, and most recently his son Mohammed Taher al-Atassi, a mufti of Homs also after his father.

ويتميز هذا الشرح بذكر النصوص الفقهية للمذاهب الأخرى وخاصة الشافعية، مع ذكر الأدلة على الأقوال من المصادر الشرعية المختلفة.

ويقع الكتاب في ستة مجلدات متوسطة بمطبعة السلامة 1356هـ – 1937M. وأقوم بتدريس هذا الكتاب لطلاب الدراسات العليا منذ عقد من الزمان تقريبًا.

وهناك شروح أخرى كثيرة كشرح سليم باز اللبناني سنة 1888م، وذكره الأتاسي([42])، وهو كتاب ضخم سهل، معزز بذكر المصادر المأخوذ عنها.

وشرح أحمد جودت باشا رئيس جماعة العلماء التي وصفت المجلة، وذكره المحامي فهمي الحسيني في مقدمة درر الحكام([43]).

And: مرآة مجلة أحكام عدلية Authorship: مفتي قيصري السابق مسعود أفندي، المطبوع بالآستانة سنة 1299هـ، وهو مطبوع باللغة العربية، بينما المجلة باللغة التركية.

ومرآة المجلة في جزأين للسيد يوسف آصاف، طبع في مصر 1894م.

The book original evidence fundamentalism explain magazine judicial provisions in the Civil Rights Division: ألفه الأستاذ محمد سعيد مراد الغزي سنة 1919، وهو أحد أساتذة معهد الحقوق في دمشق، وهو ثلاثة مجلدات، وفيه نص المجلة وبعض المقارنات الجيدة.

شرح المجلة للأستاذ محمد سعيد المحاسبي، وهو ثلاثة أجزاء. Professor at the Institute of Law Journal of Damascus and accounting, has been deleted from the references mentioned comparisons with modern laws.

شرح المجلة للسيد منير القاضي عميد كلية الحقوق ببغداد، وهو خمسة أجزاء مبوبة بحسب الموضوعات لا بحسب أرقام المواد([44]).

Fourth requirement: محاسن المجلة

1 – تحويل الفقه الإسلامي من متون وشروح وحواشٍ وأقوال وترجيحات كثيرة متعددة في المذهب الحنفي إلى قول واحد معتمد.

2 – جعل القول المعتمد في كل مسألة على حدتها في مادة قانونية ملزمة.

3 – التخلص من الاختلاف الفقهي المضر في التطبيق.

4 – تحديد المرجع القانوني للقضاة عند الحكم في القضايا المختلفة.

5 – مظهر من مظاهر وحدة المسلمين في القوانين ذات الصلة.

6 – حصر القضاء وفقًا للمذهب الحنفي، حسمًا لمادة النزاع والفوضى في الحكم وفق كل مذهب أو قول يشاؤه القاضي.

7 – ابتداء المجلة في كل كتاب بمقدمة تبين المصطلحات اللازمة الاتباع.

8 – أخذ المجلة بالقول الأصلح من مذهب الحنفية، دون التقيد بالراجح أو بظاهر الرواية عند الحنفية([45]).

9 – حماية القضاة وسمعتهم، وحفظ هيبتهم وإشراف الدولة على ذلك([46]).

Fifth requirement: عيوب المجلة:

1 – Journal of the Hanafi school Palace without going out to other doctrines prescribed in Islamic jurisprudence, and that with the state to accept these doctrines and live with. This is the download for the followers of other sects on the Hanafi school.. Although the governor to get people to say he deems best suited to them, but may have been some statements in violation of the Hanafi school is the fittest, and that, as in the theory of corruption and conditions in contracts and non-financial benefits considered.

2 – The large number of iterations in the magazine as free of the general theory of contracts and commitments, but I found these provisions prescribed in detailed chapters, but duplicate in each of the books of the magazine, with sales having made a book on the rules of offer and acceptance for all contracts.

3 – The inclusion of the magazine for many subjects; they include civil law, the assets of litigation and trials, suits, and a lot of Investigation commercial law.

4 – The length of phrases in magazine articles, frequent the details, making it more like books Fiqh sometimes.

5-Empty the magazine of personal status, not looking topics as marriage, divorce, alimony and ratios, state and wills, guardianship, custody and inheritance and lost and Endowments, due to the policy of tolerance Qsdtha magazine in that.

6 – الإلزام برأي واحد مِمَّا يترتب عنه الجمود في الحركة الاجتهادية([47]).

