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Doctrinal differences between the two schools Alenzuanah Alrstaqah

Doctrinal differences between the two schools Alenzuanah and Alrstaqah *

Rashid bin Ali bin Abdullah Al-Harthy([1])


This research aims to demonstrate the modest doctrinal differences between the two schools Alenzuanah Alrstaqah. وعلى ضعفي وقلة بضاعتي في العلم، ورغبة مني في التعلم؛ قمت باستعراض مؤلفات علماء هاتين المدرستين، ومؤلفات علماء المذهب المتأخرين، كالشيخ السالمي، والشيخ سعيد ين خلفان الخليلي، والشيخ الشقصي، وقد كان الخلاف بين المدرستين ـ كما يبدو ـ لا يتعدى مسألة الولاية والبراءة في الحوادث الناشئة أواخر زمن الإمام الصلت بن مالك، وباقي المسائل خلافات بسيطة لا تعدّ سِمة لمدرسة من المدارس، أو مذهب مستقل، فكلهم يستقون من منبع القرآن والسنة. It is therefore not surprising to find that Per may violate his teacher or sheikh, was contrary to his colleague and brother, has approved of the exclusion in the doctrine; because he realized that this is the right to say, without any other consideration.

For this research came to try to collect the contributions of the two schools jurisprudence, intellectual, and show how their followers to the right, wherever, and leaving them wrong whatever.

This research was divided to introduction, Mbgesin and Conclusion.

The first topic: Definition Palmdrstein the:

The first requirement: Foreword historical.

The second requirement: Imam definition of painDRissah Alenzuanah.

Third requirement: The Imam school Alrstaqah the definition.

Fourth requirement: The contribution of the two schools in the intellectual life in Oman.

The second topic: Doctrinal differences:

The first requirement: The Ibadi idiosyncratic approach.

The second requirement: State and innocence.

Third requirement: The argument on the ignorant.

Fourth requirement: Issues to be violated by the Imam Alrstaqah the public Ibadi.

Fifth requirement: Differences between imam Alrstaqah and Imam Alenzuanah the.

Conclusion Results.

The first topic: Definition Palmdrstein the Alenzuanah and Alrstaqah

Before you get into the subject of research which differences jurisprudence between the two schools Alenzuanah and Alrstaqah is worthwhile to know these two schools, and we review the contributions of intellectual to serve religion and science, has Tnavsta in it and came out of both scientists evacuation, and authored books value, and remained monuments and intellectual contributions of science to the present .

The first requirement: Foreword historical

Associated with Oman Ibadi doctrine since its inception, Vamamh of the Jaber Bin Zaid RO, a spring أئمته bin Habib also. And many of the early scholars of the doctrine were from the people of Oman, and therefore they taught people and their understanding of the rules of the original religion; before they reached the strange ideas and differences, and when the Rashidiya and came illiterate sons; refused to obey the Umayyad state, which they considered a state took power by force, And the Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi, who tried to subjugate Oman by force, did not spare any effort to do so until he had what he wanted, when he sent a large army led by the famine Ben Shawa. Suleiman and Said went out,,ar([1]), And then remained Amman circulated by the governors of the Umayyad, Omanis even met and had acknowledged Imam الجلندى bin Masood in the early Abbasid state 132 E. But the Abbasids حاربوه and sent him a strong army led by خازم bin Khuzaymah, and the fact that the army sent to hunt Shiban zero, resorted Shiban this to Amman, and wanted to grab it Vharabh Imam and spent it, and then came خازم bin Khuzaymah, and wanted to subject the Imam الجلندى for Khalifa Abbasi Abu Abbas 134 E.

After that, the situation in Amman between the governors of the Abbasids and independence of Oman and the spread of strife, until the scientists met in 179 AH, was the Imam of the doctrine at that time Sheikh Abu Musa bin Abi Jaber al-Azkawi, Vbaia Imam heir bin Ka'b al-Kharousi, spread justice and settled situations and quelled sedition, The scholars of the matter of virtue and the prevention of vice, and remained in the Imamate until 192 AH, and then Buayah after Imam Ghassan bin Abdullah al-Yamadi, and the biography of his predecessor and spread prosperity and security in the country, and had pledged to Sheikh Suleiman bin Othman and Masada bin Tamim until the death of God, In 207 Halim Imam Abdul Malik bin Hami , Pledged allegiance to Sheikh Musa bin Ali, and the age of the ruler until he passed away in 226 AH, and then after Imam Al-Muhanna Apparent bin Jaifar; a prestigious venerable, has pledged allegiance Moussa Ben Ali also, and died of Imam Al-Muhanna in 237 AH,ar. Then بويع the After Imam Salt son of the owner Kharousi, pledged allegiance Shaykhan of of Bechir Ben Warner and Mohammed Bin lovable, and long life in the Imamate, and died Sheikh Mohammed bin liked in his Imamate.

