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Ibadi jurisprudence in the establishment phase model Code

Ibadi jurisprudence in the establishment phase model Code
In the era of renaissance and renewal Shikhan: Eggs and Buckley model *
Preparation: D. Ammar Talbi
(Professor at the University of Algiers)
To understand the doctrine and founded out of them, should study history, and stages of development, and if the place does not allow tracking all of these stages, characteristics and traits, it has been seen that point to an important stage of Jurisprudence Ibadi, a stage rooting. Then deal with a brief address also other important stage a renewal period of the Islamic Renaissance era, and his Imam Sadr Ibrahim bin Omar eggs (T 1401/1981) Of renewal in his fatwas, and also wrote the scholar Sheikh Abdul Rahman Buckley (T 1406 / 1986) Fatwas, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khalili- May God protect him -.
Historians of the legislation did not mean enough attention on Islamic jurisprudence Ibadhi oldest Islamic schools of Islamic jurisprudence, that began some Orientalists such as Schacht in his book, the emergence of Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic legislation assets([1]), And written by MacDonald([2]) That came Amro developing Khalifa (? 1986) He wrote a study documented based on the writings of early إباضية manuscript, on behalf of “Studies on Ibadi” By Ph.D. in English (1971M), And then translated and published in 2001 House Muslim West Beirut, and devoted the fourth quarter of this message to jurisprudence Ibadhi and its inception, is the first academic study by scientific researcher إباضي depending on the materials of the same Ibadi jurisprudence, and these materials represent the first sources of jurisprudence Ibadhi like:
– الجامع الصحيح للربيع بن حبيب.
– والمدونة لأبي غانم بشر بن غانم الخراساني.
– والديوان المعروض على علماء الإباضية.
– روايات ضمام التي ألفها أبو صفرة عبد الملك بن صفرة.
– فتيا الربيع بن حبيب.
– كتاب نكاح الشغار لعبد الله بن عبد العزيز.
– ورسائل الإمامين الأولين للمذهب جابر بن زيد وأبي عبيدة مسلم.
He pointed out that they need to accurate scientific study to be published, and record brief notes on some of these manuscripts may be that you have a chance to say where the detail.
I wanted to walk on منهاجه Vosgel some observations about great blog which printed catalog of the manuscript, gave her and published in two parts by “Reformatted unrealized revised” Publisher Salim bin Hamad bin Suleiman Al-Harthy, Oman([3]).
A. This blog Abu Ghanem humans bin Ghanem al-Khorasani, who lived in the second half of the second century, and the early third century, without the author in the late second century, and left it to the Nafusa Mountains intending to visit the Imam Abdul Wahab (ت190هـ) Ptihrt capital State official, Fterkha the When Amrous bin open, Venschha dictate his sister([4]), Mentions Sheikh Mubarak bin Abdullah Al-Rashidi it was located in twelve volumes([5]) And that the rest of the folders found just what you printed, and they are in the process of investigation, also pointed out that the micro-blog attributed to Abu Ghanem, but he found it in the library Baroni attributed to Abdullah ibn Yazid Fazari([6]) From the third century scholars in Morocco, which Fakie Ncara of his band called Balesideh([7]), One of the people of the second and third century AH, perhaps attributed to him to copy them, and some researchers believe it was named Bkabry Due to arrange, Sheikh Mohammed Tvic and hung it became the major([8]), And there are Blog micro manuscript Egyptian Book House (No. 21582 B)Perhaps, the comparison between them and the
Greater published showing the difference, and shows the original text without comments scholar Muhammad Tfayyesh, though the publisher pointed out that it Mdontan minor and major, both of Khorasani on his knowledge, but some scholars told him that big so named because the comments and footnotes pole Imam Mohammed bin Yousef Tfayyesh([9]).
Blog and translated into barbarism, and mentions Abu Ishaq Abraham Tfayyesh he saw a copy of the Code of major Abu Ghanem translated into barbarism([10]) وبذلك فهي تسمى بالكبرى قبل ترتيب الشيخ اطفيش وحواشيه عليها، وأغلب الظن أنها سميت المدونة الكبرى قبل عصر الشيخ اطفيش فإن الدرجيني سماها بذلك في طبقاته ([11])، وورد في المدونة المنشورة: “Fully modern Khudri micro-blog”([12]) After the words “Ended” Which refers to the end of the comment pole, the issue you need to achieve by reference to what was discovered manuscripts, and to the Dar al-Kutub manuscript to which we referred.
Blog published inflicted by three things, the first: “تكملة خارجة عن المدونة” It is a Ibadi scholars translations starting Ben Habib Spring, and the second command: “Conclusion sealed by the Code of the other major”([13]) وهذه الخاتمة عبارة عن رسالة أبي بكر الصديق رضي الله عنه إلى الإمام علي بن أبي طالب –كرم الله وجهه- And his answer in the like Penthouse debate, a shed built recounted assistance Abu Hayyan monotheistic, which is where the doubts, and the third thing: “Interpretation of what is hidden” From the words of this debate, cited by Abu Hayyan, a useful linguistic message, and the date of this manuscript copies
Published named “Great Code” Day 20 March Year 1359 AH (1940) They are modern versions.
Perhaps the copyist or other added to multiple paragraphs, with character, عظي and style does not seem to be a method of the second century AH quoted above, for example, “And more people today Tarcn prayer, they do not know Besbgahm imam in bowing and prostrating, and lift and cut, they are at themselves arrived, and realize our time, and if his family prayed alone better than its links with the group, because the group جهلوا how exactly prayer and completeness”([14]) It's that: “والناس في نقص شديد من دينهم عامة، ومن صلاتهم خاصة، وقد ضيعوها وفرطوها؟ إلا ما شاء الله. الإمام في الركوع والسجود، والخفض والرفع، وإنما ينبغي
Them to be after the imam in all their cases has pervaded the competition from people imams and Altadhaaa than they are in, and disregard for the right, the people of the east and west”([15]), It is clear that this method should be studied and achieved compared with other copies of the manuscript to check for text.
The published text which jumped from R 326 to R 341 and p 344 after he returned to PO Box 327, and continued to 340, then from 349 إلى 348، ثم انتقل إلى 353، ووضعت صفحة 341 قبل 340، وجاءت 345 بعد 352، وجاءت 353 بعد 348، وفيها بياض ج1 ص225، وأحيانا لا يكتب انتهى بعد نهاية تعليق القطب([16]), Wholesale, the book needs to achieve monetary bulletin reference to several copies.
Assets diligence
And measurement of the Blog
Some researchers believe that “Jurisprudence Ibadhi in his debut different issues and different answers in the throat, or write to the owners, a partial issues
أغلبها لا تتناول الأصول والمبادئ العامة لتدوين الفقه من إجماع وقياس، وإنما تكاد تعتمد على ظاهر الكتاب والسنة فقط”([17]), And we can say that this speech needs to be more accuracy; the measurement and the consensus opinion of the things that we find in the different positions of the Code, and you
This text, which refers to the consideration of opinion and diligence and lack of tradition: “I([18]) Who affect this to say, to attributed? : To the people of
Of the people and equity jurisprudence, not beholding not be fair of said: Thus says so and so, and I do not go against Flana owner of this say imitator me, I said: The tradition has known what the gut? : I'm with so and so, and with me so and so, it is omitted to consider, and did not pay attention to the issue follows it in his mind, and greatest him فراقه the”([19]).
