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Renaissance jurisprudence in Amman

Renaissance jurisprudential In Amman
Diligence and renewal when the investigator Said bin Khalfan al-Khalili, Noureddine Salmi *

Preparation: Abdullah bin Rashid Al Siyabi

(Researcher of the Sultanate of Oman)

Introduction :

Thank God, who raised the status of scientists, and to make them a reference to people turning to them to solve their problems, worldly and Abesrunhm about their religion eschatological, and peace and blessings be upon whom Allah sent Sharia glue and the way both Muhammad and his family and his companions and اتبعهم truth until the day of judgment, and after:

I have been honored to receive the kind invitation of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs because I am involved in this blessed seminar research «Renaissance jurisprudence in Amman: Diligence and renewal when the investigator Said bin Khalfan al-Khalili, Noureddine Salmi»What was only me that Albi call, using God to this task, If you are not the people of her; because talking about the poles Khalili and investigators Salmi Ajthadahma of and needs to be renovated had the ability and stature of great scientific, and I'm free of it.

In each case came this research is divided into two sections and a conclusion in every Study of them three demands.

The first topic: Diligence and renewal when the investigator Khalili.

The first requirement: Definition بالمحقق the Khalili.

The second requirement: Diligence and innovation when Khalili through scientific stature.

Third requirement: Diligence and innovation when Khalili through his understanding.

The second topic: Diligence and innovation when Noureddine Salmi.

The first requirement: The light of definition of religion Salmi.

The second requirement: Diligence and innovation when Noureddine Salmi through scientific stature.

Third requirement: Diligence and innovation when Noureddine Salmi through his understanding.


God luck.

The first topic: Diligence and renewal when the investigator Khalili

The first requirement: Definition بالمحقق the Khalili.

Is Sheikh mark investigator Said bin Khalfan bin Ahmed bin Saleh bin Ahmed bin Amer Al Khalili, relative to the Hebron Ben Hazan Kharousi, relative to Khros, Ben Chari Bin Alihamd Bin Abdullah, Khalili, a branch of the Bani Khros([1]). Born ببوشر in 1231 AH, a village in the state initiated from Muscat Governorate, grew up an orphan, and guaranteed by his grandfather Ahmed bin Saleh Al Kharousi, and grew up on the virtue and uprightness in religion, acquires Mahamd, and amounts to Excellencies, and hastens to good deeds.

His scientific career:

Khalili studied God's mercy at the hands of senior scientists; was to them a prominent role in the formation of the scientific queen, in addition to his grandfather, his diligence and perseverance, and commitment to the acquisition of knowledge and science.

The elderly:

1-Sheikh([2]) Said bin Amer bin behind Taioana, world-resident”Bucher”He studied with him Arabic language and Islamic lacked once, and went asks his mother, Fatpt her son for his absence from the study, and then came sheikh was organized Goals in morphology, and he was no more than sixteen, noting that his absence was for science, not only.

2-Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed bin Salim numerator: Of Internal Medicine, World, versed in science, and the law established in Muscat([3]), Who commissioned his pupil Khalili systems Book “Adequate scientific presentations and rhymes” Abu Abbas bin Shuaib bin Ahmed, the famous properties, said Khalili in the foreground: “Sought to me than you Rbit kindness of reasons, غدوت مستمسكا Botad bounty and gratitude, that Sheikh full ÇáÝŐíÍ, his name told this writer's view:

بسط الله نعمة لبني البـــسط فكان الأوْلى بها حـــمَّـــــادُ

فهو لا زال حامداً نعمة الـمولى وأوْلى النعمة الحــمَّـــــــــادُ

He which Ali Control that organize his book ” Adequate scientific presentations and rhymes “، It is a book and a nice size, with that Sharif was established by Abu al-Abbas ibn Shuaib bin Ahmed, the famous properties, فالتزمت answer”([4]).

3Sheikh Nasser bin label Jaad Kharousi, the town “Supreme” Wadi Bani Khros ([5]), Left Khalili him, as it was is a sign of his time, and only his era, فارتبط pupil Bashikhh and his family intimately family, and that his marriage to the daughter of Sheikh Khamis bin Jaad Kharousi, was also associated closely scientifically, that became then a planet of this family thriving, and moons bright brilliant.

This Sheikh is the one who asked the student to explain the Millennium organized by the exchange at the request of Sheikh Hammad rugs with the foregoing, says Khalili mark in submitted: “When briefed on the Lord organized the mark, and the sea of ​​Antioch, single Dahra without objection, and Fred squeezed without dispute, Abu Mohammed Nasser Bin brand Mawlawi, the guardian Abu Nabhan Jaad the bin Khamis Kharousi, he told me that it proved brief nice explanation…”([6]).

Disciples: Studied at the hands of the mark Detective Many Khalili, and most famously:

1Brand charged Saleh Bin Ali Al-Harthy (And: 1354E): Has made great efforts in leading the nation on the path of righteousness, and has a body of literature “Rashad aware of the provisions of Jihad” And”Eye interests”, In doctrinal answers.

2Imam just Azzan bin Qais Al Busaidi (And: 1260E): بويع imam in 1285, was an imam satisfactory, commanding Promote Virtue Nahia Vice.

3Sheikh Majid bin label T Hebrew (1252هـ/1346م): Became a reference in his time, and the Crown elimination of Imams Azzan bin Qais Salim bin Rashid al Kharousi.

4Shaykh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hashimi: Became ruler of Rustaq, one of the elders of Noureddine Salmi.

5F bin خصيف, Hinai Asamaúla of: His questions systemic sheikh, and explain the poem Sheikha “Smut praise”, And it was a good jurist subtle line.

6Sheikh Amr ibn Adi ibn Amr (T.: 1317E): It has several questions to Sheikha systemic, and answer them.

7Sheikh Saeed Bin Ali hawkish Harthy (T.: 1301E): From country “Az” Of the East, was sent to him pole imams some of his books to be printed and published.

8Sheikh Mohammed bin Khamis Al Saifi Alenzue: World, Zahid, explain a poem Sheikha “Maraj Alosny of”, And was the Chief Justice of the time, the collection and arranged answers sheikh called “Pave the rules of faith and restrict ions provisions and religions issues”, Printed in twelve part.

9Sheikh Khamis bin Salim bin Khamis, also known as Abu handsome: World, eloquent, his questions systemic Sheikha.

10Sheikh Saeed bin Nasser Al-Kindi: Taking him informed assets and jurisprudence, language, and became a judge in Muscat, due to him in the advisory opinion.