In 273 Hossar Musa bin Musa to Nizwa intends to isolate the imam of the connection, and met with Abdullah bin Saeed bin Malik al-Fajhi, Harith bin Abdullah al-Harani Al-Salouni, and understanding bin Warth Al Kalbi, and Walid bin Mukhalid Canadian, even met in teams, The imam came from the house of the imamate, and when he reached the gathering in the teams of this exodus, Musa bin Musa bin Rashid bin Ba'eeb pledged to look at the imamate. The Muslim opinion differed and their affairs were corrupted. They differed widely, and the sedition fell. Some scholars rejected the allegiance of Imam Rashid bin al-Hasan, Al-Ghuba, Musa ibn Muhammad ibn Ali, 'Azzun ibn al-Hazabar, Zaher ibn Muhammad ibn Suleiman, Bin Tamim, and Hazan Ben Salt, and Mohammed bin Omar bin Alokhnc, and Gdanh bin Mohammed, Abu influential, and others,ar.

Was still clinging Imamate of Imam Salt until he died in 275 AH.

Some excuse Musa ibn Musa, Rashid bin considered, and stated reasons justify them, and stop some scientists all of them, of whom the Apostle, and Abu Ibrahim Mohammed bin Said, Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn spirit of Ibn Arabi, and Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn al-Hasan, and Abu Usman Rmishqi bin .

Who تبرؤوا from Moses and Rashid are: Abu Salt influential bin Khamis, Abu Mundhir Bashir, to say. Roy and his stand, and Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Mohammed bin lovable, Abu Qahtan, Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abi influential, Abu Mohammed Apostle Ben Othman, Abu owner Ghassan bin Mohammed bin greens, and Abu Saud al-Nu'man bin Abdul Hamid, Abu Mohammed Abdul .

Moses, who took Rashid them: Fadl ibn Apostle, and Mohamed Ben Jaafar, Azhar and his son, and was told: It then stop.

Thus arose the two communities Alenzuanah and Alrstaqah, Valqaúlon being their Abu Saeed Alkdma Imam called them after that Balenzuanah, and Sayers the necessity of innocence and imam Ibn pool was them Balrstaqah.. And emerged from both schools imams scientists enriched the Ibadi Ptalifam school and fatwas, and scientific investigations which then became confiscated to إباضية without distinction between school and other.

What little after that of a war between the two schools, and the isolation of imams and تنصيبهم by the school, or the other needs to be revisited and achieve, history has a lot of inaccuracies, and we can not attribute these acts to the imams discourage scientists virtuous, without to make sure that. Therefore, I call on researchers to achieve the Omani history, and refute these fallacies even reality show on her face, and features right from wrong, and God forbid scientists virtuous Atsvo piety, piety and fear of God; to be depending on their whims, and to do the shedding of the blood of some of them, because of the issue of brook right and wrong.

In general, our objective is not to investigate this issue, but rather to explain the extent to which the schools of Islam and Islam have been enriching the Islamic library in general, and the Ibadhi in particular from the jurisprudential point of view. They have been known as scholars and have written books that testify to their knowledge and knowledge. Nizwani or Rastaki, and before mentioning the differences of jurisprudence between the two schools mention a simple definition of the imams of Abu Said al-Kadmi and Ibn Baraka, who knew that they are imams of these schools, and mention the contributions of the two scientific schools,ar.

The second requirement the Imam school Alenzuanah the definition:

After that we got on the historical side of emergence of schools Alenzuanah and Alrstaqah recall in this section a simple definition for front Alenzuanah school, which:

Abu Saeed Mohammed bin Said bin Mohammed bin Saeed Naobei, Alkdma relative to the town bruised, a village in the mandate of the red.


There are no specific date of birth, but likely البطاشي([2]) To be in 305 AH; because he said he had been working since attainable dream Secretary imprisoned in a prison Imam Said bin Abdullah. The Shaykh Salmi masterpiece on that allegiance Imam Said was in 320 And death in 328([3]).