While Abu Obeida Muslim ibn Abi gracious visual Tamimi - who died in the succession of Abu Jafar al-Mansur (136-158E)- Not much inclined to the opinion([20]) And tends to the way people talk it origination optical, not without his understanding of the use of opinion, but it goes against some of his disciples, which relied on the opinion of jurisprudence like my father and allergen Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, came Alinkaria the Vtbaoheme. يقول الخراساني: “فلسنا نأخذ بهذا من قول ابن عباد، والقول في ذلك كله قول ابن عبد العزيز والربيع وقول أبي عبيدة والعامة من فقهائنا”([21])، كما أن عبد العزيز يخالف الربيع بن حبيب في بعض آرائه الفقهية([22]), As authorized Abdul Aziz parents in if the spouse efficient, and prevent the spring([23]), The opinion also differed on the issue of tenure The Abu Obeida novel increased from Jabir bin Zaid that احتاط the Making After ten years, ten others, he said: “Spring and our companions on this gathered Basra”([24])، أما عبد الله بن عبد العزيز فقال: “ما أدري ما هذا وما وجهه، ولا أرى أن يبطل الحق تقادمه، غير أن أهل الحجاز قد رووا عن النبي صلعم أنه قال: «من حاز شيئا وعمره عشر سنين فهو له»… وكذلك روى أهل العراق إلا أن أبا عبيدة يحدث عن جابر أنه احتاط”([25])، ونص على “أن الفريقين جميعا من أهل المدينة وأهل العراق قد جاءوا بهذا الحديث جميعا يحملونه ويروونه عن النبي صلعم، وما قاله النبي صلعم والسنة أحق بأن تتبع إذا كانت سنة من النبي e، وأما القياس فلا ينبغي أن يبطل الحق تقادمه، والحق قديم لا يبطله تقادمه، قال أبو المؤرِّج: Say we have the view of Abu Obeida, which was narrated from Jabir bin Zaid, so Lefty Abu Obeida even came out of this world that are not right for each of the claimed nothing in the hands of his family for twenty years Ihozonh and Aamrnh, said Through this take, and therefore rely, and has held the provisions of the Muslims, and reportedly their answer ”([26])And, if the judge ruled the opinion of discretionary should not overturn his rule unless violates the Quran and Sunnah.
This text is very important is exposed to the people of Iraq from scholars in the Covenant, and the people of the city or the people of Hijaz, suggesting that Khorasani not hidden by the views of scholars of followers, and followers of followers of the people of the modern and the people of opinion, is no secret that the Jabra bin Zaid took talk : School companions and followers who had moved to Iraq, and those who remained in Mecca and Medina; was so Entries University for many of the foundations of jurisprudence Ibadhi in assets and branches([27])، ذلك لأن القرن الثاني ظهر فيه الفقه الزيدي الذي أنشأه زيد بن علي (ت 122هـ)، والجعفري الذي يرجع إلى جعفر الصادق من آل البيت (ت 148هـ)، والفقه الحنفي في عهد النخعي الذي ورثه أبو حنيفة (ت 150هـ) ثم مالك (ت 179هـ) والشافعي (ت 204هـ) وأحمد بن حنبل (ت 241هـ) وهم كلهم مشتركون في الأصول من الكتاب والسنة والإجماع والقياس أو الرأي. The difference but arose from the introduction of some novels in modern without each other, depending on the evidence or right when the imam, does not prove when the last of these hardworking adult to talk in jurisprudence, though Jaber earlier for so and diligent, but sources in the modern shared with the others who .
فبطلان الصلاة –مثلا- بالقهقهة، وبطلانها بدون البسملة قبل الفاتحة، ورد عند الحنفية كما ورد لدى الإباضية مثلا، وهكذا فجابر بن زيد (ت 93هـ) والربيع (ت 171هـ)، وأبو عبيدة (T. 145 AH) Of those who boarded the doctrine of jurisprudential and Nfrdoa him, especially Imam Jabir bin Zaid Oman and optical who lived in Basra after that length of his life, and studied at the Ibn Abbas, what more schooled, and saw his jurisprudence and fatwas, and many his travels to Mecca and Medina, pilgrims and students to talk, was this Tabi great : “If the people of Basra pitched when you say Jabir bin Zaid to Ousahm note what is in the book of God”([28]), And he had a ring in the mosque of Basra Lefty them before Hasan al-Basri([29]), Said Qatada, the day of his death: “Today was buried aware of the people of Basra, or the scientist said Iraq”([30]
And demonstrating the uniqueness doctrine in the nuclear doctrine that Father Zakaria (ت 676هـ) In which he said: “Agreed - that his teachers and his disciples- Documented, and King, a numberless followers and imams Vgahaúhm has its unique doctrine”([31])This means that hard-working and has Ajthadath boarded by all other.
Some scholars have even Ibadi taking other statements If true its catalog has, we find Ibn Abdul Aziz on the issue of man recommended وارثه the religion has had a contrary opinion of Abu allergen and Abu Obeida and Jabir bin Zaid, who said that passport: “Said Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has come in so many different scholars, some authorized, some not permitted, and Abraham was([32]) Who are not permitted, and the words of Abraham have the fairest, and has a take, I said to Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz: Glory
God, Hallelujah great not take the words of Abraham, let say Jaber Abu Obeida? : You're a fake, Mali do not take the words I said just denying suspiciously myself, and tipping مقارفة the error, and the introduction of confidence, because Abraham was adopted upon”([33]), And pointed Khorasani to view Nakha'i also in the funeral prayer, and it does not read them but they are only prayer([34]), Refers Khorasani in the blog to non-Ibadi scholars “I said to my father allergen: These
يقولون ويروون عن عبد الله بن عمر أنه كان يقول: هذا بحر وتحته سبعة أبحر وتحتها النيران وكان ينهى عن الوضوء بماء البحر، وكان يقول لأن أتيمّم أحب إلي من أن أغتسل بماء البحر، قال أبو نوح: Do not take this talk about old age, and he says his father faithful Omar - may God have mercy on him - he says other than this statement, and allows Seawater ablutions and washing of impurity”([35]).
If a woman died in the book and not only with the men, the father said allergen: Wash her husband, who was present, although not There Vlegsloha of and behind the dresses, but Khorasani said: “I said to my father that they say allergen and telling about Vgahaúhm it if it was branded as you do not wash one of قرابتها, said: So how they do it? : Etemmon her Upper Egypt, and anointed her face and hands in Upper Egypt perfume and then bury it, I said,: They say that with them was a woman of Ahl al-Dhimmah أمروها that wash Sahpthm and teach washing and then washed out, as well as if a man died and not only Bhoudrth women of his sisters and his relatives or
بناته أو أمه، فلا يغسلنه ولكن يمسحن وجهه ويديه بالصعيد، وإن وجدوا رجلا من أهل الذمة غسله. Said (أي أبو المؤرِّج) ليس فيما يقولون شيء، والقول عندنا ما أعلمتك به وقول أبي عبيدة”([36]).
كما أشار في دعاء صلاة الجنازة إلى اختلاف الفقهاء: “I: أبلغك أنه يقال في التكبيرات الأربع على الميت كما يقول هؤلاء ويروونه عن فقهائهم؟ قال: وما هو؟ قلت: يقولون ليس فيهن قراءة إلا دعاء معروف يقولون: Oh God, forgive our neighborhood and Mutena, Zcorna and Anatna and we saw and Gaúibna God of توليته([37]) فتوفه على الإسلام ومن أبقيته منا فأبقه على الإيمان، يقولون ذلك ثلاث تكبيرات التي يلين التكبيرة الأولى، ويقرأون في التكبيرة الأولى وحدها، قال: Taken by our what Oalmtk before this from the view of Abu Obeida فاقتصر it”([38]), And now we find Maalikis([39]) Tap claim after zooming light not read at all, and the owners of non-Ibadi schools today than they do in the funeral prayer this light Fikron after takbeer first and second, and said Abu allergen: “Tell you that three of the ways of the Muslims? : 've Reached it, did not condemn something, nor Enaibh, but I hate for a man to support his right hand on the left in prayer, and Adlehma dearer to me, but he did and was adopted with the right, on the left, prayer complete, God willing, and left loved us”([40]), Which we arrest or Sudl call, and this indicates the presence of these two sects in this day and age, who wrote the code, and Ibadi chose Sudl the as chosen by Maalikis, though contained in Muwatta two novels together.
Abu Obeida also said the views of doctrinal discretionary then retracted, as Khorasani narrated from Abu allergen, he said: “It has been the opinion of Abu Obeida is that he went back with him, and it was his opinion which it Variqnah what you described that fast this inside him, then spend the first after”([41]), And then transferred from Abu same allergen, he said: “And many things about this than Hfeznah him and went back for the first Oquaouilh”([42]). This indicates that these hardworking do not hesitate to consult their views if you show them otherwise. Dispute is in no opinion narrows by these scholars Ibaadis, it is stated in the blog this text is important in this area: “سألت أبا المؤرِّج عن الاختلاف في الرأي، واختلاف السلف من قبلنا في رأيهم أليس قد يسعهم الاختلاف ولم يبرأ بعضهم من بعض؟ قال: بل ذلك واسع، قلت: Taking some people some أقاويلهم, which is contrary to what the Muslims met, you recover some of the others? : What's your pregnancy on the patent, this, that you need to fast, and afford us was we can”([43]).