He worked investigator Khalili God's mercy more than filled the reform of society, and do Justice in أوساطه, however, has left several works, which:

1Reins discharge: System in a thousand house, and then explained, printed in three parts, written and it did not exceed sixteen-year-old.

2In a bit of easing of exchange easy (Manuscript).

3Appearance latent: Adequate systems of the book in scientific presentations and rhymes.

4Open circles: A system in prosody.

5سمط high essence, in the science of Budaiya.

6Durra of Light in the Quranic provisions, in the science of Tajweed.

7Norms Rahmaniah in facilitating the way to the divine sciences: An address book and media education.

8Speeches for Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha and ascites.

9Chair of assets, in the provisions of the origins of religion.

10ATD sword masculine in the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

11To rule Careers in Zakat graces.

12Answers questions, which collected and arranged by Sheikh Mohammed bin Khamis al-Saifi, and called it “Pave the rules of faith and restrict ions provisions and religions issues”, Printed in twelve part.

13It must Jihad, and should not, a brief message in a book “Boot”.

14Respond to Mundhiri, letter spoke about the provisions of the Commandments, printed in a book to boot.

His death([7]):

God's mercy and died pleased with him in prison in the month of Dhul Hijja 1287, he and his son Mohammed, after a life Bus Injury biography, and alacrity the attic, and strive to show justice, and the dissemination of science and righteousness.

The second requirement: Diligence and innovation when Khalili through scientific stature

Comes Sheikh mark investigator Said bin Khalfan al-Khalili in the most hardworking scientists innovators list, it appears that in the scientific prestige, and left implications in it, it was the right “Model feat for scientists Amman in his life and his actions, and behaviors, and asceticism, and his knowledge, and his references historical, and Altfatadth rhetoric, and comments of language, and his masterpieces noodles, came his books for literature Oman, the most mature and brighter, Ahvlha clarification opinion”([8]).

“It was a mark investigator… Within the constellation scientists Oman who serve as bridges scientific hyphen between the old and new scientists in the process of the balance of the Court, were mercy of God Cgdran تترقرق waters fresh, Troy الظمأى, and to confer on around air filled with whatever gives joy in the soul, and joy in the hearts, … It is a feat of what model it was Ancestors of science and knowledge, and the accuracy in the study and follow-up, and stuck to fold the right, and the search for truth, and thought leadership on the basis of justice, and the methodology of science accurate, supported by the evidence and proofs”([9]).

Yes no better evidence of the fact that the mark-Khalili of the people of diligence and renewal of a campaign title “Lord world”Or “World investigator”, Which is a specialty of the title in the Levantine effect, and participated with him in the title “Lord world” Nasser bin label Jaad Kharousi, also launched a on Khalili title tag “Imam doctrine”, It appears in the letter addressed to Shaykh Muhammad Bin Sulayem Algarba, of Akaber scientists in the Batinah sheikhs delineated by Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Hashemi, Majid bin Khamis Al Abri in the answer for them at some of the questions, he said: “And ye, O together a favor conventionally Imam had doctrine in this picture”([10]).

He said in another part of his answer to some Saúlah: “And Sheikh Lord Khalili Khalffine and came upon so many arguments than what we pay”([11]).

The Imam Azzan bin Qais God's mercy when writes him يخاطبه the word: “Sir tag”([12]), And was preceded by something, and issued only for his opinion ([13]).

Sheikh wrote of a dust bowl Khamis bin Rashid Al Abri's father, Sheikh Majid bin label Hebrew T wrote a letter showing the scientific status of Sheikh al-Khalili, which says: “May write to our sheikh world abounded Said bin Khalfan us wants us to be in the service”, Said in another letter: “In our time this ye imams our view, بكما the imitate, Baalomkma the guiding”([14]).

The Sheikh Ahmed bin Abdullah Abadi فأظهر of his stature deserves, and his status that Tsenmha, saying in his quest to which his face: “Shaykh brand and our ideal world, sun time, and only the age and time”([15]).

The Shaykh Muhammad bin Ali Mundhiri the Zanzibar فيشهد resident of Sheikh al-Khalili as a sign of his time, and his famous beholden in premature([16]), After he briefed on his understanding and his ability to ijtihad.

The Noureddine Salmi Feached of him and his views always, Vinath the b”Detective Al-Khalili”([17]) Sometimes, Webb” Khalili checker”([18]) At other times, Webb”Shaykh al-Khalili” ([19]), And b”Shaykh investigator” ([20])، Webb”Imam investigator”.

Says in the core of the system:

أفتى به في الـمــاء والنـخـيل إمامنا المحقّق الخـلـيـلي([21])

The imams pole Mohammed Ben Youssef فسماه “Collector reasonable and transfused”([22])، Elsewhere Male imams Ibaadis in the flag of the people of Morocco and Oman, said: “All of these imams discourage older, and did I mention most of those mentioned, and the people of modern mark Said bin Khalfan”([23]), And saw him this status large after he saw standing scientific and stature that reached out شأوا great in it, though by this certificate it is contained in some of the issues, and the intense anger in it, and perhaps did not know what he has, not seen what حواه of “Facilitate interpretation”, One of the books written by another old Pole..

He was be renewed Cheickna Brand Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalili title “Giant Lord pole and sea Asamadana the”([24]), Elsewhere: “Giant investigator”([25]).

There is no doubt that Sheikh Said bin Khalfan is a sign in the jurisprudence and the Arabic language, the Goals in the science of systems discharge a small age, says mark Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamad Al Khalili: “إنَّ مؤلفنا فيما أخبرت قد ألف هذا الكتاب وهو لم يجاوز السادسة عشرة من عمره، حدثني بذلك أحد الثقات، وهو الشيخ القاضي سعود بن سليمان الكندي، نقلاً عن جده العلامة سعيد بن ناصر الكندي، وهذا الأخير كان ـ رحمه الله ـ تلميذاً للمحتفى به، فقد ذكر الناقل عن ذلك الشيخ بأن المحقّق الخليلي ـ رحمه الله ـ كان يتردد على الشيخ سعيد بن عامر الطيواني ببلدة بوشر، طالبا العلم منه، فافتقده فترة من الوقت، وذهب إلى أمه وسألها عنه، فلمَّا عاد إليها أقبلت عليه تلومه وتقرعه، بسبب انقطاعه عن الدراسة على يديه، فذهب إلى شيخه وهو يحمل إليه هذا الإنتاج العلمي الذي هو ألفية في علم التصريف… The sweetness to say and smoother expression and good installation what is perhaps the new production has never been seen in the foregoing”([26]).