Known for his asceticism and piety has been suggested: He has palm trees and wine (They Grapevine), And he ate the fruit of the Palm without bread, and has three women Mosrat not eat Mahin something.

Contemporary of Imam Abu Said Imams of the imams of the first Oman: Saeed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin lovable, and was Secretary imprisoned in his time, as we mentioned, the second Imam Rashid bin Walid, and watched the end of the Imamate of Imam Rashid Bin Al Waleed, and his betrayal of the parish.

He died between 353 E and 356 E

ـ شيوخه:

1) Mohammed Ibn Arabi spirit Kindi Asamda the Alenzue: Scholars of the first half of the fourth century, his biography in the event actually the time of Imam Salt.

2) Sheikh Abu Hassan Muhammad ibn al-Hasan.

3) Sheikh Rmishqi bin Rashid.

Witnessed many of them scientists:

1 Abu Ibrahim Mohammed bin Said Abu Bakr Alozkoa '.

2 Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abi influential.

3 Abu Mohammed, the Apostle Ben Othman.

4 Hamad bin trailing Alsmilli.

5 Abu Mohammed Ben Barka.


1) Book integrity, which is in response to of bucking the biography advances in judgment on some of the outlaws in Zaman Imam Salt, and expand it so much that book became independent in Theology.

2) Honorable a book in Jurisprudence.

3) Book useful Mosque of Abu Sa'eed answers.

4 It increases and comments on the book “Supervision” To Abu Mundhir.

5 Book in history named Altarichaat the([4]).

The third requirement the Imam school Alrstaqah the definition:

After a brief definition of the Imam reminded school Alenzuanah the worthwhile to know here imam school Alrstaqah.

ـ اسمه ونسبه:

It: Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Mohammed bin pond Salimi kadhdhaab Pahlavi, relative to his residence from the state of Bahla, and still his mosque and his home and his school effects remain unknown until now.

Birth: I do not know exactly the year of his birth, but Jaber al-Saadi said he was born in the late second half of the third century AH([5]), Is supported by Zahran Masoudi be identified birth between the year 296 AH, 300 AH([6]).

His death:

Differed in his death, said to one another: They were before 355 E([7]). It was: Between 361 ـ 363هـ([8]).

ـ شيوخه:

He studied at the hands of a number of scholars, including:

1 Imam Said bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin lovable, which بويع the imam of 320 AH 328 E.

2 Abu Malik Ghassan bin vegetables Bin Mohammed Asalana, scientists from the latter half of the third century AH.

3 Abu Marwan Suleiman bin Mohammed bin Habib, scientists from the latter half of the third century AH.

4 Abu Yahya Abdul-Aziz bin Khalid.

5 Abu Hassan Muhammad ibn al-Hasan Saala Alenzue.

Its practical implications:

1 Book a mosque in Islamic assets.

2 Book a book collection of restriction the issues that bound him for Oheachh.

3 Book a debutante in the uniformity.

4 Dating message, a message deals with the custom and extent passport deal.

5 The budget is in response to the school Alenzuanah.

6 Book science and praised his family.

7 Book explanation of the Mosque of Ibn Jaafar.

8 المفسدات.

9 Alakulaid.

His students:

1 Abu al-Hasan Ali bin Mohammed Albsewe, owner Book Albsewe and Albsewe summary.

2 Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Zahir.

3 Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Khalid.

4 Many students said Moroccans: The number was seventy students([9]).

Fourth requirement: Remove Aloosa, 9, 11,Arrows schools in the intellectual life in Amman:

The schools of Nazism and Rastaqia have contributed to the intellectual and scientific life in Oman. They have established schools, authored books, and graduated scientists. Each school had its own curriculum in spreading knowledge and science. Each school has a way of thinking, presenting evidence and classifying works. This is evidenced by the large number of works in both schools As well as the introduction and response and protest in the case of Imam Al-Salat, and the sedition that broke out in the late era, which is evidence of the richness of the intellectual and scientific side of both schools, each school recalls the views and opinions of the other school, and discuss these views scientific evidence, and this alone enriches intellectual school T knew about the doctrine Ibadi,ar.

We would like in this requirement to mention the simple examples of this intellectual influence that done by the two schools, and take by authoring.