This speech written in gold in our time which narrowed the release of some people, Vdicoa on themselves and their people, and missed them this beautiful color of tolerance and kindness and capacity chest.
This text is supported by another Narrated by al-Khorasani attributed to my father, he said allergen: “Of the sayings of the Prophet - peace be upon him- The burner is abrogated, and the Koran may copy some (It) Another, The Prophet e things like this and returned it, and he did his companions like that many things, and returned it, and has said advances and Muslim imams talk of many, and returned about it and they said without أقاويلهم then returned to some أقاويلهم, all differences of them in opinion, and did not ”([44]), Commented on the pole so that” Man may be diligent (In) Doctrine Vergb in every what agrees imam, then increased diligence to be diligent at all, he says, unlike what he said first”([45]).
And including the impact they have taken about Vgahaúhm said: “Impact when فقهائنا who take them, and we rely on them that year in zakat cow كالسنة in zakat camels shall be taken of what is taken from camels and employs what works in camel, not including a difference, has Vrat you of this matter by this and interpreted by you”([46]). Among the reasons for the difference talk that proved when some of them did not prove when others, therefore, said Abu allergen: “The Maaz bin Jabal, the Prophet e God knows it, even if we know that from Moaaz Prophet e took him and adopted him, but our companions, Abu Obeida and Jabir bin Zaid did not take it, has بلغهم say who described”([47]).
It is the difference in talk what he sees Saeed bin Jubair that cupping does not break the fast, and between Khorasani it as well when Ibadi: “I: I see people of our people tell Ali bin Abi Talib: Fast الحاجم and Mahtgm, he said: Not only in telling all on something, and it is we have on what he described as the Prophet e and Ibn Abbas and Ibn Umar al-Hasan and Saeed bin Jubair; because the year in the fast but is on food and drink, and غشيان women, cupping is not something of it, but refrains from fear of weakness, not ”([48])، وكذلك من أفطر رمضان ناسيا فذلك رزق ساقه الله إليه، ولا قضاء عليه اعتمادا على الحديث وعلى ما ذهب إليه ابن عباس وابن عمر، قال: “بهذا نأخذ وعليه نعتمد وهو قول أبي عبيدة والعامة من فقهائنا”([49]).
وورد الاستحسان في هذه المدونة: “وإنما الاستحسان عندنا أن يفعل كما فعل مسروق”([50])، الذي فاتته ركعتان من صلاة المغرب فقعد قبل الأخيرة، أما جندب فإنه لم يقعد للتشهد إلا في الثالثة، وَلَمَّا سئل ابن مسعود عن ذلك قال: كلاهما قد أصاب. وبعد طريقة جدلية منطقية طويلة قال: “This shop did not find them survived to the news of cuts by the excuse, not to measure, had imitated Ibn Masood as saying as he did plagiarized and does, Vlesmh say: “The sit his prayer is not complete, and that proof of what we say”([51])In this text we find the news, and measurement and plaudits, logical reasoning and dialectical way of prosecution and defense, and the way the controversy mentioned in this blog, “And said to them: Ibbr you said it or measure? …”([52]) فهو استند إلى حديث، وهم استندوا إلى رأي الإمام علي وابن عباس والحسن، فاعتمد على الحديث، وسلك في ذلك مسلك الاستدلال المنطقي الجدلي([53])، وأحيانا يرى أنه ليس في رأي أبي عبيدة، وأبي المؤرِّج “حجة مجتمع عليها”([54])، ويذكر “The year that men and women do not Atltmon in prayer and doing ago his prayer, as well as if it covered all his face, measured the taboo that covered his head and wearing clothes that does not invalidate his pilgrimage but the forbidden box, not in prayer, but where the mistake worshiped illusion (السهو) وليستا بالقياس عليه، إنما هما على من نقص من نفس الصلاة”([55])، فاستعمل القياس هنا في العبادات نفسها، وكذلك تتابع قضاء رمضان “I: Those saying and telling about is one that has the choice to do so, Insha spent sequential willing, spent sporadic, he said, not what they say something, and spend Ramadan we have is like Ramadan, may not be cut nor differentiated except as may be by the cut of Ramadan and differentiated from the things that excused ”([56])، ويعلق على بعض الآراء المخالفة بعبارة “الله أعلم بقول من ذكرت”([57]).
وفي الصلاة في حالة عقد المصلي شعره ذكر الخراساني أنه: “كان الحسن يكرهه ولا قياس فيه([58]), This hearing but knows not hold poetry does not hold up a garment or shrouded in his hand, no Aakant between his shoulders only be compelled to do something so ago his prayers and omissions it”([59]).
وكذلك توقف أبو عبيدة في بعض الأحاديث وأفتى برأيه “قال الله أعلم بقول النبي -عليه الصلاة والسلام- غير أني أرى معالجته ومدافعته بقطع صلاته، فإن لم يقدر عليه إلا بذلك فليقف عنه، وليمض على صلاته”([60]), And in the process prevented from passing in front of the worshiper in the case of prayer. Believes that to stop when ordered prayers for forgiveness Fastghafr verse or otherwise Kalastaazh of fire if stated in verse while praying that it hated predecessor, and forbade him, and he hates the most disliked “غير أني لا أرى أنه يقطع الصلاة”([61])، ولكن لا يطيل في ذلك مثل أن يقول: بلى في مثل: “أليس ذلك بقادر على
أن يحي الموتى” The mention imams pole in commenting on this shop Sheikh Amer leave, and Sheikh Ismail, between that of said pole: “Ash'ari that increased: “Amen in the Koran, has disbelieved in hypocrisy”([62]) “They did not want to increase”([63]). أما صاحب المدونة فيرى أن المصلي لا يقول “آمين إذا فرغ من الفاتحة (…) والإنصات في كل هذا أحسن وأفضل، ومن فعل فليس عليه إعادة الصلاة”([64])، وإذا لم يبلغ أبا المؤرِّج شيء في مسألة ما اجتهد رأيه: “I said to my father allergen: أبلغك عن أبي عبيدة فيها شيء؟ قال: لم يبلغني ولم أسمع عنه فيها شيئا، وإنما قلت فيها برأيي والله أعلم”([65]).
Abu Obeida also due to the doctors in the patient's ability to issue gesture in prayer, narrated Abu allergen Abu Obeida he said: “The lay (Patient) To take away the water from his eyes, and stay for days lying does not sit down, he said Abu allergen from Abu Obeida he said pointing gesture has done so Abu Noah did Anha Abu Obeida about it, and the year that he was ill, with what the patient if he was afraid his eyes prayed as ordering him to doctors”([66]).
And Guy Friday, do not invalidate his prayer and evil is what he did, “Abu may allergen said came to me the impact of jurists, and interpret it in our opinion, and God knows he has no F”([67]) He commented on the pole so that it does not F complete, added Abu allergen: “In other words F preferred not to him and God knows the achievement of interpretation, but to invalidate the prayer there is nothing to say that”([68]), Khorasani father asked for Friday prayers allergen Ahi statute and insisted on pressing strongly that told him: “Is obligatory on towards the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and jihad for Allah (…) I: Oikvr of leaving? : What I know, but it he replied مغضبا he. Said: Have multiplied Find and argument in the matter Oh this do me, I said: God bless you, I did not enter you only what has occurred when the difference, and dispersed the words and branched out when the nation, he said: لو علمت ذلك ما أجبتك في هذا بحرف”([69]), This indicates the presence of severe disagreement in the administration Friday, and perhaps it was in a secret course of this dispute has continued with us in Morocco to the early twentieth century, and is credited in the command to be set up for the reformer Sheikh Ibrahim eggs- God's mercy- Was followed by all those who were reluctant at first, go from saying: Do not answer and valid, saying: Must be valid. He says a comment on this pole: “And pray Friday behind imams unfair, even raised their hands, and took the oath on the north, and was told: Pray behind the mighty in seven Alomassar, and the first of our people do not raise their hands and take the oath on the north”([70]), Khorasani states that Ibn 'Umar prayed behind Zero who kill and take the money([71]). He said Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz: It is no expiation on to become a side; it “I do not have is like from eating, drinking and intercourse during the day in Ramadan, see where I am but I said in my opinion, and God knows best”([72]).