Then explain this millennium, and called it “Reins discharge”, Says in the introduction to the book: “The God Ali singer millennium in this art-Sharif, and toxicity and thankfully b”Reins discharge”, And when he briefed on their world the Lord and the sea of ​​Antioch, single Dahra without objection, and Fred squeezed without dispute, Abu Mohammed Nasser Bin brand Mawlawi Wali Dad Nabhan Jaad bin Khamis al-Khalili Kharousi, ordered me to show them an explanation of the nice brief, did not accept Talli whenever جئته apologetically, : ﴿إنَّا سَنُلْقِي عَلَيكَ قَوْلاً ثَقِيلاً﴾([27]).

كما ألَّف كتابه “المظهر الخافي” At the age of twenty-one years old, and this shows Fathallah upon knowledge of science from a young age, and was linked to some scholars of the regions, such as Egypt, for example, has a correspondence in it, including his letter addressed to the mark Sheikh Saeed Bin Qasim Shammakhi, who was one of the men Reform in Egypt “Djerba”، وانتقل إلى مصر وأقام بها، وهذه الرسالة المشار إليها:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.. نحمدك يا من شرح صــدور الأعــلام بنور توحيده فشكروا،وسقاهم من كأس محبته فسكروا، ونوّر عقولهم بمعرفته وأهّلهم لخدمته فقصروا نفوسهم عليه واقتصروا،وأظهرهم بالحجَّة البالغة فوق كل مخالف فقهروا، ويسّر لهم سلوك سبيل الحق فاقتدروا، وجعلهم أئمة يهدون بأمره لَـمَّا صبروا، فإذا ابتلاهم بمصاب أجروا، فمن صبر اجتباه، ومن رضي اصطفاه، فيا نعم ما ادَّخروا، فهم على كُلّ حالة في ذكره دائمون، وبشكره ناعمون، قد تاهوا به على الكون وافتخروا، أحمده حمد مَن لا يرضى عنه بدلا، ولا يبغي عن لزوم خدمته حولا. Worshipers fullest Prayer and delivery of Email to Thaqalayn glad tidings and a warner, and him calling him permission and as a lamp illuminating, his family and his companions who go them abomination طهرهم the cleansing. End editing greeting Amolglh, and deliverables closed, has Taaortha hands wind طربا, came Priya clove them breeze boyhood, to Egypt Cairo, but to those Hadra thriving, Mr. Alnharir Mr. and writer full, Sheikh Saeed Bin Qasim Bin Sulaiman Shammakhi Jerbi Alnphusi Moroccan, God raised .

After: Have I received from you Interchangeable Lens dignified, and newspaper dishonest, long range, recently inspired him, Atazava published postponed, and Atazavo Norha arguments, have resulted in Storha contracts for Shanab Pearl Almnzawm, but shined lightnings folds for and less science, Vsrna what gave him to us from knowing the existence of your own safety, and Time Astqamtkm .

The Adsna reported from an infected parent, God bless him then we God and to Him we shall return, his justice, and spent season, and we have طائعون, please pardon and mercy Tamon, heavier God in your balance, and doubled Vic إحسانك, as بلغك by the rank of the patient, to maximize .

The of Mawla thanks in everything over Ahloly, thanks satisfaction under Mqaarb of the judiciary, finely Bashhodh the بفنائه for its existence, it in Shaker's patience, and his tongue types Zakir praise God, praise God for everything.

The liberated you this book, and we if we have God praise and thanks, place equal it knew and hate, and time flew right Bgath and degenerated Prospectus, ask for Okhiarkm and your news and نستنشق breeze Aduagm and souls, and the draw has done for us and you, Nstahedah He loves and acceptable.

The it بلغك to me workbooks, Fletna trying to publish you, what I had be أبخل by you, but I'm not بذاك, nor is there, and what better what Oncdna in such a reprehensible primarily to the judge Mr. Abdul Rahim.

ما أنــت أول سار غــره قـــمــر ورائـد أعجبته خضرة الــدمـــن

فانظر لنفسك غيري إنني رجـــل مثل المعيديّ تسمع بي ولا ترني

This peace be upon you and all of the Brotherhood have and God's mercy and blessings. Of loving your poor brother you that Astqemtem the obedience to your Lord Said bin Khalfan bin Ahmed Al Khalili, free in the splitting of the month of Rajab deaf Year 1273 AH”([28]).

He also briefed on some French books that have been translated into Arabic, and perhaps came to him from Egypt, where he translated days of modern scientific renaissance, where a group of students sent to France, and was her supervisor Sheikh Tahtawi, in the era of Mohamed Ali Pasha.

The investigator Khalili and widely available in various sciences Vengda example “Speaking in his writings about the things you do not mean by scholars at the time, this example that when he spoke in his book (To rule Careers in ALMS graces) -Taatari diseases graces, and prejudice in value, and makes them unfit to deliver them in the Zakat, said afterwards: “Anyone who wants more information on this he veterinary books”, Although we find some of our scientists who have reservations to read the books of Veterinary, because تصوروه is some corruption in ethics, which produces it, is not that correct, the science of veterinary medicine animal, and other medical science dealing with human medicine”([29]).

It was God's mercy The long tradition in science Koran readings and art, and wrote a message in the science of intonation, is truly a scientific encyclopedia, and behavioral School, beamed Ziaaha in the skyline of Amman, and shone its light everywhere.

Third requirement: Diligence and innovation when Khalili through his understanding

The investigator Khalili God's mercy of the leading Shariah scholars in the diligence and innovation, for his unwavering in science, and high stature in understanding, he felt that the world is empowered does not stand in the matter to the texts, the found all well and enjoyed, and only work his mind, and the era of his mind, and devised : “The religion of God is pleased, not in it indigestion… It was explained to sleep parameters of halal and haram in verses umpires, and Sunan naira, what came text where it is religion society it when men of understanding, understanding or the door, and the separation of speech, of stuck with them survived, and Khalvhma astray and seduce, and did not come by where expressly provided, ”([30]).

Pursuant to that, he says in some of his answers: “Let him look at this, it has emerged most of it in comparison and consideration, did not find it as well as annotated in effect”([31]).

It is in his diligence and considering the realize what Lefty right perception, and put dots on the letters, and medicine to the disease, and is seen stakeholders and take into account the circumstances of his time, and that is the verse: “Valjahl Alazloum of corruption prevents the licenses assigned to him on Neil injustice to stubbornness; because what it leads to hardship or other forbidden to lack finest… Taxable and penitent not aided by stressing it the devil, but easy way for him if تعينت necessary to it, to come out of the strait”([32]).