Sixth demand: تعديلات المجلة ومصيرها:

أصدرت المادة (64) من قانون أصول المحاكمات الصادر سنة 1332هـ ونصها:

«1 – The provisions of all construction and pledges if were not banned laws and regulations specific, or did not disturb public manners and regularity, and did not violate the personal status Kohlih Akadin, rules and provisions relating to inheritance and move and act in contracts and real estate suspended and immovable property; she cherished, saying the right of the two contracting parties, but if .

2 – All that was money Mottagoma fit to be pinned him what Taourv trading of objects and the benefits and rights of all is the rule Superfluous money, though Contracting held on what will be found in the future is also awkward, considering.

3- If Akdan agreed on the basic points of entrepreneurship count full decade if left subscores Meskuta them, and if not consistent in Akdan subscores Vtaanha headmistress of the court's consideration of the resolution to the nature of the case, and noticed that the article may have restricted the magazine are as follows:

1- Inventory corrupting conditions Mounsos in this article, and in this departure from the base requirement of the Hanafi school, many of the corrupt conditions become true, as well as negative obligations; the conditions Streptococcus became only the award violates the six-party.

2- Determine the financial things being really benefit or in kind as long as it goes against Islam, as the known, which is contrary to the doctrine of the Hanafi in-kind capital requirement.

وبهذا أقرت الملكية الفكرية والحقوق المعنوية، وإذا تردد في معنى التقوم صارت الخمور.. مالاً.

It also issued amendments relating to the law of the Ottoman Procedure Act of 1880, and amended some of the rules of evidence, and in particular to prevent the use of evidence in civil cases, personal to prove otherwise content of holography([48]).

– ما مصير المجلة؟

Turkey has abandoned the first Exporting Magazine for Magazine Majala years * / replacing a Swiss civil law with some modifications.

وقد تخلت الدول العربية واحدة تلو الأخرى عن المجلة؛ إذ تخلى لبنان عنها سنة 1947م، فسوريا 1949، فالعراق 1952، فالأردن 1976، وآخرها الكويت. وبهذا أضحت القوانين الغربية هي المطبقة في ربوع العالم الإسلامي([49]).

This is with the knowledge that the magazine did not apply in the countries of the Islamic world that were not affiliated to the Ottoman state Kaldzerh Arabic, Yemen and Egypt.

It was the first magazine to retain, modify, and restored access to the status of independent thought and law in civil law and others, emanating from various Islamic jurisprudence Bmdarch.

Says Mr. Mustafa blue professor of civil law at the Faculty of Law, University of Damascus: «كنا قد استهللنا شرح عقد البيع هذا بمقدمة بينا فيها هذه الجريمة القومية التي ارتكبها الشعوبيون أعداء العروبة والإسلام، لَـمَّا سنحت لهم فرصة الاستظلال بظل الحكم الانقلابي الإرهابي في سوريا سنة 1949، وذلك بأخذهم قانونًا مدنيًا لسوريا أجنبي الأصول، ودفنهم الفقه الإسلامي الذي هو أعظم تراث عربي خالد، والذي كانت مستمدة منه مجلة الأحكام العدلية، وهي قانوننا المدني القديم السابق قبل هذا القانون المدني الجديد الأجنبي» ([50]).

* * *

The third topic:
تقنين الفقه الإسلامي بعد مجلة الأحكام العدلية
The first requirement: التقنين بعد مجلة الأحكام العدلية

1) قانون حق العائلة:

صدر هذا القانون سنة 1326هـ، وكان مختصًا بأحكام الزواج والطلاق والتفريق، ولم يقتصر فيه على المذهب الحنفي.

2) Guide Hieran in knowledge of the human condition:

وهو من وضع العلامة قدري باشا، وطبع عام 1890م، وهو خاص بالمعاملات.

3) العدل والإنصاف في مشكلات الأوقاف:

وكذلك وضعه العلامة قدري باشا، وطبع عام 1893م.

4) الهبة والحجر والإيصاء والوصية والميراث:

وكذا وضعه العلامة قدري باشا المصري، ولم تطبقها مصر رسميًا جميعها.

5) قانون الأحوال الشخصية في مصر:

وهو مستمد من المذاهب الأربعة، وذلك سنة 1915 برئاسة وزير الحقانية، وأعد هذا المشروع وطبع عام 1916م، ولكنه لم يصدر لمعارضته من بعض العلماء.

ثم صدر عام 1920 قانون رقم 25 في بعض مسائل الزواج والنفقة والعدة والطلاق والنسب والمهر والحضانة والمفقود.