The measurement is the shelter if different nation, “وإذا اختلفت الأمة لم يثبت إلا ما شهد له القياس، ألا ترى أن الخبر جاء عن النبي e: أنكم ستختلفون من بعدي، فما جاءكم عني فاعرضوه على كتاب الله تعالى”([73]). And went Abu Obeida to that insane should not be fasting during Ramadan if Jane before Ramadan, has not recovered from the mad only after the expiry of the month, and that “Is like the boy who does not cost him and God knows best, and see where I just said my opinion”([74]), And if the above water while rinsing the mouth to the person's throat “It is not deliberately do not have to do anything, do not spend (…) It is the view of Abu الشعثاء Jabir bin Zaid and public of فقهائنا, Do not you see that if you eat forgetting it was nothing, and the water that preceded his throat easier than this”([75]), And the ills of the electrode so that eating it by mistake act of choosing, other than the water it was already compelled no choice([76]), Has been mentioned many times in the measurement Entries only what we have referred to([77]).
It should not be accused Abu Saeed Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz that goes with the opinion, does not take into account what proved of the year, but it violates the Abu Obeida Muslim Following hard to talk to him; “Abu Saeed Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz: أنا أخالف أبا عبيدة في هذه المسألة، وآخذ بالحديث الذي بلغني عن غير واحد من العلماء والتابعين وجماعة من أصحاب رسول الله e يروونه أنه قال: “If a woman sees in her dream what a man sees Vnamt wreaking from it what the man of impurity”, Did not go against Abu Ubaidah in response to his opinion, but to talk to who came connected مسندا the the”([78]). It also provides Khorasani public opinion of the designated non-owners: “The public is our companions have unanimously agreed that what was described in the first issue of the two prostrations of the illusion that the Prophet - peace be upon him - and without them”([79]).
At sea fishing difference to the people of integrity sees the whole spring that was thicker or otherwise, Abdelaziz saw it “There is no good to eat everything from fish sea fishing only, and has to take it rely”([80]). وعلق قطب الأئمة على ذلك بأنه “هو الصحيح لأن الآية تعم ما على صورة الإنسان أو الخنزير مِمَّا في البحر، وكل ذلك من ماء البحر”([81])، بل هو حلال ولو “Fish gentile and the non-written, or died at sea or his Sea Islands albeit man and my love of the land, if left alone, or my love and walked; because it was born to a woman in the sea”([82]).
In prayer qunoot said Khorasani: “I asked Abu allergen: Is in channels prayer? : Abu Obeida me from Jabir bin Zaid was asked about that, he said: Prayer all channels, God said: )omn Is Qant pots of the night prostrating and standing warns Alakhrh( all piety, prayer, we said: يا أبا الشعثاء، لسنا عن هذا نسألك، ولكن سألناك عن الذي يفعل هؤلاء بعد الركوع، يقومون ويدعون ويهللون وهم قيام؟ قال: هذا أمر محدث لا نعرفه، ولا نؤثره عمن مضى من خيار هذه الأمَّة”([83]).
It could be argued that scholars have used in their discussions way controversy, in this blog, such as: They are told (…) If they say: Yes, it was: … And said to them: What do you say?([84]) كما أن الإباضية يأخذون بالمصالح المرسلة كما ذهب إلى ذلك أبو عبد الله ابن حميد السالمي([85]) وصاحب كتاب الوضع.
As for wiping over the socks has denied Ibadi scholars in the Code, and that in the novel from Ibn Abbas was before the descent of the Holy Koran, nor shall when imams pole otherwise of necessity, كالمسح the Aljpayr([86]).
There were in the blog important things Kalocef detailed to wash the dead to the son of Abdul Aziz, described Hatem Ben Mansour, the work of the people of Morocco in the novel pole imams, and a description of Abu Muhajir, Abdel Aziz in dresses Shroud, no doubt she descriptions taken from followers and companions novel related evidence([87]).
The Code also mentioned in the consensus, whether a special Balvgahae consensus الإباضيين, or consensus of the nation, such as consensus on the prostrate, prostrate on the seven-member([88]). The text on the measurement and consensus together: “This measurement because it has resulted in prostration which they agreed he should leave invalidated his prayer, not hands to prostrate which they agreed upon, though raising them in prayer for a year, and the community that invalidate leave prayer prostration, which unanimously agreed upon (…)، ولا يبطل الصلاة إلا ما اجتمعوا عليه أنه يبطلها”([89]).
It's that “وقول أصحابنا في التشهد الأول فريضة على أن ذلك لا ينقض الصلاة إلا بالادعاء؛ لأن الفريضة لا تثبت إلا بالإجماع”([90]).
وبالنسبة للمريض في أداء صلاته قاعدا ويومئ “والسنة في الصلاة ما أجمعوا عليه، أن الله تعالى إنما حط عن المريض ما لم يستطع أن يفعله”([91]). وفي صلاة الجنازة أشار إلى الإجماع: “Gathered their opinion on four takbeers, at night صلوها or day”([92]), But the consensus of priorities is not the duty of: “The this unanimity priority, not a duty, but first permanence him not obligatory”([93]). Thus, the code included the fundamentals of jurisprudence Ibadi from the book and the Sunnah and the consensus and the opinion of the measure and diligence and taking the effects of advances and Vhomanm, not after all this doubt in agreement Mojtahda this nation on these assets and resources, although they differed in sections, something that does not hurt, there is no sin in it : “What pant doctrine every band from the other, in the sections where تأثيم no”([94]).
Although jurisprudence branches also are not spaced between Islamic sects; was the doctrine of Zaid bin Ali Zine El Abidine (ت122هـ) لا يختلف عن مذهب الإباضية إلا في أشياء قليلة، وهو معاصر لكثير من أئمة الإباضية، ولذلك قال أبو إسحاق إبراهيم اطفيش: “بينهم (الزيدية) وبين أصحابنا خلاف بسيط، وهم أهل اليمن”([95]), And the people of palm leaves in Tunis of Maalikis paid when you judge إباضي in the([96]) The sixth century AH.
Lead women:
Of interesting that we are exposed to lead women through the jurisprudence of the Code, has been raised in our time, and left some of them what is written by Muslims, and traditionally by elongated عصورا; In Blog: “Both men and women, but they do not Tam other only in redundant, according to some scholars”([97]), Commented on the pole so that: “Tam women or children teenagers”([98])He added Khorasani: “In another words, Tam not impose nor NFL, which we say and has a take”([99]), And the women to lead men said Khorasani: “Asked spring Oaam the man women, not with them other man? ”([100])In another question: قلت أيكره الرجل أن يؤم نساء ليس معهن رجل غيره؟ قال: But if the trip was held in the mosque prayer when he came and prayed Imam and his income women prayed there is nothing wrong with this, but to be alone with them in the house or a place other than the mosque he hated it, only to have them this([101]) Muharram([102])Perhaps, this question is the face of to spring فنسب the hatred to Jabir bin Zaid in this position, and returned this same question in another place: “Asked spring Oaam the man women and not with them other man? : Yes”([103]). Pole also commented on it as: “If the Mahramth not deeds, and pray one only if
Can not mesmerizing([104]). As well as women to pray the funeral prayer for the dead men if he was alone among them “قلت أفيصلين عليه هؤلاء النساء، إذا لم يكن أحد بحضرته من الرجال؟ قال: نعم، وهل يكون إلا كذلك، قلت: كيف يصلين عليه؟ قال: Abu Obeida told me they Ikmn all to the part, and you that grow Petkberha and compromise, then grow Vekprn, said: Said Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the women who pray at the funeral, and pray to women in Ramadan voluntarily you Fikmn to the left, and be are Aminhn, Fikmn all on her left hand from behind, do not have them and of them only in volunteering, while in the hypothesis do not pray woman woman”([105]) وعلق على ذلك القطب: “وقال قومنا وبعض أصحابنا تصلي الفرض، وإن صلت ثم وجد أجزت”([106]), But not the funeral prayer presumably Kvaúaa the? : “يجوز أن تكون المرأة إماما للنساء والصبيان المتطهرين الذين لم يراهقوا وكان صلعم يأمر النساء باتخاذ المؤذن رجالا، وذلك حيث احتجن إلى ذلك أن يؤم بعضهن بعضا، وروي أنه زار أم ورقة في بيتها، فاستأذنته أن تتخذ في بيتها مؤذنا فأذن لها وأمرها أن تؤم أهل دارها من النساء، وكانت عائشة وأم سلمة تؤمان أهل دارهما من النساء، فتقفان بينهن ولا تتقدمان، وذلك في الفرض والنفل، بدليل الأذان وإطلاق الإمامة([107]).