Has authored many books by the flags of the two schools, whether these books in issue of Imam Salt or other and multiply the examples:

First: School Alenzuanah the literature:

Modern progress when translating front Alenzuanah school and his works, and stated that it: Whole useful, honorable, and integrity, and his comments on the book supervision.

It is noteworthy among school books Alenzuanah: Shara statement author Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Kindi, this book consists of 72 Part, which include all the Encyclopedia of Science Sharia.

He may also other works including: Poem Alobeiria in the description of Paradise, described by Sheikh Mohammed Ben Youssef Tfayyesh, has Erjosth named grace in Shara assets and branches.

Secondly: School Alrstaqah the literature:

Took care of the people school Alrstaqah the authorship of more than take care of the people school Alenzuanah, the literature has reminded'm blessing front Alrstaqah school, a: Book mosque and restriction debutante, a message in dating or custom, in praise of the science budget and his family, explaining Mosque of Abu Jafar, Alakulaid of.

The writings of Abu Hassan Albsewe, including: Abu al-Hasan Mosque, owner Albsewe, Abu Hassan biography Albsewe.

Writings of Abu Bakr Ahmad Bin Abdullah Al Kindi: Workbook, customization in the state of innocence, conversion facility in the statutes, easing the way, the biography of goodness, the essence exclusive, ammunition, bringing in as.

This month writings schools, and in fact may be cared for scientists schools as well as the deployment of education and science, has established Imam Ibn Baraka School in Bahla and stopped them a lot of money, and a delegation to seventy pupils from the people of Morocco, and the بتدريسهم, even finished and was spent on them himself.

Has been offering when التوطئة mentioned historical emergence schools Alenzuanah the Alrstaqah the most important scientists of the two schools.

The existence of this huge and scientists guide to highlight the intellectual buildings in Amman, and both schools have authored books in it, including:

1 Book integrity of Abu Sa'eed Alkdma stating opinion school Alenzuanah and evidence of this view, responded to school Alrstaqah the owners.

2 Book budget Abu Mohammed Ibn pool, which is a response to a question about the intriguing emerging in the late reign of Imam Salt.

3 Abu Hassan biography Albsewe.

4 Book conversion, Abu Bakr Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Kindi.

This facilitate me codification in the intellectual production of these schools, and their role in the intellectual life in Amman. There is a lot in this area, and perhaps a specialist in writing in this topic scientific article finds good.

The second topic: TheASt.T.To jurisprudential lesions between the two schools:

After those provided in emergence of schools Alenzuanah the and Alrstaqah simple translation of Emami those two schools, with an indication of intellectual contributions of the two schools, we come in this section of exposure to the doctrinal differences between the two schools:

The first requirement: The Ibadi idiosyncratic approach:

Ibadi established their idiosyncratic approach to the sources of legislation known, a: Qur'an and Sunnah and consensus and measurement, and they have sources a dependency such as Alastsahab, and plaudits and interests sent initiated by us([10]).

Did not rely on the tradition of the other, but they made the door of ijtihad open whenever the world saw what came mentioned earlier and painstakingly opinion.

They follow the guide, as Shaykh al-Salmi said in his poem reveal the truth:

Take the right when you see if disliking us Attah

And wrong payoff if we brought him vinegar, which has lined up

Their understanding of the right does not imitate men, and far they are from wrong, even if brought by the people closest to them, so they did not know mimicry, but they knew to follow the manual, and littered with a lot of words in favor of it like: “Right deserving of being followed”، “And the messenger is a role model”, And others through their fatwas and scientific investigations. Nothing is more indicative of that doctrine attributed to Abdullah bin Abad, we do not find doctrinal issues attributed to him during the investigations jurisprudential for scientists doctrine, but it was their Imam Jabir bin Zaid, and perhaps goes against his disciples closest to him, such as Abu Obeida and spring and the like.

Observers for Ibadi idiosyncratic approach and fundamentalist realize this. We are not on this issue in this research humble, but we want from this introduction to emphasize that schools Alenzuanah the and Alrstaqah the Arafta in one issue only, which is: Issue of jurisdiction and innocence, emerging issue in time of Imam Salt ibn Malik.

So are these schools not because of differences in methodology idiosyncratic and fundamentalist of the two schools, then we find that Imam Abu Hassan Albsewe, the people closest to the son of the pool and his disciple direct, bucking Sheikha'm swimming in a lot of doctrine, but he agreed Abu Sa'eed Alkdma where, . As well as the rest of the scientists, all the world has his views and approach and Astdalalath, does not comply with the opinion of sheikh and imam, but complies with the introduction of the right.