ثم صدر عام 1923 قانون رقم 56 في وضع حد أدنى لسن الزواج.

In 1936 ألفت لجنة من العلماء لوضع قوانين الأحوال الشخصية من عامة المذاهب، فأصدرت القانون رقم 77 Year 1943 Befell Year inheritance, and Law No. 48 Year 1946 المعدل لبعض أحكام الوقف، والقانون رقم 71 Year 1946 المتعلق بالوصية.

6) مجلة الالتزامات والعقود التونسية 1906.

وذلك لتقنين الفقه المالكي جزئيًا، إذ ألفت لجنة سنة 1896 لوضع مشروعات القوانين في تونس، واستمر عملها عشر سنوات لوضع هذا القانون.

7) مجلة الأحكام الشرعية على مذهب الإمام أحمد

وقام بهذا العمل الشيخ أحمد القاري. وهي تعد شبيهة بمجلة الأحكام العدلية.

He has the Islamic Research Academy project codify Islamic jurisprudence 1969 and is nearing completion.

ومما يلزم على المجالس النيابية المختلفة الحرص على أن تكون الشريعة الإسلامية هي المصدر الأساسي للتشريع([51]).

8) الدراسات المقارنة: By studying Islamic jurisprudence Bmmahbh eight -alhanafi and al-Maliki and Shafi'i and Hanbali and toes and Zaidi and virtual Jaafari, and compare it with the other ones first, and then compare the various legislative situation in the whole world, to indicate in Islamic jurisprudence from the theories and the provisions of suitable people's lives.

وقد أثبتت هذه الدراسات سبق الفقه الإسلامي للقوانين الوضعية، وهذا ما أكده قوله تعالى: ﴿إِنَّ هَذَا الْقُرْآنَ يِهْدِي لِلَّتِي هِيَ أَقْوَمُ﴾([52]). And says: ﴿لاَ يَأْتِيهِ الْبَاطِلُ مِن بَيْنِ يَدَيْهِ وَلاَ مِنْ خَلْفِهِ تَنزِيلٌ مِّنْ حَكِيمٍ حَمِيدٍ﴾([53]). And says: ) Not know to create a gentle expert (([54])؛ فالخالق أعلم بخلقه وبما يصلح حالهم.

وهو ما نبهنا إليه حديث رسول الله e: «تركت فيكم أمرين لن تضلوا ما تمسّكتم بهما كتاب الله وسنة نبيه e»([55]).

وهذا ما ينبغي أن يحرص عليه طلاب الدراسات العليا في (Master's and doctoral), To indicate the preferred Islamic jurisprudence on the other, and was preceded by the development and the importance of the various legislations to get to choose the best and most effective solutions.

All praise be to Allah is what it is keen General researchers, as well as colleges of Sharia law and rights in general the Muslim world([56]).

I can decide something big is that Western laws inhalers were derived from the Islamic jurisprudence, for the most part; the rule of the Ottoman Eastern Europe, and where Muslims are still since the fifteenth century, as well as in the West, Muslims Andalusia entered in the eighth century AD first century, and remained there to . Governance and was on throughout Europe and the Islamic jurisprudence in the resolution of disputes and systems transactions and habits, all of which are Arab-Islamic, but prevailed in them with time as custom and habit, even if we compare the Western legislation with the exception of what is not commensurate with the European mentality of matters of religion, we find general legislation does not agree . ثم عادت إلينا هذه القوانين على أنها فرنسية أو سويسرية أو إيطالية أو غيرها([57])…

The second requirement: المؤتمرات الإسلامية والندوات العلمية:

تنعقد هذه المؤتمرات دوريًا، وتبحث فيها الموضوعات المختلفة، ومن هذه المؤتمرات:

1 – المؤتمر العالمي للاقتصاد الإسلامي 1396هـ/ 1976م، وذلك في جامعة الملك عبد العزيز بجدة.

2 – Islamic jurisprudence conference in Riyadh in 1396 AH / 1976, at the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, and the most important thing they had reached: The applicability of the law and the system of the Islamic judiciary and the border of legality, and its impact on the stability of societies, economic system and Islamic banks and Islamic Education.

3 – الندوة الأولى لعمداء كلية الحقوق بالجامعات العربية سنة 1973 في جامعة بيروت العربية، والثانية في بغداد 1974 للعودة إلى الفقه الإسلامي، وعده المصدر الأساسي للقوانين، وتدريس الشريعة في كل الكليات لربط الجيل بوطنه ومصالحه الاستراتيجية.