وأما زيادة عبارة: “الصلاة خير من النوم في أذان الفجر” فقد نقل أن بلالا “أذن للفجر فقيل له: إن رسول الله صلعم نائم، فصرخ: Prayer is better than sleep, فأدخلت in Fajr, and we do not still fit because Balala uttered after vacuum Cities”([108]).
And other novel came: “And told our people that PBUH said: “What's best is this, O Bilal, make it in your ears”, And Roy, he says Sabha: “حي على خير العمل”، قال بعض قومنا: فأمره e أن يقول بدلها: “الصلاة خير من النوم”. وروى أن ابن عمر تارة يقول هذا، وتارة يقول هذا ([109]) Then he said,: “وكذلك قال أبو المؤرِّج، وروي ذلك عن أبي عبيدة كما قال الربيع”([110]).
Comments imams pole: It can be said that the messages salary rich, and the views of doctrinal new, and objections to the early, in reading the volunteer Opening of the Book alone prevented the spring, and said it has to be read Sura with them in every rak, the pole stated that he may recite only, compared to the third and fourth Zhreinn ([111]), And sometimes decides that what is narrated from Jabir is not valid([112]).
And sometimes opposed, say: “God will forgive him this right magnification; because it is in order”([113]), And opposes Ibrahim Nakha'i Fakih Iraq says: “This confusion of Nakha'i (…) Does not say so sane”([114]) But he opposed the father of the same allergen to put elbows on thigh; فأبو the allergen passed, but said pole: “It must not يضعهما in thighs”([115]), But he did not come to this in this place, and perhaps quoted it in his books jurisprudence, and sometimes says: “This void should not work”([116]).
The calculation does not take into proof of Ramadan, and says: هذا هو الصحيح، وبه العمل عندي ولو شهّر خلافه([117]).
كما رد على أبي المهاجر في عدم قراءة الفاتحة للمأموم إذا كان الإمام يجهر بها([118])، وهو رأي محمد بن محبوب العماني، ثم رجع عنه.
Wholesale the comments Imam Tfayyesh the worthy discussed at length, but university Thesis.
Historical facts:
من قرأ المدونة يقف على أحداث تاريخية، ومسائل اجتماعية في المعاملات والعبادات وردت إلى الفقهاء وأجابوا عنها، منها: For example “نحلة الجلوة” عند المغاربة، التي سأل عنها الخراساني أبا المؤرِّج “Said: Know what Bee Algeloh, I said: People walk in with the woman's husband, who are his relatives and the children of his uncle and maternal uncles and other people of mercy, and Slim are all Etjlunha, and they look at her and her body and يلبسونها to dress buried her body and not look at her breasts and other her body Vigelunha the (…) He laughed Abu said allergen: Forgiveness of God. I: What استغفارك Here? : Asked the Abu Obeida men of the people of Morocco on this issue and I lectured him, he said: Do not have bee on those who gave her the Grand theorist; because Muharram them to look at what you said of her chest, her breasts and the rest of her body (…), Then turned Abu Obeida to all counseled, he said: What أجفى people Morocco! Osamatm such a cat?”([119]).
And also knew of the Code of the disease suffered by the Muslim Abu Obeida, a semi-paralysis: “We have heard that Abu Obeida disease Adnfe a disease, a disease that people call: Strokes”.
كما أورد سؤال أبي الأزرق الخارجي لابن عباس عن ورود أوقات الصلوات في القرآن”([120]). ومنها علمنا اسم خادم جابر بن زيد وأنه غاب إلى خراسان سنين، روى عنه أبو المؤرِّج عن أبي عبيدة عن عمارة: “Said Abu Abu Obeida allergen to architecture, server architecture was Jabir bin Zaid, has missed بخراسان the years, he said Architecture: On my father made الشعثاء and he told me that his finest Palm in his home Ochterv wet ones, and I was fasting, I still
Eat them and Ochterv the, stating I am fasting Fastrdjat, said me Abu الشعثاء the: What's your business? : I was fasting, I forgot and ate what long as you Ochterv, said to me,: God أطعمك and سقاك, did your fast and you do not spend”([121]).
Text of Jabir bin Zaid: Received many words of Imam al-Jaber, but I noticed that Khorasani transfer text, it seems Jaber wrote of his office or his letters, he referred to the text twice, first: “Jabir bin Zaid said: The God monument Islam to the people and ordered them to his application and his people are right and wrong, ask God's strength and guidance on the straight path. The cut excuse all ignorant, scientists, said: ) Male ask the people if you do not know (and leave the question was not excused as a mistake, as well as that asked, not knowing”([122]). The second: “He also said Jabir bin Zaid: The God monument Islam to the people and ordered them to his request, and his people are right and wrong, and we ask God to help us to get things مراشد, and to guide us to the straight path, that God may spare excuse all ignorant, scientists, God said: ﴿فَاسْأَلُوا أَهلَ الذِّكرِ إِن كُنتُم لاَ تَعْلَمُونَ﴾، وقد بلغنا في كل شيء مِمَّا لا يكون عند المرء به علم فليسأل عنه العلماء، وذلك أن مثل هذا مِمَّا يميز([123]) If scientists asked him; Whoever question, and the work of the same opinion or the opinion of ignorant I am afraid to be excused, so it is said: Work without knowledge was what spoils of his religion more than fit, so that Esme God of ignorance and غفلته and lust and confusion, and saved him from مضلات strife, and his side slips scientists and living acumen and insight, supported-help and success has escaped him, God willing,”([124]) Five hundred verse explanation or interpretation of the verses of the provisions: So he called Dr. Amr bin Khalifa developing([125]), And attributed to the Abu Salt influential bin T Pahlavi (ت 278هـ), And also his pupil ratios dad talk show, but the curtains is also attributed to my father, influential, and the printed photographer فنسب the fairy to my father Omani Ibadhi the lineage Dr. Mubarak bin Abdullah to Sheikh Abu influential([126]).
أما عنوانه الذي طبع به مصورا فهو: “الدراية وكنز الغناية في منتهى الغاية وبلوغ الكفاية في تفسير خمسمائة آية” ويظهر أن هذا العنوان وضعه المتأخرون المولعون بالسجع. This author is a fairy Sheikh Mohammed bin Abu Apostle, Omani reference in his reign, the influential student of Abu Salt bin Khamis Kharousi, lived long Qaramita; is from the people of the third and fourth القرنيين Alahjrien.
وعنوان الكتاب كما جاء في أوله: هذا كتاب فيه “تفسير خمسمائة آية” من كتاب الله تعالى من الحلال والحرام([127])، ويذكر أن فيه رد الفقيه العالم العلامة أبي الحواري ـ رحمه الله ـ ([128]) It consists of two parts, the second of them starts p 179, and there is another address PO 152, a: Interpretation of sins.
The book seems to be to my father talk show not to Sheikha; because it is often said the Apostle([129])And that if my father had influential sheikh it tells about his student, did not respond in the book said Abu influential, for example, and transmits Ibadi scholars like spring([130]) And Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn cuddly([131]), Not given Zakat him in the building of mosques([132]) Unlike what went to him, in the last century, Sheikh Bayoudh God's mercy .