Since this research means a statement of these differences; Fsnzkr through the next two issues demands that he knew that there is a dispute the two signed between the two schools Alenzuanah Alrstaqah, two: Issue of jurisdiction and innocence in the events in last time of Imam Salt, and the issue of the argument on the taxpayer, you are the reason or transport? .

The second requirement: State and innocence:

Progress in the first requirement of the first section Male strife that occurred the time of Imam Salt, and how the scholars differed in judgment on this event, and this is perhaps the most important characteristic of the two schools Alenzuanah and Alrstaqah, each school has taken an approach to rule on those events, and we offer now is the opinion of the two schools with something :

First: School Alenzuanah the opinion:

Between the Imam Abu Saeed Alkdma before this school his opinion in the ongoing strife frankly through the book, which is written in this, which is that all of these issues from the door proceedings, and taking hits examples of this by saying: Some of the scholars are from Musa ibn Musa and Rashid ibn al-Na'im, some of whom were hanged, some of whom were acquitted of them, and the one who acquitted them did not disobey them from the one who invented them. And Muhammad ibn al-Hawari, Muhammad ibn Jaafar, al-Azhar ibn Muhammad ibn Jaafar, Bashir and Abdullah sons of Muhammad ibn Mahbub, and many of the scholars,ar. But appeared to say the necessity of them at the hands of patent pool son, the third at the back for those who witnessed the strife, but it takes the owners of this school by saying view: It's not must innocence them, although these issues may affect the provisions of issues where one has to err([11]).

Secondly: School Alrstaqah the opinion:

Boils down to the opinion of Imam Ibn pond in leading the Salt bin Malik legally fixed, and may not get out of it, and I have to obey Imam. And Moses ibn Musa al Rashid bin considering and with them بغاة; went out on the Imamate complex, and must be the innocence of Musa ibn Musa al Rashid bin consideration, and must be of the patent did not disown them.

Because this issue has become controversial and widely between the two schools, and authored books and messages as the foregoing, and resulted in rooting my knowledge, and a thorough search of the provisions of the state and of innocence and the stand, and the provisions of the Imamate, triggers isolate the imam, enriched school of thought in Amman, and was with the passage of days a resource to receive Science .

Scientists compare the two schools between incidents of Imam Salt and sedition Othman and Ali and his opponents, and has been ranked the lengthy research, some of which have been printed in a book bios and answers.

Thus the dispute that arose later known as Alenzuanah and Alrstaqah, in fact, the number of teams were more of these schools, it was narrated from al-Fadl ibn talk show that he entered Nizwa days Rashid Bin matter if they are on the seven teams([12]).

But months dispute was between المتولين the Rashid and Moses and Almnbarin the them, Valmtolon say The Salt weak, and asked him الثائرون the retirement therefore answered them, and had acknowledged an imam instead of him, and that witnesses saw.

But Almnbarion from Rashid and Moses, they said: Moses was speaking at the Imam and challenged it, and it appears that the state Nasser It seeks to corruption and demolished, while collecting the Bedouins and food from the people and faster to sedition. When the teams arrived retired Salt House Imam to Hazan son's house, but for fear of being retired is the shedding of blood without argument; was not reached guilt.

This is the beginning of the case, but it stopped a lot of scientists in this case, There was يتبرؤوا from المتولين; because Almnbarin the Aattabrōhma afford health claims and error.

Then came the dispute between standing and Almnbarin, the Standing saw that these lawsuits would not oblige the state of innocence, and it is likely all, nor should people that يتبرؤوا of Moses and Rashid, and المتولين and Almnbarin standing of them all in the state. And a range of scientists went to Salt Imam unanimously Moses and Rashid Bageean, the people must disown them, as the innocence of unjust due.

The best known of these community pool son, and Abu Hassan Albsewe.

Who said the first to say, which is to say standing, including Mohammed bin spirit, and Abu Saeed Alkdma.

And A. Alkdma the book integrity in response to those who say acquittal of them, and said,: The suit out on the Imam did not object to the second team, as they say: But they went out for consultation and debate in the state order, and asked him to retire فاعتزل the not Majabur or recessive, and that the imam to retire if requested by the Muslims, it did not provide an imam only after the retired. And potential of this case, and therefore would not oblige the innocence of their owners. Then the issue is over time, and the first not to engage with people does not mean, but look them in the affairs of the Muslims spy.