Third requirement: المؤسسات العلمية:

I grew up in the modern era many institutions specialist scientists to proof consisting of specialists in forensic science, who are rushing to codify Islamic jurisprudence, including:

1) Islamic Research Academy at Al-Azhar Islamic Studies, 1961, and the advantage of this complex authored by scientists from all Islamic countries.

This complex is to convene annually to discuss research scientific debate minutes, then to publish what he sees as the right one, but it works on the legalization of Islamic jurisprudence as it can be applied in the Islamic reality.

2) المجلس الأعلى للشؤون الإسلامية في وزارة الأوقاف بمصر سنة 1959. ومن مزية هذا المجلس اعتناؤه بالعلوم المختلفة والشرعية والتقنينية منها لينشر الأبحاث والمؤلفات للخبراء والمختصين.

3) مجمع البحوث الفقهية في مكة المكرمة.

4) مؤسسة آل البيت للبحوث الفقهية.

5) المجمع الفقهي في بغداد.

6) مشروع جمعية الدراسات الإسلامية بالقاهرة، وذلك للمذاهب الثمانية برئاسة الشيخ محمد أبو زهرة، وصدر الجزء الأول 1965.

Fourth requirement: المشاريع العلمية:

1) Jurisprudence Encyclopedia: This encyclopedia and take care of all the views and doctrines arranged alphabet accurately, which is with the contemporary legal encyclopedias.

The most important benefit him easy reference to the eight schools, said sources with those who wanted to upscale. One advantage of this encyclopedia that it has to familiarize themselves between Syrian scientists first -ohm its founding in 1956, and the establishment of the Egyptian-Syrian unity encyclopedia men of science specialists from the two countries, and called: «موسوعة جمال عبد الناصر للفقه الإسلامي»، وتولى المجلس الأعلى إصدارها، وقد بلغت جزءًا.

2) الموسوعة الفقهية الكويتية: قامت وزارة الأوقاف الكويتية بتأسيس إدارة بكفاية عالية للإشراف على هذه الموسوعة في عام 1967 مع مراجعة المختصين وتأليفهم فيها في ربوع العالم الإسلامي إلى أن تم العمل بها، وبلغت أجزاؤها 39 جزءًا.

3) معاجم الكتب الفقهية: تسهل المعاجم البحث الفقهي في أُمّات الكتب الفقهية عن الفروع الفقهية المتشعبة. وقد صدر في كلية الشريعة في جامعة دمشق: «معجم فقه ابن حزم الظاهري» سنة 1966 في مجلدين. كما صدر كذلك «معجم المصطلحات الفقهية» في مجلدين أيضًا.

وصدر في وزارة الأوقاف الكويتية «معجم الفقه الحنبلي» مستخلصًا من المغني لابن قدامة.



I have lived throughout the magazine and its aftermath and what preceded it, and I've Aistha like I live with juridical and its characters, has filled her time pain and suffering, and multiplied the epics and tribulations, and Talpe enemies at home and abroad, and simmer caliphs and their system is and Rjalathm. ورغم الواقع المأساوي المدلهم عاش مصلحو الدولة همومها، وحملوا هممهم إلى عنان السماء من رجالات التشريع وأساطينهم، يطاولون بذلك كيد الأعداء حولهم وينافحونهم بكل ما أوتوا من قوة وحيلة؛ فكانت مجلة الأحكام العدلية، ولكنها لم تلبِّ طموحات العلماء وشعوب المسلمين لما فيها من استمساك بالمذهب الواحد، وكان الأولى الاستفادة من عامة المذاهب والأقوال فيما يحقق مصلحة الواقع والمستقبل في صيانة حقوق المسلمين ومصالحهم.

But the magazine remains a pioneering step in the era of the numerous difficulties, and Adelhmt betrothal and Doahia, and the scramble enemies of Muslims from inside and outside the Ottoman State.

And the duty of Arabs and Muslims look forward roomy hope of Doha Islamic jurisprudence and judicial sentences Grass magazine to keep the Islamic jurisprudence to the real redress for the identity of the Arabs and Muslims, and the dependence of others.

It must be assigned to graduate students under the supervision of specialists to complete the project rationing, which should have a private institutions actively keep pace with developments, and meet the needs and decides interests and purposes of the street, and hope in God to ask to be connected, and the legitimacy of the Almighty satisfactory..

وصلى الله على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلّم.

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