And narrates from Abu Obeida([133]) Jabir([134]) It can be “Reply” Which was referred to in the first book starts from p 121: “وليس كما قال أهل العمى وأهل الجهل بالله وبكتابه”، ويستمر إلى ص 124 في الرد على مسألة النبيذ وبه رسالتان: إحداهما لأبي الدرداء([135])، والأخرى لسلمان الفارسي([136]), And has a limited doctrinal issues do not need to follow them in this research, but we can say that this is the first interpretation of the verses of the provisions when Ibadi.
The interpretation of an arbitrator Ben Hood Hawari did not mean much provisions, and the book also care to preach on many occasions, we also find it also in the Code, and the denial the people Zmenhma, from a lack of religiosity, and the weakness in compliance with the provisions of God([137]). The transfer of the owner “Applicants and communication approach wishing” His opinion on the value in the Zakat payment taking into account the interests of([138]), Was quoted this opinion Eminence Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalili([139]).
* * *
Renaissance jurisprudential
There was a recession in the literature after the father of Jacob Allowargelana (ت 570هـ) Abu Ammar Abdul Kafi and other of fundamentalists pundits and scholars, and especially in القرنيين of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries in Morocco; came Sheikh Abu Zakariya Yahya bin Saleh Alavdila, (ت 1202هـ) وتلميذه الشيخ عبد العزيز الثميني (ت 1223هـ) الملقب بضياء الدين، فكتب عمدة المذهب في الفقه وهو كتاب “Nile and healing breeze” الذي شرحه القطب الشيخ امحمد بن يوسف اطفيش([140]) (T. 1332 e) This book became Encyclopedia doctrinal in Ibadhi jurisprudence, with the jurisprudence of other sects comparisons due to the researchers from scholars in Jurisprudence Encyclopedia Kuwaiti and Egyptian, described by Ali Mansour([141]) بأنه من أجل كتب الفقه تأصيلا وتفريعا، وأبواب الاجتهاد -كما قال النامي-مفتوحة لدى الإباضية”([142]).
Sheikh Jalil Ibrahim came eggs reform movement stood up in southern Algeria, and was centered sump, and faced difficulties and objections, but proven, and correctional led his solidarity with the Algerian Muslim Scholars Association, and was an active member. والذي أقصد إليه هاهنا هو تجديده في الفقه الإباضي معتمدا على فتاواه التي أصدرها([143]) وراعى أوضاع عصره، ومشاكل المجتمع الإسلامي المستجدة.
Sheikh believes that all schools take provisions from the Quran and Sunnah, but differ in the elicitation methods and curricula, and this has been a trend away from intolerance, there is no difference with him between OK and abuse of([144]), And Lefty for all people both in that Ibadhi and others, was contrary to the ancient scholars to change the conditions of the people and circumstances, it is not separated from science scholars of his time and its issues, caught up in the circle of the provisions is far from new issues, and clockwork.
تجده يشكو من عدم وصول كتب إخوانه المشارقة العمانيين، مثل: “بيان الشرع وقاموس الشريعة” And”التاج على المنهاج”([145]).
يرجع إلى مؤلفات الإباضية القديمة والحديثة([146]) كجابر بن زيد المحدث الفقيه مؤسس المذهب([147]) وقطب الأئمَّة([148]) والجيطالي([149]) ومسند الربيع([150]) وعبد الله السالمي وأبي ستة([151]) وصاحب الإيضاح([152]) وحاشية السالمي على الجامع([153])، وكان يدرس مسند الربيع بحاشية أبي ستة، كما يدرس صحيح البخاري بشرح ابن حجر: فتح الباري درسه مدة خمس عشرة سنة([154]), Also studied the explanation and interpretation of the oval-Manar, due to the interpretations Hajj M'hamed Tfayyesh was, Razi and verse Alusi([155]), Stamping his interpretation of the Quran Year 1400 AH / 1980 AD, and attended this seal in a huge festival, came to him and delegations from different parts of the country.
يرجع في فتاواه إلى أهل الاختصاص كالأطباء فيجتهد ويرجح، وكان يستشهد بالشيخ رشيد رضا ويصفه بأنه إمام حجة([156])، وكان يستنجد بالشيخ عبد الرحمن بكلي ـ رحمه الله ـ لما له من مراجع ومصادر لا تتوافر لديه([157])، وعندما كان مريضا يحيل الفتوى على الشيخ عبد الرحمن بكلّي([158])، ونود أن نعرض لبعض فتاواه حتى يتبين القارئ نظراته الصائبة، ويعرف أنه ذو ملكة فقهية نافدة.
حكم صلاة الجمعة:
كان يقول في صلاة الجمعة: “إنها تصح ولا تجب”: So he saw and opined that the Friday prayers valid not answer; Friday it is held close to him and prayed Vhhdha true and enriched from the back, as is well known, and did well, and prayed at noon we hoped his health and deliverance”([159]) This opinion in the era of occupation, then returned for the fatwa and enjoined on every urban resident, having paved the way for public opinion, and in early January 1391, e said:
“Friday prayers for men without resident traveler, if he has just or unjust imam text of the Quran and Sunnah, and imams audience Agreement, and thus we say in our time where we imam”([160])، كما أجاز صلاة الجمعة مع المالكية في مساجدهم([161])، وهو متسامح في تقليد أي إمام في المسائل الاجتهادية([162])، وأنه لا يجوز النزاع في الاختلافات في الفروع الاجتهادية، ولا تخطئة المجتهدين فيها([163])، ولذلك فصلاة الجمعة تؤدى في أي مسجد، ومع أي إمام([164]) وتجوز الصلاة مع إمام أي مذهب([165]).
It has choices and judgments, فأفتى of the Supreme Islamic Council in Algeria is not permissible to force the people ruling on birth control, abortion and to prevent after Alaellouk, the permissible insulation also is the opinion of the Maalikis([166]). The fatwa of the inadmissibility of marriage Bmsenah man, according to the Ibadi scholars; said: “This is what we see and Nafti and really see it, but we do not cut off the excuse of goes against it and work with other sayings of the imams of the Muslims; discretionary sub-issue, does not justify where we cut the offending excuse”([167])
وأفتى بجواز زواج الرجل بزوجة ربيبه، وخالف في ذلك اطفيش، موافقا للسالمي الذي لا يقول بالتحريم، وقال: “هذا ما نراه الصواب في القضية ونفتي به، ولا نقبل سواه لعدم اطلاعنا على دليله”([168]) ويرى أنه لا دليل على الحرمة إطلاقا([169]).
كما أنه أجاز أن يعتبر الطلاق بالثلاث في لفظ واحد طلقة واحدة قال: “فإني أختار وأعتمد القول المشهور بين العلماء، بأن الطلاق الثلاث بلفظ واحد يعتبر تطليقة واحدة”([170]).
وأفتى بطهارة عين الخمر([171]), And wipe over the socks are not all conversations contained therein placed, and that the Prophet e scan first and leave Finally, furry all Sahabi what he saw has not been seen otherwise, or to his knowledge, did not inform him then what's grandfather is what he learned, was dispersed companions in the regions and the parties to the Arabian Peninsula ”([172]).
وحدد مسافة القصر في الصلاة باثني عشر كلم تبعا لما أخذه العلماء من المسافة بين المدينة المنورة وذي الحليفة([173])، كما حدده في موضع آخر بستة أميال([174]).
And that with more correct is that the back and era مشتركان in time, which helps workers and staff to combine Zuhr and Asr, lifting awkward depending on what was narrated in the spring([175]).
كما أن له رأيا في صلاة التراويح وعدد ركعاتها، وخالف فيها صاحب الإيضاح واطفيش([176]) في أنها 24 ركعة. ومن اجتهاداته في الحج فتواه للمجلس الإسلامي الأعلى بالجزائر في جواز الإحرام من جدة، وهو عنده عزيمة لا رخصة([177])، وأفتى بأن الهدي في الحج لا يجوز دفع قيمته، وإِنَّمَا لا بد من القيام بذبحه “ولا يعنيه بعد ذلك ما يؤول إليه أمره”([178]).