Third requirement: The argument on theGahFor:

Of the issues discussed by scientists schools Alenzuanah the Alrstaqah: The issue of the argument on the ignorant, and to offer the opinion of these schools:

First: The opinion of Imam Abu Sa'eed Alkdma: Can be summed up in that he went to on of the by argument to impose temporary work, and did not find anyone to cross him on how to performance, to play as he catches his mind, فوجب it act as a mind, has lead him his mind to do it in fact is haram, or to .

Secondly: Imam Ibn opinion pool:

Imam Ibn enjoined pond on the island, which did not inform him of halal and haram to leave in his mind Kzbh the animals, and this includes two: Either be intended to sound mind, and this will vary according to provisions of persons, either intended mind of every human being on separately, and this has improved this what يقبح other, and the first is more correct([13]).

This is the opinion of the two imams, and there is a simple difference. Imam Abu Sa'eed believes that judging reason when the argument is due to what, comes the role of reason to show how this act, and the opinion of Ibn Baraka even before the argument to do what must do, Because the imams said that judging the mind when not Shari'ah, if found Shara the champion of the rule of reason, and amended to the rule of Sharia, but the Almtazlp they said arbitration of reason Shara 'or not,ar([14]).

And also disagreed with the argument one world sought his ignorance of provisions, he chose Imam Abu Said that argument, Abu Mohammed said he chose his own argument even be with others, and it was the opinion of former scientists stand. Sheikh said Salmi: Is the safest([15]).

Another issue like this, It Does argument all across it in the provisional knowledge of the act? .

And went Alrstaqah to be unfair not be an argument that although time income.

Quoted Alenzuanah the saying e: «Accept the right of those who comes to him; away or were very close, falsehood responded brought him disliking it or lover».

And quoted Alrstagiwn evidence, saying the Almighty: ) That come to punk news, verify (([16]). This is Tebeen the news of the reprobate evidence of the non-authoritative.

They quoted as saying the Almighty: ﴿وَلَنْ يَجْعَلَ اللَّهُ لِلْكَافِرِينَ عَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ سَبِيلاً﴾([17]).

The Alenzuanah replied these Alastdalalan including the following: The first: The identification of the reprobate restricted Bmahdhur the news; an injury of the people in ignorance, not forbidden here.

And answered the second inference: That the way God, who has denied being the unbelievers on the believers, but is to grab them and oppression so they were servants.

In general, Sheikh Salmi supported what he said Alenzuanah, so as to his penchant for Imam Abu Sa'eed in more than one place, has called the imam of doctrine, and mentioned this issue in the east([18]).

Fourth requirement: Issues to be violated by the Imam Ibn public poolإباضيE:

Male Researcher these issues in detail Zahran Masoudi in his book “Imam Ibn al-Salimi pool Pahlavi and idiosyncratic role”,'re Going have here a kind of aggregate.

The first issue: Hajj duty immediately Meets all the conditions legitimacyM on lax؟

Imam Ibn went on to say that the pool of Hajj duty immediately on who is able, unlike those provided by scientists doctrine([19])، But there are scientists doctrine Ibadhi the latecomers who said this to say, they Djitali([20])، Saleh bin Ali Al-Harthy([21]).

The majority Ibadi that Hajj is obligatory for inaction([22]).

He notes until pupil Albsewe Son said, saying the second pool, agree audience Ibaadis and father happy Alkdma and contrary Sheikha son pond.

The second issue: Stuffing the guardian in marriage:

'm Blessing to see the guardian condition in a pristine without الثيب the marriage. Unlike those who provide scientists doctrine, and therefore believes that it is permissible to marry woman الثيب herself without the permission of her guardian, if no longer married.

Ibadi audience believes that a clause in the marriage guardian, whether the woman was a virgin or ثيبا, them also Albsewe, was bucking his teacher Ibn pool.

The third issue: The occurrence of divorce drunk:

Sees son pond and drunken occurrence of divorce if it means what it says is located divorce, though ÓőßÜÜÜŃĺÜ applied is not aware of what he says is not divorce.

The majority Ibadi that divorce never drunk reality.