The brand-Khalili though undoubtedly Weigel views of scientists as they told of the issues, but it does not prevent it from consideration, such as saying: “All traces of Muslim correct legal work, but in some of the effects outlined issues to be considered, customized and interpreted”([33]).

It is a balance between his care and the effects of independence given account, for example,:

1Traveler's intention to issue a number of rak'ahs when praying behind the imam resident in quatrains prayers, said: “Rather we have in a positive consideration of measurement and response to the assets to prevent the passenger from Male recitation and cosine intention but is an inert weak opinion, the correct passport that at all, neither veto nor corruption nor hatred for those who saw his sack”, Then quoted the evidence in support of his view, and then said: “أفليس في هذا كله ما يستدلّ به على ما قلناه، من تضعيف ذلك القول وتوهينه، بشاهد الردّ إلى صريح النقل ونتائج العقل، وإن قال به غير واحد من الأواخر والأوائل، فهم بِالْـحَقِّ رجال ونحن مثلهم في التعبّد رجال، وعلى كل مكلف أن يلتمس العدل لنفسه، ولا يقنع بشاهد التقليد، فيرجع به عـن برهان الْـحَقّ السديد؛ لأَنَّ ذلك ما لا يكاد يفعله من أشفـق على نفسه، وإن سمَّاه بعض مَن في الزمـان ورعا، أو ألزمـه الناس وجوبا، لقلـة علم وركاكـة فهم، فلا تعويل بحمد الله عليه”([34]).

2The issue of the provisions of the pronunciation Balhae in the opening takbeer, and it says: “وقد أكثر العلماء الأوائل والأواخر من الجدل في تكبيرة الإحرام، إلاَّ أن تأدَّوا إلى الخصام من غير استماع حجة، ولا إيضاح محجة، كل يقول بقول لا يفسره على أصله، حتى تلج في المسامع حجته، فينكشف الهدى منه بأنوار الْـحَقّ لمن أراده فتأمله، وما اختلفوا في الأصل بالمعنى إلاَّ بالعبارة الاصطلاحية، ثم حدث بعدهم من لم يفهم الكلام، فنصبوا الأعلام، وقسَّموا الأقسام، وحاربوا الأنام، وأظهروا الأحكام، بتجهيل مَن خالف، ولغيرهم حالف، وما لهم إلى ذلك من سبيل، وما عندهم لو فهموا من دليل ﴿وَرَبُّكَ يَخلُقُ مَا يَشَاءُ وَيَختَارُ﴾([35])Some of them said Btakrejeha of the nose, and some of them modified to sleep purely for those who did not improve the body what they said, which is not futile, all confusion and inattentive, say if you like annexation outright, or Alahmam right, everyone one but differed phrase, there is nothing wrong”([36]).

3View it in the form of a question the words of Mr. Muhanna bin Khalfan in his book “To the door of the effects” In marital efficiency, as seen in the descent, religion, money and beauty.

Sheikh al-Khalili answered first recognized the status of Mr. Muhanna scientific, and its virtue and righteousness, but for others to strive hard and seen, the text of his speech: “This Sheikh on what appeared to us is a sign of his time, and acclaimed his honor in premature, but measured in this answer Bajtahadeh, and in which he explained that it was his opinion as a result of thought, issued by his mind and his heart, and others, and he has to look for himself, or for those who play given him what ”([37]).

And his words that God's mercy in a very HH ethics, and commitment to politely Pacific meaningful dialogue.

Then continued to answer the same long, broad discussion, and between efficient if launched in the sense “Proverb”, It is true in terms of language as mentioned by Mr. went, but incompetent another meaning, a customary legit, and jurisprudential idiomatic, in this section called the parable of the private point of descent.

And went on to clarify what says, مبطلا to be equal in beauty, money and religion.

Was what he said in the question of beauty: “Analogy between spouses in Gamalhma or increased upon Kamalhma is not acceptable minds, did not come by quotations,… If it is for this news or true by Venbúna knowledge if you are truthful, and Bring it with authority manifest, it was this assay between them in Toulhma and Qzarethma?, Or دقتهما and Dkhamthma?, Or Baadhma and Soadahma?, Or other Oloanama?, Or the son of their eyes?, Or … To the last words”.

Then it is not intended money multitude debris and curiosity, and Flaunt it and Propagating, and rise above the worshipers of God بالتطاول and bragging, but the aid is intended to frequent المئونة, filling Ammi and pay necessary, and raise poverty”.

Then he said,: “Although Shaykh al-Faqih referred to impeccably hung up in this fantasy, but said in that statement what he said, it aggregates impact, and must properly consider the interpretation of that whole فدع say it…, And the equality of the pair of women in religion is something not seen it but the Lord of the Worlds, how true that seen by the guardian or other Federer, I do not know that that which is true in it; because of the faith degrees and Qubool, is in his family to varying conditions and مقاماتهم more in the count of ”.

Then seal achieved in the matter by saying: “I have said and the impact achieved by considering and endorsed by the correct ideas and lessons, that it is efficient on the descent to the health of blue-chip”([38]).

To mark Khalili God's mercy other investigations in theology, so that popularized among many scholars interpret self attic persistence, they say,: God with firmness, but an error occurred as says Khalili investigator himself in some literature, came: God proven, and that people relay successor predecessor, and this is a mistake overcharge, فتفسير the self-proof is impossible; because of evidence of man-made, man if he proves something, Vathbath is done, can not be interpreted self-proof.

The interpretation of self Stability, it is a matter of interpretation of the self-qualities, and it follows that the said: With God's ability, and the same reputation, and the same sight, though no doubt that the qualities of self is appointed, self Vcefat self-luminosity corporate want them banished أضدادها college, each recipe which concept is the concept of such other, and self-concept is the concept of qualities, فذات God is: The reality that no one knows of his creatures”([39]).


The second topic: Diligence and innovation when Noureddine Salmi.

The first requirement: The light of definition of religion Salmi.

Is Shaykh Nur al-Din Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Humaid bin Salloum Salmi of equivalents brown, a Adnanah tribe([40]).

Born in the town of ” Alhoukan ” Acts of state ” Rustaq ” In 1286 AH / 1869, and grew up in his village, and learn the Holy Quran at the hands of his father, and grew up in the house of piety and goodness, and keeping his gaze, the son of a dozen years, and it was in his youth known Bhafezth hacks, his memory strong, it was hardly hear anything except save and Uaah([41]).

Jump to seek knowledge to ” Rustaq ” He studied at the hands of Shaykh Rashid bin Saif Al Lamki, (1262AH / 1845 AD 1333 AH / 1914 AD), Was replace his interest and rounded, as Ayin it from Alndjabh and intelligence.