أما أخذ الربا من الحكومة فأمر جائز عنده، قال: “إن الذي حفظناه عن شيوخنا أنه لا ربا مع الحكومة، أعني: إذا كانت هي الدافعة فخذ، ولا تتحرج، فما في الأمر من بأس”([179]), Meaning that it is not usury as a person takes from government institutions, whether they are driving, if you put in the treasury money you solver”, Said: “ولم يبق إلا ما يدفعه الخازن زيادة على ما وضعته عنده أول مرة فاقبضه ولا إثم عليك”([180]
والمسألة تحتاج إلى مناقشة فالشيخ ـ رحمه الله ـ لم يذكر شيوخه الذين روى عنهم هذه الفتوى ولا مصادره في ذلك.
وأجاز الشيخ بيوض إثبات الأهلة بالرصد الفلكي، مخالفا في ذلك الشيخ اطفيش (قطب الأئمَّة)، أجاب بهذه الفتوى وزير الشؤون الدينية في عهده وهو الأستاذ مولود قاسم ـ رحمه الله ـ وقال: “We more tranquility بقطعية today the results of astronomical calculations than it was in the beginning of Islam, and in the reign of imams who relied Account”([181]), As it is what gives an advisory opinion of the Algerian advisory committee working astronomical calculations to approve the books, he said,: “إنني موافق كل الموافقة على فتوى اللجنة في اعتماد الحساب الفلكي القطعي في تعيين مواقيت العبادات، وعلى الخصوص تعيين اليوم الأول من شهر رمضان”([182]).
واجتهد في تحديد وزن المثقال الشرعي وبين أنه 5 غرام، استعان في ذلك بجماعة العلماء والتلاميذ، وجمعوا أنواع الشعير (تسعون حبة) فتحققوا أنها تساوي 5 غرامات، فالدينار وزنه أربع غرامات وثلثان، والدرهم وزنه 3 غرامات وثلث فيكون نصاب زكاة الذهب غير المسكوك كالحلي مائة غرام حصلت من ضرب 20×5، أما نصاب الذهب المسكوك فهو 93 غراما وثلثان، تحصل من ضرب20 × 4 غرامات وثلثين، ونصاب الفضة 666 غراما وثلثان، تحصل من ضرب 200 × 3 غرامات وثلث([183]). وهذا عمل رياضي دقيق قام به مع جماعة.
ويجوز عنده دفع الزكاة لمؤسسات التعليم([184])، كما يجوز إعطاء الزكاة للمخالفين([185])، وأجاز إخراج القيمة بشرط أن تكون عادلة مع مراعاة مصلحة الفقراء، وللضرورة في الحلي؛ حيث رخص العلماء في ذلك، والأصل في الزكاة أن تدفع من أعيانها([186])، أطال في هذه الفتوى لتكون واضحة، وقال أيضا: يجوز إخراج القيمة إذا تعذر الإخراج من العين، كما هو الغالب في زكاة الحلي([187]) بشرط تقويمه بقيمته الحقيقية([188])، وإن كان قرَّر أن هذا الترخيص ضعيف ولكن الناس مالوا إليه لسهولته([189]).
أجاز الشيخ بيوض أيضا التأمين على السيارات الذي توجبه الحكومات وتلزم به([190])، وأجاز التصوير الفوتوغرافي، وكذلك الرسم بالأدهان والأصباغ([191])، أما التماثيل فلا تجوز عنده([192]).
وأجاز زرع القرنية في العين([193])، كما أنه حدد الغرة بعشر الدية([194])، في دية الجنين. أما الغناء والموسيقى وآلات الطرب، فإنه رأى أن الغناء حلاله حلال وحرامه حرام (أي مضمون الكلام), Valtgne not have entered into a taboo and analysis, hating Ktabl musical instruments and flutes and harps, they hated him severe hatred for, and if the rule Vgmha singing with singing, a breakdown of the([195]), The television where it is due to the method used and what they contain, and the machine are valid for good and evil, according to what the cast([196]).
The establishment of the sports teams, the difference of the ball, it does not tend to it, because of the resulting problems at a glance([197]). ولا غنى للباحث من الفقهاء عن أن يعود إلى هذه الفتاوى لمعرفة تفاصيلها وأدلتها، وليكون على بينة تامة منها، ولا يكفي الاقتصار على مثل هذا البحث القصير.
* * *
فتاوى الشيخ عبد الرحمن بكلّي:
من أعلام الإباضية في زمننا هذا العلامة عبد الرحمن بن عمر بن عيسى بكلّي المعروف بالبكري (ت 1406هـ/ 1986) Student of scholar Sheikh Mohamed Tahar Ben Achour Zaytuna mirror Tunisia, and other senior scientists Zaytuna, and studied modern science in Alkhldonah, one of the founders of the Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars, 1931, and a member of the Supreme Islamic Council([198])، كما أنه عضو في لجنة الإفتاء به.
وهو منفتح على المذاهب الإسلامية، ولم يقتصر على المذهب الإباضي، ذلك المذهب الذي وصفه الشيخ الفاضل بن عاشور (ت1970) That: “Derived elements and the elements of immortality origins of durability and flexibility of its branches”([199]), Has a strong relationship with Sheikh eggs, and was consulted in his fatwa, and meet him, as he told me that our dear friend Sharifi Belhaj, professor at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Algeria, may God protect him: والبكري مولع بتجديد الفقه، وبالفقه المقارن عموما ويرى: “أنَّنا إذا وسّعنا صدورنا لآراء مجتهدي الأمَّة، لا فرق بين هذا وذاك، نَجد ولا شكّ من بينها ما نحلّ به كثيرا من مشاكل عصرنا”([200]), كما يرى أنه “Islam is not estimate the right amount to make a difference from the views of the nation Mojtahda positive discrimination or racist tool, Ventasb for this or that, not for the power of his guide, but simply belonging to the imam of the imams of the Muslims”([201]), ويذهب إلى أن آراء المجتهدين ” لا يختلف غالبها في الغاية، لكن في ملحظ المجتهد فحسب، وكل مجتهد مصيب”([202]).
فمن فتاويه أنه من حرّم زوجه ثلاثا ومائة مرة بأنه يمين، يحنث صاحبه ويكفّر عن حنثه كفارة يمين([203])؛ لأن الشخص السائل قال: مخاطبا ابنه: إن زوجته حرام إن عملت معي في تجارتي.
The Wife of divorced three times in a single word, such as Sheikh has issued a fatwa that calls the eggs one, and that this was in the era of the Prophet, and Abu Bakr At three years of age succession([204]).
Asked about marriage Balemsenah has resulted from the boys, he ruled that it is permissible to some Islamic schools located so as not to harm the boys, and ordered the person to repent and atone expiation thickener, and this opinion but is outside the doctrine.
The fatwa also permissible to pay Zakat in building schools and other projects Ktba books, and make it inside in the verse: ﴿وفِي سَبِيلِ اللهِ﴾ كما يجوز دفعها في مشاريع التعليم، وأن ذلك بمثابة الجهاد في سبيل الله، وهو في هذا متفق مع الشيخ بيوض.
أما نصاب الزكاة فقد حدده 93 دينارا، والعبرة في تحديد النصاب عنده هو الذهب المسكك، وعلى هذا الفتوى عنده، وأشار إلى تحديد بعض الفقهاء غير الإباضية النصاب بـ 85 غراما، ثم علق على ذلك بقوله: “والذي يبدو لي، والله أعلم، أن نصاب الذهب مسككا أو غير مسكك واحد وهو 100 غرام”، ووزن المثقال عنده كما عند الشيخ بيوض 5 غرامات([205])، والذي حدد النصاب بـ85 غراما هو صاحب المنار([206])، كما أشار إلى أن بعض المحقّقين قدر النصاب بـ93 غراما([207]). وأفتى بجواز دفع الزكاة بالقيمة لكن بالسعر المتداول([208]) حتى لا يظلم الفقراء، وإن كان لا يميل إلى دفع الزكاة بالقيمة. لكن نجده في تعليقاته على النيل يرى أنه من الأولى اعتبار الذهب أصلا للفضة
لا العكس، كما ذهب إليه صاحب النيل وشارحه. واستند في ذلك إلى قوله تعالى: ﴿وَالقَنَاطِيرِ الْمُقَنطَرَةِ مِنَ الذَّهَبِ وَالفضَّة﴾ فالذهب ذكر أولا([209]).