These are the issues to be violated by the Imam Ibn pool of advanced scientists, and this shows on the judgment of this world did not stop the tradition. When you swing the evidence has to say followed and that violates the doctrine scientists. The scientists came after doctrine Vodwa the opinion when it appeared to them what appeared to pool, from a preponderance say who said it.

The fifth requirementASt.T.Lesions between before the Alenzuanah and Alrstaqah

This requirement in sporadic mention some of the issues which differed pole these schools, and not necessarily have to be the followers of each school followed them, and try to be a variety of these issues from several sections of the doors Jurisprudence.

The first issue: Differed in the governance of the surveyMeets all the conditions legitimacyZnin:

Abu Sa'eed said: May not leave survey ears on intentionality; proof of incorporation of the Prophet e.

Said Abu Mohammed: The matter requires've got to wipe them is not obligatory.

Therefore, it is evident the words of Abu Sa'eed al-obligatory, as Sheikh Salmi said in Ascent([23]).

The second issue: Disagreed intent requirement in the health ablution Meets all the conditions legitimacyM not؟

Abu Sa'eed said: Does not require faith in the health of washing; argued that washing one sex, and that it is an janaabah; if one side is not bather, though Mgtssla it is not in hand.

Said Abu Mohammed: That the intent requirement, and argued that the side Taher,, not بنجس and it's hand wash of worship, and worship not only lead the intention ([24]).

The third issue: Disagreed Is the washing of impurity is sufficient for the washing of Friday؟

Abu Said he chose acceptable, and stated that this statement agreed upon between our companions. Said Abu Mohammed: It is not acceptable([25]).

The fourth issue: Differed in women in the stomach and Dan، I put the first and second left:

Abu Said said: Stop praying and longer nifaas, said Abu Mohammed: No longer nifaas even put all carry([26]).

Fifth issue: Differed in the Zakat should be in cow factors andRemove Aloosa, 9, 11,But:

Abu Sa'eed said that it is obligatory, and has publicly said Ibadi. Said Abu Mohammed, and some Ibadi: No Zakat([27]).

These simple examples for the occurrence of the dispute between them in the sub-issues process, has been a dispute in matters of more of these, but I liked to recall a model only, but not necessarily have to be the words of Abu Said and his opinion of the school Alenzuanah, has approved some Alrstaqah, as well as the statements and opinions Abu Muhammad . It agrees some Alenzuanah, and go against his wishes some Alrstaqah, has gone against Abu Hassan Albsewe sheikh Abu Muhammad in many of the issues and approved the opinion of Abu Sa'eed.

This is the case doctrine Ibadhi the scientists as shown in the first requirement of this section, they compare the evidence and Istardunha, what they saw rightly followed him, and saw him farther from the right got away with him([28]).


After this quick tour in this humble search for schools of the schools that worked on the dissemination of science and thought, and contributed meritorious contributions to enrich the Islamic scientific library in general, and particularly Ibadi, we get the results that we have learned through this research:

1 The rise schools Alenzuanah the Alrstaqah because of a dispute arising in the Imamate of Imam Salt and Imam Rashid bin considered.

2 Both schools in authoring and contributions enrich Ibaadis library.

3 Famous scientists doctrine Ibadhi the diligence and independence of thought, and stayed away all away mimicry.

4 Disagreement between the two schools have been limited to the issue of jurisdiction and the innocence of events emerging late lead Salt Imam, In the matter of that argument on the ignorant.

5 There are doctrinal differences among Emami schools in some doctrinal issues, all likely opinion and inferred merely evidence that differences are not too bad opinion.

6 There may of school Alenzuanah scientists from supported Imam Alrstaqah the view, and there may be scientists Alrstaqah of supported Imam Alenzuanah the view.

7 I'm blessing the views of himself, not least by one of the of doctrine scientists who offer, but no one told by those who came after him from the imams and scholars Ibadi sect.

8 Agreed Imam Alenzuanah and the Imam Alrstaqah in the side of the argument on the issue ignorant and disagreed on the other side, and each one of them its evidence.

9 Differences of opinion do not spoil Lod issue.

10 Differences of opinion human encroachment, and the need for legitimacy, and this is leading to make it easier for people.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

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*Evolution science symposium in Amman during the fifth century AH “Authoring polymath and comparative jurisprudence”

Set up by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in Muscat

Daily 25- 27 Muharram 1426 / 6- 8 March 2005

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