Then go to Eastern educated descended on Sheikh charged Saleh Bin Ali Al-Harthy (And: 1250E) Gaining him of Sharia sciences, Elan political renaissance in leading the nation by the.

As well as Sheikh Salmi studied by Sheikh Majid bin label T Hebrew (1254E -1346 E), Who was the greatest scholars of the people of his time, also studied at the hands of Shaykh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hashimi(([42]).

There is no doubt that these were elderly and Mrbuh, which is a large degree of piety and righteousness, Alndjabh and intelligence and love of science, the sun shines I, and the aspirations of a rising stature planet, and consolidates foot flag.

The disciples Then many, And sufficient reference to the most prominent:

1Imam Salim bin Rashid Al Kharousi (1301AH / 1884 AD 1338 AH / 1920 AD): From the village “Mhaig” Balbatna, best known for justice, piety and asceticism and chastity.

2Imam Muhammad bin Abdullah Al Khalili, (1299AH / 1882 AD 1373 AH): Of the people of Sumail, the hard-working, devout Adel Imam.

3Shaykh Amer bin Khamis al-Maliki,(And: 1280AH / 1863 AD): Of Wadi Bani Khalid Sharqiya, was close when the students Imam Salmi Ahazahm of the status of his own, and became great scholars who returned to them in missions, and has several books([43]).

4-Sheikh Abdullah bin Amer label Azri Alazkoa (T. Monday 16 Shawwal 1358 AH / 11/29/1939([44]).


A Noureddine Salmi in several arts, modern and Sciences, and creed, and Islamic jurisprudence, language and literature, presentations, and historiography, delivers some researchers to thirty-four authors.

The most important:

1The correct explanation of the Whole Musnad spring in three parts (Printed).

2Lights minds, Orjosp in the belief of more than three hundred beta.

3The East Premium minds, the lengthy explanation of Orjosp minds Lights (Printed).

4Shams assets, Goals in jurisprudence.

5Sorties sun on the Millennium.

6Essence system, Orjosp in fourteen thousand house almost in Jurisprudence.

7Runways perfect, Orjosp in more than two thousand jurisprudence House.

8Qubool hopes in the literature, printed in eighteen volumes (Achieved and will be printed in five volumes).

9Total fatwas in seven volumes (Printed)([45]).

They are all indicative of his broad knowledge, and absolute diligence, renovated in the era flourished, and استنار the light of knowledge, then died of God's mercy in the eighteenth day of the month of Safar of thirty-two and three hundred thousand for Migration([46]), At age did not exceed forty-six years old, God's mercy and forgive him and soul rest in peace, he said, describing:

“Collection in the world Hizumh”([47]), Said: “We have revived the year, and deaden innovation, and folk الأود, and the dissemination of science and justice, Farahmp God it”([48]).

As another said: “Which are Vdhaguet for Hmmh Hmm forever, and wanted Fdzt the time of his control will”([49]).

The second requirement: Diligence and innovation when Noureddine Salmi

His scientific position:

The Imam Salmi again, in every sense of the word meaning, he remade the shabby of rope establishing God's law, as evidenced by his historical society, which is renewed in terms of the dissemination of science throughout his homeland taught, and remade in published authorship, with different perceptions of recipients “Teach boys” What sing the novice to the provisions of the religion of God and the knowledge of his duties, and became this book Msthra with private and public holds the boys to school with the Koran together, and if we moved to an advanced stage P”Core of the system” In order to learner and jurist, and a perceived reference and prophetess, saves a lot of common folk verses of it in worship or transactions or morals and behavior, as well as “Perceptions of perfection”As explained “Qubool hopes” It is a big encyclopedia, whale much scholarly jurisprudence and their views and their evidence and their discussions and weights to those words, and so of other literature, says Sheikh Abu Ishaq Ibrahim Tfayyesh: “Qubool hopes explanation of these الأرجوزة (Means Orjosp the way of perfection), And stood on some parts of them, which is predicted for the abundance of knowledge and auditing and رسوخه in the knowledge of Sharia, so do not shove him dust, it was: It's an sixteen part, but it was not this authoring Galilee”([50]).

He says the total authored: “Was profusely science known and diligence, it ended the presidency of science as we reached Amman, and appeared in the bilge authored in various arts and Arab legitimacy, which the people of the investigation and mastery of the authoring”([51]).

The sheikh says scholar Ahmad bin Hamad Al Khalili restored in this day and age of the writings of Imam Salmi: “Me care very authorship in the early stage of the old Mubarak, Park has God Almighty in the old Vomdna including provided us its talents Sunni, and facilitates to compose in a variety of areas, where thousand in the faith, and a thousand in the field of jurisprudence, and in the Arabic language and the sciences, .

And not to mention if you have seen his works, which connects the evidence question, whether this case is an intellectual, or the doctrinal issue, In Streptococcus aspects, we find that it combines the mind and transport…

أما الجانب الفقهي فهو ـ بلا ريب ـ المقصد العام الذي استطاع أن يربط الفقه بالسنة، وأن يربط الفروع بالأصول، وقد كان واسع الاطِّلاع بعلم الحديث، كما أَنَّه كان واسع الاطِّلاع قويّ المأخذ في علم أصول الفقه، وقد تمكن من ربط الفروع بالأصول، واستطاع أن يأتي في مؤلفاته بتحقيقات لم يسبق إليها في مجالات متعددة، وكان يعتمد أكثر ما يعتمد على الدليل، فلا يكاد يخرج عن الدليل، كما بيَّن نفسه منهجه عندما قال:

فإننـي أقفـو الدليـل فاعــلــمــا لم أعتمـد على كـلام العــلــمــا

فالعلماء استخرجوا ما استخرجوا من الدليـل وعليـه عــرَّجـــــوا

فهـــم رجـال وسـواهــــم رجـل والحـق ممّن جـاء حتما يقبل([52])

Yes, Salmi, who follow the evidence and Aagafo Either way, value and writings bear witness to it, says Sheikh Mohammed Mohammed paint in his commentary on the first part of fatwas Noureddine Salmi: “Began was reading this book blessed and I found myself in front of Encyclopedia rare in various fields of science and colors of knowledge, reflected the personal author inimitable, and perceive destruction, and insight bright, and his mind full, not surprising therefore, despite recent years and lost his sight behind a generation of Akaber scientists, returns them ”.

It is a renewal when Salmi His diverse and upscale style Budaiya, it is fundamentalist, and jurist, updated, and writer, and historian, a sign of his era, and the Dahra, there is no doubt that praised him far and wide to do so, “It is knocking heard mentioned books this science investigator thought at first glance that fundamentalist scholar updated only that, but as soon as they turn some pages of any author of his works, even if small finds good flow and light-form, فيحس that Alqrihh that came this method high predictors honestly and certainty for ”([53]).