أما ما يتعلق بصندوق التوفير فقد مال إلى رأي رشيد رضا ومحمد عبده في جواز إيداع الأموال فيه، وأخذ الربح أيضا؛ لأنه ليس قرضا جرّ نفعا،
وليس فائدة لدين حتى يكون ربا([210]). وأجاز العمل بالبنوك الربوية، وقد أفتى الشيخ شلتوت بذلك، لدفع الحرج عن الناس([211]) Said: “وأنا كذلك أفتي بهذا الرأي”([212]). He also opined that in exchange Shara does not preclude the possibility that in exchange for cash on board to be placed in other currency exchange agreed upon place, albeit in another country, and the term here does not hurt; because it is not marked, nor was the increase in Interview([213])، كما أنه يتعذر أحيانا إخراج العملة([214]) والناس يضطرون إلى ذلك، لتعذر الصرف يدا بيد.
It is also believed that it is more appropriate not to relay to spend the month of Ramadan, which has been the public, and not just a license, and also corresponding to the spirit of Islamic law([215]). The auto insurance and accidents, opines that the legislation Governments contemporary descend the interest of the insurance status of the rational, and that was adapted from the work of Omar, who made the people of the SAI are rational, what codified bureaucracy, and organized armies, and move the text to Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaibani in his book Sir “And advocates for the people of Diwan Diwan, so they do Ataagulwn”([216]).
أما التأمين فقد بحثه بحثا دقيقا، واستعرض آراء العلماء المعاصرين له كالزرقاء وأبي زهرة وغيرهما، وانتهى إلى أنه يميل إلى رأي الزرقاء والذين معه في جوازه على اختلاف أنواعه([217]) إذا خلا من الربا([218]).
أما الغرّة فقد حددها بنصف العشر، أي خمس من الإبل من مائة أو قيمة ذلك، ونسب ذلك إلى بعض الفقهاء ([219]) ويبدو أن هذا التقدير لا يتفق مع ما ذهب إليه الشيخ بيوض، فإنه نصّ على عشر الدية كما سبق أن أشرت ([220]).
وأجاز تنظيم النسل، لا تحديده، ولا قطعه، وإنما يجوز للضرورة كمرض عضال أصاب الأم وفيه خطر، وما إلى ذلك، مِمَّا يهدد حياتها([221])، وجواز تنظيم النسل يكون باتفاق الزوجين([222])، ويجوز
عنده التبرع بالدم ([223]) بناء على الاستحسان، وأجاز ترقيع الجسم، وتلقيم العين، الذي نعبر عنه بزرع الأعضاء([224]) ويتفق في هذا مع الشيخ بيوض.
The chemicals in the drugs becomes impossible if, for example, the original nature Kalmsk which is impossible for the blood that is described and become something else, so Tfayyesh Sheikh said that he got out of it described in his commentary on the Nile([225]) وكالخمر يصير خلا، وكذلك الأدوية إذا دخلها شيء من النجاسة فاستحالت، فلا محذور في استعمالها لتلاشيها في المواد الطاهرة([226]) كاستحالة الميتة رمادا مثلا.
وأفتى بأن استعمال الصائم للدواء كالحقنة، سواء كانت تحت الجلد أم في العرق لا يجعله مفطرا، إلا الحقنة المغذية كحقنة محلول السكر، أو المصل (السيروم), And that if he was obliged to it, and also if the drug use drops in his eyes or nose, and if I feel the taste of the medicine he threw it in his throat, and fasts for the one who ordered the doctor breakfast in Ramadan be sequential, and may have to be scattered([227]).
And authorized the photography which depends upon the interests of the people, and the required systems of social life, and prevent filming his money under Kaltmathil except children's games, as well as imaging with the spirit of man and animal, and everything else like trees, houses and landscapes is permissible, as well as the work of the photographer, it is necessary in this “It is permissible for the judge and not to slag earned”([228]).
وكذلك سماع الموسيقى ومشاهدة السينما والتلفزة لا ضير في ذلك عند بعض العلماء، على حد تعبيره، بشرط أن تخلو مِمَّا يهيج الإنسان، ويدفعه للرذيلة، ويفضل أن يتورع الإنسان عن هذا “فهو خير وأسلم”([229]), Does not deny he has time to climate change provisions([230]).
* * *
Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalili
إذا تعرضنا للتجديد في الفتوى في هذا الزمان عند الشيخ بيوض والشيخ عبد الرحمن بكلي في المغرب فيحسن أن نشير أيضا إلى سماحة الشيخ أحمد الخليلي، المفتي العام لسلطنة عمان. ففي كتابه “زكاة الأنعام”([231]) مثلا، رجح إخراج القيمة في زكاة الأنعام معتمدا على أن المصلحة ينبغي أن تراعى؛ لأنها مدار الأحكام “ولما أن المصلحة مدار الأحكام الشرعية فإني أختار جواز إخراج القيمة عن العين في حالتين: عندما يكون ذلك أنفع للفقراء، وعندما يكون فيه رفع كلفة ومشقة عن صاحب المال أو الساعي”([232]) مع أن الشماخي منعه، والمنع عنده أصح([233])، وكذلك الإمام الثميني، في كتابه النيل، وتابعه شارحه([234]) ويميل الإمام السالمي إلى الترخيص بالقيمة([235]) مراعاة للمصلحة، فالمغاربة منعوها والمشارقة أجازوها عمليا.
In the words of Zakat horse chose the public, and argued that the evidence of many, and discussed the matter prolonged scientific debate, and ended the opinion chosen depending on the texts Mtzafarh the significance of this([236]).
كما أنه ذهب إلى أن الصحيح في العوامل من الأنعام أنها لا تزكى: “من أجل ذلك أرى التعويل على رأي المسقطين للزكاة فيها، أخذا بما دل عليه الدليل، ولا حظ للنظر مع الأثر”([237])، ولم يوافق في هذا الشيخ القرضاوي.
وكان نظره واسعا، وأفقه رحبا في فتواه بأن الوصية تنفّذ ولو كانت لكافر مشرك أو منافق، فإن الوصية لا يشترط فيها الإيمان، فهي قربة وصلة”، والوصية لا يختلف فيها المسلم والكافر”([238]).
ومنع الوقف على الذرية باعتبارهم ورثة، ولا وصية لوارث([239])، ورأى أن الوقف يأخذ حكم الوصية([240])، ومعنى هذا أن هذا الوقف يقسم بين الورثة على حسب أنصبائهم؛ لأن الوصية للوارث باطلة بالسنة والإجماع([241]).
ويرى الشيخ أبو إسحاق اطفيش والشيخ محمد عبده أن آية الوصية غير منسوخة([242])، وهذا كما يقول الشيخ اطفيش من باب العموم أريد به الخصوص، وذهب إلى هذا أبو الحسن البسيوي في كتابه الجامع، ووصف الشيخ الخليلي هذا القول بأنه “من القوة بمكان”([243]).
In his fatwa in the transaction, including the economic side, to prevent a third party financier in installment sales; because it is considered a loan that brings a benefit, has signed a consensus on the block, as well as if signed between the two parties and the deal public and non-Mdzoma([244]) وذلك لما ورد من حديث الربيع عن جابر بن زيد عن النبي e «أنه نهى عن بيعتين في بيعة، وعن قرض جرّ منفعة»([245]).
ومنع التأمين التجاري سواء كان شاملا أو غير شامل إلا للضرورة([246]). And his opinions on stocks, bonds, companies, and opined that the prevention of insurance; hold it from decades of ambiguity, and decided that the opinion of Sheikh blue gay, and that the compound Method was not accepted; Because auto insurance, for example, the type of gambling, which is also selling one currency with varying and Nsaih which is the essence of riba([247]).
And it is obligatory on the parental family at fault in car accidents, and kept in the court's ruling that the insurance company pay the blood money, and called for a change insurance law. It seems that the opinions of Moroccans went to the necessities of the doctrine of facilitation, and stuck Sheikh Khalili asset in this.
وتحتاج فتاوى الشيخ إلى بحث مستقل مطوّل، ربما يقوم به أحد الباحثين الفقهاء في جامعتكم مع مقارنة باجتهادات غيره من الفقهاء.

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* Evolution science symposium in Amman rationing and innovation in contemporary Islamic jurisprudence.

Held during the period: (28-2) April 1429 / ( 5-8) April 2008

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