Testimony to the status of Sheikh Salmi scientific value and writings what it said Sheikha great brand Majid bin Khamis Hebrew: “What regretted something as regretted one day as I prayed back mosque East in the locality of Beit century of Rustaq, when he completed the upgrade and interested to get out of the mosque if I Sheikh Salmi pregnant book wants me to explain to him in it, and you do not Okhalo of concern, Fajtlst him did not talk to him ([54]).

He says another message praising Bmalvath of the and its stature with science students: “In the name of God the Merciful of Majid bin Khamis bin Rashid Hebrew to Sheikha and descriptive appointed time and the pride of Oman, the bottom Brotherhood: Abdullah bin Humaid bin Salloum Salmi, handed him the God of incidents time and نزغات the devil and the wiles of aggression, and loving you cheerful your presence okay Adam God's good for you, and here an incident which must be attributed to you only the good, and calling for the book no notified greeting and peace, and the desire to see what .

ونرجو من الله تعالى أن لا يشغلك إلاَّ بمصالح الإسلام على حسب ما تقدم منك في سالف الأيَّام، فإن الكتب التي حباك مولاك بتأليفها لم يضاهها مع أهل المذهب تأليف فيما تقدم من الزمان، فصارت عند طلبة العلم هي المقصودة في هـذا الزمان، لسهولة تناولها، ولظهور بيانها، وفصاحة مؤلفها، وبلاغة كلامها، فصارت القلوب إليها قابلة، فلو كنت حاضرا هنا مع طلبة العلم حيث تهذّها الألسن مع تقابـل جباههم وجثيّ ركبهم، لرقص قلبك، وامتلأت فرحا مسروراً، وازددت حمدا وشكورا…”([55]).

This certificate Sheikha great brand, and it appears from his chest saying: “Majid bin Khamis to the sheikh and descriptive ” He made Sheikh student senators him when he spoke to him, what the message of humility gm منكور, which also show the scientific status Salmi, which beamed its light shining, and swept blessing diameter of Oman and the other, even made pole taught his disciples, including imams.

Said Azzedine Altnokhi, in his introduction to explain the correct Salmi Mosque: “Ended the presidency of science in Amman, and it appeared in the bilge authored in various arts and Arab legitimacy, with the investigation in its mastery of the issues authored by and messages… The man wonders how he managed to compose that library in Short-old is not reached fifty, he is in the old palace and the large number of written peer-Shaykh Al Qasimi beauty - may God have mercy on them -“([56]).

This is the investigation and the regeneration of adult scientists, that they leave to show the effects abound in the Islamic library, and supervises aspects of world civilization, and Salmi of these scientists الأفذاذ, but he also said the Hebrew mark: “- God bless his soul- Science Department in Amman pole, do not know already of the Orient يباريه scientists in modern science and jurisprudence”([57]).

The saying: “In modern science” Then yes, he who said of him, describing: “It is understood from the explanation of this predicate that the commentator of adherents to speak properly, and employers mind the correct view, and Almazmin of the Prophet e and sayings, and converts Psonth and deeds, he is in his commentary on this predicate examine the scholars, and chooses the words of this doctrine is true of modern apostle e, is not he who sees ”([58]).

As in assets It was not inclusive of the views of the fundamentalists, but was a fundamentalist and not shove him jurist dust, and it was wrong for the people of his time, leaving this science, and it says: “The desire for so many of the people of our time, for their ignorance with its investigation, and the difficulty of what the scrutiny, Vqsary Mtfqham Remember the words of scholars, and very gumption one novel what النبهاء, do not know sickly words of Sameenha, nor Khvifaa of Rzynha, has locked in : Come, O people, I am God, and to Him we return, science and went Ohloh, and remained ignorance and his sons”([59]).

As in Jurisprudence The his encyclopedia “Qubool hopes” Eighteen part witness to the quest rich in science, and the wide horizon of understanding, wherein free and out, and the ills of separation, so that of qualities manual systems to Abu Ishaq al-Hadrami, and called “Perfection” Then explained in “Qubool hopes”At that say: “The Ali Mannan qualities systems, along the lines of is contrary to منواله, with Turki him what repeated, and to provide delayed, have been omitted from the book to believe, sufficiency “Lights minds, and so to be”, Has increased by more than deleted, and أخلفت more than left, and detoxified “Runways perfect qualities manual systems”, And then I saw just the responsibility of explaining illustrates مرامه, and removes his thumb, and publishes informed, horny the issue Bdlleha, albeit measured sought in تأصيلها and reasoning, though not a problem or aggregated worked hard to edit, and took in customized as far as possible, for the purpose statement, and found it to others “Qubool hopes on perfection”([60]).

He wrote a message titled researchers “The idiosyncratic role of Imam Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Humaid Al Salmi Ibadi school through book Qubool the hopes” Earned a master's degree from the University of Al al-Bayt, Jordan, in 1424/2004, said nine aspects show the importance of this book is:

1) اهتمامـه الكبير بعلم أصـول الفقـه.

2) الاهتمام بعلم القواعد والضوابط الفقهية.

3) مراعاتـه لمقاصـد الشريعة الإسلامية.

4) وفرة الترجيحات من المؤلف في الكتاب.

5) استقصـاؤه لفقـه المذهب الإبـاضي.

6) وضوح الرؤية، لما أضفاه إليه مؤلفه من عذوبة الألفاظ، وجمال الأسلوب، وسهولة العبارة.

7) ذكـر ثمرة الخـلاف.

8) إيضـاح وجوه الأقوال.

9) المنـهـج المقـارن([61]).

وبذلك “Salmi remains illuminated sign in the paths of thought of Oman, and a glittering star in the sky of knowledge, and the rest of his impressive thinkers source of students, researchers and investigators” ([62]).

Third requirement: Diligence and innovation when Noureddine Salmi through his understanding

Sheikh Salmi was God's mercy diligent investigators again, are not likely than words, but what was supported by the evidence of a book, or a year, or consensus, or measure, or inference, or desirability of, or the interests of considerable posted in the balance Shara, check the purposes of the law, :

فنحـن حيث أمر القـــرآن لا حيث ما قال لـنـا فــــلان

نقدم الحديث حيث جـــاء على قيـاسنــــا ولا مـــــراء


وربما أخالف الـمــشـهـورا وأذكرن ما لم يكن مــذكــورا

لأنني أقفو الدليل فاعــلــمـا لم أقتصر على مقال العــلــمـا


حسبك أن تتبع الـمــخـتارا وإن يقولوا خالـــف الآثــــارا

It is “Not an emulator not following the only right, he believed that the right of the mind that looking and studying, and the right of society to discuss and study, and against humanity on the mind of the world to seek and absorb it Alarzab Karim legislation Lord of the Worlds, then offered Jana delicious wherein is healing ” ([63]).

The tracks the views of doctrine in the matter and investigate the statements of scientists, including saying: “I did not find them where the word is this”([64]).

” And do not impact our companions in the old saying that…” ([65]).

It has a makeover in comparison and expansion of transport for many of the scholars of Islam is the doctrine, the Ascent transport a large number of them for up to one hundred and ten of scientists ([66]).

The not يشنع of goes against it, and potentially to him, and unrelenting side with him, and recognized his ability and stature, whether of people or other doctrine, as evidenced by the:

1The issue of requiring massage if hand washing of impurity, the licenses if the denominator thing about that hand, but the scholar Ibn said pool: “In my passport this is our condition nothing…”([67]).

Sheikh Salmi said commenting: “There is nothing wrong with it replaced diligence, Abu Mohammed of the people of that”([68]).

2On the issue of cow Sar, where he sees purity, was quoted as Shaykh Musa Bin Ali say pronounce him unclean, excluding him from the rest of the cattle bondage.

Sheikh Salmi said, commenting: “Perhaps Moses, God's mercy did not exclude Sar cow, but because of fear touched her mouth to uncleanness, it often does not leave the subject of urine, in many places trapped in Adrasha, Fasttny Sarha what occurred when from Alasturabh, a decent high his position”([69]).

As for dealing with the scholars of Islam is the doctrine Like its predecessor, it appears, for example, are not limited in:

1Issue qunoot in prayer, he said, after introducing the difference: “The issue Shop opinion, affirmed when our companions back and they took it, and did not cut the excuse of not right with him so…”([70]).

2In a matter of time before the eclipse prayer, he said, after mentioning the views of Hanafi, Shafi'i and Maliki: “It diligence issues, not faulting the view in his opinion, if the opinion of the people of the”([71]).

It diligence and renovated in some of the following issues:

1The issue of accommodation for prayer:

The drawer work in the Omani society that the imam in prayer is the one who assesses her even if not authorized it, so as to اشتراطهم be a resident trust, and accept prayer from the others, came Noureddine Salmi denied this act, and between that year assesses the muezzin, and so was the reaction advances, :

إذ كـان في سنتــه مَن أذَّنــا فهـو يقيم وعليـه صــحــبــنا

حتى أتى من جهلوا المسنونا وهـم للاحتيـاط يدَّعـــونــــا

فبدلـوا وليتهـم ما بدَّلــــــوا ورسخت بقلب مَن لا يــعــل

حتى ادعـاها سنة واحتــالا علـى ثبـوتها بما قـــــد قــالا

وهو لعمري جـدل مــحــرَّم لأنـه يقـول ما لا يــعــلـــــم

وأنه ساع لهـدم الســنـــــه بجهـله كـفى بهـذا مــحــنه

لو كان سنة كما قد زعــمــا لم تـفتن أسلافنا والعـلــــــما

كيـف تكون سنة مخــالــفه لما عليـه العلمـاء الســالــفــه

وفعلـه صلـى علــيــه ربّــه مشتهر مضى عليه صــحــبــه

والخلفـاء الراشدون أجــمع إلى انتهـائهم عليه أجمعوا([72])

وقال في كتابه ” Qubool hopes: “This is the Sunnah, and these effects are Eastern and Moroccan all declarative resident is the muezzin, there is no meaning for what happened last time from the tyranny of Imam stay without the muezzin, it certainly unlike the year”Then he said: “It is obligatory upon each of as much as that protects a year in this time of Chagrin, and the God was close بإحيائها and desire virtues”([73]).

“Fteron that Imam is keen to follow what it was the Messenger of Allah e and upon his successors adults, and it was the other companions y, does not affect them words of one of the others, and could face what it was Omanis by firmness and determination and intensity, until he was able to ”([74]).

2Question of the implementation of the commandment recommended that reads the Koran on his grave:

The most likely God's mercy not to read the Quran on graves, though expressed his respect for the opinion of others, but the following year and the duty, he said, in essence:

ورجل وقف مالاً واشتــــرط أن يقرؤا به على القبر فــقــط

فالـوقف ثابت وما يتشــرط فقيـل ثـابت وقيل يســقــــط

وأكثـر الأقـوال ممن ســلــفا إثبـاته إن قبـره قـد عــرفــــا

قيـل ويقعـدن إن لم يعـرف بيـن القبـور ثم يقرا ويــفــــي

ولا أرى ثبـوت هذا الشــرط ولست للمثـبت بالــمــخطَّـي

أتعمـرن قبـورنا الـــدوارس ويتـرددن إليهـا الـــــــدارس

وهـذه المسـاجد الــمــعـده نـخـربها وهي لـذاك عــــــده

Then he said,:

والمصطفى قد زارها ومـا قرا إلا سـلاما ودعـا وأدبــــــــرا

ولم تكـن قـراءة القــبـــــور بسنـة تـوجد في الــمــأثـــور

لو كـان خيرا سبق الــمختار له وصحبـه مــتـى مـــا زاروا

فشـرط مـن وقــــف لا أراه بـاق لخلفــه لـــــمــــــا رواه

وكل ما خالف أمـر المصطفى يبطـل لـو يشرطه من وقــفــا

Then he said,:

حسبك أن تتبع الــمختــارا وإن يقولوا خالف الآثــــارا([75])

3The question of who recommended the love of birds scatters:

فقد حكى ثبوت الوصية في الأثر عن العلماء، وأنَّ الشيخ سالم بن سعيد الصائغي صاحب الأرجوزة تعجب من ثبوت ذلك، لكنه أوجب اتباع هذا القول، وَأَنَّهُ ليس للرأي والنظر حظّ عند ورود الشرع من أهل البصيرة، وهم العلماء، ولكن الشيخ السالمي أبطل هذه الوصية، ورأى أن السنة تمنع من إضاعة المال، والأثر المانع للنظر هو ما أتى عن المختار ـ صلوات الله وسلامه عليه ـ لا ما قاله العلماء، ولو لم يكن ذلك لانسدَّ باب العلم، ويعني به الاجتهاد، ولزم التقليد، قال في الجوهر:

وقيل إن أوصـى بحبّ ينثر للطيــر إنَّ ذاك ليس ينكــر

إن كان قد عيَّن فيه موضــعا فـإنه يثـبت مـا قـد وقــعـــــا

والأصل مـن ثبوتـه تعجَّــبا لكنـه اتبـاعه قـد أوجــبــــــا

إذ ليـس للآراء حظ والنظــر عند ورود الشرع من أهل البصر

وأنت تـدري أن هذا الأثــرا ونحـوه لا يـمنعنَّ النــظـــــرا

والأثر المانـع مـا قــــد وردا عن النـبي المصطفــى مــؤكّــدا

فقــولهم عنـد ورود الأثــــر لاحـظَّ فيـه أبــدا للــنــظـــر

معنـاه مـا أتـى عن المختــار ينـفـي خـلافه مـن الأنظــــار

وباختلاف الاصطلاح في الأثر قد اختفى المعنى على من قد نظر

ما كل قـول سطّـروه يمــنع ذاك ولا الخـلاف طـرّا يسمــع

لو كان ذاك انسدَّ باب العلم ولـزم التقـليـد عنـد الفــهـــم

وهـم مـن التقليـد يمنعــونـا لأنـهم للحـق يــتــبــعـــونـا

حثّوا على استعمال فكر الناظر ورفعوه في المقام الشـــاهــــــر

ما الحب للطيـور عندي يقع فإنَّ من أوصى به مــضــيّـــع

والـمال أن نضيعـه نـهينــا والنهـي عـن نبيَّنــا رويــنــــا

فـلا أرى الثبـوت للوصـيــة به ولـو كان حمــــام مـــكــة

فهـي إلى الـوارث تـرجـعـنَّا كـذلك التـوقيف يــبــطــلنا([76])

4Question of the rule tayammum gown unclean:

And that those who did not find only unclean robe and time for prayer was not with water, do you pray so dress?, Or need to Iemmh his analogy tayammum of the hull? “Be withdrawn on the face of the earth, meaning for purity dust, then stir Aley سافله the Fashabh from the other side too, and so is the purity of nothingness”(([77]).

Imam Salmi felt otherwise, saying,: “And all of this but it is true that on the one hand and fraud Reserve in purity as possible, and while on the one hand binding offer and it is I have not properly: The first: The street but stated بالتيمم in the body without dresses, Vaijah the positive dresses for something they did not prove the one hand Shara.

The Second: The tayammum worship is not a reasonable sense, and all that was unreasonable meaning it is not valid measurement; because the measurement is not valid only illness university between parent and child, and unreasonable meaning not aware of his illness until it is measured أشبهه.

The Third: The project tayammum but be in the face and hands, and we have no tayammum in other originally Vaijah in increasing dresses for tayammum abuse draft”([78]).

Then he said,: “Albeit on a point of reservists there is nothing wrong, and should not do, lest there be an excuse to believe زومه, and God knows”([79]).

Mentioned this issue in his book, the core of the system:

وليـس في السنــة والكتــاب تيمـم المصحف والــثــيـــاب

كـذاك أيضا منحــر الذبيحه ليس بـه روايـة صــحــيحــه

ولم أجـد أيضا لــه استنباطا وإنمـا قـالوا بـه احتيــاطــــا

وجاء من لم يفهمــنَّ المعـنى فظـنَّ أنـه اللــزوم يــعــنــى

ولا يصحّ أن يقــاس فاسـمعا على التيمم الذي قـد شــــرعا

لأنـها طهــارة لم يعــلــــم مـوجبها سـوى مقام العــــدم

موضعهـا في الوجه واليديــن ولا تصـحّ في سـوى هــذيــــن

فكيف بالثياب حين تسحب في التـرب والمصحف إذ يـترَّب

وذاك حيـن نالت النجـاسـه جميعـه أو لحقـت قــرطـاسـه

لأن في الغسل لـه ضـــروره كذاك حكم الكتب الـمسطوره([80])

5Question of the rule delay the performance of Zakat:

This issue shows us how to change the jurisprudence of Imam al-Salmi, which, on the basis of freedom of ijtihad, scientists have told otherwise in the matter, saying,: “Said: The delayed legal, Fasa rights that delayed from event to event, as long as the intention to perform; because God commanded its performance is absolutely not specify a time, when led what he must become in compliance, do not disobey the delay on this view, unless intended Turk “([81]).

This view was corrected in Masharqa, the text of his speech God's mercy: “We: May under the delay passport including if not believing left, either of I think left Mojtzia the the commandment at the end of his life he is our Hulk”([82]).

Then he amended that view in ” Qubool hopes ” Saying: “وإذا تأملت آيات الكتاب العزيز وأحوال السنة النبوية ظهر لك من لحن الخطاب تحريم التواني في أدائها، وأن المتواني بعد الإمكان عاص، وليس هو بمنزلة من توانى في الأمر المطلق؛ لأنَّ تأكيد الزكاة والتشديد فيها، يؤكد الفورية فيها، وهذا الحال لم يوجد في الأمر المطلق، فنحن إِنَّمَا نقول بوجوب التعجيل عند الإمكان بانضمام أحوال مع الأمر بالأداء، لا بنفس الأمر حتى يلزمنا القول بجعل الأمر للفور، ثم إن تأملت ما يترتب على التأخير من المفاسد الدينية والدنيوية ظهر لك رجحان القول بوجوب التعجيل”.

Then he said,: “As for what necessitated in the east, it is based on the expansion of religion, and this is due to the policy of the world, and taking into account the suitability of religion and the world, though Faqih Mufti كالطبيب skilled, describes the bug one if they are in people multiple different drugs, the fit that's what يفسده this, ”([83]).


This is what God on the completion of this research, And it may be that I'm hyped to participate even something few to show the status of the Khalili poles and signs Salmi in diligence and innovation, It has been shown to me in the end the following:

1- أنهما مجددين لما رثّ من حبل إقامة الشريعة.

2- أن مكانتهما العلمية كبيرة في أوساط مجتمعهما, Knows that the public and private.

3- أنهما بلغا في الاجتهاد مكانة عظيمة,لِما حباهما الله إياه من علوم الشريعة بأنواعها المختلفة.

4- أنهما خدما المجتمع خدمة جليلة وذلك بنشرهما للعدل والعلم.

5- أنهما بثاّ روح المعرفة وأرسيا قواعدها بين كثير من طلبة العلم,فحملوه faithfully and capably, They path of duty and completed.

May God bless him and bless our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions…

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    * Evolution science symposium in Amman rationing and innovation in contemporary Islamic jurisprudence.

    Held during the period: (28-2) April 1429 / ( 5-8) April 2008

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